Friday, 21 October 2016

The bare chested man

More rain all day. A very miserable wet and cold day. So what better than to go to the garden centre outside in the rain getting cold. YAY! After the boys went to school (Smallest has given in and put on trousers but Small is still in denial and wearing shorts), I Facetimed Moo and had a chat and catch up with her and then Suffolk came round. The local garden centre had a 70% sale and she drove me there and I helped her chose some premier plants for her new front garden. It was so cold though and we spent a long time looking. She bought a good few and I bought a Vibernum bush and an Actea. We were freezing so drove to Uxbridge and had lunch. Suffolk is Paleo and can't eat dairy or sugar and I of course am vegetarian. The soup today was Leek and Potato (with dairy) so she ordered MeatLoaf which came with panini, cheese and caramalized onions, all of which she can't eat, so I had them and it made my little cup of soup delicious. What a perfect pair we are. We also had two pots of tea, one Echinacea which was lovely and a Pomegranate and Cranberry which was meh! It was nice and warm and the service was excellent. We met a lovely English (Devon) lady in there who chatted to us. She has been here 35 years, married a Canadian, had three children here and was still homesick. There is no hope for me!

Funky Mushroom growing in the garden centre (that's how wet its been lately

We came back to mine and looked at the material for the Blinds. Grandma left me with lots of measurements, drawings and notes and Suffolk made sure I knew what I was going to do next. Huffle and I need to check that the material plus the lining is sufficient for what we want, ie to stop the light getting through, otherwise we might need black-out lining instead.

The boys came home, did a chore, practiced piano, homework and emptied their bags and then played on their tablets until dinner when they organised the living room, found a film and got drinks ready. I made pizza which we ate in front of the beginning of Batman vs Superman. I checked on the internet to see if it was appropriate and it said, for parents, a mans bare chest was on show, there was kissing and the use of the word sh1t and damn. It never mentioned any of the other swear words we had heard already in it but was concerned that Lois had bare legs in the bath!!!! Don't think that will bother my boys!

Small watched his TV in his room (The Apprentice) while we watched Gardeners World and Would I lie to you.


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Squash and a Squeeze

"It was weeny for six but gigantic for FOUR! Our house is no longer a squash and a squeeze" Julia Donaldson.

Grandma and Grandad arrived home safely with Weather being cool but dry. We, on the other hand, got rain all day. It was very soggy! The boys went to school (shorts and waterproof coats) and Huffle worked from the kitchen table and the basement. I did three loads of washing (thank you Grandad for leaving me a full basket), all the beds were changed, all toilets were cleaned, lots of tidying and organising done and a food shop. When I went food shopping, I was a little grumpy, maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the idiots surrounding me today! All the supermarket trollies were wet and dripping with no towels to dry them. Old people were everywhere being slow and cumbersome. Stupid ego fuelled men were driving like mad fools despite the lashing rain. I did lots of muttering under my breath today. The queues were too long in the supermarket and only two checkouts were open so I decided to self-checkout my stuff. WRONG CHOICE! Every piece of fruit and vegetable, I got wrong. Two large potatoes were charged at $35 and the bloody machine kept telling me to remove the last item from my bag. Talking to the machine in a calm manner does not help, luckily the girl tasked with sorting out self check problems was very patient though she did inform me I had rather a lot of things! REALLY?

I came home and had lunch with Huffle and we watched Travel Man which made me feel a lot better. Very funny, especially when he stood in a Mmuseumm that had a low roof and it squashed his hair! Huffle went back to work and I carried on my sorting, making beds and getting dinner ready (though today it was just soups from the freezer) and a rice pudding (Small's favourite).

I have been crocheting something for three weeks and today I decided to undo it all (over two balls of wool too arrrggghhhh). I restarted it again later, now I know where I went wrong last time.

The boys came home. Small's teacher wasn't there today so all of his class had to be put into other classrooms around the school. Small had to go into Grade 1/2 at a very small desk. How silly, that could hurt his back. Have they not noticed how tall he is? His teacher should be back tomorrow.

We had dinner and then Huffle and Small went off to Small's indoor football. Huffle thought that he was coaching again even though they hadn't told him, but when he got that there CoachOl and a moustache plus 2 were doing the session. Small got 8 goals (yes 8 Grandad).

Smallest and I watched Come Fly with Me and I had to explain what an 'affair' was. Thank goodness he wasn't listening clearly at another part!!!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Malls and Balls and Goodbye Alls

It was the last day for Grandma and Grandad today.

I went to aerobics first thing. We had a tough session and I think my legs and arms and abs will be crying tomorrow. I came home, showered and took Grandma and Grandad to the Mall. Grandad wanted a top for Christmas so went off to several shops until he found one. Grandma and I were looking for a present for Small (it had to have a hood and be soft) but we failed. I got a few things for him though for now and Christmas.

