Sunday, 25 September 2016

Brighter than that torch!

Small has now got a cough but he says his throat is feeling better, though it doesn't sound better. Mine is now really sore and Smallest has the sniffles. Huffle is just tired.

We had a really lazy morning and sat in front of Eddie The Eagle and had our breakfast. This is the second time Smallest and I have seen it but it's still a nice film to watch.

Midday we all went out to the Mall to pick up my engagement ring. It is very shiny, with a beautiful new shank and a well held in diamond that sparkles beautifully. Unfortunately they couldn't keep the stamps and said they were too worn to even see what they were. Never mind I can't imagine I will ever sell it and I asked Small not to bother when I'm gone. My jewellery is now all back and clean HURRAH.

We picked up a new swingball replacement as we broke it last week, Huffle bought me a BlueJays hat for Christmas (put away) and I bought myself a new pair of jeans in the sale. The boys played in BestBuy on the Wii while Huffle took something back and then we all came home and made a start on dinner.

After dinner, the boys played on the Wii while Huffle and I sat on the porch. The temperature is just nice at the moment. We Skyped Grandma and Grandad and relaxed until it was time to take Smallest for his Rep Football Tryout. All of the team were there except for one who has decided to leave (the only one who also lives in The Hamlet and was in Smallest's class until he left for another school). There were five new boys and of them Huffle and I picked out one definite and one maybe. There is another tryout next Sunday and everyone is expected to be there. The good news is that the games were supposed to be miles away near Toronto but Coach said he wanted the team to stay local and so all of the games will be played in the team's home venue. Smallest didn't think any of the new boys were very good (harsh). At the end of the tryouts, Coach gave the existing team medals though they were for participating in last seasons games and he felt they should have been earned.

We left Small at home resting. He sounds awful but says he feels so much better. This evening we all watched XFactor. We have never seen the 'six chairs' before. It was interesting.


Saturday, 24 September 2016

The World (or some of it) Cup

The Leicester City game was already in the 50th minute before I realised it was on. Already four goals had been scored against them too. Huffle put it on the TV but they lost! BOOO. We had breakfast and then the Stoke game was put on the TV and I disappeared to the bedroom to watch one of my programmes and knit. Stoke drew today.

12:30 we left the house and made our way to Toronto. The traffic was horrendous. There was a baseball game on at 4pm and the Hockey World Cup was on on the evening. Now I say World Cup but that actually means America, Canada, North America, which we think is the under 23's of America, Canada and Mexico "honestly we don't think they are trying to fill the teams up because they haven't got enough for a World Cup" and a European Team. Russia are also in it - hang on, aren't they Europe? Or perhaps they have enough players to make up a whole team, beyond that we are clueless and couldn't care less.

Anyway, we went for lunch at G for Gelato where we all shared pizza and then had a gelato whilst wandering around the grounds of the Cathedral.

The sun was very bright and the sky was a gorgeous deep blue but in the shade it was quite cool. In the full sun however, it was hot. Today the Blue Jays were playing the New York Yankees and the Blue Jays won 3-0. It was quite a good game despite the lack of runs but we had a bunch of drunk idiots in front of us who drank and drank and drank. Huffle and I can't understand why these people go to a game, sit and chat ALL game without really watching and get drunk at $11 per beer. Would it not be cheaper to watch the game in a sports Bar? Small and I had two girls with ponytails in front of us and they kept swishing their hair on our legs. Small got very grumpy with them. One of their boyfriends (who Huffle said had a mullet under his hat, put his hair in a ponytail too and Smallest called him Pony). The whole row got up and down many many many times during the game.

On the way out of the city, we spotted a man dressed as a farmer carrying an inflatable sheep under his arm!!!!

We left the game and wandered slowly towards the car. No-one had any inclination to do anything else. I think we were all tired.

I had a call today to say my engagement ring was ready for collection HURRAH.


Small wasn't feeling too well today with a very sore throat, we fed him Vitamin C sweets, ice cream and lots of water. When we got home I made him and me a hot lemon, ginger and honey drink to help soothe and heal.



Friday, 23 September 2016

Half the sparkles are back

It was Small's turn to lie in today. I popped my head round his door and he woke up and grumpily got out of bed. He is so like me - not good first thing. He said he was grumpy that he wouldn't get much time on his tablet but he soon got a move on and was playing on it before school.

I was out at 9am in order to get to work at the garden centre. MrsM is in Ireland on a garden tour so I went in today to help Pat. I wore my normal shorts and sleeveless top but the weather was very cool and even working in the greenhouse it wasn't very warm. Later on I put my cardi on! Autumn is here. We did lots of cuttings of Abutilon aand tradescantia. We had a lovely brownie for coffee break that Jan had left on Wednesday for us. We spent the morning swapping information on which British things to watch.

