Thursday, 25 August 2016

Tangela and a Terrible (Ref)

Good nights sleep resulting in me feeling a lot better this morning, although my sore throat is back and now Huffle is not feeling too good with a wibbly tummy and a sore throat.

After a whole day inside yesterday, I felt like I had cabin fever today. Huffle worked in the basement and after a morning of playing and gadgets, the boys and I went out late morning for a walk in the local town, Pokemon catching and meeting up with Huffle and having lunch in a pub.

The boys and I had a good walk, stocked up on PokeBalls, caught a few Pokemon and even left a Pokemon in the gym (whatever that means). Huffle left us to go back to work and we walked back to the car, taking in a few shops on the way. The boys started arguing and ended up not talking to each other. I think they have just had enough of being with each other every single day. I decided, on the drive home, to pick up one of Small's friends and he came back and played with Small for a couple of hours. They played on the Wii and table tennis. His Dad is not well and has the stomach flu so there is certainly bad stuff going round and he was sneezing all around me last week!

I tried to sit on the porch and watch TV and knit but DonNoQuotey decided to cut the grass and his sound won above mine. Smallest got upset today because his tablet stopped working and Small wouldn't let him play with him and Al so I sat upstairs with him and built Lego (I was actually chief-finder-of-prices and I was very good at it so Smallest said).

Early evening we went to Smallest's football game. There was storm forecast (a tornado hit Southern Ontario last night, not near us) and we actually got the game started early. Today's referee was officious and inconsistent (out of our favour again). He wouldn't let the subs on until the subbed were off the field. He ignored the other team bad tackling ours but had a stern talking to Smallest when he tackled them. He told him he was a bad boy and was never ever to do that again and yet when they performed a worse tackle on him, he let them play on. When one of theirs tackled one of ours to the ground and left him lying motionless, he said nothing. The parents (of our team) were trying to get our coach to stop the game and take our boys off and he was very close to doing so. Apparently at the beginning of the game, the ref told both teams he did not want to see any 'cherry picking' and yet they had a striker constantly standing near the goal waiting to take goals, which he did. We lost but only 4-3. The coach had a word with the ref at the end but I'm not sure it did any good! Huffle was heard to be singing "in your Vaughan slums...............".

Small stayed at home and played on his tablet and made his own tea. There was some thunder but only a little bit and we had rain.



Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Kaboo and Pat lose their game ha!

I woke up feeling awful. Really hot and very sick. Unfortunately for the boys, I spent the rest of the day with waves of sickness and going from hot to cold. They were brilliant and came and gave me cuddles, helped me make dinner later and kept checking I was okay.

Huffle put the air con on to cool me down and insisted I did nothing. Apart from a load of washing and some sweeping, I didn't do much really.

Smallest played Guess Who with me in the morning and we played Super Mario Bros late afternoon and Smallest played Catan with me. They both played on their tablets, read and built some Lego. I did some knitting.

For dinner Small made meatballs and Smallest cooked them while I made the sauce and cooked my veggies. Last time we went shopping they chose Rigatoni as their preferred pasta and we had that too.

Tonight was Small's last but one tournament and Smallest went. They won and are in the final. I stayed at home as I felt so tired and weary. I was cold so I sat on the porch and watched TV and knit.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Stock piling

The boys came, voluntarily, to Costco with me today. Smallest wanted to sample all the delights on offer and Small wanted to make sure I bought him some Brookside (dark chocolate covered fruit and grains thing he likes). There wasn't too much to sample though today as they were still setting up and cooking but smallest successfully tried Chocolate Milk, Chicken Breast, Sausage, Key Lime Yoghurt and Cranberries covered in dark chocolate and unsuccessfully tried Crab (almost resulting in him throwing it back up), Coconut Water (it was disgusting) and JalapeƱo stuff on cracker.