We met back up with Grandad in the food hall and we had lunch before driving off to another couple of shops on the way home. While we were there we saw Honey G.

In the Halloween shop I was amazed by the whole wall of photos of costumes. They each had a number and you would ask for that number to get your costume. There were hundreds. Smallest wants to be a ghost this year so that should easy enough. I didn't think Small would be too bothered so I bought him a tee-shirt that said 31 OCTOBER THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE BOO

We came home, G&G packed and we had a relax before the boys came home. Grandad cleared the drive of all leaves, tidied the barn before he left and said goodbye to Lenora.

We all had dinner and then it was hugging, kissing, goodbyeing and everyone rushed out. The boys and I went off to basketball where I got hit by a ball really hard by one of the dufi. Today was Smallest's last session as his football is now on a Wednesday too! He had a good time and so did Small (who is so much better and taller than anyone else there though I'm thinking he may have outgrown it now).

Huffle packed the car and drove to the airport (with G&G obviously). It hasn't been an action packed visit this time, always difficult when the house is ill and there are after school activities but somehow Grandad managed to get lots done as usual. Plus having them here meant that Huffle and I could spend an evening in Toronto seeing Adele, for which I am very grateful for. THANK YOU BOTH. We got to see Matilda at the theatre and have several nice meals out and they got to spend time with the kids and watch them both play football and basketball.

Until we see you in the Spring. HAVE A SAFE TRIP. GOODBYE.

When we got home, Smallest went straight to bed. He was very tired. Small decided to move his bed back to his own room, I think he has missed it. We frantically changed his bedding, his clothes will have to wait until tomorrow.

Huffle and I had a cuppa while watching the Bake Off. Won't say anymore as I know two people who will not have seen it yet.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Yesterday I bandaged up my wound/Barry/blister and left it on overnight. This morning part of it was stuck in the wound. OUCH! It does look a bit better!

After the boys went to school (no voluntary showers today), I took Grandma and Grandad to CostCo. Grandad looked at the TV's and dreamed of buying a bigger one than he has already. Grandma and I bought bread and meat. I dropped Grandad at The Tire and Grandma and I went to Dollarama to pick up some cheap rubbish, including a new Pauline.

New hair and hat - is it HoneyG

We came home and separated all the meat ready for the freezer and then went out for dinner (and took Huffle with us too). We went to The Tin Mill where we haven't been since G&G were here in Spring. It was very nice and we had a trip the DeadMan store where we bought nothing because it was practically empty. *G&G had quiche but Grandma decided it was more like an omelette in pastry, hence Huffle made a new word, Pomelette.

He asked for a Dirty Blonde. He was a little disappointed.
Arthur Daly?
Spooky garden centre

We left Huffle to drove home and get back to work and we went to The Garden Centre where Grandad bought me a border fork for Christmas. THANK YOU. He picked up some bulbs to take home too. I was disappointed because I had my eye on a lovely pale pink hydrangea but they had all gone.

Back home Grandad raked the leaves off the drive until it rained (we had another weather warning for very strong winds of 80km, it was humid and threatening storms), we had a cup of tea and watched a bit of the Leicester v Copenhagen game and then the boys came home.

Grandads raspberry caning

Grandad opened his present and named his new compost friend 'Lenora' after our post lady. He secured her with screws through her knees OUCH!


This evening we took Smallest for his first indoor football session where we learned that they are also going to have a practice on Wednesday. Typical, the only other day that we do something - basketball - so annoying, especially as we asked what days practice would be so we would know before we signed them up! Well he can't go tomorrow because I have to take Small to basketball and Huffle will be at the airport with Grandma and Grandad.

Road on way home. Freaky reflections
At home we played cards. Huffle won.


Monday, 17 October 2016

The Depot Bear

We have hit a milestone in our family. Small had a shower all by himself without being asked to. He said it was because his hair was greasy. WOW! Who would have thought?

After the boys went to school (still in shorts but now with fleeces), I took Grandad off to The Tire and Rona and we had a very successful mission getting everything on our list. Stakes for the Raspberry Canes, a lump hammer to hit the stakes in, some square things for screwing!?!? and all the wood needed for the blinds Grandma and I are supposed to be making (bearing in mind they go home on Wednesday eeeekkk).

Pumpkins anyone?
.....and a leaf just fell on His Head!

Small called home to say we needed to pay for a French thing at school which was supposed to have been paid online (but their silly online cash thingy doesn't now work!!) so we popped to the school on the way home and paid. Then I dropped Grandad and the wood at home and picked up Grandma and we went shopping (Homesense, Winners, Canadian Superstore etc) plus we met up with Suffolk and had a cuppa and chat with her before carrying on with our shopping.

