Monday, 15 September 2014

Wait fer me then yer pig!

Huffle had a day off work today and once the boys went off to school, the rest of us went off for a day of getting things on our list. We started in Ajax where I dropped off Grandad and Huffle at Home Depot and Canadian Tire and Grandma and I went to Homesense, Winners and Marshalls (which are all, in fact, the same shop). However we did manage to get me some walking boots for my birthday and some socks and tea towels. As we entered our third shop, we got the message from Huffle asking us to pick them up. Grandad sat in the car park (hobo stylee) with a trolley and wood and Huffle was just walking back fom Canadian Tire. They had got lots of things off their list.

We liked this sofa (and Grandma said it was very comfy).

Next we drove to Uxbridge where our intention was to have a nice lunch at the Tin Mill (where Grandma was dreaming of Sweet Potato Fries), a shop in Huffle's Deadman shop, a Gelato in the Gelataria, plants from Johns Garden and maybe some pastries to take home from the bakery. However, it was soon apparent that Uxbridge is not a place to go in on a Monday. Everywhere was closed. We ended up with no plants, we had lunch at a pub which turned out to be really nice, no shirts for Huffle and no pants for Grandad. We did have a cup of tea and a slice of cake (ice creams for the big boys) in our usual cafe though.

Raspberry Lemon and Lime Sherbert

At the end of the afternoon we had a mad supermarket dash where Grandad and Huffle went off armed with a list and Grandma and I got the veg, fruit and bits in between. We were a very good team. Back home we all unpacked the car, the big boys packed their stuff away in the barn and the girls put the food away.

Within minutes the boys arrived home, homework was done, they told us about their day, a quick chore and then on the IPads until dinner. They both went off to Beavers and Scouts tonight. They should have been doing a Forest hike but it rained.

The rest of us started on the jigsaw of Times Square and stopped for our tea until the boys came home.

The evenings entertainment was difficult to predict at the time of writing but it could have been a game of cards that I won (like last night). In fact, my armpits still ache from the celebratory gesturing to the rest of the players.

The mower part is still missing with no idea of where it is or when it will be added to our mower. Huffle didn't even bother asking when they thought it might be back as he has lost all sense of hope. However, the cooker engineer did call today to say he would be here between 3pm and 6pm - that means no dinner tomorrow night!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Grandads Bogie

Everyone was feeling less than well last night and so a nice long lie-in was much appreciated. We were still all a bit snuffy this morning too. After Grandad made a late morning pancake breakfast (ahem ahem) and a Skype with HB - HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY - interrupting the middle of her party, Huffle, Grandad and I went off to the Local Country Market to get Grandad a top and shoes. We also bought a few out of date chocolates to try and had a warm drink watching the interesting locals.

We left Grandma, Small and Smallest playing Disney Monopoly (Grandma was very happy and didn't ask us to rescue her as soon as we got back!!).

A free for all lunch was had and a few games of UNO. I skyped Moo and Aunty A and had a really good catch up. The boys played basketball and fought and argued and played football and fought and argued and trampolined and fought and argued.

Huffle and Grandad sorted out the jobs to do and measured and made lists for tomorrow. We had dinner and cleared away and then we watched TV.

The cooker has had several new error messages today.

No photos today despite the fact the trees are starting to change colour and the leaves are beginning to fall HURRAH.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Quack quack quack quack

It rained through the night and it was still raining when we left the house this morning to catch the bus to Toronto for the Blue Jays game. We had a good bus journey there and arrived at around midday. We wandered straight to the Rogers Stadium via the SkyWalk. We haven't been along here before and it was a nice change. It started out underground in Union Station and ended up at the CN Tower and Rogers Centre. We all had our raincoats but it had stopped by the time we got properly outside.

The kids games and entertainment finish outside in September so they only had a few things inside today. Small won another water bottle and Smallest won a puzzle. Grandma and Grandad had funny photos and then we took the lift up to the top level.

Today our seats were much lower and the roof was closed so the whole place had a different feel. It was warm and dry enough to shed our coats too. We all singed up as designated drivers and got our free 'sodas', filled our new water bottle at the water station and bought popcorn for the boys (which was far too salty).

The Blue Jays were playing the Tampa Bay Rays. It was a good game with plenty of action and the Blue Jays won 6-3. Grandma enjoyed it. Grandad loved it. Small kept Grandma informed of all that was happening and the rules etc. Smallest ate everything that was handed to him (we just took nuts and sweets).

After the game we walked a long way through Downtown Toronto, past the buildings and construction all being done in time for the PanAm games.

