Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"A real fixer-upper"

In Estate Agent Speak "A real fixer-upper" means "Tear down and start again"

Another Estate Agent came today - again - very nice - how are you supposed to decide which to use?  The first one that came was so nice I would have signed them up there and then.  Then today's was so professional and nice, I would have signed up there and then too.  But still we have two more to see - how can they get better?

We have a Realtor in Canada sending us daily emails regarding properties that fit our search criteria.  Some of them are very very strange and a couple we are very interested in, but we can't possibly buy a house whilst we are in the UK.

Huffle now has his Offer Letter and they would like him to start the job on the 1st November - Now that is scary.  How can we get ourselves together in that time?  If he goes without us I would hate it.  I realise it may have to happen.  Now I am panicking that if we are there before Chistmas, we won't have any of our furniture as it takes months for the containers to arrive.

It is exciting though.  Note to self - keep telling yourself how exciting it all is!!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Slides and Horses

We have had one Estate Agent round to value our house. Not Bad. Seemed a good company, nice and personable. Three more to see next week then we can make a decision.

Today we all went to Twin Lakes, a theme park not too far away.

Smallest and Moo on their horse

Is that me?

Smalls and Moo on very very bumpy cars

Smallest, Small and Me as horses

Frankie Detori?  No - Small

Huffle, Smallest and Moo - the man at the top pushed Moo - It was very funny

Fun all round.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


We have rang four Estate Agents.

Two booked to make a valuation on our little house in the country.

Some books from Smallest's room cleared out ready to Car Boot.

It's not much but it's a start.

The Spice Family

taken through a window - they were playing a dancing game on the Wii

Today we visited our friends The Spice's. We were given a lovely lunch again, lots of play and a nice walk to the park. Smallest has decided he can climb like a monkey now, really high, without help.

Smallest & Big Spice concentrating on MarioKart

With all that noise, how does that dog stay asleep?

Ahh bless - and this is Archie (bubba)
Big Spice - posing

Smallest climed very high!

Small and Little Spice

Smallest sliding down a moveable not very slidey thing!

Small on an outside exercise thing - cool

Smallest still climbing

Small chillin'

Smallest swinging like a monkey

Another Little Spice Monkey

Is that Big Spice posing again?

I'm still jet lagged. How long will this last? I am constantly walking around in a fog.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


That's it.

Huffle has got the job.

We are really really going.

In the meantime, me and the boys had a lovely day at the P'Tators house.

What a lovely civilised lunch we had

Smallest and his Lollipop under the tree

Smallest and Little P'Tator with IPads!

Big & Little P'Tator and Small & Smallest

Crossing the Tin Bridge

Through the Triangle Window

A Smallest Gnome?

Happily walking home with their treats

When we got home we told the boys about our move. Small asked "will we really be able to get a Moose, a Beaver or a Bear as a pet". We told him no, but we would be able to learn ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding etc etc - he was pleased.

Smallest looked really concerned and said "but I don't want to move from this house, I love it, I want to keep my bedroom because my trumpet is in there". When we told him he could keep all his toys and his trumpet he seemed very happy.

I said things would change didn't I? Phew, it's all go now!!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


My favourite modern building in Toronto - very Art Deco'ish

CN Tower

This is the top of the CN Tower.  People were strapped to the railings and were moving around -  eeeuuuggghhhhhh - I don't think I will be doing that!

General Skyline from Harbour

Traffic Lights

Another Art Deco builing - I think this one was being demolished

Reflections on 'interview' building

View from Music Garden (looking through Prairie Planting - Huffle's artistic shot)

Room with a view (Our Room - our view)

City Hall (and Gargoyles)

Inside the Eaton Centre (not real geese!)

Ernesto Cervini (Jazz Festival) Unionville


Outside a building