Grandma bought me some lovely things for my Birthday and presents for back home including a lovely bear fleece for Grandad who has decided American Eagle Outfitters is the new shop for him. We did very well and I even bought us a picture for our bedroom which Huffle liked (it's not often I see a picture that we both like enough to buy). Next we picked up some essentials from the supermarket (and got told off for using the 1-12 checkout when we had at least three times that) and spoke to the Pharmascist about my bite/blister/Barry/open wound. He said it didn't look too bad but to make sure it didn't get any worse else I would need to visit the doctor. He gave me non sticky pads to put over plus a bandage which I have to tape to my leg to stop me from catching it.

We finally came home and attended to the Chilli which had been simmering in the Crock Pot all day. Grandad had finished his Raspberry job and emptied the Compost BedNo1 - still no Pauline.

The boys had piano lessons and after dinner Huffle took Smallest to Cubs where they did orienteering outside in the dark with torches. Small's Scouts wasn't on today because all the leaders are lazy buggers, that being said, they still haven't come round for the Apple money, told you they were lazy, or SCARED!

Home Depot Behr

Grandad and I went to the Garden Club where we had a talk from Martin Galloway, a Naturalist who spoke about Botanical Gardens around the world. It was a great talk and we enjoyed it immensely.



Sunday, 16 October 2016

Pauline where are youuuuuuuuu?

The morning was rainy, stormy and properly dull. Waffles for breakfast included Grandad and Smallest cutting fruit and they were very pleased with their colourful display. Grandad was Smallest's trainee and we sacked him because we had a stalk on a strawberry, he forgot the banana, too much lemon and not enough kiwi, cold maple syrup, hair on a plate, he dropped the sugar bowl and we made him the cleaner instead. When he didn't wipe the table correctly, we sacked him again. We worked out the only job available to him was lining things up. We'll see how he does. Smallest and Huffle set and organised the table and cleared up my mess and I made the waffles.

The boys made a list for a 'LIST DAY' indoors. First up was UPSET which we had to teach Grandma and Grandad as they hadn't played it before. It took a long time and Huffle won. There was lots of cheekiness involved in the game. We played MANCHESTER next but renamed it BILLESDONTOWN. This was won by Smallest. We then had a huge break where the kids played on the Wii, Grandad worked in Compst Corner (despite the rain) moving stuff from Bed1 to Bed2 and trying to find his little friend 'pauline'. He emptied it and never found her (little plastic doll we found when we made compost corner). Grandma, Huffle and I made a Roast Dinner.

So pleased and yet so sad

After a huge dinner, Grandad went back to find Pauline (he still didn't - I think she was taken away by a bird) and we cleared up, cooled down (it suddenly went very humid and sticky) and then all played Crazy Eight (cards) and Smallest won.

Grandma had made crumble and we ate it in front of the X Factor. More rubbish!!!!


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Love me, Love my Barry

It felt like midnight when we all rose this morning for Smallest's tournament. The tournament was 30 minutes drive away and started at 8:45. Grandma decided to stay at home and the rest of us went off to watch. He had three games. One won, one drew and one lost. The team came second in their group which meant we did not need to stay for the final. We had an hour in between the first game where we just stood around kicked the ball about and chatted. The gap in between the next games, we decided to go to a Tim Hortons in the middle of a more unsavoury area full of interesting individuals. How a fast food outlet can get an order so wrong is beyond belief but they did. End of......

Sad news.......Barry my blister finally popped last night. All over Huffle's leg ha ha ha! I covered it with antiseptic cream to keep it clean and then during the football, Small scraped it with his shoe and took the fresh layer of skin off OUCH! Now it looks like a snake bite.

We came home and rescued Grandma from boredom (she is having trouble with our foreign electrics, therefore her iPad is not working to full capacity).

Late afternoon we went out for dinner at The Brock House. We were the only ones in there (well it was just before 4pm and I was told the other day that Canadians eat their diner between the hours of 4pm and 7pm. How very precise). Grandad had a Ram Lamb Shank with Red Skin Mash, Asparagus and Crayon.

Grandma had a Beef Mushroom Onion Sadnwich with hand cut fries. The boys had pizza. Huffle had Vietnamese Chicken and I had a Grilled Cheese which was very different as it was Goats Cheese, Mushroom and Peppers. The meal did not go without incident. Smallest found an ant crawling across his wooden platter and quickly squashed it before telling the waitress who took his pizza off the end bill. We weren't complaining just informing her. My sandwich got dropped on the floor and had to be re-made but it was worth the wait for a new one. Some people had dessert of Creme Brûlée and one little monkey had a Pumpkin Cheesecake with candied pumpkin seeds.

On the way home we popped to a shop for supplies for tomorrow and then came home and watched Gardeners World while the kids played on the Wii.

Grandma with the 5% leaf fallage
....or maybe Huffle and Grandad were kicking them at her.