Sunday, 7 February 2016

Six car parks and a bean bag poo

Huffle snored but I couldn't move - too ill. I had Vicks on my tissue and sniffed my nostrils clear until the tissue disintegrated and then I snored leaving Huffle to move into the loft . Whoops.

Small didn't want to go to football today as his leg hurt from football on Friday and walking back from the Carnival (I think he was laying it on a bit thick to be honest but Huffle and I were past arguing). Huffle cleared away the Summer Themed stuff and we all started a game of Catan. Smallest had a party this afternoon so spent some time making a card. We abondoned the game for lunch and started the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (he has just finished reading the book).

Mr Lemonade Head

We took Smallest to his party at Soccer City. It was the party of one of his football friends and his Dad had arranged lots of different games but the kids just wanted to play football, followed by pizza, cake and lots of running around with sugary sweets.

Small, Huffle and I went to get photos taken for mine and Small's passports as they need renewing. Small hadn't brushed his hair and had a dirty paint splattered fleece and I looked like I was ill (I was). She did make us take off our outerwear so the fleece didn't make the photo. I had to put my hair behind my ears (new rule!) and move away my fringe which made my hair look weird. I had a big red patch around my neck becuase I had been wearing a scarf and a fleece and I was warm. Great, ten years of these awful photos and $49 too!

Next we went tile shopping. We ummed and ahhed over lots and just went for the plainest, off white/almond coloured tiles and picked up four boxes, enough to do the whole kitchen backsplash. We couldn't find the grout (who knew there were so many colours in grout!) but found the thing that sits on top of the tiles which matches perfectly. We are trying to get organised as the granite arrives on Thursday and MrBasement is back to remove the board worktop and sink so are hoping he might start the tiles too. We spent far too long looking for a coffee shop but found one in the end and had a nice warming drink.

When we went to pick up Smallest, he was running around looking like a crazed sugar fuelled being and we collected his stuff, he said his thankyous and goodbyes and we took him home. We carried on with our game while he showered and then finished off the Harry Potter film with dinner.

Smallest is feeling so much better but Huffle and I are not.


Saturday, 6 February 2016

Posing Beaver, Smiling Goat and a Blind Bald Ref

During the night I unknowingly forced Huffle out of bed with my blocked nose snoring. He woke me putting bedding on the loft bed and then I woke up again becuase my throat had closed up and I couldn't breathe. I got up and took some painkillers and had a drink and went back to sleep. This morning I felt awful (ill awful and awful for keeping Huffle awake and chucking him out of bed).

Smallest said he was feeling fine and wanted to play football (one of his teammates had croup cough and another one could only play for half of the game due to hockey commitments) though we could see in his eyes he wasn't 100%. Everyone sat and watched the Leicester game - another win, another stay at the top of the table WAHooooo. We had a pancake breakfast which everyone helped to create. Normally we would go to the Church Pancake Breakfast but it would have meant going early and we weren't quite up to it.

Huffle and Smallest went to football with strict instructions to take Smallest off the field if he looked overly tired but he was fine, apart from when he got elbowed in the first minute and had to come off for Huffle Physio. Huffle shouted at the ref (lady) and asked her if she had seen the incident, she hadn't and so Huffle told her to 'do one' in a less than polite way. It was a good job Huffle wasn't doing his normal commentating on the video today. Too many swears apparently. Their team lost 4-2. (Huffle edit - I was embarrassed for her, a catalogue of errors)

Oh yes, and it snowed during the night too

Smallest and I slowly made our way to the Winter Carnival where Small was taking part on the Scouts Float which was set up as a KubKar Race. He got to sit in the tractor. I walked to the main part of the Hamlet to watch the parade and stood and talked to a friend. We watched, waved and walked to the Community Centre where the end of the parade was in order to pick up our kids and see what else was happening.

We chatted with a few people, I took photos for the photo competition and Small got his face painted with the Stoke badge (shame they lost BOO for the boys). He also decorated a cookie which we said we were going to eat on the way home but I only got a couple of sprinkles as Small said I couldn't share becuase I was ill!! We decided not to stay and started to walk home.

