Saturday, 28 November 2015

No Groceries for the Old Buggered Wolf

Last night I dreamt that I was pregnant but the school I worked in gave me a pregnancy test which was at a computer. Three questions were asked, one of which was take your photo. It said it was positive but I wasn't convinced and insisted I saw a doctor. It was all very strange.

Unfortunately I had to get up this morning in order to go off to sewing to hand in my 'bats'. I had breakfast and left the boys watching TV. Sewing was an interesting event. I mentioned that I had trouble reading the pattern and a woman sneered at me and said 'oh I don't know why, I didn't". A couple of others did have trouble though and it was suggested that my seams weren't correct. When they measured my seam allowance it was almost perfect. Ha! Anyway, this months one is a Chritsmas Tree and I have no idea what they were talking about. Suffolk to the rescue again. At least we have longer this time as we won't be going back until January now. Suffolk and I went for a cup of tea and a chat afterwards and then I came home for lunch.

I dropped all the boys off at the football and went and got my watch exchanged as it broke after just one week. I went to Customer Service - Customer Service huh? I don't think so. Rude as you like, didn't listen, made me fill out all sorts of crap and I even said I would exchange it but no, that was too much trouble for MissNoCustomerService! I got my money back and then went and bought a better one in a different shop HA!

Next I tried to buy Smallest an Elf hat for his Christmas Concert but no-one had one so I bought some green wool instead (he hasn't decided yet whether I can knit/crochet one or he might make one himself). I took a vent cover back to the DIY shop and then went back to the football in time to see all three boys on the field at the same time. Small as Giant Goalie, Smallest as Defender and Huffle as mid field man until he pulled his hamstring and then Goalie. Silly idiot still thinks he's 20 years old (he ain't never been 20!). One day he is going to have to admit when he is injured and not just play through it.

We had a quick change at home with showers and then we dropped Smallest off at one of the footballers houses for a party. There he stayed for 2.5hours while Small, Huffle and I went to a Gadget shop to return something we bought last week. I decided to buy two Christmas presents while in there and wandered around stalking three people who were holding on to the things I wanted as they were the last two. I followed them for ages and eventually asked if they were definitely going to buy them, they said they were. They asked one of the shop assistants if there were anymore and were lead to a locked cage. I also asked and they told me to follow the same people I had been following. The cage was finally opened and the items took out but we were not allowed to hold them, despite the fact I wanted to buy more things or at least find the rest of my family. My items were took to a cash desk where I was allowed to purchase them, except they ended up being more expensive than they said so I left them. The other people I had stalked, had put their original stuff back so I picked that up instead and bought them. What a palaver, the things I bought only cost $30, it wasnt diamonds or gold bullion!

By the time we had finished, we were hungry so we walked through the the other side of the mall to a lovely place where we had a fabulous dinner. Unfortunately we had to rush to get back to Smallest.

We needn't have rushed because we were all invited inside for wine, cake, chocolate bark and lots of chatter. The kids had a fabulous time and it seems that the birthday boy and Smallest are very good friends. They have been promised some play dates soon. We stayed for ages. They are lovely people.

Back home, Smallest went to bed and the rest of us watched I'm a Celebrity. LadyC!!!!! (She still ain't no lady!).



Friday, 27 November 2015

Effing and Jeffing

It rained all day today. In fact, I would go so far as to say, it was a very British weather day. I even took out my British Umbrella (and had a few positive comments about it too). Boys went off to school, Huffle worked in the basement and I went off to knitting mid morning.

On the way I picked up the EnglishRose. Originally her husband came into the wool shop and asked if anyone would be kind enough to give her a lift as he was finding it difficult to get her there so early (10:30!!). About four of us said we could do it and we would take it in turns. Of course, muggins here was the only one that did it, not that I minded but some weeks it did put me out of my way a bit. For example, if I wanted to go to lunch with one of the others, I would have to take her back home (only two minutes drive away) and come back, not always able to find a convenient parking spot. Now each time I picked her up, her husband would be standing guard (fully dressed) making sure she went off okay and had her bag, and her step to get into the car and her walker to help her walk into the shop. Now if he can get up and get dressed in time for me to pick her up, why can't he then drive her to the shop? Anyway, over the Summer I didn't go because of the boys being off from school and then I didn't go because Grandma and Grandad were here and we were doing other things. So I decided I would pick her up today and take her. She is a lovely old lady and I do enjoy her company when she can hear what I am saying that is. This morning her husband rang me again to say he didn't think she would manage to walk from the car without my help. I convinced him I wouldn't leave her (that's rich considering last time I asked him to collect her as I had other things to do and he forgot her).

