Monday, 4 May 2015

Johnny on the spot vs Shedman

Why is it that our visitors from UK always bring that nasty weather with them? Grandma and Grandad brought snow and now Aunty A has brought the rain with her. Tut Tut.

After the boys nearly missed their bus this morning due to the fact I was looking after Aunty A (or maybe we were being nosy on the Internet), we decided to have a slow morning of breakfast, word games, showers and general chit chat. Then we went out to the shops and bought a few summer things for Aunty A (and me). As we came out of the shop it was raining which made us wonder why we had just purchased said Summer things and went for some lunch instead. Yesterday I tried to tell Aunty A how much better I was at directions and driving to different places and then I got us both lost.

This was our funny spot of the day.

We did have a nice lunch though and then we got some food shopping and came home. We didn't have long before the boys got home and we rushed them off to the hairdresser. Half an hour later and we were back home, hair all tidy (except for Smallest who put his hat on his newly cut hair), and ready for piano lessons.

We sorted dinner while the maestro's played. A quick dinner and I took Small and his bike to the forest for a Mountain Biking session and Huffle took Smallest to another forest for a hiking session. We left Aunty A looking after the house and sneaking chocolate.

The evening was spent playing Settlers of Catan and teaching Aunty A the rules.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

A new package arrives

Poor Smallest didn't sleep very well again due to his allergy. He woke up with big puffy eyes, a blocked nose, sore throat and a headache. Huffle and I had an interrupted night's sleep due to revellers in the Hamlet and dogs barking. I don't know what was more annoying, Huffle opening windows to find where the noise was coming from or the noise itself! When I woke up I also had itchy eyes, sore throat and a headache but I didn't need antihistamines.

After Small was fully dosed up on antihistamines, we decided to try and keep him inside as much as possible despite the fact that he thought this idea was BORING! Huffle and Small went to the local Country Market where they bought crocs for Small and some vegetable plants.

Smallest played on his tablet while gardened and when the others came back we all played on the trampoline. Skipping, football and general bouncing. We even got Huffle playing on it. We stopped for lunch and the played a game of Catan.

The afternoon was spent doing a bit more gardening, skyping Grandma and Grandad, and fetching our package from the airport. Small and I went to the airport today and left Smallest and Huffle planting some vegetables. Small and I played a game on the way, spotting cars and drivers and although the journey was long and slow, we passed the time well.

We panicked a bit because it took us so much longer than normal to get there but as we arrived in Arrivals we got a text from Aunty A saying she was queuing for customs. It took ages for her to get through but we finally found her and took her home. The journey home was really quick and Huffle had dinner waiting from us when we got in.

Aunty A was given a tour around the house (this is her fourth visit though things have changed) by the boys and then she emptied her bag and bestowed us with lovely goodies - well we have been good.

The kids went to bed and we sat and chatted. Lovely to see Aunty A.



Saturday, 2 May 2015

Coach Butts (Seymour)

I had a text from Aunty A to say she had checked in and would be packing shortly. That's when I realised she was going to be here tomorrow. Oh my goodness, I rushed around making her bed, swept the floor, dusted the loft and made everything nice up there.

Smallest struggled during the night with itchy and puffy eyes. We think it's from Tree Pollen and the one that seems worse at the moment is Ash. I have no idea whether we have an Ash Tree in our garden but it was windy yesterday so I guess it could have travelled a fair way. I too woke up with itchy eyes. We either need to stay indoors or take antihistamines. The internet suggests I take him to the docs but I will see how bad it gets as he doesn't seem to suffer everyday. Plus the doctor will most likely prescribe over the counter remedies anyway.

Huffle left us for the morning in order to go for his Coaching training for the upcoming football season. He is going to be coaching Smallest's team on a Thursday. Unfortunately I won't get to see him coach or Smallest play as I have to take Small to his football in a different location at the same time. Shame. The football doesn't start for three weeks. Huffle says he is most looking forward to teaching the Canadian kids some proper football.

After breakfast the kids played on their tablets while I tidied, mopped, cleaned the bathrooms and did some washing. Living the dream!

The boys and I went on the trampoline and played with the skipping rope and football, whilst bouncing. Huffle came home with a big bag full of footballs and cones or pylons as they call them plus a box full of shirts, shorts and socks for his team.

After lunch Huffle tested some of the skills on the boys and then they played football while I sunned myself. It was a fabulous day today. Very warm and sunny. In the afternoon, Smallest went and played with his friend in the Hamlet and we all cycled to his house to drop him off. He stayed there for three hours. Small, Huffle and I cycled a bit more and came home to play Settlers of Catan in the garden where we found some shade.

Huffle got the mower filled with petrol and the battery on while Small and I trampolined again and then I started the mower and mowed the back garden. It was slow and a bit 'poppy' and smokey but it cut well. The first cut of the season, let's hope the mower keeps going and we can keep using it this year.

