Saturday, 28 May 2016

Oh Phillip, look at the Polar Bears

We had to put the air conditioning on last it was soooo hot! Today it was even hotter, with temperatures of 32*. We even had a humid X warning up until 11pm tonight.

Huffle and I went off before 9am to the Hamlet's Garden Club's plant sale where we picked up a number of lovely plants. We left the boys watching TV. Back home we all had breakfast and then got slowly ready to go out to Jeffs where we were supposed to see him to get some plants but he wasn't there. It was so hot, we couldn't hang around so went off to get a Gelato. Huffle holds the current award for DROPPER when he lost his ice cream last time and today he earned himself DOUBLE DROPPER because he did it again. Luckily he didn't lose it all. Today's flavours were Lemon Sorbet, Raspberry, Chocolate and Salted Caramel and we had to eat them inside the air conditioned shop as there was no relief from the heat outside. We went to the Dead Mans shop where Huffle purchased a fleecy jacket (juts what he needs right now brrrrrrr). There was a garage sale outside the cinema so we went for a look but it was mostly rubbish. The cinema was selling film posters though which could have been interesting except all the good ones were gone.

Next stop was The Tire and outside I watched Smallest paint a plant pot with a celosia in it. He did a lovely job and it is now sitting in his garden on his home made slab. We picked up our bits in the shop and as it was past lunchtime and we were hungry, we looked for somewhere to eat and then came home to jump in the pool. The water was 24* which is not bad considering it's only been open for a few days.

Everyone went in today and we swam, played, fished for leaves and found what we thought yesterday was a turtle and ended up being a squashed tennis ball. Thank goodness for that. We stayed in and around the pool until about 5:30pm. It was still very warm but we had kept the air conditioning on inside. Once we had our showers, we sat down with our tea and watched a bit more of the Scorch Trials and a bit of Britains Got Talent (we haven't got to the final yet so we don't know who won).

It's been a hot tiring day. We took Small to the Pharmascist to check his foot out today. He has a funny bump on the bottom which doesn't hurt unless you press it. The only thing we can think it is, is that last year he stepped on a nail and it went through his shoe and into his foot, but that was ages ago. The Pharmascist said we should take him to the doctors. I'll do that next week and go to the walk-in.


Friday, 27 May 2016

Pockets and Goals

Huffle went in to the office again today. The boys went in to school. Last day of the EQAO for Smallest and today he didn't fall asleep but he is glad it's all over.

I went off to my final sewing class. Everyone seemed to be at different stages but I kept up fairly well, in fact I was ahead of some people. I learnt new things again, binding, sewing through many many layers of fabric, and putting my bag together. The lady who sat next to me said I had done so well, she was impressed considering I hadn't sewn much before, she said my only bad thing was not breathing. I tend to hold my breath when doing complicated parts. I am really pleased with how it is looking so far.

I did a quick shop on the way home and had lunch before finishing off sewing my other side of the bag and adding the binding. Look at me!!!!!

It was extremely hot and humid today and I did two loads of washing and tried to get the stuff on the line several times but we had a storm with thunder and rain. It didn't cool things down though at all and I managed to get the clothes dry. When the boys came home, I made a start on dinner while they practiced their piano and then Smallest and I went up to the pool leaving Small playing on his tablet.

Huffle came home and joined us at the pool and between us we cleaned, vacuumed, skimmed and Huffle and Smallest went in. It was really cold in there and even though I was really hot, I couldn't force myself in. We got out loads of leaves but all things considering it wasn't too bad. Nearly blue and we could almost see the bottom.

I briefly Facetimed Moo today. She hasn't done her packing yet!

After dinner, Huffle and Small went to football where Small played exceptionally well and scored a goal (that's $2 he says Grandad) which put the team up 6-4 (8-4 win after being 4-3 down) and Smallest and I stayed at home and watched Robots. Classic film.


Get well soon MissElderflowerMeadow xx


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Fall asleep on the carpet

Huffles laptop wasn't working this morning, it was just a bunch of lines and squiggles. He called the Help Desk, took his work phone and jumped on the mower and cut the grass. Later he went in to work to get it sorted and stayed there for the rest of the day. He broke the clock radio this morning and when he was in the office sitting at someone else's desk, he managed to throw a bottle of water over their papers. He also has to go in tomorrow.

The boys went to school and I got my sewing out and sewed a zip wrong because my needle was in the wrong place. I started again and managed to sew a whole pocket perfectly, the correct way round this time and a slightly less wonky zip. I read the pattern, got some other pieces ready and sewed a bit more. Happy with that, I got dressed and went to the dentist. Today was a routine hygiene and check up. I knew I had a problem with one tooth that was slightly wobbly (I thought it was due to me clenching my teeth while I sleep). It seems the gum has worn down and I have to have it taken it out. I need to see a different dentist in the practice who will advise me about taking it out and maybe putting in an implant. I know this is a surgical thing so I'm not completely happy but next week I see him and discuss things and decide later. OUCH! I see him the same week I have the camera down my throat to see what's happening there. Oh I love getting older!

