Thursday, 27 July 2017

15 Small noodles please

I always check on the boys before I go to bed. Check they are there for one, check they are asleep and maybe turn off their fan or slow it down or open a window if it's too stuffy. Last night when I looked in on Small, he turned to me and said "knock knock". He was fast asleep and started murmuring rubbish. Funny bear. I had a terriblele night's sleep. I felt sick and hot and had awful tummy ache. I had a dream about Small having a huge party which filled the house and had loads of people in it. Smallest decided he wanted to go to Cubs so I called the cub leader who said we needed supplies but by the time I found them, the meeting was over. MrsRumbleskins was there too and she said she could never forgive me for the time I wouldn't stay in her London Flat because I didn't like her Roast Dinner. WOW! What was THAT all about? I felt quite sad when I woke up. I also still felt quite ill for at least half of today but after a nice calming cooling float on a lilo in our pool, I felt so much better. Smallest also had a restless night and also woke with tummy ache and was very hot. I gave him paracetamol and he went back to sleep. He was fine today. The other two are okay so it can't be be something I cooked!

Another very slow morning. Several loads of washing done, dried and sorted and a bit of tidying. Once again we had water in the basement so Huffle called the water heater man who came and looked this afternoon. He had a thorough check and decided the only thing it could be is our pipes that run across the ceiling wet with condensation. This evening we went out and bought foam covers and put them on. This should help. Fingers crossed.

Midday we went to swimming. I was armed with my phone and IPad for stopwatch purposes. Small beat his time for 20 laps in 11.12 minutes. Smallest also beat his time of 16 laps in 13 minutes. Fabulous. More lifesaving and a bit of diving. Half an hour goes so fast. Last one tomorrow and Huffle and I get to go in too and play!

At home we all had lunch and afterwards the kids and I built bird boxes and painted them. I helped Smallest and Small did his by himself. They did a great job. Small's is brown and is going on the barn and Smallest's is green and will go on the posts with the others in the side garden. Small watched The Blue Jays and Smallest and I went in the pool. It was a very cloudy day but quite hot. The pool was only 23* and quite cool but we had a nice time. Small came in too and played and swam by himself while Smallest and I played UNO.

This evening Huffle took us out for dinner.


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Fairy Jam Mother

A nice slow morning of nothing much but breakfast, TV, general tidying and not much else. The boys were suitably relaxed watching Tv and playing on their tablets. Smallest and I played Pictureka! And Stack em Up before getting on our bikes and cycling to swimming. It was a much cooler day today with rain in the evening.

At swimming, lifesaving tips were discussed. Small did 20 laps in 12.20 his best so far. Small did 14 laps but we weren't properly timing him so we have to have another go tomorrow. They both dived and did some lifesaving. We cycled back and had lunch with Huffle.

This afternoon the boys and I went out to the tennis courts and had a play. The temperature was good to start with and then got sticky. The boys were bickering at each other constantly and I threatened to drive off without them if they didn't hug! We came home when we were worn out and played Monopoly Deal with our made up rules and then Carcassonne until I had to get dinner ready. We found a jar of raspberry jam on our doorstep and later found out it was from next door (nice ones). Lovely.

Smallest helped me to make turkey burgers and we had air fries and peas with them. I had a portobello mushroom as I couldn't be bothered to make a burger for me today. It should have been Small's football practice this evening but his coach cancelled yet again, this time due to food poisoning. He certainly comes up with a lot of excuses! Because I was planning on walking while he practiced, we all went out for a walk before the rain came. Smallest took his bouncy ball and we managed to lose it. We had a good walk though and came home and played MarioKart. Smallest had a bath and Small had his shower and Huffle and I watched TV.

Beauties from our garden (couldn't get many photos as the bugs were eating me).


