Monday, 20 November 2017

I ain't getting on no plane fool

I slept better but kept being woken by a weird squeaking noise which I soon realised was coming from my throat. I also kept Huffle awake. Oh dear. I actually felt a little bit better but I still decided to go to the Walk-In doctors just to get checked out. I was cleared of pneumonia and strep throat but the doctor gave me some medicine to help me along a bit. He said if I wasn't better by Friday, then I had to go in again but I really do think I am over the worst of it now. The pharmacist said the medicine was very strong and was a narcotic (oh lovely), I only take it at bedtime and it will knock me out (wonder if Huffle can have some ;)

Smallest was coughing again this morning and was also very sensitive when Huffle told him it was time for the bus. I considered keeping him off again but he said he was fine and he was perfectly well when he got back from school though he did have mud on his face and new coat!

We did have snow but not nearly anything like they forecast.

Oodpecker feeding on Smallest's bird feeder

Small had a good day at school and brought home his report. Excellent and once again we are so very proud.

Huffle has a whole week of data processing which is very boring but it has to be done. He still managed to FaceTime Grandma and Grandad and watch the Stoke game (2-2).

While I was at the doctors and pharmacy, I did a bit of Christmas shopping. Only a little bit but it was nice to be out and meandering round by myself. Back home Huffle and I had lunch and watched a 'DontTellTheBride' (we finished it later while the boys were out).

This afternoon I made three different soups (the doctor said I had to have clear soups, no dairy, lots of goodness) and sat and knitted the beginning of my Gingerbread house.

Small came home and did his homework whilst watching the Stoke game and Smallest came home and practised piano before his piano lesson. MrsPiano gave them their lessons and we all had dinner.

Huffle took the boys to Cubs. (Smallest also had a gym sesssion for football but he chose Cubs tonight though when he got back he said he wished he'd gone to football instead).

This evening we watched I'm a celeb. Amir is so funny. The good old British public will vote for him again and again I'm sure.


Sunday, 19 November 2017

I played golf with NookieBear

OMG I have coughed so much, my tummy muscles are really hurting me. I couldn't breathe when we went to bed last night and everytime I lay down I started wheezing and coughing. Not nice. In the end I had to have my inhaler which is a rare thing and yet I had three puffs yesterday. At least it helped. I had pains in my heart and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Really I just wanted the fireman in my bedroom but Huffle was having none of it! When you call 911 here, you get Police, Fire and Ambulance, whichever is closer at the time gets here first as they are all trained in emergency medical situations. Mind you, I've seen the local firemen!! Huffle also told me last night that he would take me to the top of Poo Hill (our equivalent of Old John in BradgatePark where GrandadIc used to walk Grandad and AuntPear when they had an illness - it sorted them right out). When we told the boys where we were going they looked at us in disgust and downright refused!

I ended up in the loft again from 3am and it was freezing up there. Luckily I had put the warmer sheet on the bed so once I got in and under the blanket, it wasn't too bad. It was a terrible night for all of us because the wind was so noisy. Howling round the house, I thought the roof would fly away. We also had snow and there was a thin blanket on the ground. By the time we all got up (at least 9am) the bright sunshine had melted half of it but it started again around midday. We were forecast around 5-10cm. I'm ready for the cold now to get rid of those awful germs and bugs!

Almost looks like a split summer/winter photo - 9am ish

This morning, Huffle decided I was having a day off making pancakes and Small chose to make Scrambled Egg. It was very good, it's been a long time since he made that for us all.

The boys played on their tablets for a while. Today we listened to RadioX. The boys were complaining that they played the same five songs all the time. Huffle and I disagreed and wrote down all the songs they were playing. I think we made our point. There were no repeat songs and it took hours before a repeat artist was played.

We spent the day inside. We finished our StarWars2 film and started No3. We also watched I'm A Celeb live. We played Prehistoric Park and realised it's about 11 years old. Huffle won. Later we played Skip-Bo and Huffle won that too.