I did a quick food shop, enough so we could eat for the next few days and pooped round to see Suffolk who helped me understand the next part of our sewing pattern. I went home, had lunch and carried on sewing. I finished all main pockets and I have to say that my last zip was fairly straight and quite good looking. I started to make my clear pockets which includes vinyl (what a horrible material, it sticks to everything and moves when you sew arrrrgggghhh) and a zipper and a loopy thing, but then the kids came home and were full of things I had to sign and listen to, so I put everything away for tomorrow's class.

Three of my pockets

Smallest did his EQAO today and finished before everyone else. His teacher could see he was tired and told him to lie on the carpet if he wanted to. He fell asleep, bless him, for about twenty minutes. He said when he woke up, everyone was laughing at him. He didn't care though, he felt much better. I wish I could do that sometimes. Small had a good practice of softball today and was full of his impending trip (Monday) to Canada's Wonderland (a theme park) with the Band.

I signed their forms, listened to their stories, gave them a chore each and made dinner while they practised piano and played on their tablets. When Huffle came home we all had dinner.

This evening was Smallest's first game of the season. We were asked (as parents and fans) to all attend the game and sit together as a 'family'. We were also asked to get there 30 minutes before the game (yawn) so they could have a team talk and a warm-up. The boys were also told to take it easy at school today and sit down at recess (yeah right!). Unfortunately we had four of our team out due to illness, injury and holiday and the team we were playing were very good. We lost 13-0. Eeeeeekkkkkkkkk.



Wednesday, 25 May 2016

First ever zip

I took Small off to his baseball practice again this morning at 8am. He is now in the official team and is a pitcher (not a jug but one who throws). He is very happy and will be starting his tournaments next week.

Smallest had his EQAO tests today. He said it was easy and he wasn't stressed but he did heed his fathers advice and read through his answers afterwards. He has two more days of tests.

I went to MrsRoyals and gardened for a couple of hours. We dug out lots of the wild campanula and Jerusalem Artichoke and some general weeding. The time went quickly because we were chatting while we were working. It was very hot again today and muggy with a tiny bit of rain first thing.

I finished at lunchtime, Huffle had made my sandwich and I had a quick shower, ate with him and took my sewing machine back to Suffolks for a couple of hours of sewing. I actually managed to sew a pocket with a lining and a zip. Wahoooo. It is irrelevant that the pocket was inside out (the lining is the same as the outside so who will now but me and the teacher and the other seven people in our class! I was quite proud of my only slightly wonky zip in my inside out pocket and tomorrow I have five more to do plus a dentist appointment and a need to shop for food! Arrrrrrggggggghhhhh.

Huffle had a busy day ending with a two hour call, however he did manage to open the pool and despite its brownness (have I made a new word?) it is now in a state of muted green. MrBasement and Jimbob arrived this afternoon and sealed and cemented the part of the drive that meets the house which should stop any Basement leakages. He also helped Huffle tighten something on the pool pump.

I came home not too long after the boys arrived home and started on dinner. There was much talk and excitement about the baseball team and EQAO and the start of the House League football.

After dinner we all went to football where Smallest had to attend a game to show his support for a young boy who died of Liver Cancer recently. It was very moving and nice to see so many people turn out. Huffle and Small went off to their match which was happening at the same venue but on a different field. Once Smallest had finished his part, we went and joined Huffle and Small. This was Huffle's first coaching game of the season. He was very pleased and has a great team with some decent talent. They won 8-1. There will be some balancing of the teams and I'm guessing they may take a few of the good ones away, but we'll see. Huffles team played against the team that had the two French boys that Huffle also coaches on the side.


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Filming in the Hamlet

I didn't sleep well last night. I saw every hour and dreamed many dreams. Though I didn't mind the dreams as I met up with some lovely people who I don't get to see too often - awwwwww.

Small had his early morning baseball practice which I took him to before seeing Smallest off on the bus and setting off for work, leaving Huffle at home being very busy.

At work we worked mainly in the potage putting in runner beans, tomatoes, nicotiana, did a bit of weeding and carried stuff to and from the greenhouse. It was very hot today : 29*. Isn't it supposed to be Spring? I picked and labelled twenty plants for the Garden Club Plant Sale that were kindly donated by Jeff and then got given a Canna Lily for Huffle because it was called Stewart Shuck. I also brought home lettuce plants, beetroot seedlings, Mina Lobata, purple Beans and Kale. Plus I was asked to go in and see Jeff on Saturday so he could tell me what plants I could have as a trial in our garden and also to grow some things now and give them back in the Autumn (to go back as greenhouse plants or stock plants).

