Thursday, 19 January 2017

Driving on water

I was woken by Smallest crawling in to bed and trying to warm his freezing cold hands on me. Brrrrrrr. He had already had breakfast and collected his stuff together but was looking for someone to squeeze the toothpaste for him (it was at the end of the tube). Small didn't want to get out of bed this morning apparently. Too many early mornings for him lately. Oh well, it's another PA day tomorrow so kids are off from school. Really? They've only just got back from Christmas.

I really really ached from yesterday. Shoulders, bum, abs, quads. OUCH OUCH OUCH? The only thing that made me feel better was that ExerciseNic also felt sore! I had a lovely slow easy morning as the bus was running so I didn't need to get dressed (though I did take Small to school yesterday in my PJ bottoms, eeeugh, not just my bottoms). I waved the little darlings off, had breakfast, cleared the kitchen of everyone's debris and watched Unforgotton. I even had time to straighten my hair, make my packed lunch and a mint/chamomile/ginger tea to take with me later. I also finished off the family Christmas Jigsaw all by myself WHOOPS.

Late morning I drove to school and collected four Dodgeball kids (Small included) and headed to Port Perry for the tournament. Their first game was at 12 in a small gym split into two. Our school had two teams and they played on different ends and different sides so it made it quite difficult to watch. It was extremely noisy and there were not enough seats for everyone to sit.

Therefore, I left and walked around the lovely town of Port Perry. I happened to text NoCustard just to see if she was around and luckily she was sitting having coffee, so I joined her. She was with some friends but I scared them away and we sat and chatted for a while before she left and went home for lunch. I decided to stay and walk around, say hello to MrsM, buy some British items for the kids, visit the wool shop, peruse a couple of other shops and walk to the lake to take some photos. The lake was frozen with huge puddles of wet on top. I wasn't sure whether it was pure ice underneath until I saw a car driving on it. What an idiot! I watched for a few minutes and then left as I didn't want to watch them fall through the ice!

I went back to the tournament to see the team play their last game. They came seventh out of fourteen. It was their first tournament so it wasn't a bad performance. I drove them all back to school where they had around 30minutes left of school and I came home for a cup of tea. I'm feeling a bit fed up (probably hormonal), I don't know if it's because I find the other mums distant and not overly friendly or if it's because I don't feel like I've done much this week, I don't know!!!! I had a FaceTime with HB and Aunt Pear which cheered me up.

The boys came home and practiced piano for HB and Aunt Pear as HB decided that would be their chore for going on the XBox. I made dinner and Huffle and Small went off to football practice. Alfie got 1 goal. The goalie was CoachOlDHead. Huffle has sent an email to a different club asking if Smallest can try out for their team and we are hoping to go on Monday. Smallest and I stayed at home and played chess (it was a stalemate) and finished watching Paddington and started Toy Story2. So busy.



Wednesday, 18 January 2017

More ice, more cancellations

Small woke me early and once again I got lunches ready while the boys got themselves together. I took Smallest to school for his 8am basketball practice and we bundled in his Dodgeball kit for the tournament and Snowboard stuff for Ski Club later. However, there had been a freeze on top of the melt yesterday so everywhere was covered in a film of ice. I dropped him at school and met the Secretary who told me there would be no Ski Club and no Dodgeball either (I should have driven the kids there today for their tournament which was postponed from yesterday).

I brought his Snowboard bag home and parked towards the end of the drive thinking it would be safer to walk close to the grass (or where the grass is when it's not under four foot of snow) but I couldn't move or get a grip and for every step I moved forward, I slipped backwards two more steps. It was very frustrating but Huffle was still in bed and Smallest was inside with the blinds shut. I was almost in tears because it was just impossible! Once inside I found out the bus was officially cancelled and I had two phone calls saying Ski Club was cancelled and then a call later from Small officially telling me Dodgeball was cancelled but on for tomorrow if I could drive. (I can but I had to cancel other things!).

I drove Smallest to school and sat in ExerciseNic's drive catching up on emails, Facebook, etc until she turned up. Today I gave out my lemon curd, though one of the ladies wasn't there so I delivered it on my way Home. It was tough today as I didn't get much sleep last night and I feel exhausted physically and mentally, from all the cancelled clubs and rescheduling etc. Still, we did well and I'm glad I went. So glad in fact that I signed myself up for another session on Mondays. I may regret this ha!

At home I facetimed Moo while Huffle went out and renewed his Health Card. All news caught up on, I had a shower and then lunch with Huffle when he returned.

This afternoon I tidied the loft. It was a huge mess from Christmas present wrapping but it is all ship-shape finally. While I was up there I listened to my music very loudly and Facetimed HB. It was nice catching up with her. Recently we have had lots of silly snapchats but not proper talking. Unfortunately I lost the wifi signal in the middle of our call but the boys snapchatted with her when they got home.