This afternoon I left the boys playing outside on the trampoline and with the Swingball (and probably on their tablets once I left) and went to see ShopkeeperEl for some help with my sock heel again. She put me right and then I picked up some food and cleaning stuff I couldn't get at Costco.

Halloween stuff out already

While I was out, Grandma messaged to say she was thinking of booking for a March visit and then Moo Facetimed to say she was thinking of booking for December. They had spoken to each other about the latest deals on BA and were taking full advantage. The boys decided they were going to bake again so Small made his Courgette Chocolate Loaf all by himself bar the grating of the courgette and the putting in and taking out of the oven. It was excellent once again. Smallest decided to make Toffee and Cream Muffins (which uses Werthers and are my favourite). Once he started bashing the Werthers, Moo decided to leave us to it. I helped with the Muffins but he did most of it by himself. They were deliciously decadent.

Smallest had an early football practice this evening so we made do with a Jacket Potato for dinner and then all went. Small and I have decided we are going to get fit (me) and fast (him) so we started some walk/jogging around the football fields. Huffle joined us in walking and Small and Huffle started hatching their Pokemon Eggs. Huffle needed to walk 10km and he just kept going and going and going. Small did really well jogging, considering he does not like running or walking particularly. I had to give up after half an hour because I got a blister from not wearing my trainers for ages. I watched Smallest practice instead. The other two carried on for most of the practice and Huffle still couldn't get his egg hatched. When we got home Small walked up and down the garden until it hatched into a Syther (I think). Coach gave Small and Smallest a book about football skills. He is creeping!

This evening Small, Huffle and I finished off the second Bourne film.

Smallest has seemed fine today, I am still a bit dizzy and hot, no sore throat now but I feel a bit nauseous at times and I have a couple of ulcers on my tongue which normally means I am run down.


Monday, 22 August 2016

Is the ceiling fizzy

Huffle worked from the basement and came out to cut the grass and buy salt bags (we have to add salt to our water softener). He noticed the Beer Store now sells food and shampoo! Ummmm I wonder what the local general store thinks about that? A bit of local Competiton.

The boys and I decided to take full advantage of the slighter cooler day (23*) and with the bikes still all being in the back of my car, and went back to where we walked yesterday by the lake. This time we cycled. The car park was full, normally at the weekend it is empty but I suppose the commuters were parked there today. We had to use the overflow car park. We are experts at getting the bikes in and out now, though it does take three of us. Two to haul the bikes out and one to hold the helmets (Smallest).

It was perfect cycling weather. A nice breeze off the lake, cloudy, shady but still warm. We cycled further than we walked yesterday and Smallest belted down a hill at top speed and on the way back up the hill, hit a bump and crashed his little boy parts. He was almost in tears. Bless him, I still don't think he is 100% well. I'm not either. My sore throat is back and I feel very hot with cold feet at times and occassionally dizzy or faint.

Up high was a Bird Sanctury that wasn't a great place to cycle because it was mainly uphill with paths of woodchips and bark. Smallest went off ahead without us and Small's chain fell off. We caught up with Smallest eventually and came out of the Bird Sanctuary and cycled along the road back to our trail. The same trail goes all the way to Toronto but that's a bit too far for us amateurs.

After we turned around and made our way back to the beach, we stopped for lunch and a Pokemon catch. Today we caught a Capone in the lake. It's not one I've heard of before.

After a bit of stone throwing, we made our way back towards the station and the car, stopping on the way for a rest and an apple. Then we drove home. The journey was about half an hour each way and we cycled for a couple of hours. It was nice, we got some fresh air and some exercise.

I made dinner very slowly and the kids played on their tablets. Smallest and I had a play on the Wii playing Super Mario Bros. After dinner we all played Mario Kart. The kids watched Tv and Huffle and I sat on the porch. I had to have a blanket and Huffle put on a fleece. It's getting cooler definitely.



Sunday, 21 August 2016

I had three clean sheets at the back*

It rained again but it didn't wake us.