I delivered the garden club plants to MrsRoyal, had a very quick FaceTime with Moo and then packed up my sewing stuff and went off to Suffolks. As soon as I got there I was marched to the garden to help her decide what steps, slabs and garden shape I thought she needed. I took a book for her to look at to plan her new garden too. After a soothing cup of tea and a chat we worked out how to get our zip ends sewn and I took the rest home as homework. I am going back tomorrow to make my pockets.

Once home, I quickly made dinner (the boys were already home and had done a chore each and were playing on their tablets). They did their piano practice and we all ate.

After dinner all the boys went out to Smallest's football practice where he was given his new hoody with his name on the back. What a time to get a team hoody - 29*!!!! Luckily it is too big and will be great in the Autumn/Winter. I stayed at home and did my sewing, cleared out the fridge and cleaned the kitchen. Mould we had a visit from MrBasement and Jimbob who are coming back tomorrow to do a job for Huffle on the drive.

The boys came home and said there was some filming going on so we all walked down the road to have a look. Apparantly they are filming a series called Mr Chocolates and had painted up the old train station building. There was a huge screen and lots of bright lights, police at either end of the road and loads of people. We couldn't see an awful lot but we can still see the lights from our windows. How exciting.


Monday, 23 May 2016

Long weekend list day

After our busy day yesterday, we decided to stay in, relax and have a list day. We haven't had one for so long. The kids wrote it at breakfast time and there was a lot on it. Smallest and I played table tennis before the proper list started. I won the first game before the little stinker beat me. He is really good. I think he is in training for when Moo is here. He has now beat Huffle, me and Moo but Small won't let him play, I wonder why?

The first game on our list was Q-bitz (a puzzle game) which I won. Next was Catan which was a very long game. The kids teamed up and played a good defensive game but Huffle won after about an hour and a half. My choice was SkipBo which Smallest won despite him not wanting to play it. We had lunch and then it was Huffles choice - to put all the clothes away (not a game the kids would have chosen but it was on the list) and then Smallest chose to play on the Wii. Huffle and I didn't want to play straight away so we sent them off and went and sat on the porch and skyped Grandma and stinky Grandad. The boys called us in to play on the wii. We played MarioKart and then all played hide and seek. My favourite hiding place was sitting on the porch in the sunshine. Apparantly I cheated. I also sat in the cupboard in the dark (I don't like the dark so I played scrabble on my phone ha!).

It was a lovely warm day today with temperatures around 25*.

Above is our front garden. There were lots of lovely things flowering today.

Daffodils, Tulips, Epimedium, Virginian Bluebells
Tulips, Flox, forget me nots, front garden from the road and tiny daffs.

Early evening we all played cricket, bubble blowing, chalk drawing, baseball and football and then had dinner and watched some of the Scorch Trials until we realised it had zombies in it and turned it off and watched Britains Got Talent instead.

Phew busy busy day.


Sunday, 22 May 2016

20 trips to wee on red ants

HAPPY LONG WEEKEND known here as May two four but now renamed by Huffle and I as The 24th of May just because we can!

Huffle and I had a lie-in despite being woken up by Grandad texting at 4:30am (my fault for leaving my phone on as it was really 9:30am in his World), then Huffle got woken up by the Dawn Chorus.

After breakfast and much washing and hanging of washing on the line, moving the football goal and some football playing, the boys watched England v Turkey (well done Vardy) and I watched Marcella (ITV Player). I also did some watering of veggies and replanting of basil and coriander.

After lunch and the rest of the England football game, we packed a small bag and headed for the forest for a long walk. It was quite hot when we were out of the wind but the Forest provided us with a lot of shelter. It was the perfect time for seeing the beautiful trilliums, ferns and Dutchman's Pipes. We didn't see any wildlife today but we did climb a lot of hills. Today's adventure was on the Seaton Trail and we walked further than we have ever walked in there. I lost my bearings completely so it's a good job we bumped into some girls with a map and we turned around and came back the way we went instead of carrying on like I would have.

Every hill we climbed, the boys said it was the Wall form Ninja Warrior and we had it run up it and touch the buzzer at the top.
We did a lot of looking for mushrooms and photo taking. This particular trail is full of tree roots and I tripped 20 times (too busy looking at the lovely trilliums to see anything in front of me). Smallest had to have a wee and said he wee'd on red ants.
A green trillium. Unfortunately this means it has a disease but it is so pretty.
When we got really high, the views were amazing.
Pink trilliums are just older white ones.

We earned ourselves dinner out and afterwards went to Frenchmans Bay where we sat on the beach and watched the remote control boats get stuck, threw stones into the lake and I even had a tiny paddle. We thought it might not be too busy as we were there later but it was packed. Small commented that he thought most people would be at their cottages (long weekend) but Huffle said 'immigrants don't have cottages, that's why we were there!' We finished there with an ice cream and came home.

Smallest was very tired, we had a long day, let alone a long weekend and came home with some very nice stones and beach glass and lots of memories.

No one had any real problems with the pollen today. Smallest and I took anti-histamines and we gave Smallest his drops and spray as a precaution before going into the forest.