Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Good grief Snoopy

Cold day despite it being 2*. I don't know what the 'feels like' was but it felt much colder.

Boys went to school, no snow pants, not even gloves today (maybe it was warmer first thing!). Huffle worked in the basement (no mice) and did some more painting. He is now halfway up the stairs after completing the kitchen and hall skirting boards and door frames. I did say that by the time he finishes all this, he will have to start again.

I went to aerobics and worked hard. We only have one week left before we stop for Christmas. I didn't go for a walk with ExerciseNic as I wasn't dressed for cold. Instead I did a food shop. When Huffle came back from the pharmacy the other day and they gave him potassium pills, I checked what potassium was in to see what he was lacking. It is mainly fruit and vegetables (and the ones he doesn't like) but I bought lots of different fruit and some nice vegetables. I am going to get him healthy and not twitchy!!! He has already cut out his daily Coke and swapped it for water. I also picked up a few Christmas Presents.

Huffle and I had a brief lunch together before he had to take a call and I had my shower and prepared veg and potatoes for dinner before I went off for a walk with ClownRose.

The boys came home and practiced piano, showered, did homework, did a tiny chore and played on their tablets.

Dinner was a very healthy one. Chicken/Salmon mashed potatoes and Sweet Potato mash (high in potassium), with green beans, broccoli and carrots. Not too much moaning from the boys either and neither of them asked for pudding!!! I made Huffle eat a clementine this afternoon too (he said it was OKAY).

After dinner, Huffle took Smallest to football practice. Small and I stayed at home. I have to make a birthday cake this week so I have been getting inspiration. Suffolks daughter is going to be 9 and she has asked for a Snoopy Cake.



Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Oceans of volleyball

No more snow and the previous days' has almost disappeared. Still cold though.

The boys went to school, not in snow pants, and Smallest armed with shorts and tee-shirt for his volleyball tournament. Around 9:30am I got a phone call from school, from Smallest, saying his water had broke and he had forgotten his trainers. Then the Secretary came on the phone laughing and saying that was the funniest thing she had ever heard, that his water had broke. I knew he meant his water container had broken (only the fourth in two weeks!!!!).

This morning I did a bit of jigsaw, a bit of washing and drying and had a phone call from MrsM (work) saying she had a spare body warmer/gilet/vest (so many words for one piece of clothing) and had washed it and wanted to give it to me. Wahoooo. That makes me an official Gardener now as it has the name of the garden centre on it and everyone else has them from the days when the garden centre was full of volunteers.

Late morning I packed up my lunch, a book, Smallest's Trainers and water bottle and headed to school where I found the Secretary still laughing at my sons broken water (she said he was soooo cute) and picked up my three passenger boys (Smallest included) and took them to a school in the middle of nowhere. I know it wasin the middle of nowhere because I planned on doing some shopping while I was there and there was NOTHING!!!!

So, the Volleyball. Smallest was an AP (alternative player? Another person?), but was called in to play for the tournament today due to the Grade 6's being in the Forest at an overnight camp. Smallest was the only Grade 4 on the team today and he did really well. At first he struggled with the long serves but then he was fine. He got his team some points though they lost every game but the last one which didn't count as they were already out of the tournament. Still, I learned the rules from another Mum and our Coach and throroughly enjoyed the time watching our team play six games. The other six games I had to endure were not so interesting and the three hours I sat on a hard school chair made it worse. Smallest had a great time and loved every minute though he didn't play every game, he had to share with the other sub. I was very proud of him today being one of the youngest boys there.

I lost my two passengers when their Mums turned up at the end and took them home. Smallest and I came home and got back before Small got off the bus. There was some controversy with a girl not getting on the bus and Maurice getting annoyed and having to drive round and round.

Both boys had piano practice and MrsPiano has sorted them out. They should be ready for their Recital on Sunday. We cancelled football practice for Smallest due to him being tired from volleyball, fitting in piano and finding time to eat. Too much to do in too little time.

However, because we had nothing to do, we had a lovely slow dinner, no rushing around and then Smallest and Huffle played on the Wii, I jigsawed and crocheted and Small did his homework and played on his tablet. It was lovely and felt like a weekend.