Small finished his homework. Huffle made dinner for us. Hoping for a decent night's sleep as we are all suffering now. The snow never came, it's coming through the night.


Saturday, 18 November 2017

Am I more like an elephant or a bear?

Last night I slept in the loft to give Huffle a full night's sleep without me snuffling and snoring. As I left he fell out of bed, not wanting to put his hand down and hurt his bad thumb, he landed square on his back, legs in the air and naked. He looked like Gollum (I don't know why, he just did). I slept beautifully not worrying about the wheezing or the coughing that I ended up doing. I was so cosy too under my big blanket. Huffle didn't sleep well. It seems he can't sleep while I am there and he can't sleep if I'm not there. We have a plan tonight. He will either sleep with Bob, Small's enormous elephant or Pooh, his huge bear. I asked Huffle which one was more like me and he just laughed.

My cold has turned into a horrible cough that strips my chest and makes me wheezy. Yippeee. Smallest is still coughing but I think it's getting better. Huffle's sore throat is better and his thumb is more painful (he sees this as a good sign somehow).

We had a slow morning watching the beginning of The Goonies with Smallest, then we started the second StarWars until the Leicester game came on and we watched that until midday.

All of us went to Smallest's game today which was in a different dome to normal. They had a bigger wider pitch that wasn't marked out too well. The score was a draw 2-2. Before the game started I asked Smallest to get a goal. He said he couldn't because he's a defender but I asked him to try. Today he did get a goal. An own goal. Whoops, Sorry Smallest, I didn't mean that kind! However it was off his left foot so that's probably Grandads fault as Grandad coached him on his left foot this Autumn visit. (Does he still get money for a goal Grandad or does he owe you money?). The team weren't playing so well today, maybe it's the time of day. Perhaps they are better playing in the early morning slot. They should have won easily.

The football dome

After the game we went for dinner nearby. We managed nearly two games of Monopoly Deal. On the way Home we popped to the supermarket for a quick stock up and came home. It has rained all day, has been very foggy and its cold.

We had an hour and a half before Small's game. Smallest and I decided not to go as we needed a rest. Smallest had a relaxing bath and the rest of us gadgeted.

Smallest and I watched NutJob2 and then played Carcassonne. Small came home from football not very happy. He didn't like his new coach (it was the one who called for Huffle to be removed from pitchside in the Summer). He didn't like the ref (Huffle said he was a clown with a whistle). His new shirt was too small. His teammates were wimps and lacked skills. I think that's it for now. Oh dear. Poor Small.


Friday, 17 November 2017

The StarWars marathon begins again

I woke up at 5am and had to come downstairs. My plan was to have a hot drink and maybe watch some TV but I fell asleep on the sofa wrapped in two blankets and my dressing gown. Cosy. I had weird dreams of Grandma jumping off hay bales.

Smallest woke me when he got up and we watched CakeBoss whilst dozing in and out of sleep. The sofa is very comfy though I wouldn't want to sleep on it all night. I am still full of cold and it's driving me crazy. My head is full of it too. Huffle now has a sore throats and Smallest is still full of it. Small is still illness free. Thumb is not getting worse and he has had a few shooting pains through it (we don't know but we are hoping this a good sign).

The boys stayed at home playing on their tablets whilst Huffle and I went for morning Parent/Teacher interviews at Smallest's school. His teach is ill too. I think it is just this time of year, mind you the school was uncomfortably warm which can't help. First we saw his main teacher who is very happy him and has no concerns. She says he is a leader and a good moral role model for her other students. Always willing to help and answer questions and it is a pleasure having him in her class. Our second teacher was his French and Gym teacher. She is also very happy with him and says he is doing really well in Drama, they are continuing with 'NEtiquette' in Health and she can tell he loves Gym. His French is progressing very well and his spelling in French and telling the time is excellent. PAddongtonsDad (his old teacher) came and asked if Smallest was happy to be now in the cricket team. Oh yes of course. We finished with a chat with the Princioak to find out why Smallest had been called out of gym the other day. She didn't know anything about it but said she would investigate and get back to me. She called me back this afternoon and said one of the boys in his class was feeling excluded and he named Smallest as one of the people not being fair. Apparently his teacher and the teacher who called him in didn't believe Smallest could have anything to do with it but they had to act on it as his name was mentioned. He is not in trouble basically and it was just a follow up. I'm not worried about to at all, especially as I know who the boy was!