The CWC mascot
The parade and the old fire truck
A smiling goat

We ended up driving to the Chip Shop and meeting Smallest and Huffle where we then had dinner before popping out the LCBO and picking up some wine (purely medicinal).

Back home we snuggled up on the sofa and watched Ninja Warrier UK. The boys played on the Wii until they argued and then they did some new Magic for us. Small made tea for himself and Smallest and they watched TV before bed. Huffle is now starting to get shooting pains (I had them last night) in his limbs and is feeling lethargic. Oh dear!



Friday, 5 February 2016

Judge my pants

I've never been one for keeping the kids off school becuase of a cold but when I heard Smallest coughing like a seal like night and him asking for Vicks on his chest, I told him if he felt bad in the morning he could stay in bed. This morning his door was closed and behind it he was propped up on pillows reading his Beano. He had decided he didn't want to go today and he stayed in bed resting for another hour. I took him up a hot lemon, ginger and honey (Smallest style - which means I strained the ginger and added more honey), called the school and text ClownRose to let her know that BabyMo would not have her chaperone on the bus today (I was hoping Small would step up instead but he passed the responsibility to his friends sister).

After I packed Small off (who grumpily said 'why do I have to go when he gets to stay home?' And then told me how good his immune system was because he suffered with Strep Throat for so many years. There's your answer then!), Smallest had his bowl of milkless Cheerios in front of the TV and then went and had a warm bath with Epsom salts, bubbles and Vicks.

I left him with his tablet (Huffle was in the basement working) and went out and picked up some groceries. Smallest came out as soon as I drove up and helped me take out the shopping and put it away. He is a good boy. We played a game of Q-bitz and then all had lunch. We started a film about a boy who helped homeless people. Huffle sneaked off back to work, I did some knitting and Smallest got bored so we did a Scooby Doo jigsaw. More tablet, more knitting and then we watched the snow and the carnival judges came and judged our Summer Themed Competition. They took a lot of photos and wrote something down and then they were gone. There obviously weren't many people who entered as much later there was a message to say that the judging would be extended till Sunday but for those who had already been judged, we can take ours down. Huffle thinks this is an injustice (but they did the same last year too and we still got a place). He is just grumpy and says the Workd Cup doesn't work like that. If you don't turn up, you don't get to play and if you don't play, you can't win!

It's gone quite cold today with temperatures around -3 but feeling like -6. The snow was really big and fluffy and slow falling.

I think Snallest has positioned himself so he can see when Small gets home - awwww

Small came home. Today was Sprint Day and they had to do a lot of running in Gym this afternoon.

I think they missed each other

After dinner, Small and Huffle went for their football practice. Smallest and I finished our film. I am now feeling quite rough, hot, cold, sneezing, coughing and sore throat. Boooo. Smallest had a salt gargle, a hot lemon, ginger and lemon and some painkillers all before bed. Hopefully that will get him through the night and feeling much better tomorrow. He missed out on a movie night tonight for the Winter Carnival. He has a football game tomorrow and he really wants to play but we will have to see how he is.


Thursday, 4 February 2016

No Pants here!

As I put Smallest to bed last night he complained of an ear ache so I put olive oil and cotton wool in his ear (which he thought was very funny, he asked if the cotton wool would fall in) and later gave him some painkillers. This morning I awoke to find a trail of spots of blood from Smallest's room to the bathroom, resulting in what looked like a massacre in the sink. I guessed Smallest had had a nose bleed during the night. I cleaned up the mess and checked on him watching TV. He didn't come and get us during the night because he "cleaned it up myself" - ummmmm really? He did look a state this morning with his dried bloodied nose and a scratch under his nose resembling half an eccentric moustache across his face. His earache had gone though he was a little deaf in that ear. I think this is all related to his cold.