We had a nice time at knitting, it was a good mix of people there today and I didn't feel as miserable as I did last time. I bought far too much wool in the Black Friday Sale, dropped the EnglishRose off at home and came back for lunch with Huffle. We watched a bit of Jekyll and Hyde before I went out and did my afternoon errands. Bank, Petrol and Tuba collection.

Then I came home and did some washing and knitting. When the boys came home, I made a start on dinner which needed to be extra early tonight as Huffle and Small went off to football leaving Smallest and I playing Mario Bros and watching a bit of Nanny McPhee until the big boys came home. They had worked hard and will be playing again tomorrow too (and the day after for Small).

Small, Huffle and I watched I'm a celebrity tonight and were surprised to not see Chris Eubanks leave. He is so dull. And who is voting for LadyC (she's no lady!) to stay in. She has been given far too much air time and does not warrant any more!!!!!


Thursday, 26 November 2015

Croc Rock

A warmer day today, the boys didn't need a coat and I abondoned my boots. After the boys went to school, I went Christmas Shopping by myself. I only ended up in four shops but it was a start. I came home at lunchtime and had lunch with Huffle (while we watched last nights I'm a Celebrity).

Normally we watch all our UK TV on IPlayer but for some reason IACGMOOH (I'm a Celebrity get me out of here) doesn't appear on IPlayer until very late or even the next morning. Now the boys are hooked on this programme too and I find them most mornings watching it before we get up. (I am a little concerned at the language they are hearing though).

This afternoon I FaceTimed Moo and we had a good chat and catch up. Not long now till she is here. I also caught up with washing and had a bit of a tidy before I went off for a half an hours walk in the Hamlet. I tried to beat the school bus back but got chatting to MrsRoyal.

The kids caught up with more I'm a celebrity while they ate their snack and emptied their bags. Then there was homework, piano practice a chore each and Wii while I made dinner.

We ate dinner and watched the film Home.



Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Cous cous does not a gravy make!

Huffle bought me a fit band thing for Christmas to track steps and calories burnt etc and has been wearing it for a few days to check its what I want. It also tracks how much sleep you get and the other day it said he was asleep while we were watching TV and had 8.5 hours during the night (which he denied). Last night he decided not to wear it while he was asleep and he didn't sleep well at all. Interesting!!

It was very foggy this morning.

The boys went to school - snow boots have been abondoned again as the sun was out (still cold and very foggy but not freezing and definitely no snow). I went off to aerobics leaving Huffle trying to find a garage who was willing to put his Winter Tyres on for him. Aerobics was good but tough and my thighs are aching already from the various squats we did.

After a quick shower and an even quicker brunch/lunch, I went off to the Art Gallery and Pottery Studio for three hours of glazing my pots that I made in the last five weeks. This is never my most favourite part of the pottery process as the glazes look nothing like what they are going to turn out like. We started by sponging off the pieces to make sure they weren't dusty and then waxed the bottoms of each pot to stop the glazes sticking to the kiln shelves. Our teacher bought us a lovely white crackle glaze especially to glaze our birds and I'm most excited to see how that turns out. My Leaf Cheese Plate that I made (that someone else's bird exploded upon) had an accident in the kiln. My mouse fell off and his curly tail broke into many pieces. We are hopeful the mouse will stick on during the last firing due to an extra blob of glaze on his bottom and I ended up painting a tail instead of the original 3D curly tail which was supposed to hold the cheese knife. The glaze colours are not the most inspirational. It's only a small gallery and I suppose the glazes are expensive so there aren't too many to choose from.

Poor mouse..bird..spoon rest....soap dish. Brie dish......square pot.....spare lid for square bird.......spoon......yarn bowl.
Everyone's pots glazed.

I came home late and the boys were already home, practising piano and playing on the Wii. (They convinced Huffle they didn't need to do a chore). I made dinner, we ate and then Huffle and the boys went out to basketball leaving me home alone finishing my sewing.

I managed to finish sewing, put away all my stuff, tidied up and had lots of time left to sit and watch TV and put my tired feet up while the boys had fun at basketball, though they came home early because the school permit ran out (that's weird and meant Small's session was only half an hour instead of the usual hour).

It is supposed to be 12.5"x12.5" but I am missing a 1/4" one side!!!
All my $10 quilt squares. I've been doing this for a long time. One a month.