After breakfast we went to the lake and walked around 7km along the lake, partly on the beach and over a bridge or two. Huffle had put Pokemon Go on his phone so the boys could play along the way. Huffle is now at Level 5. Smallest played on mine for a short while and made me run out of Pokeballs! Smallest took a bouncy ball with him and we bounced it along the trail. We thought it would be a good cycle track and might have a go next week.

It was a warm but cloudy day and the breeze coming off the lake was lovely and just cooling enough. We sat on the Beach with our snack relaxing for a while before we turned around and walked back.

We found an Italian for dinner and apart from them getting Smallest's order wrong and him having to wait until we had nearly finished ours, it was nice. We drove miles away to find a new Gelato place and the boys all had one but I didn't because I didn't fancy any of the flavours today.

Back home, we Skyped Grandma and Grandad on the porch.

Smallest and Huffle went to football practice and Small and I stayed at home and tried to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics but we got bored. When Huffle came home we started the next Bourne film.


*a direct quote from Grandad (possibly regarding his fantasy football team).


Saturday, 20 August 2016

I'm melting

We had a huge rainfall during the night or early morning. Huffle woke me up to tell me. I don't think he meant to, but it surprised him.

Oh no! Not already. Not leaves turning red and falling!

Huffle and the boys got up early just so they could watch the Stoke game. Later Huffle said he wished he'd stayed in bed. The Leicester game wasn't on here until 12:30 which happened to coincide with us being out for dinner in a bar with multiple TV's. Now that we a regulars and know the owner, we requested for the one of the TV's to show the game. He put it on the one closest to us and came over to see which team we were watching. When we told him Leicester he laughed and said it was a one off them winning the championship. I told him it was our home town and he let us off though he was an Arsenal supporter since he was a child though he didn't know why. Of all the teams he could like!!!!!! PENALTY!!!!!!!!

This morning we all did our own thing, football watching, tablet playing, knitting. It was nice and relaxing. Then out for dinner and off to the Jazz Festival for the afternoon. It was incredibly hot today with temperatures of 33* and high humidity. We tried to stick to shadey areas but it's not easy in a small town filled with people with many bands playing.

We listened to Peripheral Vision, Carlo (a surf jazz band, I liked these, very 60's sounding), Turboprop (we have seen these before) and a really good female singer. Normally we would sample food from the Indian Restaurant here but it was too hot for curry today. Instead we found a new Gelato place and sat in the cool of the air conditioning and spoke to the owner. Huffle and Smallest had a lemon one, Small had a chocolate one and I had Affogato. Vanilla Ice Cream drowned in Espresso. I've been wanting to try one of these for a while now. Perfect, my two favourite things in one cup.

I bought myself a new blue straw hat which was definitely needed. We entered a Competiton to win a trip to New York for Tom Hank's new film, Smallest got given a tape measure and I was handed a Green Tea Bag from the Church. We visited the little park and were disappointed that the garden hadn't been maintained since we were last there. Even the shiny reflective ball had disappeared. We tried to keep cool but there was no breeze so sat on the steps of the music stand while a band played. Of course we were soon joined by another family. Trend setters, that's what we are. The boys caught a few Pokemon and evolved one too.

We found another bit of shade to listen to another band and then used the facilities of the art gallery and borrowed their coolness for a while whilst listening to more music. Smallest wanted to walk over the bridge so we set off for the Pond but it was just too hot and we gave up and came home.

We all jumped in the pool despite its greenness. Well if it's good enough for the Olympics, it's good enough for us though we didn't stay in too long. Tomorrow we will vacuum and clean it properly, though the boys gave it a good sponge and brush and Huffle threw some chemicals in at the end.

This evening we watched the end of Angry Birds and found out why the birds were angry. Not a bad film really, better than I expected. We watched half of Robot Wars before Smallest went to bed and then watched the Olympics with Small before he went to bed. Mo Farrah's race was excellent, plus the women's 4x400m. We are going to miss the Olympics.