I had a nice slow morning knitting my next hat after I waved the boys off for school and didn't realise that Huffle was busy building our 'Summer Theme' for the Winter Carnival Competiton. We decided that our theme was going to be "Hamlet Nudist Beach". Huffle moved two of our chairs to the front garden and put up an umbrella. I helped him move some other 'Summer' related stuff and much later on hung bits of underwear, socks, cossies and the like on the tree and surrounding areas.

Today I went out for an adventure with ClownRose and her little man Fin. She picked me up in her 30 year old Ford Crown Victoria and we went to the local Herb Garden Centre for a mooch around. Then we went on to a local bakery where we had a lovely lunch and very very long chat. I got to cuddle Fin (he is just 5 1/2 months old and very cuddleable but very dribbly too). While we were out I got a call from the Principal. Smallest had been in an accident during a football game (I was marvelling at how the Principal had called it football and not soccer and thought she had done it because I was British but I later found out it was becuase they were playing American Football!) where someone did a two hand touch which resulted in another person falling over onto Smallest and pushing their hands into his face which resulted in a split lip. She said he was in the wrong playground with the older kids and had established that it was definitely an accident (not sure why I needed to be called then) and that he had ice on it and was okay. So now we have a scratch on his face, a split lip and a bloodied nose. That's my champ. Small hurt his knee yesterday as basketball and it was still sore this morning so we put some magic gel on it and it is now fine.

Eventually we came home and I finished dressing the 'Summer Theme'. Our Winter Carnival always has a Snow Sculpture Competiton. This year as there is no snow, it has been changed to a Summer Theme Competition and we have to pretend it is 25*. We were going to make it a British Summer and suspend loads of umbrellas but that didn't work with the 25* part. A man drove past earlier and shouted "it's perfect". It gets judged tomorrow at noon. When the boys came home, Smallest wrote on the sign for me. He wrote "RULES. 1. No Pants" And at the bottom, "BY ORDER OF SMALLEST".

If it wasn't for all the leaves, it could almost be a Summers Day

I got on with dinner while the boys did homework, chores and played on their tablets. It's nice to have a night in where we don't have to do anything. After dinner we watched The Jump.


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Why do toads need holes?

Temperatures hit +12* today with fabulous sunshine, though it was quite windy. It felt like Spring, it was beautiful.

After the boys went to school, I went to aerobics. My arms and legs felt too heavy to lift and it was hard work as the space was warm. We had the fan on and all the windows open - in February!! We did some more of those exercises that made me hurt so much last week. Ooh can't wait for tomorrow!

The rest of my morning was spent doing washing and drying. Huffle and I had lunch together and watched half of The Undateables. Our favourite is the boy who gets his words all jumbled. He desperately wants to meet a girl and he speaks like Yoda, bless! Last night, Small and I watched James Mays Cars for the People. I was so pleased he showcased two of my favourite cars I owned. A Triumph Dolomite (who I named Dylan and he was bright yellow) and an Allegro Vanden Plas (who was electric blue and I named Polly). I loved those cars. It was a very interesting program too.

This afternoon I tried to make batter for a Toad in the Hole. The boys always request this dinner despite the fact I have never yet successfully made the 'hole' part. I used a foolproof recipe from Hugh Fernley Whittingwhatsit and doubled the recipe (as far as the flour was concerned) but didn't double the eggs part hence I had mixture hitting the brand new cupboards in no time!

I went for a walk around the Hamlet with ClownRose and Fin and we put the world to rights before I came home and met the boys off the bus. Small got an award this week. He was nominated by his classmates as a good team player.