I jigsawed until it was time to pick the kids up and I drove again, which they were pleased about. Homework was done, dinner was eaten and Smallest and I played a game of Chess and he beat me (the little stinker).

I took Smallest to football practice tonight to give Huffle a break as he has been very busy working this week and I feel like I have mainly sat on my big bum waiting for things to happen that have been cancelled or postponed. This evening, our fired coach appeared to be coaching the team and the newly appointed coach was texting on his phone and asking fired coach what to do next!!!!! Interesting. At the end of the game, fired coach called me over and said he had been approached by another club (and here I am unclear as to whether he has been approached to Coach or just bring his child and others from our team). He said he would call Huffle to discuss as I thought the club he mentioned was a little to far for us to travel to several times a week. He also gave Smallest and Small an indoor football ball (with a tennis ball coating) - maybe we are being "buttered up".


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Frozen talking stew

Small woke me early this morning. The bus was cancelled due to the threatening freezing rain which was due at 8am with a 100% chance. I made lunches for all three of us and Small decided he wanted to walk this morning in order to get to his basketball practice. I was kind of happy not to have to drive him in my PJ's but also a bit worried that he would get there. I know he's 13 but I still worry about him, despite him being very sensible.

At 8:45 I decided to drive Smallest and MissMoll to school. The freezing rain did indeed arrive at 8am as forecast and although we have had it before, it truly is THE most weird thing to happen to the weather. The rain falls like normal rain, but everything it touches turns to ice. Everything in fact is encased in ice. The drive was a pure skating rink and even though I had my snow boots on, I had to slide in order to get to the car without falling over. The car was covered in ice and the windscreen iced over every time my wipers moved. I had to get the ice scraper out between here and MissMoll's house which is three houses away. Crazy! I managed to get the kids to school safely and watched them help each other in. I then parked the car and went into school to check on the Dodgeball situation that I was due to drive to later. It was cancelled. I spoke to Small's teacher about the conflict between ski club and basketball and we agreed Small could miss a few games and not be off the team. However, later, the basketball had to be moved to accommodate the Dodgeball and then the Dodgeball was moved to accommodate the Ski Club. Arrrrrrggh I can't keep up!!!!

I also made a decision not to go to work in the Greenhouse today as the roads were incredibly slippy and scary to drive on. I came home, called in to say I wouldn't be there and agreed to go in next Tuesday instead.

For Christmas (before I got ill) I was going to make treats for the ladies at exercise but I ran out of time. So today I made them Lemon Curd. I got six small jars made which was perfect and decided to take one of them to MrsRoyal as I never got a chance to make her anything either. The walk there was treacherous and the road was even worse than when I drove earlier. I was just in time for coffee and stayed until lunchtime chatting with TheRoyals. I had to borrow MrsRoyals YakTraks (ingenious things that go over the bottom of your boots to stop you sliding on ice) to get home and later on used my own to take her boots back and get my own back, plus deliver the newspaper that gets thrown onto their drive.

Huffle and I had lunch and watched another First Dates Hotel and then I cleared up the kitchen and made dumplings for the stew and blended the soup I made for Small and I which had Carrot, Butternut, Potato, Lentils and cumin. A kind of veggie stew soup.

I picked up the boys and MissMoll from school. Piano practice, collecting of bonuses on IPads, chore and XBox.

Smallest and Huffle went off to Football practice and Small and I stayed at home.



Monday, 16 January 2017


Small woke me this morning and I made lunches and got them mixed up and sent the kids off to school. I read a fascinating article on Autism written as an assignment by a friend. Clever lady MrsG. Mid morning I went off to Costco and met up with Suffolk. We shopped and browsed and stopped for tea and a banana at Starbucks before browsing a little more and finally coming home (she went off to school).

Huffle had waited for me to have lunch so we managed half an hour watching First Dates Hotel before he had to go and answer many emails and telephone calls.

I made a Tuna Bake for tonight's dinner and started on tomorrow's dinner. Tomorrow is busy as I have to get Small to school for 8am for basketball practice and then to work in the Greenhouse for 9am. At 12 I have to take Small and his team to Dodgeball and bring them back later in the afternoon. However, all this relies on not getting the 1cm of frozen rain we have had forecast.

At 3pm I went for a walk with ClownRose and LittleFin. It was a beautifully sunny day but cool. We walked until the bus came and brought our kids back. I finished off dinner while the boys had their piano lessons and prepared a casserole for tomorrow plus a soup.

After dinner, we took the boys to Cubs and Scouts where they had a demonstration in First Aid and learned what to do themselves. When I asked Smallest if he could save my life he said "yes if you are unconscious". I asked what he would do and he said "turn you over". Oh well that's okay then!

