Saturday, 25 June 2016

Raw relrom*

**Alternative title for today was : I'd eat a salad everyday if it came with onion rings and sweet potato fries.

* my boys have started talking in Scooby-Doo language. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes annoying. Today as two Chinese people were crossing in front of our car, they didn't acknowledge us or thank us so I shouted 'Raw Relrom' (you're welcome) but Huffle thought I was saying it in a Chinese way. He keeps calling me a racist! As if I would!!!

**I had a lovely Grilled Salmon Salad for lunch and Moo had a Apple, Walnut and Goats Cheese Salad but we all shared onion rings and sweet potato fries.

We all had a very slow lazy morning, followed by a spot of gardening in the hot sunshine. Even the boys came and helped with some deadheading and clearing. They earned time on their gadgets, plus they didn't argue. I caught them earlier in what looked like a fight but they said they were hugging. Yeah right!

We moved the patio table into the shade and sat around it playing Chess, reading, playing etc and drinking iced lime water. Late lunch we went out for dinner and then went looking for Preserving Sugar (we are going strawberry picking tomorrow) and a Baseball Glove for Small for his birthday from Moo. We found several he liked but decided to check out some other shops. I wish we hadn't because it was a waste of time. We went miles out of our way for a clearance sale that only had left handed ones left (so annoying). We made up for it by finding a nice Gelato shop. We tried one more shop before finally getting home and all jumping in the pool.

He does like a lemon
Silly Moo playing in the shop
I want this one

6:30pm and the temperature on the pool was 26*. The temperature outside it was still 28*. We blew up all the inflatables and had a bumper car crash with Moo in the middle of it all pushing us around. It was all very silly, a lot of fun and we cooled down.

Plenty of room till all five of us are in plus five inflatables

After showers we found our jam recipe and realised we had forgotten the Pectin. As the strawberry picking farm is nowhere near a supermarket, Huffle went out to buy some. The boys watched TV and had some tea before bed.



A Christmas Box for Moo*

We awoke to news of Britain leaving the EU. I have to say I was surprised and also that Cameron had resigned. I don't really know how this will affect the UK but two comments to me today were "oh did you see how your pound has gone right down" and "you'll have to take your passport when travelling to Europe now". DOH! They had no idea!

Another hot hot day with temperatures of just 25* but it seemed so much hotter. I made poached eggs for Moo and I for breakfast but the eggs were in the fridge and cold so I sent Moo to warm them up for me.

When she realised we were watching her, she laid them on a warm blanket! Silly moo

Huffle worked from the basement and only got out to attend to the pool. The Boys went to school, Smallest had his golf lessons today and Moo and I drove him and two classmates to the golf club and sat watching while they were on the driving range and the putting green. Smallest did really well and was only one of two that stuck it out for the whole two hours, despite the searing heat and no shade. Watching the girls from his class made me realise I was pleased I never had any. They were whiny, moaning and mean (though mine wouldn't have been like that obviously). Small had his class party today and they watched a film and ate party food. I don't know why they don't just finish school now because they are not going to get anymore work done!

Moo and I went to knitting mid morning and stopped by the newly moved cafe first to order our lunch for later. ShopkeeperEl was back today after her operation. She was tired and couldn't lift anything but it was nice to see her back. It wasn't a bad group there today. Not too noisy and I got loads knitted on my cardi. At lunchtime we picked up our lunch and sat and ate it in the dappled shade in the park. Then we carried on to school and golf. We didn't get home until nearly 3:30pm.

We put in a few plants that needed planting, watered them well (everywhere is soooo dry) and met the boys off the bus.

Yesterday after the boys despicable behaviour, fighting and arguing, I banned their tablets and watching TV with their breakfast. Their behaviour this morning determined whether they got gadget time, TV etc this afternoon/evening. This morning they sat at the table and ate their breakfast, they were polite and chatty to each other and Smallest and I even fit in two games of chess before the bus. When they put their shoes on and tried to sit on the same stair, there was almost an argument but then I heard Small say "would you mind moving up a bit please Smallest". Oh it's lovely. This afternoon there was the start of a scuffle and when I said "err remember........" They started hopping and skipping about pretending they were happy to be with each other - the wallies! They got their gadgets and TV later. I wonder how long this will last. They are both so excited and silly about finishing school, though to be fair, I am too. Need a holiday, need to relax.................

After dinner, Small and Huffle went to football. No controversy, it was good game despite losing. Small nearly got a goal.