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Musky toes are growed

Last night, before I went to bed, I wrote a note to Smallest : I want you to come to work with me today (tuesday). Please make sure I am up before 8:30am (and Small), get breakfast and dressed. We are leaving at 9:15am. Love Mummy xx

Small came in this morning around 8:30 and made a low growl which I took to mean 'get up'. When I came down both boys were dressed but Small was unhappy and mooching around. He did not want to go. However the alternative was him sitting on his IPad all morning. So I made him come too. MrsM was really good with the boys (she always is actually). She tried to make Small feel better about being there and gave him the responsible job of cutting down huge Locust Trees down while Smallest, Jan and I cleared Dog Strangling vIne and sumacs. We were trying to make the entrance a bit nicer. Small was found in the ditch later surrounded by wild things.

The agapanthus was taller than Smallest. Small in the ditch. A begonia called Red Fred

Coffee break we had a lovely suqashity cheesecakey bar thing and we were joined by Pat and D. We then dug out potatoes, repotted a lavetera, picked peas and generally tidied. MrsM gave us four salvia plants; two red, one purple and one black. On the way to the car she found a wild impatiens - the antidote to poison ivy. We dropped it off to Huffle bare rooted on the way past to go to swimming and he planted it.

At swimming Small did 20 laps in 13.30 minutes. Not his best but we kept interrupting for one reason or another. Smallest perfected his strokes and they both did lifesaving and diving. We came home and had lunch. Huffle at the table with his laptop, me on the porch and the kids watching TV.

Some little fixes playing near swimming

This afternoon Smallest and I went out for potatoes and sandals as Smallest's broke today! (His did belong to Small previously though). Back home we FaceTimed Moo who was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and her garden and we put the shopping away and made dinner.

Cleaning his football boots

After dinner we left Small at home and went to Smallest's football game. The game was a long way away and we used to Toll road to eliminate the stress of rush hour traffic and lights! New tactics today in the game which didn't work but the kids were told they didn't carry out the tactics. Interesting! They were playing much taller bigger boys who were faster, more determined and hungry to win. We lost 9-1. Poor game! Interestingly, not only did we have our normal coach but the Technical Director and the main man even blessed us with their presence.



Monday, 24 July 2017

You remember those wooden boxes?

Sometime during the night, we were woken by a pungent smell and it wasn't Huffle ha! It was a skunk. Why on earth would anything need to make that kind of a smell and for it to linger on for so long. Simply horrible. We had to close windows, put the fan on and spray Lavender into the fan. It must have worked because I went back to sleep but it was a rude awakening.

All of us were up around 8:30am though I'm sure Smallest was up for an hour before that at least. Breakfast was eaten, Huffle went up to the loft to work and the boys played on their tablets, Wii or watched TV. I sorted washing whilst catching up on Poldark. Smallest and I played several games of Disney Guess Who and I think we were quite even. We had doubts over whether Dopey was a boy (Smallest always asks that question), whether Captain Hook has a feather in his hat or a rats tail!! and which characters are goodies or baddies. Funny though.

Despite the darkness of the clouds and the coolness, we still went on our bikes to swimming. It rained while we were there and it was quite heavy on the way home. Still, the boys couldn't get any wetter. I was offered a rain coat but hey I'm English, what do I care about a bit of rain?!

Small did 20 laps in 12 minutes which is his best time yet. Smallest did 13 lengths and then realised he should have some 13 laps and finished his proper laps in 8 minutes. He was tired. They did some Diving and some rescuing, this time Smallest rescuing Small which was funny.

We had lunch with Huffle and then I took the boys out holiday shopping. We got some reasonably priced sandals for Small in the boat shop. Only kidding but his feet are truly like boats these days and we got two body boards. One always breaks because the boys all use them for crashing against the waves so I get a new one each year which I attempt to body board on and perhaps use as a floaty thing and then I give it to whoevers board breaks while we are away. I bought a replacement rubiks cube for Small as I broke his and Smallest bought some Pokemon cards. Plus we bought Huffle a Christmas present in the sale. Oh he will be pleased!

