Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Lying Indian* and a Triangle Square

Yesterday I wrote about the fact I could smell Spring and hoped there would be no more snow PLEASE! This morning I woke up to a Special Weather Statement saying that on Thursday (tomorrow) we would get the last bit of snow and if not snow then rain and freezing rain. Well that's a rubbish start to Spring and a bad welcome to Grandma and Grandad. Hopefully it will have disappeared on its way from Texas.

The boys went to school and Small went on his Invention Convention to the Univesity of Toronto. He said there were lots of cool inventions there. He had a good time.

I went to aerobics and was just a little bit late and missed the holding up of the arms for too many minutes. What a shame ;). It was a good funny session as usual and I came home and made a start on the cake I was asked to make for ShopKeeperEl. Her boyf is a Liverpool Supporter. I made the cake and then realised I had used the wrong flour. We don't have a lot of Self Raising Flour here and I normally make do by using more baking powder but I specifically bought SR Flour. Luckily I wanted to make a cake to welcome Grandma and Grandad so I just made another using the correct Flour. Both cakes went into the oven and I sat and watched Broadchurch while it baked and cooled.

I got it cooled, cut and butter creamed before Huffle came down for lunch. We had lunch watching part of a Gotham episode and then I carried on decorating the cake. It didn't take me too long and I was finished by about 2:30pm. It took me ages to clear up my mess and have a shower.

Huffle went off to the airport to pick up G&G (they had been upgraded and landed 15 minutes early) and the boys came home and played basketball before coming in. Smallest and I had dinner early because of football practice. We left Small at home for football. At the end the whole team sang Happy Birthday to him.

When we got back Huffle was there with his airport pickups. Dinner had been eaten and suitcases were being opened. We had a 'few' treats.

Plus two packets of Percy pigs

We won't be eating breakfast in this table tomorrow.

*an Indian man in front of Grandma on the flight, kept putting his chair back too far squashing her. Grandad made him spill his drink several times and swore at him. Grandma thought the pilot landed too quickly (she is an expert now).

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Kids went to school with no coats. Definitely getting warmer now. I can smell Spring. Please no more snow.

Huffle worked in the loft and I went off to work in the greenhouse with Jeff, Pat and Jan. Lots of potting on for the next show in a week or so. Lots of potting up seedlings. For coffee break we had a lovely lemon square. Ummm I have that recipe, maybe time for some.

I came home for lunch with Huffle and we sat and watched some of Gotham. We are both so tired. My fault for not sleeping well or snoring or waking up. Don't know why!

This afternoon I crocheted whilst Facetimeing Moo. We chatted for ages and she saw the boys come home. Not that they spoke really as they were playing basketball but they managed a wave to two. Small has a trip tomorrow to the Toronto University with school for Inevtion Convention. His class had to invent something and make it. Today the teachers got to vote the best three inventions to go to the uni. Tomorrow he will present his invention to the students. How exciting. His invention is a floor cleaning product you attach to shoes.

I made dinner with the help of my little chef. We made chicken nuggets with some very chunky breadcrumbs and Leek sausages with mash and vegetables. The boys chose the dinner. Nice.

After dinner we set about making the KubKars. Huffle cut wood and sanded. Small sanded, glued, marked wood and painted. Smallest sanded and painted and I painted (lots). We did really well. Smallest's just need some fine tuning, the wheels and weights adding and varnishing. Small's needs a last bit of paint, varnishing, a bit more gluing and the wheels and weights adding. We worked tirelessly until about 8:45pm.

All the pieces ready for asembley

Very tired. Need sleep. Busy day tomorrow.



Monday, 27 March 2017

Marvel of Stoke!

Monday morning. Oh already?

The boys went to school. Huffle hid in the loft working while my crochet ladies came for a lesson. Just two of them this week. One carried on with her monkey and wrote down the pattern we were working on and the other started a basket. Next week we are making a slouchy hanging basket and in the meantime we have found a pattern for a lovely blanket and their homework is to make lots of little circles and when we have plenty, we will work on putting them together. Very exciting as the finished blanket is just beautiful. I have to make one too.

From atty_s blog

Huffle came downstairs for lunch and I went off to my exercise class. Just me again. My own personal trainer. She does work me hard though and although we had a laugh, it was tough. At one point I couldn't get up to do my last sit up and she said I was 'buffering'.

Back home I had my lunch and tidied away all crocheting stuff before having my shower. Small came home from school without Smallest as he was in a basketball tournament that we had forgotten about. Small offered to walk back to school and bring Smallest back with him (as long as that was counted as a chore). Off he went and then shortly after I realised they had piano lessons. I drove to the school and watched the basketball for about half an hour. MrsPiano, who is a teacher at the school, took Small back to our house and I took Smallest when he was finished playing. He actually didn't get to play much today because he was one of the younger ones. I told him he would have a better chance next year and at least he has had a go. He was happy with that. MrsPiano didn't get back much before we did.