We did a spot of watering and tidying and then I picked up Smallest and his bike and we all went out for dinner. Tonight we tried a new Burger place that has a good reputation but we haven't been there before. They even did a proper Veggie Burger for me made of chick peas and vegetables. We had to wait about 25 minutes for it but we watched a bit of baseball while we waited and got to chat to The Royals Grandson and his Mum. The burgers were excellent and worth the wait. Not really a place to sit in and eat though you can if you want.

We came home and Smallest went straight to bed. His poor eyes are really struggling with this allergy of his. He had medicine in the night when he woke up and some more this morning (he is only supposed to have one dose per day!), I also put some eye drops in his eyes which helped a little and some Vicks on his chest because his nose is blocked. He has gone to bed with a cold wet flannel over his eyes and he is slightly propped up to stop the swelling. If it doesn't get better I suppose he will have to go to the doctors.

Huffle and Small watched the Stoke match before bed.



Friday, 1 May 2015

A lorra lorra Scilla

That horrible mosquito that bit me under my foot, also bit me on my toe and during the night I itched and scratched and itched and stayed awake for ages. Why do they like me so....and to bite me on my foot, are they crazy?

Small complained of tummy ache before school and Smallest was in tears because a game he updated took away his town. Oh dear. He felt hot to the touch and I feared we would be getting a call from one of them to pick them up early from school. However, they were both fine. Strange!

Huffle bunkered and I went to knitting. There was only The English Rose and I today with Shopkeeper El. I managed to find out what was wrong with my sock but am definitely not undoing it again. I'm sure HB will love it despite the fact they are not perfectly the same. I had lunch with Huffle today and we sat on the porch in the sunshine - which just happened to be very sunny and around 20* - and we watched a bit of W12. This is such a good series. So funny.

I had a walk to the other end of the Hamlet in order to help ExerciseNic with her garden. No actual gardening just consultation and advice on what to plant. I am going to have a trip to buy plants with her as I think that might be easier than just giving her a list of what to plant. We had a coffee and a chat and then I walked home.

On my way home. The beautiful farm field full of Scillas.

The boys came home. Smallest had skipped for The Heart and Stroke Foundation and Small had done his first bit for the Technical Crew. They were tired but still managed to skip some more and go on the trampoline while I skyped Moo.

Smallest helped me to make dinner and then we ate and watched the end of Star Wars 5 and the beginning of 6.

The garden is coming on in leaps and bounds. They are things sprouting everywhere. It is great to see as last year we only had a small triangular bit in amongst the front grass. This year we should have lots growing. Plus the side of the house is getting a makeover too. Huffle has been digging and planting around the new path. I planted up the Lavendar, that Grandma bought us, in the urn on the porch in the hope that the mosquitoes would stay away. As soon as I had planted and watered it, the mosquitoes were there. NO YOU ARE SUPPOSED To HATE LAVENDAR - GO AWAY!

More bulbs appearing.
Some lovely flowers blooming. Bergenia, daff, alyssum, corydalis

Dark clouds threatened to rain but none came today.


Thursday, 30 April 2015

Is it appropriate to laugh?

Another beautiful day with temperatures of around 20* and sunshine all day. The boys went to school with suncream on despite the fact that no-one else in the whole of Canada puts suncream on this early in the year (so says Small). We had to have a conversation later about what is a responsible thing to do and what we say to people who laugh at us for wearing it!

Huffle bunkered and did a bit of gardening in his breaks. I went and picked up Suffolk and we went off to the sewing shop to hand in our $10 quilt squares. She didn't have a new one for us as the rest of the class is doing the robins that we did the first week. She has given us a month off and we will be given a more complicated one next time. We popped into a few shops and eventually stopped for lunch in a lovely Cafe where we had quiche and soup, a cup of tea and a slice of cake. We have not seen each other for a while so we had a good catch up and a laugh.

When I got home I did a bit of gardening and then boys came home. Smallest had a friend over to play and they shouted through the hedge at Otto and called him a madman and asked him about his smoking. I had to tell them off and made them shout SORRY (though I'm not sure he heard them). I told friends Dad when he collected him. Of course Smallest had nothing to do with it (though the friend knew we called him Otto and that he smoked weird stuff!).

Beautiful Bluebells
First Trillium leaves.
Small went to play at Log's house and I got the dinner. We all ate and then sat on the porch swatting mosquitoes away. Last night one bit me right on the bottom of my foot. Bloomin' things. I read an article in the paper today that said region (council) is putting pesticides in drains to try and control the mosquito larvae. Good, get rid of them!


P.s. Grandad - Huffle finished off the screen fixings tonight ollowing your excellent prototypes.


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Potting About

Small decided to wake us up this morning at 6:30am instead of 7:30am! Wombat! We struggled to get much more sleep after that and Huffle didn't sleep well because of the wind (outside not inside, now that Grandad has gone ha ha).