We came home and I made dinner. Smallest cleared the table and set it and played on the Wii and I had a few games with him. Small played on Minecraft and sorted and put away all shoes. After dinner I took Smallest to his football practice and I walked round and round the track four times until I had clocked up nearly 13,000 and then I sat in the car watching the practice. It was quite cool tonight. The temp said 17* but some of the Mum's were wearing hats and gloves!

Huffle had to coach Small's team as the coach was busy at work.


Sunday, 23 July 2017

Where's my nose?

We didn't do much this morning. A bit of washing, some tidying but all in all a late breakfast and some relaxing followed by us all leaving the house late morning for Smallest's football academy practice. It was a sticky day with a nice breeze sometimes but quite dull and cloudy. Smallest's practice was very enjoyable today, for me anyway. I don't know why. Huffle and Small played catch and bowling and I sat and watched Smallest. Perhaps I don't normally take too much notice but it was good today and he enjoyed it too.

Once it was finished we all went to a nearby place and had a lovely meal. We played one and a half games of Monopoly Deal, ate and then went into the Mall to look for sandals and towels. We found neither. We also checked out the laptops as Small will need one for High School in September. We decided what size screen he needed and tried a few out. We also checked out another shop for laptops but now we know what he wants, Huffle can look properly online and get a good deal.

We drove back to our local shops and took Small's sandals back that we bought when Moo was here. Already (after about five wears) they have both split in the same place. They gave us our money back and we bought pool supplies. Once again we looked for towels but couldn't see any we liked. Not that we haven't got plenty but it would be nice to kit out the bathroom in some new ones.

Back home Huffle and I sat on the porch until we could stand being bitten no longer and went and sorted out the pool. Tested, Chloroned and pH downed, and tomorrow we can stabilise it. Huffle removed all bolted lettuce and reseeded the bed. We then fed all the veg with comfrey tea. Eeeuuugghhhh that stuff stinks!

Smallest had his bath and payed on his tablet. Small played on his tablet and then we all finished off Harry Potter. That's all the films gone through again. Smallest says we are watching all the Star Wars next. Then it will probably be Lord of The Rings and then back to Harry Potter ha!

Weird cloud formations this evening



Saturday, 22 July 2017

City with half a slice

Today we chose to venture further afield and went and explored Orillia. I knew that ExerciseNic was from there so I asked her advice on must-see things to do and we had a fairly comprehensive list which we almost followed. We had breakfast first and showers and finally left the house around 11am.

One and a half hours drive later and we arrived and parked. As we were hungry we headed for the main part of the town (or city as it purports to be) and wandered along checking various eatery places. We tried to look for a restaurant that was high on Huffle's Trip Advisor list but it was closed down. We entered an Italian but were put off by the waitress telling us we had to order at the counter. It looked like a deli with tables and after looking at the blackboard menu and then spying a wood fired pizza place across the road, we scooted out and went there instead. Good choice. We got to sit outside and the temperature was just nice enough to do that. Not too hot and not too cool and we played Monopoly Deal while we waited. I ordered a half of Moretti which seemed to confuse the waitress and she brought me a glass half filled with beer. Maybe my pronunciation of half (harf) confused her and I should have said Hairf. Still it went nice with my lovely pizza which was a Bianco with Percorino, Gorgonzola and Mushroom. Pile on the rocket and it would have been perfect. Stick me in the middle of Italy to eat it too and it would have been even more perfect. It must have been good because Smallest ate a whole pizza and not a kids one either! The kids had a margarita (standard) and Huffle had a prosciutto one.

Full of pizza and a werther each (called old people candy so we were told) we wandered down towards the lake. Orillia sits between two lakes, Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching and it was the latter we walked along via a boardwalk. There wasn't a huge amount of beach, probably due to the high water levels again but there were plenty of people swimming despite the sun hiding behind the clouds for most of the day. It was very muggy though!