Piano lessons done while I made dinner. After dinner, Huffle and the boys went to Cubs and Scouts and cut their KubKars and 18wheelers (Huffle helped). We are hoping Grandad will do the next technical bit and I will help with the artwork later. When they came home we designed on paper. Smallest is doing his in a Stoke City badge and Small is doing a Marvel theme.



Sunday, 26 March 2017

The present of tidiness

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY UK MUMS and Moo and Grandma obviously. I'm afraid it is not Mothers Day here though I did mention it to my children this morning. One of which, Smallest, looked horrified that he might have forgotten and the other just shrugged and said "oh well, you'll have to wait till Canadian Mothers Day". When I asked for a present they told me I could have the present of tidiness as I had just written a long list of all things I needed tidying or cleaning before we sat and watched the England v Lithuania football match.

We started cleaning at 10am and everyone worked very hard. We even managed to get showers in too. Beds have been changed and made. Small has moved his stuff out of his room and into the loft, including his TV and Grandma and Grandad have a nice clean room to stay in. All bathrooms are clean and everywhere has been dusted and swiffed. We only had time for a cursory mop but the house is ready for a Royal visit.

At midday we stopped for the game and fit in our lunch at half time.

This afternoon we took Smallest to his football practice. One and a half hours of gruelling drills, formats and mini games. He was exhausted but loved it.

We went out for dinner afterwards to a new pub we haven't been in before. There wasn't much for me, salad was the only veggie option really but the food was tasty and nicely cooked.

We came home and the boys played on their tablets while I made a Banana Loaf for tomorrow's Crochet Lesson which is here in the morning and I made some Gingerbread for Huffle and for Smallest's birthday.

Smallest's fish are settling in nicely. Smallest switched on their light when he got up and waited for me to get up before he fed them. Arnie likes eating but PeterCrouch is fussy. We caught them trying to antagonise each other (I suppose they could be kissing but it's unlikely). At one stage it looked like Arnie bit PeterCrouchs nose through one of the tiny holes (I'm not sure they have noses or whether it is even possible as the holes are really small).


Saturday, 25 March 2017

Crouch and Arnie join the family

It is Smallest's birthday on Thursday and we have been asking him what he wants to try as he might he can never think of anything. He asked for a pet dog the other day which is not going to happen for a long time, if ever. I had an idea and this morning we broached it with him. SMALLEST, WOULD YOU LIKE A GOLDFISH FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY? I kind of expected him to say either 'no not really' or 'oh yes please'. Instead he burst into laughter and told us he had pictures in his head of a goldfish in a bowl wrapped in paper. He couldn't stop laughing and said it was 'really random'. He decided he wanted one anyway and we went shopping for fish later. Both boys had fishes from when they were really young and we aways replaced them when they died. The last time we tried to replace their fish (when we were in the UK) the pet shop refused to sell any to us because we had a big bowl and no filter. The boys were devastated but that was about six years ago and we haven't had any since. Plus I broke the huge glass bowl we had, when Smallest had a robotic fish in it.

The boys made friends and sat together playing on their tablets and Huffle took full advantage of a unoccupied XBox and played FIFA by himself.

Off we went to the Mall for fish purchasing and birthday shopping but alas the big pet shop had moved. We picked up a few bits and drove to where the pet shop had gone to. We started looking at goldfish and little fish and got overwhelmed so asked one of the girls working in there. She advised that for a beginner fish we should get a Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) and a smaller tank or bowl. Betta Fish need to be kept singularly as they fight and get territorial. Huffle decided on a split tank with a filter which meant we could get two different ones. Of course they needed gravel and a tank decoration (Smallest chose some fake grass and a blue cave) water conditioner and food. Smallest chose a red fish first and then a blue one. Both were housed in little containers that were no bigger than jam jars. I carried them home in the car.

Back home we washed and filled the tank with water and conditioned it. Small and Huffle put the filter together and we put the green gravel in (green was the choice of Smallest) and the divider. The blue cave went on one side and the grass the other. We waited the allotted time whilst eating lunch and put the fish in their new homes. Smallest named them Arnie and Peter Crouch after two of his favourite Stoke players. I tried to get a Leicester players name but he was having none of it. The fish seemed to settle in really well and we sat and watched them for ages. They are mesmerising. The tank has a light in the top so everything looks really bright and vibrant. Every now and then they seemed to sense each other and would flare their gills (this is a territorial thing and something they do to be impressive). They would fight if they could get at each other but we are hoping they will become friends through their dividing wall.