Marillyn Monroe or Grandad and the boys?
Hockey Hall of Fame boys

Eventually we got to the restaurant and sat ourselves wearily down. Grandad had a pint of Barking Squirrel and a Sexy Burger. The boys both had ice cream shakes. We all ate very well and then when it came time to pay, the waitress left a fifty dollar note on our table. Grandad and Small decided to hand it back to her - very noble.

We walked back to the station with minutes to spare and got on board. Another good journey back with Small trying to sleep and Grandma and Grandad definitely sleeping. Huffle and I watched the clouds all the way back. They were very freaky. Also there was a beautiful sunset sky.

Once home we had to put the fire on because it was quite cold in the house. The boys went to bed and we sat and had a pit of tea whilst watching TV.

Grandma has a cold. Grandad's cold has nearly gone and his swollen thumb from a Mozzie bite is getting better due to the anti-histamine he took this morning. Huffle has a runny nose and cold. I have a sore throat which could be a cold tomorrow. Freddy's cough is looser but coughy and so far Small is fine.

The cooker is not behaving well but the engineer will be here on Tuesday to write a report to take it away.

The mower part is lost on a lorry somewhere but hopefully due on Monday when MrSnail will repair it and bring it back.


Friday, 12 September 2014

Autumn is here, Winter is on the way.

The weather has really started to change. Today it was very cool and Autumnal and I even got my thin autumn coat out. Huffle went off to work in his new shiny car (no name yet) and the boys went off to school on the bus. After breakfast, I left Grandma and Grandad home alone (at their request) and went off to knitting. There were only a handful of us there today but I did manage to sew a lot of my border onto my blanket.

Middayish Suffolk and I went out for lunch and had a good laugh and catch up. We wandered around the shops and met a lovely man who measures kids feet the old fashioned way properly (oh I do miss Clarks) and told us this Winter was going to be a bad one! BOOOOO. Grandad text me to say that Smallest had a basketball hit him in the eye at school, had an ice pack but now had blurry vision. I drove to school but by the time I got there he was back in his class and feeling much better. He thought he could carry on (there was only about 40 minutes left) so I came home to find that Grandad had cut down all the dead branches off the driveway trees and some more branches, strimmed the back grass up to the barn (it was very long) and taken off the bad wood on the climbing frame. What a busy man he was. Grandma had sorted the washing and drying and the kitchen was spick and span (with really shiny sinks). Lovely.

Huffle got home early and we all managed a cup of tea before the kids came home. Both were in tears. Small was upset because his class year group had all changed and he now had silly giggly stupid (his words) girls in his class. Smallest was upset too as one of his best friends had moved out of his class and into another one. It seems they had a bigger registration than they originally thought and all classes were moved about today. There was much upheaval. After much talking to and calming down, the boys played basketball and Swingball while Grandad and Huffle chopped all of my lovely trees down (just the hazardous ones that keep falling onto my car and denting it).

Huffle and I raked, the boys moved the branches and then Grandma and I made dinner while the men put their toys away and the boys played on the IPads.

We all ate dinner whilst watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit (there was much guffawing from Grandad who thoroughly enjoyed it). Smallest went to bed still coughing but very tired and Small watched wrestling. The big boys cleared the kitchen and the dishwasher - good boys.




Thursday, 11 September 2014

Are you buying that?

I had such a good night's sleep that when I was woken by Small, I couldn't open my eyes properly. He also interrupted a dream where I was at a pub with Grandma and Grandad and we had to cross a river with rocks.

After the boys went to school, we had a leisurely breakfast and Grandad worked out what he needed to fix the basketball net. We drove out to town, had a look at 'ticky tack' and deposited Grandad at Canadian Tire. Grandma and I had a peruse in Homesense and were joined by Grandad when he had bought his bolts. I lost my purse (and later found it on the kitchen table at home).

Thrifty Shop next where Grandad bought a jigsaw of Times Square and a work jumper. Grandma wanted me to buy a big fur bear coat (I would have been tempted if it wasn't real). We found a brand new bike for just $20 and went inside to borrow a tape measure but when we went to measure it, a lady was riding it around the car park and intended to buy it. BOOOO.

A quick look around the Consignment Store, a sit on a nice but too upright sofa and a longing look at a pouffe (which was too expensive until December) and then lunch in the local cafe, where we drove home the scenic way so we could look at the nice houses.

Back home, Grandad fixed the basketball net and now it is really high (too high for Huffle to slam dunk but not too high for the boys to get baskets). Grandma started on dinner and then we watched half of 'In The Club'. Grandad also got the strimmer going and strimmed the front grass.