No snow but lots of puddles

Small has decided he doesn't want to listen to me anymore, after all I have nothing interesting to say and he knows best and so is constantly fighting with me. Because he was messing about trying to lock Smallest and I in the bathroom while I was folding laundry, I handed him the compost bag and asked him to take it away. He argued and looked grumpy and asked me if I didn't care he had homework and then stomped off. He was gone for ages and I shouted him. The numpty was at the compost bin (which we don't use this time of year becuase it is normally (perhaps not today) frozen. The region (council) take our compost (cooked or not) away every week and I expected him to put it in the green bin. When I told him this he got all upset with me. I never told him, he didn't know, why do I always pick on him................... I helped him to get it all out as it was mainly cooked leftovers and explained to him why it was no good etc etc. I asked him to stop fighting with me constantly and then I realised the back gate had been left open (despite me ALWAYS telling everyone to close it because it slams and gets stuck so we can't use it to get in or out) and had got stuck again. I explained to both boys once again why I keep asking them to shut it but no-one took any responsibility as usual. Small just thought I was picking on him again. Huffle came out and helped and finally got it free. Despite his almost teenager grumpiness (Small not Huffle) he forgives and forgets very quickly and came down after his homework to say sorry and give me a hug.

Huffle is very stressed again with his work and I made him walk away from it as I don't want him getting ill. He sorted the gate which is a different kind of stress in itself. ARRRRGGGGGHHH. I feel like I'm living in a mad house! The boys got on with their homework and hid from me and Huffle sat and worried about work in the bunker, I got on with making Hole for those damn toads!

............and they were a success. HUURAH FOR HUGH. Fabulous, I'm so pleased.

After dinner I took the boys to basketball where they both worked by hard, especially Smallest who played in both sessions again.

Huffle went for a walk to stretch his hamstring and get some fresh air while we were gone and then had a relaxing bath.

I found some photos of the school trip that Small went on.


My 'fit band' has been working well counting my steps but today it told me I had done 300 steps before I even got out of bed (and I don't wear it in bed!) so either a ghost has been wearing it or it's a bit faulty!


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Come in number 75......

Today's adventure took me to Ikea to return all the things we didn't use in the new kitchen. When you plan a kitchen, the folk at Ikea look through your plan and add extras like legs, shelves, kick panels, cover panels etc etc and you end up with a ton of stuff you didn't really want. In fact we ended up with around $500 worth of extras. Smallest and Huffle loaded up the car for me yesterday so all I had to do was drive there, park and take all the stuff inside. However, today the car park was full and I had to park fairly close to another car. That's fine when you haven't got a fully assembled kitchen cupboard on the back seat of your car. As it was I struggled to get the cupboard out without denting my car and the one next to me. I did manage despite the fact that many cars drove past (way too close for my liking). The cupboard was loaded, the extra drawers put on, the big bits of cover panels and drawer fronts added and then I had to figure out how to get those extremely long, very bendy and flyaway kick panels on. Four of them which I leaned against my car. It was like a bad comedy sketch, one blew over, knocking another one over, one fell into the road of an oncoming idiot of a driver. Eventually all was loaded and I treacherously made my way through the car park, across a road, up a ramp and into the building. Here I stumbled across 'Immigration'. Take a number (mine was 75, number 50 was currently being served) and sit and wait with lots of people who had one item to return, not a whole trolley full.

19 items

This was when I realised I desperately need the loo. I looked around for someone who might help me and decided upon the girl I followed in as I guessed her number was just before mine, she said she would keep an eye on my returnable goods and I bounded down the corridor in search of the washrooms! When I got back I sat down and started to relax and read my book (I knew I was going to be there for a while). It was then that I realised I had lost my ticket. Bugger! I told my new friend (who didn't care and certainly didn't want to be my friend anyway) and proceeded to look through my whole bag. Nothing! I got a new ticket just in case and I ran down to the washrooms again (this time I didn't ask anyone to keep an eye on my stuff because I don't think anyone really cared) and there was my ticket sitting on the toilet roll holder. doh!

It wasn't too long before I was called. The lady who served me didn't really speak much but carefully scanned all my receipts (I had three) and then proceeded to look at everything I had brought back. She scanned each one and asked if they were extras (I wonder how many times people bring this stuff back?) and what was wrong with the faucet DO YOU MEAN TAP? Oh I ordered the wrong one by mistake. No problem. Because I got a 10% discount when I bought everything originally, I had to pay that 10% back but after trying to explain to me how it all worked, she ended up loading a gift card for me and taking it off there. I never have been good with numbers! From there I went to the checkouts to order my two drawer fronts that were originally out of stock. I was sent to the self service where I couldn't make the computer do what I wanted so spoke to a very nice young Liverpudlian man who sent me to a real live man. Here he ordered my fronts and sent me back to the checkout. Nice lady helped me and then I drove out to the warehouse to pick them up. I wish I had grabbed something to eat becuase I was starving but luckily it didn't take long and then I was on my way home armed with two drawer fronts, a gift card for $50 and a credit of $500 on my credit card. JOB DONE.