Huffle put the Christmas lights up outside. Now considering it's not yet December, this means that Huffle is now a proper Hybrid Canadian. Everyone here puts their lights up really early in order to avoid being outside and up a ladder during the freezing ice or snow parts of the year. He even set the timer up so they come on and off at the appropriate time. Wahooooo.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Sew What!

More snow during the night meant that the roads were covered. By the time the school bus came this morning, the road was clear. The boys went off in their snow boots, coats and gloves tucked discreetly in their pockets.

I had a shower first thing which was silly because I had to take my car to the garage to get my Winter Tyres put on and it meant I was out in the snow with wet frozen hair. I have also realised a I need new snow boots as mine have no tread on them and I was sliding all over the place on my walk home. I was rescued by my Knight though as he remembered my foot was hurting from yesterday.

Once home, I made a soup for lunch and dinner later and then set about collecting my sewing stuff together for a day of quilt square sewing. I actually spent most of the morning looking for a foot that I had taken off my sewing machine ages ago and in my own inimitable style, put somewhere safe so I wouldn't forget. I am so annoying!!!! Suffolk came round late morning and we started cutting out our material for our Bat Block. Unfortunately the instructions were not written out very well and we left it to the last minute once again. I sewed all of my strips together and then realised half of them were the wrong way round.

Suffolk had to leave after lunch so I attempted to carry on without her. I didn't do very well but persevered until I eventually undid all my sewing and started again. I worked tirelessly, in between helping the boys with their dinner, games and chores.

My bats wings are the wrong way round.

Huffle and Smallest went off for a two hour football practice and I carried on sewing. Small played on the Wii and then we watched TV together.

Huffles photos


Monday, 23 November 2015

Minus Temperatures

Brrrrrrr this morning there was ice on the inside of the Sun Room, the temperature showed as 0* and the outside temperature was -6*. I decided to bring the chilli plants in (there were still two of the four plants with chillis on them). The boys put on coats and gloves and hoods though both discarded their gloves as soon as they stepped outside. Not deemed cold enough for those yet! I know it was too cold for me to stand on the doorstep with my Short PJ's on.

8:30am and I had a phone call from the plumber telling me it was time to service the water stuff again. I love the fact he calls me. I decided to go out and do a quick food shop first thing (I should do that more often, the supermarket is empty and there isn't anyone to get annoyed at). I was all finished and home by 11am (bearing in mind it takes me 20 minutes there drive each way). I put the shopping away and made a start on tonight's dinner and MrPlumber arrived and did his stuff before lunchtime.

Huffle and I had lunch and then I met NoCustard and went for a Wintry walk in the forest. It was a lot colder than I realised and although I had my boots on and my gloves and ear warmers, I could have done with some warmer trousers and a coat. It was lovely though and the tiny sprinkling of snow on top of the leaves looked spectacular. We walked for just over an hour.

I got home just before the kids who were arguing and fighting. Apparently Small choked Smallest on the bus and Smallest sat on Small, so Smallest tried to throw a rock at Small blah blah blah.

Piano lessons were done. Small is coming along beautifully and his hard work and plentiful practice is paying dividends. Smallest still needs to put lots of practice in and has promised to do fifteen minutes a day on just his Christmas tune.

We all had dinner, the boys played a bit of Wii and table tennis and then we watched TV.

It snowed again this evening.............and settled..........tomorrow I am getting my Winter Tyres put on.

Photo by Huffle



Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hiding where the stinky socks are

A nice lie-in started off our day. After breakfast, we played table tennis. Smallest nearly beat Huffle (who was playing left handed). Smallest is now in training for when Moo arrives. Small and I played and Small beat me. Then Smallest and I played and then went on the Wii. We also did a bit of jigsaw.

Small and Huffle went to football for Small's development training. Smallest and I stayed behind and made a chocolate mousse for dinner. Huffle had picked up a few bits from the shop and we all made pasta from scratch. It was delicious. We had tagliatelle and ravioli with cheese and pesto. A spicy tomato sauce and a cheese sauce, roasted vegetables and garlic bread.

The chocolate mousse made Smallest very silly and he ended up going outside to run around in the newly falling snow. It was very cold and the silly boy didn't put a coat on.

Huffle FaceTimed Grandma and Grandad and had a good chat and then AuntPear later who got to hear a quick rendition on the piano from both boys.

We spent later in the afternoon playing hide and seek which was very silly and at one point I checked Huffle's wardrobe three times before I found Smallest. He also had a particularly good hiding place in the laundry basket. We also played Go Fish and Scabs and Scrapes.

The snow did not settle and appears to have gone for now. Phew.