Moo, Smallest and I entertained ClownRose, LittleMo and LittleFin this evening. We sat in the garden, played on the swing and slide and trampoline and sat up at the pool playing with the ball. LittleMo bought a present for Smallest for being a super Bus Buddy to her. It was a book for adventurous boys. Her Dad also sent over a card with thanks for looking after her and $20. He was also given some chocolate. He is a very lucky boy. Much later when ClownRose was tucking LittleMo in bed, she said, So how do you marry someone anyway? Once it was explained she said "I'm going to marry Smallest and we are going to have Chicken for dinner". I don't think I will tell him, I don't want to ruin their little friendship as it's quite cute at the moment. I asked LittleMo if she was finished with having Smallest look after her on the bus and she looked at me and said "I'm still only five!". Fair enough.

All growing vegetables were Comfrey fed and I found more potatoes growing and fed all the containers with flower feed too. The whole garden is dry and I tried to give it a water but we desperately need rain. It's supposed to be a hot weekend with 'feels like' temperatures in the high 30's to 40*.

After Smallest went to bed, Huffle, Moo, Small and I watched Britains Most Spectacular Backyard Builds. It was quite interesting. We saved the other half for tomorrow. What will they think of next?

Huffle read that to let your wind out is very good for you health, apparantly it lowers your chance of stroke, heat attack etc. Also smelling your expelled wind is good for dementia. We have decided (just in case) to give Moo a box for Christmas with Huffles wind in! SURPRISE! Christmas Box!


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Not enough crackers

Huffle went off to work for a couple of meetings and ended up on a Works Picnic with fun and games included. He didn't know it was today so that was a nice surprise. Bet he wished he'd worn his shorts though!

The boys went to school, they are SO ready to finish school for the summer now (only four more days to go).

I left Moo making Flapjack and went to garden at The Royals. Last night before Small went to bed he said "I know it's a bit last minute..........but.........we are having our class party tomorrow, any chance of some flapjack?" The little bu66er didn't he know we'd spent all morning yesterday baking?

Today we weeded another bed and took out all the Forgte-me-nots, I had seeds sticking to my tee-shirt, a rose thorn in my arm and one in my thumb and a big scratch on my elbow. I came home with a rose, a penstamen and some Chrysanthemums. Moo and MrRoyal joined us for coffee and we carried on until lunchtime. Moo deadheading again. MrsRoyal has offered to water our garden and pick veggies while we are away - hazah!

MrFix came to visit while I was gardening

After a shower, Moo and I went out for dinner (lunch) and had a lovely veggie burger and then wandered around the Thrifty Shop where Moo bought a lovely long cardi and a chunky handknit cardi. I nearly bought some in-line roller skates (am I too old to start roller skating? I could skate when I was a child and I could ice skate as a teenager. I can't help thinking it might be a bad idea).

On the way home we picked up Small's tuba for Graduation and chatted to various teachers (forgetting I had left Moo in the car. Is that legal? She said I didn't leave her a window open he he). Back home the kids came home off the bus, the sweet tray for graduation was set out and the boys fought and argued A LOT!

Small had an early dinner so we could get to the Golf Club. We arrived with the Tuba, our Sweet Plate and an understanding that we would be there for the rest of the early evening. In fact we were greeted by one of the staff who took our plate and told us to come back an hour and a half later. So we came home, watched a bit of So You Think You Can Dance and sat on the porch in the early evening sunshine until 7:15 when we went back again. There was an awful lot of just hanging around but we got to see the Graduation kids arrive. The girls looked really pretty and the boys scrubbed up well looking slightly uncomfortable in their suits, ties and shiny shoes. They had to pretend to arrive again, have their photos taken and then walk down an aisle to a seat at the front. There were awards, speeches and diplomas given out. We missed a big chunk of it due to setting out the food. In our opinion, they should have asked for two sweet trays as mine disappeared within minutes. There was a big cake made by one of the students but it was raw and not very nice. There was far too many veggies and not enough crackers and sandwiches. The whole event was very nice and the venue outside was breathtaking where the photos were taken. Small and the band did an excellent job though Small was bored afterwards because he had to wait around with us so we could clear up. At least we know what to expect now for next year. We will all have to dress up, Small will have to have a first dance with either me or Moo and then we leave him with his classmates for a dance for a couple of hours with two teachers as chaperones. I'm glad I don't have girls because most of the girls wore heels and they obviously hadn't practiced walking in them because they had real problems.