Small, Huffle and I finished watching Oceans Eleven yesterday and started Oceans Twelve tonight. Small is enjoying them.

Huffle and I watched an episode of The Crown later. It was about the smog of London in 1952. It was fascinating but I can't believe all those people died.



Monday, 5 December 2016

Gingery first snow

Well, for once the forcasters got it right, except that instead of getting 5cm of snow, we got about 5" (mixing my measurements there). It was a complete white out. The first question the kids asked me was "do we have to wear snow pants?". Silly boys!

Off they went wearing snow boots, gloves (ones that can get wet, not just the woolly ones they have worn so far), snow pants, hats etc. They stood outside waiting for the bus and had a snowball fight. Lots of giggling and laughing and falling over until Smallest hit Small in the face with one and Small retaliated by throwing it down Smallest's neck. Happy days!!!!

When they left Huffle went downstairs with the mice (no catches today) and I swiffed the downstairs floors and moved all the furniture. Of course while I was there I decided to move everything around to see if I could fit a Christmas Tree in as we usually have quite a big wide one and now the piano is where the tree would be. There is no way we can move the piano else it would scratch the floor so I moved everything else around. I think it will be okay but we will have to measure this year.

Huffle cleared the drive and I helped clear the path at the front of the garden and the one to the house. The snow was really wet and heavy, perfect for making snowballs and snowmen but when you have as much snow as we normally have, snowmen are far from our minds. Maybe at the weekend or when Moo is here.

Late morning I drove to Suffolks and we went on to Michaels, a huge craft shop. We perused and bought and came home, Suffolk went to her school job and I came back for a late lunch and a FaceTime with Moo.

Late afternoon I made two lasagnes for dinner and when the boys came home they practiced their piano, did a chore and played on their tablets.

Huffle went off to the pharmacy this evening to see if they could suggest anything for his twitching eye. At the weekend both eyes were twitching and although he thinks it is stress related, it is driving him crazy. The pharmacist was not at all concerned but suggested potassium. So he bought some and is now taking them. The main food that has potassium, he doesn't like but maybe we need to up our fruit and veg intake.

I took Smallest to Cubs where he practiced singing carols for the Christmas Tree lighting at the weekend, packed up cookies for the same event and played games. He won the prize for the best wrapping up of sweets where he made his into a sleigh. Small had no Scouts because the leaders are lazy!!!! Just saying!

I made gingerbread and Small helped me to cut them out. Huffle helped to eat them!

Huffle and I went for a walk around the village looking at the Christmas decorations and lights. We were very critical considering we haven't got any up ourselves yet.


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Stinky Sunday

Ahhhh Sunday. Another lie-in. Last nights dream was me working in a zoo but I'm not sure there were any animals in it. There was definitely a Greenhouse and some fish and lots of plants and a beach. Ummmmmm.

I promised the family pancakes so when I finally emerged from the shower, ingredients were being put together ready for me to make them. Huffle prepared fruit, Small set the table and brought out condiments (except the one thing I like which is maple syrup), Smallest mixed and helped to flip. They were yummy but we had loads left over today. That'll feed the chimps for the rest of the week.

It was such a beautiful day today with temperatures feeling like -3* but very sunny. The sun shining through the window onto the kitchen table made us all want to get outside and do something. We opted for a walk and decided on one we haven't done as a family before. Moo and I have done it a couple of years ago and bumped into so much wildlife that we thought it might be a nice one for today.

The boys practiced piano before we went out. Small is doing 'my favourite things' and it is quite complicated and very long. He only has a week to perfect it so I suggested that he take some of it out and simplify it a bit. I covered his page with post-it notes where I felt he could leave bits out without it sounding wrong and after a bit of playing and messing around, between us we got a good tune (I think. We'll see what MrsPiano thinks).

We started our walk around 12 midday and thought we had with us a bag with a small lunch and drinks in it in case we walked for longer as we were nowhere near any facilities. Although we packed a bag, we forgot it and left it at home. We had also packed some bird seed to feed the chickadees.