The rest of the morning the boys and I played a game of Wizard. They beat me easily though they did say I was getting better. We finished it after lunch. We FaceTimed Moo this morning and she was disappointed that our snow had gone already and that the sun was shining through the windows so brightly despite it being -1 (feels like -4*).

For lunch, Huffle joined us and we watched Star Wars. We are beginning at the first film and working our way through so it all makes sense when we see the new film at Christmas time when Moo is here (not that she will understand it but it doesn't matter). We are watching them in the order they should be and not the order they were filmed in. We saw half of it with lunch and the other half after dinner. There was some snoozing though.

I don't know if I mentioned it was a PA DAy which is why the boys were off today. Small had some homework which he almost finished. I did some dot to dots and a bit of colouring as well as the games and film and that was about it.


Thursday, 16 November 2017

Please put your cards in a pile, its bothering me

Smallest is feeling much better. Not so much coughing. We still kept him off football this evening, to give him a rest before his Saturday game. Huffle's thumb has some lovely colours on it. He keeps his splint on in the day and off at night. My throats feels better but now I have a full blown cold. Of course, as Mummy, I am only allowed one day off so back to normal today though I did still cancel my afternoon trip to the material shop.

The boys went to school. Huffle worked in the loft. The boiler man came. We rent our water heater and we had a new one as we found out it was 21 years old. Recently we noticed an eggy smell coming from the hot water and our plumber told us it was the anode in the heater and that the people we rent it from would change it so it doesn't react with the water, making it smell. Well MrHeater turned up and decided he didn't want to work today so he told Huffle he thought it wasn't the anode and made a call to his technical team who happened to be in a meeting and off he went to his next call promising to call us later. He did indeed call us and said Huffle and the plumber were right and he had ordered a part, and to call the company to fit it when it arrived. Well it arrived this morning and I made an appointment for this afternoon. They called back and said it would have to be done tomorrow as it takes two people. So tomorrow it is then!

I had a nice long hot soak in the bath and watched TV. It was very relaxing and soothing. Then I hoovered, put some washing on, tidied and made two cakes. A banana loaf and a lemon drizzle. It just so happens that the lemon one was ready just after Huffle and I had lunch so it seem rude not to try it. Yum yum.

This afternoon I cleared up my baking mess, made a start on dinner and collected Small from Band practice. He had a very good practice and was very happy. He had his report back today but forgot to bring it home, but he remembered his scores - English 82%. French 91%. Maths 92%. Science 93%. Fabulous results. He is going to spend some lunchtimes with his English Teacher to boost his communication marks. Once again I am a very proud mama.

It snowed on the way home, not enough to settle though. Smallest was already home and bouncing around because he has got into the cricket team. Yay!

We had dinner and then all played Wizard. Huffle won. I think I am getting worse at this game the more I play.

Huffle had a long soak in the bath while the boys played on their tablets and I blogged. PA day tomorrow and parent interviews for Smallest's teacher.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Invite to the grotto

Three out of four of us didn't sleep last night. Huffle is still struggling with his thumb, Smallest was coughing all night and I had a really sore throat and couldn't swallow. Huffle and I were up at 3am. Small seems to have escaped illness thank goodness.

I got up to do the lunches and then went back to bed leaving the kids to go to their buses, not that they need me but I do like to watch Smallest get on the bus, just so I know! I didn't stay in bed too long because my watch/step counter buzzed every thirty minutes to tell me I was being lazy. How rude!

