Wednesday, 23 April 2014

St.George, Snow, Sleet and Spring Pah!

When I got up this morning, I was greeted with "don't look out of the window Mummy". "It's sleeting!" IT WASNT SLEETING, IT WAS SNOWING. SNOWING AND LANDING ON THE GROUND. C'mon now, it's the end of April, nearly May, how can it still be snowing? I told Huffle we needed to move and Smallest said "Yes, we need to move to England!".

Huffle went off to work and the boys went to school. I watched the end of Jamaica Inn (new series on BBC - thanks Grandma) and then got ready and went to my exercise class. It seems to be getting easier but it was still hard work, especially on my hamstrings which I pulled yesterday clearing works garden and then moving all the stones in ours.

After my shower and a quick clear up, I went to N's house where the two K's were and we had a lovely lunch followed by crochet for a couple of hours. I taught the K's how to start a Granny blanket and helped N along with her hat. Lots of laughter and silliness and plenty of crocheting.

When I got home, MrBasement and Dilbert were there putting on the skirting boards. MrBasement has too come back tomorrow or Friday to finish some bits but it's looking nicer.

The boys came home and I helped Small with his homework about Gears and Axles and then the kids played on the IPad while I made dinner. Huffle came home and the boys all played football together.

HAPPY ST.GEORGES DAY. I told three people it was St George's Day, Smallest told his friend in class and Small told his teacher. None of them had heard of it before.


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pan, Parsnips, Playing and More Poo

Last night Huffle and I watched The Making of QI which was really interesting and funny. However I also dreamed that I was very intelligent and was entered into an Intelligence Test which was compered by Phil Jupitus (except he was Scottish!). I was locked in a room while the test went on until I had to go out and find something but I couldn't understand his Scottish accent. I had to read a recipe and buy a pan to match the recipe but I couldn't find the recipe either. I had text messages wishing me luck and there were lots of people in the place from my past, my present and people I didn't know. BIZARRE!!

It rained during the night and the chimney didn't leak and neither did the kitchen into the basement - wahooo. Well done MrBasement Jnr. It was a very drizzly, foggy miserable day. The boys went to school on wellies and waterproofs, Huffle worked from home and I went to work. Today Jan and I cleared the car park bed which was full of high grasses and perennials which we cut back to the ground. It was back breaking work and we were happy when we were called in for coffee. Today Jan had made Maple Syrup Shortbread Squares which were absolutely yummy. We finished our job outside and then stopped when it started raining more heavily. I filled up five bags of Duck Poo and took them home with my two parsnips which MrsM had just dug up. I planted them from seed last year so I got to take my pick.

I came home, emptied my car of goodies and went in to make lunch. Huffle was on a call so I waited for him and started to try to make the shortbread we had at coffee time. I also made a parsnip soup for my dinner and a Banana Bread for Small. We had lunch and then skyped Moo.

My shortbread came out of the oven and wasn't quite right. It tasted good but looked weird. I will have to wait for the proper recipe. We went out and emptied the Duck Poo on the beds - all ready now for planting.

The boys came home. Small had two friends round to play and they went off on their bikes, played basketball and football. Smallest played on the computer. After Huffle had finished work he and I raked the leaves off the garden near the barn and then moved a load of stones and rocks and the underneath weed mat.

The friends went home and we all had dinner.


Monday, 21 April 2014

Pokemon, Poo and Ping Pong

Huffle went off to work this morning and left the kids and I at home. It was a gorgeous day with temperatures of 21*. I daren't say it was too warm so I won't, but it did feel quite humid and I had a headache on and off all day so maybe a storm is brewing.

MrBasement arrived to do the floor and the kids and I went off to buy Smallest a pair of trainers. You should see how worn out his others are, we had to throw them in the bin! We ended up getting him some trainers and crocs and they both got a couple of tee-shirts and then they spent some of their money. Smallest spent his birthday money plus some more and bought himself a Pokemon Tin with cars in and extra cards. He was very very happy with his purchases. Small decided he wanted more cards (I don't know why because he has many) so he bought some too. We also picked up some groceries.

Once home, Pokemon opened and oohed and ahhed at, we had lunch. The boys chose to eat in front of the TV so I had mine in the Sun Room watching Crimson Fields. While they played on the IPad, I dug over the remaining veg beds and added top soil and sheep poo. They are now all ready for some Duck Poo from work to finish them off.