The boys went to school after applying sun cream much to their annoyance, after all "it is only April" Small said. Oh well that's okay then! The temperatures were up to 22* with bright sunshine. Huffle and I even had our lunch on the porch and I managed a cup of tea on there mid morning.

We both did a little bit in the garden today. I filled the cedar pot with leaves, leaf mould, ash from the fire pit and compost and Sheep poo and then planted the Alberta Spruce in there after Huffle had moved it for me. I watered a few plants and potted up some succulents from last year. Huffle planted some poppies from the nursery and a few of our newly bought plants and dug some of the side near where the new path is going.

I love it when the bulbs start shooting through the dead leaves.

After lunch I went to pottery and made what was supposed to be a Bird House. It started as a round shape and I cut out a heart for the bird to nest in but when I tried to make a perch it resembled a tongue so I made it into a frog which then turned into something else. I'm sure it will scare th birds away but I I know it will make the boys laugh.

With the small amount of time and clay I had left over, I made a tea bag dish to put tea bags in when you take them out of your cup. I had a lovely time but I struggled a bit with my shoulder, think I may have done too much this morning when I was supposed to be resting.

On the way home I did a quick shop and picked up something for dinner tonight. When I got home the boys were back and playing on their tablets after sorting their bags and doing a chore. Huffle had the football on in the background. Leicester lost BOOOOO!

I made dinner, we ate dinner and then Small, Huffle and I peddled around the garden putting in a couple of plants and watering while Smallest was in the shower. Huffle took Small to basketball and Smallest and I played on the Wii.

The house is very quiet without Grandma and Grandad who incidentally got home safe and sound.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTY A - We are going to have a birthday here for her.


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Departing Dinosaurs

Huffle had to leave early this morning in order to go to the office, have many meetings and meet his new boss. Apparently she was 'normal' and seemed nice. There were tears and hugs as he left this morning from Grandma (never easy) and then she had to deal with it all over again when the boys left for school.

It was a beautiful day today with temperatures reaching 21* and very sunny. Our first daffodil of the season came out today.

After breakfast we skyped Moo who was busy showing us what she had found in her loft. My dolls I had as a child, a Sindy doll and clothes and Sindy furniture (worth a bit as is classed as Vintage despite my junior years) but we think we will hang on to it for a few more years. It was funny as she scared Grandad with one of the dolls - he thought it was freaky! He also tried to get her to put a hat on so he could take a photo but she wouldn't.

Grandad and I went off to the Nursery as I wasn't sure my message about not working today had got through. It hadn't! MrsM mentioned that we might be going to the Royal York next week and I told her Aunty A was here but it went over her head. I wonder if Aunty A would want to go and whether she would be allowed to go? We managed to snaffle a couple of pallets too and Grandad stored them away in his Grandad Cave. While we were outside we visited 'Pauline' (Grandads dug up girlfriend from compost corner). She had climbed a tree while he wasn't watching so Grandad taught her a lesson! We put her back in her place for when he returns (I hoe she doesn't do too much walking between now and then).

I had a tidy and a sweep and then the three of us (Grandma and Grandad and I, not Pauline) went to a local Bakery where we sat outside in the sunshine and had a lovely lunch. I bought soup and cakes for the boys and Huffle's dinner and the three of us went for a drive to a nearby lake where we had ice cream outside. We had another near miss today when a car in front was weaving all over the road and then got into the lane to turn left but pulled in front of me as soon as the lights changed. I honked good and loud but they still drove like an idiot.

Back home, quick cup of tea, a weigh of the cases, some petrol and then we were on our way to the airport. It took over an hour and was quite slow but at least it was moving. We parked, went in, found the checking desk, got rid of bags and I sent them packing through their gate after some hugs. It doesn't get any easier saying Goodbye but we did have a lovely visit with them. I hope they had as much fun as we did and I know the boys absolutely loved having them here. After all, Grandad is the best Grandad in the whole wide world (and their only one he he). After a bit of hide and seek and wave, I left them and drove home.

Grandad's jobs.

It took nearly two hours to get home - the traffic was horrendous. Moving but very very slowly. I was watching some of the cars and the way they switched from lane to lane. I kept a note of some of the cars that did this and noted that they mainly moved no further forward than me despite the fact I stayed where I was. Silly Billies. As I was nearing home a car (possibly the twentieth that trip) pushed in between me and the car in front (I like to leave room in case of stopping which happened a lot). I shook my fist at him and he shook his back and we both laughed. Bloody stupid drivers!!!! No wonder there are so many accidents.

When I got home, Small was home alone playing on his tablet with strict instructions not to answer the door. We played a couple of games of Cluedo while Smallest and Huffle were at swimming. The boys watched TV before bed and Huffle and I relaxed in front of the TV. Hard work this visitor lark. Oh well, we have a break now for four days.