The boardwalk seemed very varied in ethnicity and we even saw a large group of people praying to Mecca (we assumed). There were people picnicking and partying everywhere. We didn't venture off the boardwalk just walked along and to the ice cream place where we ordered a kids for Smallest and I (too big for me and I had to give half of it away to Small and the end of my cone with some in to Smallest). Huffle and Small had a small one which was two huge scoops! Goodness knows what Grandad would have had, maybe a whole tub! We sat on a bench overlooking the lake and harbour and discussed why people had boats. We came up with lots of reasons but decided it wasn't for us.

We then wandered along the street of shops and entered a few, including the famous Mariposa Market which was a curious place. Partly a bakery and cafe and partly a gift shop. We were supposed to choose something for later but couldn't as we were too full of pizza and ice cream so we left it for later and did come back but still couldn't choose so we went without! There were some nice shops but boys don't like shops and I was quickly steered away from anything vaguely interesting. As usual, we entered a salubrious area which consisted of a sexshop, a smokey shop, medicinal marajuana shop and rehab and what Huffle thought was a strip club plus many dubious individuals standing around looking weird. I don't know how we always do this but I can tell when Huffle is feeling uncomfortable about an area because he walks really quickly. The boys started regaling us about other places where we walked into the 'wrong areas'. I blame Huffle!

Statue of a French Dude with a fancy hat who settled here in Canada
We are very childish but it amused us

We grabbed some waters and headed back to the main area and decided to leave as it was getting muggier and stickier.

Canada is celebrating 150 years birthday and there were lots of art in the shape of maple leaves everywhere. Some were very cool. Here are my favourites.

We thought about heading towards Lake Simcoe and tried but there were too many cottages in the way to get to the actual lake so we ended up coming home. We dropped the kids and went off to get a few things. However, two of the shops were closed and the fruit we intended to get from the supermarket was horrible and mushy, splashed their juice on my top and we didn't bother. The boys got their own tea while we were out and were watching TV. Huffle and I got our tea and we all sat and watched some of the last Harry Potter film until Smallest's bedtime. I am reading My Family and Other Animals - Gerald Durrell to him at the moment. I thought I read this as a child but it seems very grown up (not so much on the content but in the details and descriptions). Lots of huge words, some that I don't know. Smallest says he is still going to read it on holiday even if he doesn't understand some of the words. Maybe I was older when I read it!

Huffle and I watched Going in Style this evening - good film.


Friday, 21 July 2017

Canada is 25 years older than a digestive*

The boys and I decided we were going to spend the afternoon in our pool but before we did that we had to do some maintenance. After breakfast, they played for a while on their tablets. Up at the pool, we vacuumed and swept the bottom of the pool and scrubbed the steps. We seem to have a lot of Calcium deposits this year so we need to lower the pH and add a stabiliser product. I also noticed the liner is coming away from the side so we will need to sort that too but not till the end for the end of the season or maybe next year now. We backwashed and rinsed and added chlorine. The boys set up the parasols and chairs so everything was ready for us later on.

The bikes were checked and tyres pumped up and then we rode to MrsE's for their last swim this week. They still have another week but the weekend is free. Today Small rescued Smallest with several different techniques, mainly kicking him out of the way or diving underneath him when he grabbed hold. This is a technique to stop the rescuees from dragging the rescuers under. Small then swam 500m in 13 minutes and Smallest swam 300m in 8 minutes. They finished with some diving.

We cycled home for lunch with Huffle and the boys watched The Simpsons in the living room and Huffle and I watched Gotham in the kitchen. Huffle went back to work and the boys and I spent the next couple of hours in and around the pool. The temperature said 25* but it felt colder. It was okay once we were in though.

We had several games of hide and seek, catch, kick ball and a small whirlpool. Huffle had time to jump in and play a few games with us before running back to work. Small entertained us with somersaults and handstands. Smallest and I played a card game too (not in the pool). We had fun and I finally left the boys to it while I made dinner. They tidied everything away up there for me.

After dinner we left Small home alone playing Minecraft and watching the Blue Jays and we took Smallest to his football practice. It was a beautiful evening only marred by the cloud taking the sunshine away. No bugs wahooo!