I called the boys outside and they went to Small's friends to see if he wanted to come over and play. They brought him back with them, played for five minutes and then went over to play at his. Smallest stayed with me and we and an ice cream, a game of football and a couple of games of Swingball.

MrBasement nearly finished the floor and is coming back Thursday to do the step, put some wood up, mend a light switch and put the skirting on. He said the roof went well and that we need to check the chimney when it rains as they are not completely convinced it is 100% rainproof as the roofer before made a hash of it and they may have to come back later and re-shingle it again.

The boys got me some bricks from under the Pool and I carried on with the path while they played Pokemon Battle with their cards.

Huffle came home, showers were had and we had dinner. Smallest and Huffle and Huffle and I played table tennis to test out the new floor. Not bad! The balls don't bounce as well as we would have liked but better than before.


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Who Lives in a ship like this?


After breakfast today, Huffle and I sent the boys onto the Porch while we hid eggs and made up a treasure hunt.

The hunt started up in the loft where they found mini eggs, Swiss wrapped eggs, a couple of cream eggs, kinder eggs and some surprises. One of their clues was "The animals went in two by two......" They thought for a while, looked through Smallest's CD's and then found a tin Ark. "Oh Noah's Ship!" they said. They found a couple of eggs cuddled up with Smallest's Smelly.

After they found them all in the house they went outside and found some in a birds nest, next to Big Baby Cyril, in the basketball net and down the bottom of the back garden.

Some were in the car and the mailbox and finally in the Compost Bin, which actually said give to Mummy but they didn't.

We had a play in the garden, with the football and Swingball and then ate our lunch on the porch in the sunshine. I had an idea about bringing a rock from the back into the front for our stepping stones. However, the rock was very large and very very heavy. It took four of us, three bits of wood, two shovels and a huge tarpaulin to heave it to the front garden, dig it a hole and get it in (it took a long time but it does look good).

It has been a beautifully sunny day, a bit breezier than yesterday but a good day. We got a bit more of the garden done, the boys have a bucket full of eggs which we will steal some of later when they have gone to bed - not really ;)

We all had a nice Roast Dinner which Huffle and I cooked while the boys biked up and down the road until Smallest fell off and scraped his arms, head and tummy because Small stopped unexpectedly!!

Tomorrow Huffle is back at work and I have the boys off with me.


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Nî hāo

An amusing story from The Telegraph today about a sighting of the Loch Ness Monster viewed from Apple Maps. The story mentioned that the last reported sightings in 2013 included three false reports. One was a duck, one was a wave and the final one wasn't even seen at Loch Ness. Hilarious.

MrBasement and his son arrived this morning to fix our roof. It needed new flashings. I didn't realise that meant they had to take all the felt and shingles off the roof too. Anyway they got on with it and by the time we got back from our walk, it was all done. Super, now the basement can be finished.

After breakfast, we got the bikes out and managed to fit both Small's and Smallest's bikes in. We headed to the Lake again but this time from the other end. It was nice and warm and the walk started with a short stroll to the park, a play and then a walk along the trail, by the water, past a lot of interesting characters including the man who walked at 45* with two cross country sticks suitable for a seven foot man, a bunch of Chinese kids (one who nearly crashed into me because he was showing off cycling with one hand) and adults which prompted this response from Smallest:- "I like to say hello to Chinese people to see if they say hello back in Chinese".

Smallest found a worm, called him Bob, wanted it to be his pet and was finally persuaded to put it in a plant!

At the point where we stopped last time, we sat on our bench in the sunshine and ate our Easter Cakes and had a drink, before heading off to another park where we played Tick (or is it called Tig?). We walked/cycled back and ended up doing 9km in all. Brilliant. We had burnt (earnt) enough calories to go and have fish and chips so that is what we did.

Then we came home and sat in the garden, played football and did a bit more grass moving for the path in the front garden. Small went off and played with his friend who lives at the back of us and Smallest and Huffle went to the Tire and bought two plants

We had a mini Easter Egg hunt where Huffle and I hid some mini eggs in the garden

The boys had their tea in front of TV and Huffle and I went through the Summer box, found some new clothes for Smallest (that used to be Small's) and got the kids to try on last years sandals, crocs etc.