Our walk took us along the lake on a new hard surface, across a road filled with paparazzi (well nature photographers but we pretended we were celebrities) and very slow moving vehicles watching the deer in the field. We passed into a forested part near the lake and picked up a bit of feed from one of the bird tables (very naughty but very necessary ; ), and then stood and fed the chickadees and nut hatches.

The chickadees just scratch at your hand and almost dance lightly whilst simultaneously pecking the seed. The Nut hatches with their long thin beaks pick up the seed and clasp their claws around your fingers. Amazing. The boys absolutely love feeding them and we had so many around us. Huffle likes to just watch us.

We wandered to the viewing points where people take photos of the raptors but it was just a mud hole and filled with geese, popped briefly onto the beach (too cold) and walked back to the road and laughed at all the silly people who sit in their cars and drive really slowly without looking at the road because they are too busy watching the deer and the birds. Hey, here's an idea, why don't you get out of your cars and walk, get some fresh air and stop polluting the environment with your engines!! I don't get it! They love their exercise here but wouldn't think of walking from one point to another. And what a perfect day for walking too. Crazy!!!

We fed some more birds and then attempted to walk through the forest but the wind was getting quite chilly and my hat was in the lunch bag at home so we turned and came back. Still more slow moving cars, lots of paparazzi taking photos of big birds high in the sky. When I asked what they were one of the men said "we don't know". Oh that's nice.

We walked or a couple of hours in all and about 6km. Back home (around 3pm ish) we ate our packed lunch and Huffle Skyped Grandma and Grandad. Then we watched I'm a Celebrity LIVE. So pleased Scarlett won. Love Joel but Scarlett was the Queen of the Jungle definitely. Don't know what we will watch now, though can't wait for the Wednesday viewing of What they did when they got out. My favourite bit.

While we were watching I cooked Pork Loin and Jacket Potatoes and we had dinner later. Small had his shower, Smallest had a nice soak in the bath (the only person I know who can have a bath and come out with stinky feet!) and then the boys watched the weekends' football goals.

We had a weather warning yesterday saying we were going to get 15-20cm of snow. Then earlier in the day saying we were getting 5-10cm and now it's just saying it is going to be quite cold and we may have 5cm but no accumulation (is that possible?). At the moment it is -1* with feels like -5* temperatures.

What a lovely weekend.


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Lick your mouth and clean your face

Ahhhhhh Saturday morning. Nice lie-in, no lunches to be made, slow breakfast, bit of TV with the kids and two football matches to watch. I sat upstairs in the South Stand Upper and watched Leicester City lose to Sunderland and the rest watched Stoke City in the Spion Cop beat Burnley. We didn't get to see the full games because we had to take Smallest to his football game.

Small stayed at home, practiced piano, didn't empty the dishwasher and played on his tablet. We made him play his two piano pieces to check he had practiced. It is sounding better but still needs a lot of work. Only 8 days left till the Recital.

The football game today was against the same team we beat at the end of the Summer Season (without the fast little boy who's mum wanted to move him to another team). Smallest's team won 6-0 and played very well despite a bad, slow start. Hat trick for luc, one for littleFrank and one for dan. Excellent. I got to feed Angels baby baby too before the game started. She is so cute.

We came home, listened to Small play piano while Smallest had his shower (his legs are looking much better due to him not wearing his shin pads before the game and after) and then we went out for a late dinner. We took Sorry Revenge with us and played several games.

On the way home we popped to a supermarket and got some essentials for the weekend. As we were leaving a woman parked right next to Huffle. He hates it when that happens especially when the car park has so many other spaces available. Huffle sighed and pulled a face and Smallest said "you dozy cow". We were shocked but he has obviously heard us say it. We all laughed but told him he shouldn't say that as it wasn't really appropriate from his mouth. Though he was correct. She walked away and left her lights on.

Back home we watched the beginning of ELF (well it IS December now) and then XFactor (I'm not sure we finished it) and then we watched I'm a Celebrity. Excellent - we love the cyclone.

Smallest went to bed very tired. Small, Huffle and I started Oceans Eleven and checked to see if it was appropriate for his age before we started. The parents guide said it had 2 F words, 7 Sh1ts and plenty of goddamns. Plus some strippers. Well that's okay then. Small started counting the Sh1ts and so far I think we heard two, plus an F.