Huffle and I watched A Hologram for the King. I would recommend this film, it was very good.

Huffle went out to pick me a cucumber and came back with these. He was very impressed with his harvest

Yesterday I read a report on Facebook about Nicholas Cage dying (hoax, why do people do that?) and then today one about Angelina Jolie. I don't know how, but I somehow posted about it myself and it kept popping up. Em from back home text me to say it was a bit weird (she knew I wouldn't post that) so I tried to delete it and then much later ExerciseNic texted me to say it kept popping up (said said she would understand if it was Adale but not AJ). Honestly, what a nightmare. Hopefully it's gone now. In the future I will only read these things from a newspaper site. Arrrrggghhhhh so annoying!


Friday, 19 August 2016

Fou Fou - Poo Poo

Huffle didn't sleep again - too many noises! He went off to the office today, better to be out of our way if he's had no sleep for two days. OUCH! He'll be ready for you this evening MrsNoLady if you open your foul mouth again!

This morning we decided to try and fit our bikes in my car. One on top of the other, it was a bit of a squeeze but we did it. Smallest's seat was a bit squashed but he was safe. We drove to the Beach (30 minutes away) and then cycled along the lake to the tennis courts an attempted to play tennis. It was really hot and nearly midday so we didn't play very well but we had a laugh and run around.

We cycled back to the beach and the boys found a good spot while I cycled back to the car, deposited the tennis stuff and picked up our picnic lunch. No-one anywhere near us until an Italian man came up to us and started talking. He asked where we lived and whether we'd been cycling. He told us he lived somewhere but he was hard to understand. He told us all about the family up the beach where he had just passed. Eventually he left us to have our lunch. On the at back he stopped again and asked where we were from. ENGLAND. Oh I'm from Italy. Ahhhh ARRIVERDERCI Said I. He said Ciao and walked off. Eeeeek. I said Goodbye. Oh well it worked though I didn't mean to be rude.

We all cycled back to the car to deposit the bag and then cycled towards the park and ice cream shop for refreshments. Half way there I realised I had left my purse in the car so I left the kids in the shade and cycled back and forth (I knew I'd get my exercise in somehow) and joined them back on the cycle path. It was a nice ride to the shop but unfortunately the ice cream was not up to standard. It was really icy, kept falling off the cones (in fact the girl serving it had a lot of trouble putting in on the cone!) but it cooled us down as we sat by the Splash Pad watching the little ones play. Small and I went through the splash pad to cool down more and then w picked up our bikes and cycled back to the car.

After we got the bikes in, we took our water and sat on a rock on the beach before our drive back home. There we were, happily sitting on a rock, cooling down after our bike ride, not bothering anyone and trying to take some photos of ourselves when a woman comes down the beach with two dogs. WINSTON, WINSTON, WINSTON. I don't think the dog knows his name lady, he's not taking a blind bit of notice of you. Then what does naughty Winston do? He sniffs around our rock and squats his stinky squatty legs and has a poo! OMG! We jumped up and the owner said "I'm sorry I'll clean it up". OH WELL THATS OKAY THEN, WE'LL JUST SIT AND WATCH SHALL WE? I'm not talking a metre or two away, I'm talking almost on my feet! We got in the car, avoided MrItalian AGAIN (who was trying to rub sun cream on his back and I was scared he was going to ask me to rub it in for him), the kids shouted arriverderci out of the window and we drove away.

Oooh look! Winston even managed to get in our photo!

As soon as we got home we went into the pool. It was lovely and cooling and we had a bit of a play before getting out and starting dinner. The boys played on their tablets and Huffle arrived home.

The water needs to clear again but it was nice

This evening we all went to Small's 2nd part of the football tournament. Unfortunately half of the team didn't appear so there were no subs which meant they had to work extremely hard. The ref was useless and kept changing his mind. MrsFoulmouth didn't turn up thank goodness, we think we have seen the last of her. It was a very entertaining game but we lost. Shame. Two more games.