Everyone is tired. Everyone should sleep well tonight. All bedding has been changed from Winter to Summer quilts and sheets etc. That's it - I am officially declaring it Spring. Smallest and I have pink faces from catching the sun - oh dear - we are so delicate.



Friday, 18 April 2014

Lets go to the CoPo and buy some Beare

Everyone was home today. No work or school. At breakfast we started to write a list of what everyone wanted to do. I asked Smallest to add the Co-op (The Beer Store) as we needed salt for the water softener. He wrote "CoPo" and when we laughed he wrote "Beare Store". Bless. We laughed about the Bear going to the CoPo and he drew us a picture of a French Bear called Copo Bear painting a picture. (if you see the bear, you are not allowed to look at him but he would like it if you looked at his painting and put a dollar in his bucket so he can pay for his food).

very clever.


We spent the morning baking, making jelly, gardening and creating more of our path. The boys collected bricks for us and Smallest rode his bike up and down the road until his back hurt! We had to go in when it started raining so we had lunch. In the afternoon we decorated our easter cakes,

......planted seeds, repotted seedlings and then played on the Wii.

Small went off and played with Cog and we tried the Easter cakes we made, played Mancala, table tennis and went back out to the garden where Smallest biked up and down and Huffle and I made some more path and moved our statue Foo Sing from the back to the front (he is very very heavy).

Smallest missing his brother

bulbs poking through the Autumn leaves we laid as a mulch.

I also tried to move a massive stone for our stepping stone path but it was impossible and started to rain again. We all came inside and played, made Pizza and ate it in front of the film Planes but we only got half way through because Smallest was bored and tired. Small came home all muddied up from a bike ride with Cog and another friend.

The boys went to bed. We are hoping tomorrow is a brighter day so we can get out for a walk or a bike ride.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Does Aunty A live in a sauce bottle?*

Temperatures of 9* and no coats needed. Getting better! Huffle went to work - his sale has now been signed and his timer is ticking down till July when it all goes completely. The boys went off to school, one complaining of tummy ache (not the one that was sick yesterday though). I had breakfast, finished watching Undeniable - I recommend this to anyone who can get ITVPlayer as it's very good.

I went off to the pharmacist today to pick up a prescription and then did a bit of Easter shopping and then went and visited 'Suffolk'. We sat and looked through lovely quilt books and then drove out to a fabric shop we haven't been to before. We signed ourselves up for a course where we buy our backing material (that was difficult seeing as how neither of us are good at making decisions) and each month we get a tutorial on how to do a new technique in quilting. We pay $10 for the first month and if we finish the piece before the next month we get the next tutorial and all the pieces for free. And so on and so on. If we don't finish the piece for whatever reason, you just pay another $10. Sounds good to me. It starts at the end of May. I also signed up for a 1 day course to learn how to Free Motion Sew on my machine which is something I have wanted to do since I watched Kirsty Allsop do it on her crafty program a few years back. That one is mid May. How exciting.

We drove around looking for somewhere to eat, got lost and then drove towards Suffolk's house when we got a call from her school saying one of her boys was injured. We picked him up and took him to the doctors as he had a cut very close to his eye. I left and came home, put my shopping away and had a late lunch.

The boys came home, helped me carry ten bags of top soil from the car to the veg beds and we played outside, playing Swingball, football and playing on the swing. When Huffle came home, he had also bought top soil so we carried that to the beds too. He bought me a Hellebore for Easter (and he is rubbish at surprises so I have it now) and it is lovely.

We all played footbalI and while I finished dinner the boys all played. After dinner there was more football. Can't get enough of this NoSnow weather.


*at the dinner table we were talking about gardening and I showed the boys a lovely photo Aunty A had sent me of a Garden Centre Toilets. Smallest asked "does Aunty A garden?". "Well a little bit" was my reply. "You see she doesn't have a garden, she lives in a flat, an apartment" says Huffle. "Or a condiment" said I. I meant a condominium (that's what they are called here and I didn't know if that was a word he had heard). Condiment!!! Oh yes, Aunty A lives in a Tomato Sauce Bottle.

Very pretty - I think I would like one of these in my bathroom