Huffle and I walked for an hour and a quarter on really icy paths and roads. It got very cold very quickly but we persevered.

Steps for today 21,000+. Wow.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

More calories to eat

Pancake breakfast where we realised we were cooking enough for six! Need to reduce that recipe though the boys eat them up during the week anyway. The kids played on the XBox for most of the rest of the morning while Huffle and I changed bedding, washed and dried and cleaned and tidied. He helped me to clear my wardrobe of Summer items and clear out stuff I don't use anymore. We must have left the kids playing too long because Smallest came and found us in the end.

We had lunch and then put on our coats, hats, gloves etc and drove to the lake front for a walk. As Small is the only one in the house that doesn't like walking, we gave him the decision of where to go. He chose a point between the Mushroom House and Rotary Park and the road we drove on ran out somewhere in between anyway so we parked and walked. Small took a Super Bouncy Ball he got for Christmas and we bounced it along the path. Smallest took a tennis ball and played catch with it.

It was much colder than I expected and silly Smallest left his gloves in the car. Huffle and I lent him one each until he was warm again. Our walk took us one way for about ten minutes and then we turned towards Rotary Park. On the way I decided I wanted to go on the beach to check out the ice on the rocks and we chose to walk along and sit while the boys smashed the ice with sticks and rocks. It was lovely once we got warm.

Eventually we turned around and made our way back along the path. I don't know how far we walked but my step counter is at 15,500 at the moment and it's only 5:30pm. I can't imagine we will do much more though as we are all tired and hungry which is why we came home and made a start on dinner. Small watched TV in his room whilst tidying it and Smallest lay on the sofa under the blanket, watching the same thing as Small but possibly different episodes (The Simpsons).

Ninja Warrior UK finished our evening.

It's cold!!! Brrrrrr. Steps today : 16,800. Just realised that the calorie counter isn't telling me how many calories I've burned but how many I can have. Bummer, the other day I thought it said it said I could have another 2,000. That's another whole day ah ha ha !! Silly billy


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Sulking in the net

Everyone had breakfast together and then all the boys watched the Stoke game and were very pleased with their win. I sat upstairs and finished watching Walk Invisible about the Bronte sisters. It was really good.

We had to leave part way through the second half of the game to get Smallest to his first football game with the Assistant Coach in charge. We left Small at home with the job of emptying the dishwasher which he did. Smallest's team won 4-2 but it wasn't an enjoyable game. Neither side played well and I had the ex coach next to me which was weird. The best part about the game, after the first minute attempted goal by Smallest, was the oppositions goalkeeper refusing to play because he had a grump. He sat in the corner of his goal with his head in his hands and didn't move until they finally brought another goalie on. Then he sat on the sideline and refused to shake hands with anyone at the end of the game or move when the next game started.

Taken from above

At the end of the game all the boys walked off really quickly. No team talk, no parents talking other than saying goodbye. It was strange.

At home Smallest had a shower and we watched the end of the Leicester game before going out for dinner. Dinner was nice and we played Monopoly Deal whilst waiting. We popped to the Post Office on the way back which just happened to be near the Portuguese Bakery so we had to stop and pick up some lovely custard tarts as they make the best ones.

Back home again, we sat and watched Ninja Warrier UK (eat the wall) and then introduced Smallest to Catchphrase as Small has been watching it lately. We watched the Celebrity one which was funny.


Friday, 13 January 2017

Someone brought in something for the pigs in the play*

Just as the snow was disappearing (not the huge dirty piles of it on the side of the road) it started to snow again. Huge big flakes that didn't turn into much really though it was very cold today.

After the boys went to school, on the bus, I got myself together and went off to knitting. There were seven of us including ShopKeeperEl. It was sad (one of the ladies has had huge illness in her family), funny (always funny because we are all very humorous) and helpful because Mim helped me start a new sock. Two coffees later and a part of a sock done, Suffolk and I went off for lunch and some more chatting. We had a little look around a few shops and left because it was too cold.

At home I got on with the jigsaw waiting for the kids to come home. The boys helped me to finish it and we were very disappointed to find there was a piece missing (of a brand new Christmas present jigsaw too, though to be fair it was probably us that lost it). The kids did a chore, there was a bit of piano practice and then they played on the XBox. I warmed up dinner (the weeks leftovers yum yum) and Huffle and I moved around the furniture in the living room (whilst looking for the missing jigsaw piece).

This was a hard one, bought for Smallest too difficult for him. He started it and ended it and did a few in the middle.

After dinner all the boys played a game on their tablets and I started our Christmas Jigsaw with Huffle's help later.


*something Smallest was saying to me. He couldn't finish his sentence because we were laughing too much. Turns out he is doing a French Play, Trois Petits Cochons, 3 little pigs, and someone had brought in snouts made from egg cartons painted pink. It took a long time for him to get this story out though.