Huffle had made lunch but was busy on a call so I started to put the drawer fronts on. I don't need instructions now, it's easy. After lunch I finished them and Facetimed Moo. We had a good catch up and then I started on dinner. Huffle put the handles on the drawers and I went for a walk in the Hamlet to the local grocery shop where I got ripped off for three stamps. I hope my letters get to where they should be going because he dismissed me before I saw the stamps go on and he never gave me a receipt!

Last bit of snow

The boys came home just after I got back. Smallest didn't like his salad because it tasted 'old' and I gave him four tomatoes!! Bad mother! Both disappeared into their rooms to do their homework and MrsPiano came for their lessons (I had forgotten she was coming). She thought the piano looked good in its place and apologised for the cobwebs (as long as she kept the spiders, I don't mind a few cobwebs). Both boys did very well (it was very loud) but we need to get the piano tuner in as one of the keys is broken and it's bit out of tune.

All had dinner and we discussed what we are going to enter for the Snow Sculpture Cimpetiton this year. Bearing in mind all of our snow has pretty much gone (oh yes it's Groundhog Day today and apparently we have six more weeks of winter), the organisers have decided that we are having a Summer Themed Competition instead. We have our ideas and plans and have registered our interest.

Smallest and Huffle went to football practice, Small played on the Wii and I cleared the kitchen and blogged.



Monday, 1 February 2016

999 megabytes of pressure!

Huffle and I didn't sleep well. Can't explain why but I did dream a lot last night. It was a struggle to get up this morning and I had to wake Smallest.

The snow has melted considerably and the grass is emerging nicely. I smell Spring. After the boys went off to school (the bus was late again, apparently it broke down), Huffle disappeared into his basement office and took far too many calls (his words) and I ate my breakfast sans butter (I decided to try and give it up again) and then went off and did a grocery shop. I popped into two other shops on my way too.

Back home just in time for lunch with Huffle and a watch of a programme about the Tax Haven that is the Canvey Islands. NICE!

This afternoon I walked with NoCustard in the forest. It was very icy underfoot and we had to walk along the sides of the path which was very hard going. I haven't wheezed on a walk for a long time and bearing in mind it wasn't too cold today, I was wheezing badly by the end of it. Not so bad that I needed my inhaler though (good job as I didn't have it with me). We ended up walking for an hour and a half on a walk that normally takes us 50-60 minutes! It was lovely though. The fresh air, the sunshine, the crunchy snow and the beautiful cloudy blue sky through the gorgeous green of the trees.

I got home just as the boys arrived. Plenty of silliness from them both as usual. Small hadn't eaten his apple and so sat and picked at it until I cut it into pieces for him. Honestly, I give him a nice apple for snack and he refuses to eat it because it is bruised. IT WASNT BRUISED WHEN I GAVE IT TO YOU. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH IT? Small did homework, Smallest collected all the pieces that are going back to Ikea and Huffle loaded them into my car. That's my trip tomorrow!

We had an early dinner (no piano tonight - it is tomorrow instead) and Smallest and Huffle went off to football practice. Small carried on his homework, I cleared the debris that was the after-dinner mess and then took Small to Scouts where he painted the float for the Winter Carnival which is on Saturday. Small isn't sure yet whether he is going to be on the float for the Scouts (Smallest can't join the Cubs one as he is playing football) or going on the school band float and playing his Tuba.

I came home and enjoyed 30 minutes of peace before Smallest and Huffle came home.

After reading Harry Potter to Smallest and tucking him in bed, Small, Huffle and I started to watch The Jump. Very entertaining. Small likes it.