I had a quick lunch with Huffle before driving off to The Perry to fetch my Eternity Ring and meet up with Suffolk for a cup of tea and a meander round some lovely shops. Now normally Suffolk and I are not good at making decisions, so I text her while I was having my lunch, fully anticipating it would take us both at least ten minutes to decide when and where we were meeting but today she quickly decided to go and was there before I even left the house. I picked up my beautifully clean, shiny and fully diamond filled ring. It is very sparkly. Now I just have to get my engagement ring back and I will have a full compliment again. I picked up a couple of Christmas presents, we tried gluten free vegan cookies and had a calming cup of tea.

Back home I greeted the boys off the bus, helped Smallest with his Maths homework (yes me, I even managed to sort out a maths problem and got Small to confirm it was correct). Smallest will find out on Monday is he is in the school football team.

We had dinner whilst watching TheAvengers Civil War. I read a bit more of Roald Dahl's The Boy to Smallest at bedtime and Small, Huffle and I watched GBBOEXtraSlice.

Small has a very gravelly voice and he thinks he is losing it but I'm wondering if it is starting to break!! Hopefully he isn't coming down with the cough/cold thing that's hanging around.



Thursday, 22 September 2016

Mysterious Miscanthus

First day of Autumn (Fall) today. Can't say you could tell as it was scorching hot and humid again.

Smallest had a school football practice today and he came home confident that he might well get in the team. He scored five goals and had three assists. Excellent. Then later he told Huffle the other team were girls and Huffle told him that of course he should win against girls. Honestly!!! He should find out tomorrow.

Both boys came home armed with lots of paperwork regarding the selling of subscriptions of magazines. This happens every year and every year I get annoyed. They expect the kids to sell to family and friends in order to raise money for the school (which they don't know what for) and of course profit the magazine companies. They in turn get piddly little gifts which are worth little if anything. Not only do they get the kids selling for them but they also spend half an hour of lesson time (Smallest missed out on music) to explain what they should do it. Ridiculous! The kids told us that lasts years efforts raised enough money to adopt an elephant but later they decided that was something else. All paperwork has been put in the recycling. What a waste of time and paper!

I went off to TheRoyals for a morning of gardening. I wasn't feeling 100% today but I still worked hard, digging, weeding and deadheading. I came home with some Miscanthus Giganticus for Huffle and another plant I can't remember the name of. Small had one of the Miscanthus for his garden and the spot he chose was right in the middle of the bed which looks very random. We put the other piece over by the fence which again looks quite random as there is no garden there yet but hopefully if it takes it will look okay in time.

Huffle wasn't feeling too good today either. We are both tired and lethargic, headachey with sore throats.

The jewellers (the one who has my eternity ring where the diamond fell out while they were cleaning it) called today to say my ring was ready for pick up. Hurrah. I still haven't heard from my Engagement Ring jewellers (which should have been ready on Tuesday!). Last week, Huffle ordered us a newTumble Dryer online and we should have got a call about delivery this week (nothing yet). Apparently our order was a non-standard item and therefore not available as quickly as normal, although they have taken our money.

After lunch, I went food shopping. I hadn't got much in my trolley and a woman stopped me and said "you've got a large family?" OH MASSIVE! I was shopping for Grandma and Grandads visit too but really!? At the checkout I asked for $60 cash back as it costs less to get it at the checkout than it does from the hole-in-wall and more convenient. I was busy packing my bags and left the shop before I realised I never got my money. Not wanting to leave my food, I quickly put the bags in the car spotted and my cashier trying to go home. I asked her if she had served me (I'd only just left) and she seemed confused whether she had or not. I told her I didn't get my cash back and she looked at my receipt and ran off with it. She came back with my money and said 'lucky you saw me becuase I know I didn't give it to you'. I don't think it was shady but I must be more careful in future.

I got a bit of time with a cup of tea before the kids came home. After dinner, the boys played with Huffle on FIFA and I had a bit of peace listening to the Geese flying and the squirrels twittering.

Smallest and I continued with reading Roald Dahls The Boy. It is very interesting. We also played Mancala which he now beats me at everytime!!!


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Aren't we all?

Both boys were back to school and feeling well. I even forgot to give Smallest his pile of drugs so he must have looked and sounded better. The bus came at a reasonable time, in fact the kids had to rush to the bus because they were lazily getting ready and Maurice was already waiting.

I cycled to aerobics today in the hope that I could earn enough calories to eat. Yesterday I filled in my fitness tracker and only just had enough calories to spare. Today I cycled 3km, aerobic'd for 1 hour and walked later for twenty minutes.