Huffle and Smallest went to football and lost 6-1. The pitch was horrendous and dangerous and we were lucky none of our team got hurt or injured. There was trouble again at the end of the game but this time Huffle stayed out of it. The other team were calling our boys 'Garbage' and the other teams parents were mouthing off. Our Coach called them idiots and was sarcastic (Smallests words). Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with these teams. They really think they're something!


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Let's get baking WHAT!!!!

I felt much better after my lovely sleep last night but still really tired so I cancelled Aerobics for this morning and gave Moo and I more relaxing day...............or so I thought!

Just received photos from Small's camping trip which you can find here.

Huffle worked in the basement. The boys went to school. They had Clap Out Assembley which means that all the Grade 8's get clapped out of the building for their Graduation to High School which happens tomorrow. They also had a slide show which lasted 40 minutes showing photographs from the year of all the students and trips etc.

Moo and I got on with our Graduation Baking and made Flapjacks, Lemon Squares and Butter Tart Squares plus a Banana Bread. As we haven't made the squares before, we weren't quite sure what they should look like and werent sure whether they were cooked correctly. However, we tried them much later and they were deeeelicious. I have managed to squirrel some away for the teacher presents too so I have less to do at the end of the month. Wahoooo.

As we did so well with the baking we decided to go out and get Small's Medical Card renewed which was a 30 minute drive away. Unfortunately we arrived there at 12 noon and it was quite busy but the queue moved well. Of course, I had to deal with MrsNoPersonality who didn't smile, interact or converse at all. Still, I got his card renewed so all is well for a few more years plus I changed the status to Permanent Resident so I can get it renewed at a local office in the future.

We decided to get something for lunch on the way home and tried the new local cafe. We ordered Grilled Veggie and Humus Sandwich and decided to share it and have a muffin each with our coffee. The coffee was good and the muffin delicious but the sandwich was disgusting. Cold grilled veggies that were greasy and chewy, no humus and the bread was dry. Moo took it back and they gave her her money back and said they would talk to the baker. Shame, but at least we know not to go there again. When I asked previously if she could warm the sandwich she said she only had a microwave (ITS SUPPOSED TO BE A BAKERY).

We visited a few shops and and came home for the boys getting home. We cut up all the squares, flapjack etc and decided what was being taken tomorrow evening and what was to be frozen, tried a few bits and then made dinner. Tonight we had Cottage Pies.

After dinner, Moo went with Huffle and Small to their football game. Apparently there was an incident between the opposition coach and Huffle with swearing, hands up and lots of WHATS! He told Huffle not to say 'What' which resulted in the whole team shouting 'what' and at the end when they shook hands, each of Huffles team said What to the coach (this was not Huffles idea but it sure did make him laugh when he heard later). He is now expecting an email from the club with a stern reprimand, in fact he is looking forward to it. One of the boy's father was almost fighting!

Smallest and I stayed behind and watched some more of Karate Kid and drew Beano characters.

Not quite a relaxing day today but it wasn't too hectic.


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I apologise for the future

A nice warm day, not nearly as hot as the previous few thank goodness. Today's temperature was a good 23*. Huffle worked in the basement and didn't realise how nice the day was as he couldn't get out, shame because looking through his little window showed to be quite dull but outside it was perfect.

We caught another film set

Small went to school and didn't do a lot as most of his class were out on an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. Smallest had his Track and Field this afternoon and came home with two third place ribbons. Moo and I went to watch and we saw the first ribbon given for an excellent relay race where he was third and fourth runner (he ran twice). The second ribbon was for javelin. Three attempts and his third was really far. Unfortunately we had to leave to get some shopping done so we missed the ribbon giving but saw the event. We also watched him do a long jump and a 100m race.

This morning Moo and I went to work and weeded in the Potage mainly. I put together all MrsM's new solar lights and stuck them in the garden. Moo and the other two swept and weeded the paths. For coffee break Jan had made Lemon Iced Lemon and Poppy Seed with Candied Ginger Cookies. They sound a mouthful but they were delicious.

....weren't they Moo

We came home briefly to make a take away lunch, got changed and drove to Smallests Track and Field. We stayed for a couple of hours and then did our food shop. We made dinner of Meatballs and Beetballs (minus the beetroot) with pasta and everyone but me went off to football practice. I had a visit from ClownRose, LittleMo and LittleFin and we played on the swing and picked some lettuce and a teeny weeny courgette. The rest of the time to myself I just knit and watched TV. I am soooo tired, my glands are up and my head is hot!