Huffle and I left the boys emptying the dishwasher and went out to get food from the supermarket. When we got back, Small was playing on the Xbox and Smallest sat by his fish playing on his tablet. He loves the fish. Not such a funny thing after all.

We had fish finger sandwiches (it being a fishy kind of day though a I told Smallest it wasn't fair to eat them in front of the new fish but he said they wouldn't know) in front of Saturday Night Takeaway and then as Smallest went off to bed, he switched off the fishes light and bade them goodnight. They looked like they went to sleep. One by his grass and the other with his head poking out of the cave (yes the are both males, or supposed to be).

We watched The Voice as Jamiroquai were on. Very good. Please come and Tour over here. We haven't seen them since 2010.

This evening watched Hidden Figures. Another excellent film.


Friday, 24 March 2017

Turtles Wanted

I slept really well apparently, though Huffle didn't because I was all stuffed up and snored. Whoops. Sorry Huffle. My throat has turned into a full blown cold now. I can cope with a cold. Smallest also has a cold. Let's get rid of these bugs before Grandma and Grandad get here.

Kids went to school, Huffle worked in the loft and I went off to knitting. I spent the majority of my time helping other people as I threw my ball of wool into my coffee. Well to be fair it jumped off the table and into the mug. I have never blocked a sock before I have knitted it. I had to wash the wool and dry it. This is where I learned that Kitchen Roll is not a word here as the table giggled at my use of the words. Paper Towel is the correct name. I didn't tell them that in our house we called it Poly Roll which was from a school friends name for it. That then started a conversation about loo Roll and what everyone called it. Toilet Paper here.

Suffolk and I went for lunch, a quick shop and then back home to work out what had to be done next on the blinds. The silly billy left her phone here and the only way I could contact her was through her daughter and Snapchat. I knew it was useful for something other than making silly faces and voices.

I sewed until the kids came home and when Huffle finished work we went out for dinner near where Suffolk lived and delivered her phone back to her. The boys had played in the basement before we went out and had an argument and a fight and were sent to their rooms. They apologised to each other but both are bickering and picking at each other constantly at the moment. They sat in the car in silence not looking at each other at all.


Thursday, 23 March 2017

Shirriff vs Angel Delight

A good night's sleep for both of us and I woke up still feeling a bit poorly and groggy but a bit better.

I had a FaceTime with Yahoo while I finished my morning coffee. We had a nice chat and catch up.

Suffolk came round for a cup of tea and a bit of a sew. She pointed me in the right direction for the next stage of the blinds and helped me unpick a side I had sewn too wide, measure and hold material up to windows. I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon sewing, ironing and pinning ready for the next stage.

MrBasement came and did a few 'fixings' for us and looked at what job we are going to get done this year. After lots of discussion, we decided on the main bathroom. Huffle and I have to look for what we want and let him know once we have chosen or purchased. We are finally taking our bathroom out of the 1980's where it has firmly been since it was last updated and bringing it into the present. How exciting.

The boys came home, climbed the wood chip pile (I got told off the other day for moving some of them as it has ruined their structure!), played basketball and finally came in to say hello and tell me about their day. Smallest has joined the basketball team but couldn't go to the first tournament because it clashed with his football. Hopefully he can play in the next one, at least he will continue to practice with the team. Small keeps forgetting his Graduation Photos that have already been taken despite him not graduating until June.

Small vacuumed all my material bits and thread up and Smallest took all the laundry up and they played on the XBox together while I cleared away and made dinner. Huffle came and helped when he finished work.

Moo and Grandma and Grandad bring the boys a supply of Angel Delight as we can't get it over here. It's not something we have regularly (you'll be pleased to hear Yahoo!) but the kids like it every now and then. The other day while I was out shopping I saw a box of Shirriff Instant Mousse and it looked very similar to the stuff of the 70's that we were brought up on. This evening after dinner, Smallest decided to make some. We played a game of Ghostly Galleon (a very old favourite game) while we waited for it to be set. Angel Delight it was not. Mousse it definitely was not although Smallest took it out of the fridge before it stated you should. There was nothing Moussey about it at all. It was very sweet and artificial tasting. Oh well, keep the supplies coming FamilyUK please.

Smallest and Huffle played FIFA this evening and Small and I watched TV, wound wool and played on tablets.

Huffle and I watched The Pottery Throwdown and I stupidly looked at Facebook and ruined who had won. I was so annoyed at myself. I should know better. Won't say who won in case I ruin it for Aunty A. Going to miss this programme though.