The boys came home and Small did his homework. Smallest and Grandad played basketball and Small joined them later. Smallest 12 - Small 6 - Grandad 6. Small and Smallest broke the lock on the back door (seems it was very insecure) and Smallest shouted 'Grandad' (lucky MrFixit was here). We now have a nice secure locking back door. Hurrah.

Huffle came home and we ate dinner and played UNO, Monopoly Deal and Tetris. Huffle took The Olds for a spin in his new car while I had to babysit. I'm not allowed in the new car because I was allowed to sit in the driving seat for 30 seconds yesterday. Goodness, how my husband spoils me!


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"I'm not prepared to Say"*

Huffle went off to work for the last time in his Hunk of Junk and returned in a gleaming sparkling new car. It seemed so small next to the one he had before and smelt so clean. He is very happy with it.

The boys went to school complaining that I was making them stand outside too early.

I left Grandma and Grandad home alone, watching The Great British Bake Off and Gardeners World from last week. I cycled to AerobicNics loft and did a very good workout. It was very humid and a killer but I enjoyed it. I cycled home and joined Grandma and Grandad while they skyped Aunt Pear.

After a shower I watched Grandad trying to get the Generator working. We had to go next door to borrow some bits and he finally got it going but it wasn't right so we think it needs to go back to the shop as it is still under warranty. After lunch, Grandad fixed Smallest's curtain pole that I broke last night. Then he tried to fix the basketball net but needs some bits to finish it.

Grandma and I went and did a small shop and got home in time for the boys coming off the bus. Both had homework and got on with it before we go to see our presents from UK. Packets of sweets from Marks and Spencer's, tee-shirts and tops for the boys and PJ's for me. The boys also got some stationery sets but they had ManCity and ManU on them - Grandad said it was nothing to do with him and Grandma said it was the only ones they had and she thought they would be good to take to school. Yes, take them to school!!!

When Huffle came home we gave the boys some tea and then headed off for 'Meet the Teacher' night at school. We met Small's French teacher first who we know already but she was telling us how well Smallest was doing in Drama and how good Small is at French speaking. Next we went into Smallest's classroom and guessed his piece of artwork. It was a profile of his head side on filled on with drawings applicable to him. It was very good and included an English Flag and a Walmart/Asda smiley face. We went to see Small's classroom, although his teacher wasn't there (but we know her anyway) and found his untidy desk. We spoke to his Science/Math teacher who we really liked. All in all their teachers seem to be very good this year and we are both happy (as are the kids).

It rained this evening and we had to take our umbrellas. Grandma had our Jacket potatoes ready when we got on plus a mountain of Coleslaw which was yummy. Grandad has got a cold.

Once the kids went to bed we sat down and watched The Great British Bake Off with some homemade Creamy Toffee Muffins that I made using Werthers.




Tuesday, 9 September 2014

From NY to Toronto

Huffle worked from home and managed to get some answers on the cooker. An engineer WILL visit us but we won't know when until tomorrow. It all spends on whether he ends parts or not (HOW ABOUT A BRAND NEW COOKER THAT IS NOT FROM SAMSUNG AND IS NOT INDICUTION?). He also spoke to the mower man who said he was waiting for a part which he hoped would come today, in which case our mower would be back today (it wasn't).

After dispatching the boys onto the school bus, I went to work. Today I helped MrsM and Jeff to get rid of all the FleaBane (a prolific weed) and Ragweed from the Alpine Garden. After coffee, we moved a load of logs (which earned me another pot of honey). MrsM gave me a resin garden frog for Smallest to put in the garden. It belonged to her Late husband so we called it Real (pronounced rayal) after him. Smallest was very pleased but he wants to call it Real Freddy Frog - of course.

After lunch with Huffle, I spent the rest of the day cleaning so now the house is spick and span and ready for a Royal visit. The boys came home from school with homework and got on with that while I made dinner and Huffle went off the airport to meet Grandma and Grandad. Today they flew in from New York to Toronto but not the airport we normally go to. They went to Billy Bishop Airport which is the one next to the Toronto Islands. He went in my car because his has been making some strange sounds lately and there are things falling off it. It is an old thing and we only bought it as a tied-him-over when we first arrived. Nearly three years on and it is time he had a nice one (it must be very embarrassing turning up to work as a Senior Vice President in a falling apart noisy Hunk of Junk, which is why tomorrow, he picks up his new (not brand new) car).

The boys and I played piano, basketball and Swingball and eventually Grandma and Grandad arrived.

This was our stash (no chocolate this time due to the fact they had to go to New York for a week before coming over to us). Twelve jellies, ten Angel Delights, a huge bag of tea and some working gloves. PARTY TIME.