Everyone came home, the practice was okay but the field they were on was rubbish.

This evening Smallest slept walk downstairs and went into the bathroom. We asked what he was doing but he was really disorientated. Moo ended up taking him back to bed. Funny little man.


Monday, 20 June 2016

The day we ate cannoli and lots more

Last night was a terrible night for sleep. It was so hot and humid with no air despite the air conditioning and the fan on full blast. I realised fairly early on that I was deaf in one ear due to going underwater in the pool and that also kept me awake because I was worried it would spoil my day.

Huffle worked in the cold Basement, made even colder by the air con being on, the boys went to school where Small took part in the Student Teacher Baseball game. He was their main pitcher and they won 4-3. The school was very hot today with no air con but plenty of fans which apparantly made it hotter inside than out. Once again, nothing happened to Smallest (I wonder what he does all day).

Just to prove they do miss each other

The temperature was 34* with a feels like temperature of around 36*. Moo and I had a slow early morning and then went off with Ali for a trip to Burlington to see RudeTrude. RudeTrude was one of the original knitting ladies who moved away in the Autumn. We have all kept in touch via email and Facebook. Today she invited nine (two couldn't make it due to illness of themselves or their dog!) of us over for lunch in her newly renovated bungalow. Ali drove Moo and I and we had a super smooth air conditioned drive for just over an hour. Once there we met up with Miche, her mum and MrsBasement. Later Trace also turned up. It was a lovely day and RudeTrude was very happy to see us. I don't think she has too many friends in her new place. She gave is a tour around her bungalow and then we all sat out on the deck drinking wine and other non-alcoholic beverages until she called us in for lunch.

I say lunch but it was more like dinner. The meat eaters had chicken and ribs, there were two salads and roasted potatoes and veg and the veggies had Eggplant Parmigiana which was lovely. There was plenty of silly chatter around the table and lots of eating. We had coffee and tea and then she brought out Cannoli and a Blueberry and Lemon Trifle. It was all very very delicious and extremely filling. RudeTrude bought us all a 'sippy cup' (I don't know what to call it but that's what she called it) with a saying on it that said 'you make my heart smile'. We all had a lovely super time and it was a shame that we had to leave her. The drive back was good too and we were home about fifteen minutes after the boys arrived (Huffle was home).

MrsPiano gave the boys their lessons and I made some mini muffins for the Graduation (Grade 8's graduating from elementary to high school) on Thursday. Small is playing in band for them and all the Grade7 Mum's have to make the food for the event. I have to make a sweet tray so I have a few more things to bake yet. I also made dinner for all the boys - Moo and I were too full for anything.

After dinner the boys and Moo played outside. I joined in for a game of badminton but it was very hot.


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Off with his head!

A photo from yesterday I forgot to post

Huffle couldn't sleep so got up early, which in turn woke me and made me get up early to go into the loft to wrap his presents, which in turn made Moo get up earlier. Smallest was already up. HAPPY FATHERS DAY. We saved the Fathers Day Extravaganza for when Small is here too.

Waffles and fruit for breakfast with cards and presents, followed by a very quick walk around the garden sooooooo hot today! We planted some bean seeds and Smallest threw some seeds around try flower garden that w collected last year. We also planted the peppers that have been roasting in the sun room.

Our morning consisted of playing board games; Chinese checkers, Pokemon Yahtzee, Space Race, Blokkus and Jenga. Lunch was eaten and then we all went up to the pool. The temperature of the water was 26*. We all went in and did a whirlpool and Huffle and Smallest did some synchronized under water stuff.

There was lots of reading, nearly falling asleeps, an ice cream, more swimming and jumping and a game of UNO. Huffle bought his music and new speaker up to the pool so we had music all afternoon.

Later afternoon we showered and sat on the porch waiting for the return of Small. He was supposed to be back by 6pm and we were waiting to go out for dinner. He finally arrived around 6:30pm and we went out. He climbed to the top of Bon Echo which was 100m up 200 steps, canoed, caught a big fish and swung in a hammock. He had a good time. Smallest was tired again and we made him stay inside the air con house till we went out.

Smallest originally had football practice but it was called off last night due to Coach and Assistant Coach being out and it being too hot to train, however CoachOl said he would be there if anyone wanted to go. We didn't! There is no way Smallest could train in this heat, it's ridiculous.