I cancelled my excercise class and my lift with MrsM. I cancelled my lunch out with Taff and I cancelled my knitting class with MissHorse. All I did all day was watch TV, snooze and drink copious amounts of hot water which soothed my poor throat. I did make a carrot and tomato soup for lunch as that is what I fancied and we had none in the freezer. Huffle joined me for a soupy lunch and then back to work he went. He came down every now and then to check on me and to make burgers for dinner later.

I snoozed some more and got woken by Small knocking at the door because I had locked it. Smallest came home with his report card and we sat and read it together. It was a very good report and his teachers were full of compliments. Well done Smallest. So proud. He had another incident at school today where he was sitting helping a boy with his Maths and probably the tiniest girl in his class pushed him off his ball (they don't just have chairs, they have bean bags and yoga balls now). He hit his back on the wall which has left a mark and three of the kids, him included, went down to the office. One of the girls told tiny girl to push him off because it wasn't his desk. The girls didn't get into trouble because they cried!

We all had dinner and Huffle went out in the car to see if he could drive okay with his poor thumb. He took Small with him just in case but all was well and they very helpfully moved my tyres into the barn for me too.

Smallest had a football practice this evening so Huffle took him to that and did a bit of shopping while he played. Small and I stayed at home, watched a bit of TV and played Ace2Ace. I won.

Smallest's cough is getting worse and we have told him he can't go to football gym practice tomorrow if he's not improved. The boys have Friday off as it's a PA day so at least Smalest will get some rest then.

Weather is rainy but warming up.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Controversy in D0llarama

Poor Huffle didn't sleep too well and is still in pain. I used my 'home nursing' and 'essentials in first aid' skills earned in 1982 at St Johns Ambulance, and bandaged him up good and proper last night and went out to get a splint this afternoon, but the shop I went in doesn't sell them anymore. I took him out later to get one but that shop doesn't sell them anymore either. The pharmacist suggested another place and we went there this evening to get one. Success at last.

This morning the boys went to school and the buses were running. No sign of the strike yet! Smallest has a cough which is hurting his chest. I'm desperate to make sure he doesn't get a seal cough! I made him drink a hot lemon, ginger and honey. He hated it! Small came home with a new saying "we took up some stuff in...........(whatever subject)". Huffle and I don't like it, it makes no sense but he's obviously heard people saying it.

I went to work this morning and because Jan needed to make a phone call that required considerable 'holding', MrsM and I had our coffee and snack first. Today Jan had made shortbread chocolate squares. The rest of the morning we spent taking cuttings from pelargoniums and plectranthus. I came home with treats for everyone because MrsM felt sorry for Huffle and his thumb.

After lunch and a watch of TravelMan48Hours, I drove off with my winter tyres to get them changed. Since our little garage in the Hamlet has gone, I had to take my car to TheTire. Fortunately it is in a Strip Mall and there are a few shops for me to wander round. I started with Walmart looking for a splint and then walked round Winners where I purchased a couple of Christmas presents. While I was in there I got the inevitable call from TheTire to say my brakes needed doing and could they do them while the car is on the ramp. Funny how they are so busy and can't fit people in and yet they can fit an extra job in here and there! This meant I had another half an hour to forty five minutes to wander so I went to Dollarama and picked up lots of little things for Christmas. I had far too much to carry and no car to put everything in to. I could see my car back on the car park but they hadn't called me so I went in anyway. It was ready they just needed to sort the highly inflated bill out.

I came home after going to the bank for more money for the plumber who called round today. His bill was also astronomical. He said he would come back in an hour or two. Once the boys were home, I took Huffle splint shopping and then drove around the Hamlet looking for the Plumbers Van. In the end I put his money in an envelope and took it next door (not Otto's) and left him a note on the door. I havent heard from either of them so I can only guess he got it.

We went out for dinner en route to Splint shop no3. We all ordered pizza as they had a wood fire oven and it smelled good. However my choice was disappointing. There was no tomato, just beetroot, rocket, balsamic blobs and goats cheese. Basically a salad on a dry pizza base. I guess it was a healthy option. Meh! The others were happy with theirs though.