Huffle's eye is still twitching, he thinks it is stress related. His new job is stressful but enjoyable. He has gone back onto caffeine and sleeping less (just kidding). I have a sore throat which I am expecting to turn into a cold as I can't stop sneezing.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Touch my fridge

More silly dreams, this time some of my UK friends singing in a choir in the CN Tower in Toronto. And they didn't tell me and they didn't know I would be there. They were good too!

After the kids went to school and Huffle worked with the Mice (another one caught), I went off to knitting and went on a mini road trip with the Friday Ladies. Two cars and six people and then we met up with two others when we got there. Unfortunately Suffolk couldn't make it due to a Migraine. Shame.

We started in a wool shop that had a fire and sofas and lots and lots of wool. We were all inspired to make a Knit-a-long blanket that had six different panels and was edged in between and framed by a cable. It was lovely. shooKeeperEl is going to search out the pattern for us and issue us with a new one pattern each month. We are starting it next year. I bought some wool and a new needle for another blanket I am making. We had a cup of coffee and a Christmas chocolate and then went across the road to a restaurant for lunch.

Love this. Need to learn this stitch.
I like the way this sock is ribbed all the way down to the heel.

It was only a small place and we had to wait AGES for a table big enough for eight people but we were very patient and had plenty to chat about while we waited, plus there was a huge counter of Butter Tarts that we stared at. I had a Tuna Melt on an English Muffin with a salad and a butter tart. YUM YUM!

We didn't leave until 2ish and by the time I got home it was nearly 3pm. I had a cup of tea with Huffle who had been painting again and was busy with his new job.

When the boys came home they did some piano practice and went and watched yesterday's I'm a Celebrity, did a bit more piano and a chore while I made dinner.

After dinner, Smallest and Huffle played FIFA on the Wii, Small played on his tablet and I crocheted. I am trying to recreate a lovely Owl Basket we saw today on our travels. I am going to teach a couple of the ladies how to crochet.

Yes, Martin is finally out of the Jungle and I don't need to watch him anymore.


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Family of weird feet

Last night and this morning I had several really weird dreams. One of them woke me and Huffle up and I was crying though in my dream I was actually screaming out. I felt really tired when I got up because I was obviously so active all night. I could recall all of my dreams and when I told Huffle, who normally tries to interpret them for me, he just said I was nuts!

The boys went to school and Huffle worked with the mice (he caught another one). I did washing, drying and folding, changing bedding and cleaning of bathrooms properly. Who knows what Small did when he was supposed to be cleaning his bathroom yesterday. He owes me two chores now.

MrPlumber called early and said it was time for the yearly service so I didn't go out in case he came. He actually arrived at 2pm so I could have gone out but at least I got plenty of cleaning and washing done.

I wrote some cards and letters and went to the Post Office. Poor Rumbleskins family didn't get a Christmas present last year because I was too disorganised to send it and so I spent the whole of this year getting together things to send them. Unfornately I was so badly organised again this year that I had to take out any chocolate because it is now Summer there and it melts in transit. When I found out how much my package was I had to send it surface mail (boat) which could be up to two months, so it looks like I've missed another Christmas. Eeeeekkkk. I haven't written my Christmas Cards either and I'm running out of time.

I should have walked with ClownRose this afternoon too but I got stuck at the Post Office. Huffle booked us all an appointment at the Foot Place so as soon as the kids got home from school we all went. Small and I had our usual lady. Small's feet have improved but he needs to keep doing his exercises to stretch his Achilles. My Plantar fasciitis has gone (wahoo) but I'm still having my orthotics as I feel it when I don't them wear them. Smallest and Huffle had their usual man and they are both continuing with their orthotics too. Our insurance pays for them thank goodness.

We had fish and chips in a nearby cafe and got home in time for Small to get his kit on and go to football. I took him tonight. There was no coach and they just payed a game without any instruction (not that they get much anyway) or anyone to keep them in order. I think they had fun though. Small was very bossy and he got five goals (Grandad!!).

Today I have two impromptu chats which were very nice. One was with Aunt Pear and was unfortunately very brief and the other was texting with MrsRumbkeskins. Lovely.

Our first Christmas card