Aerobics was hot and sweaty and I seemed to make lots of noise today, groaning and moaning and breathing plus the normal laughing. After my shower and multiple texts to Suffolk we decided on meeting in Uxbridge and going for lunch. I had a lovely Lemon Cauliflower soup which was excellent with a toasted bagel. We had a good chat and then went off for some retail therapy where we both bought a couple of small Christmas Presents. We visited ShopkeeperEl in the wool shop and bought some supplies and then wandered around a posh furniture shop which made me sneeze!! After all that hard work we went back to the cafe where we shared a pot of tea. I thought I wanted a piece of chocolate cake but when it came I didn't really want it so I had a few bites and brought it home for the boys. Suffolk lent me a couple of sewing books so that when Grandma is here we can make a start on the Roman blinds I want to make for our bedroom. She also bought me some fixings for them in the sale.

I came home and had a look at the work MrBasment and Jim did while I was away. All lights done now. Good job. I went for a walk by myself. I was feeling a bit down and grumpy and wasn't much company but it was good to clear my head before the kids came home.

The boys did a chore each and played on the Wii while I made dinner. I also made a Sticky Apple Sponge which we had with custard in front of The Great British Bake Off. The pudding was a success. Maple Syrup, apples cooked in brown sugar and butter and then layers of apple and sponge. Ummm ummmmmm. So much for calorie counting!!!!!

This evening Smallest brought a book home for me and him to read together. It is called Boy and is by Roald Dahl. It's biographical and so far is good. He is reading Esio Trot at home and The Twits at school. We played Mancala together before his bedtime. Nice one on one time with the little man, I enjoyed it.

Small. Huffle and I watched some more of another Bourne film.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

I can't see!

Smallest had a good night and decided he would go back to school today. I sent him off dosed up with painkillers, antihistamine, nasal spray and eye drops plus some Vitamin C sweets for the day. I told him not to overdo things especially at recess and lunch when he plays football with his friends. However, he completely ignored me and practised football with the school team instead. He is hoping to get on the team which plays for four weeks and then has a tournament at the end. He isn't very confident that he will get on the team as he is one of the youngest.

I spent the morning cleaning bathrooms and doing the washing and Huffle painted the front screen door in between calls. The door looks lovely now, very fresh and white and early evening we put it back on and secure it.

Late morning Huffle took me for my annual eye test. I had to have the dilating eyes drops and my eyes are very sensitive to light, therefore I have trouble seeing for a while after (last time it took a whole weekend to get back to normal). My prescription hasn't changed much and I didn't get any new glasses despite the receptionist trying to get me to have a new pair. Most of the cost is covered by insurance so it doesn't matter to them but I can't buy a new pair when I hardly wear the ones I already have. My test was good but I could not focus on anything for the rest of the afternoon and the sun seemed twice as bright today.

I had lunch on the porch and Facetimed Moo for my weekly catch up though I couldn't see her very well and then attempted some knitting which luckily enough was simple so I didn't need full focus. ClownRose and I went for a walk before the kids came home.

I made dinner while the boys played on the Wii and then we all played basketball. Today we learned how to play 21. It was quite complicated and Small won both games. He did tell us the rules though!!!!

The leaves are changing


Monday, 19 September 2016

My dog likes an audience*

A grasshopper on our Impatiens
A grasshopper on our Impatiens Niamniamensis

I kept Smallest off school today though he met me with a big cheeky grin and informed me he hadn't been coughing and his throat wasn't sore. I asked if he wanted to go to school and he looked at me with big doleful eyes. Small was jealous and said he was faking. My main reason was to let him rest and not be receiving any extra germs while his immune system was low. I think it did him good though I had to give him a lot of attention.

We started with a couple of games of Squarrels, completed two jigsaws, played on tablets and Factimed Grandma. He watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at lunchtime and then we went for a walk, rolling apples down the road and talking to the dogs. We worked out you can peel an apple just by kicking it down the road, though it did end up as a squishy mess by the time we finished. It was nice and reminded me of a time before he was at school full time. The barking is much less, he hasn't been hot or feverish and his sore throat is gone. Hopefully he will be back at school tomorrow but we will see how he is in the morning.

Smallest trying to catch a grasshopper

I decided I would clean the front outside of the house today. It was a tough job. I swept the porch (and then Huffle cut the hedge all over the porch grrrrrrrr), cleaned the doors, the windows, even took the mesh out of the windows and cleaned inside there and then also cleaned the shutters. I now have to do the rest of the house but that took me four years so I won't hurry. Huffle did some more tree cutting and weeded the path at the front too. Anyone would think we were having a visit soon!

After our walk I harvested a load of beetroot and made a Beetroot Chutney with apples and cranberries in. I don't know if I have had a chutney before but it was yummy. I made four and a half jars which are supposed to last a couple of months. When Small came home he popped to the Beer Store for Vinegar as his chore.

I made dinner while the boys had their piano lessons. Small has progressed onto the Adult book now.


*The words a man used when his dog stopped to poo on our grass. He laughed as if it was funny and then made a few jokes. We think he was masking his embarrassment.