Monday, 31 October 2011

A Frightful Night

H A P P Y      H A L L O W E E N

I picked the boys up from Football club after school, got them dressed in their costumes, made up their faces and off we went to O's Dad's for HotDogs.


Ghostly Skeleton Wizard

Ghostly Skeleton Dragon Harry Plopper

Huffley Vampire

Small, some witch, Huffle and Smallest

We met up with loads of Small's friends and went off Trick or Treating round the village.

O and Small

J - he had scary blood driping down his mask - eek


J without mask but scary teeth - they lit up


Plenty of houses

Ed and Lucky Shorts

Trick or Treat?

.......................plenty of silliness

.........................................................plenty of sweets

Smallest, Art and LizzieDotDot

...............................plenty of scary people went by

...........we even walked through the graveyard - ooooh scary.

Look at his eyes!

I have just realised that it is school photos tomorrow - aarrrggghhhh - I can't get their face paint off properly - they'll look good eh?

Do you remember Mr O'Reilly from Fawlty Towers? 

Well he came round today and checked out our Asbestos problem?! - We weren't aware we had a problem but apparantly the surveyor noticed "Suspicious White Stuff" in our loft.  After O'Reilly knocked the paint off our walls and dented the floor (we were lucky he didn't fall through the floorboards!) he decided we had a "little problem" but nothing that couldn't be double wrapped in polythene and cellotape (he was suggesting WE do that!).  Also he said it wasn't actually a problem until someone chewed it or hit it with a hammer.

We left it with our buyers to decide what they wanted to do about it.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Brown Water, Bear, Bureau

Aunty A turned up early evening.

Reading the Troll

She read the boys a story while Huffle and I assessed the water situation and got tea ready.

We eventually got water but it wasn't very nice and certainly wasn't drinkable

Straight from the tap!  Eeuuugghhhh

So we had a lovely bottle of Red Wine in front of the fire and looked through Aunty A's 1,000 photos of Vancouver and The Rockies.

Bear and Aunty A

The water was still brown when we went to bed.

This morning we awoke to find 24 litres of water delivered to our door and a letter of apology from the water company.  The water was still undrinkable, so we filled the kettle up with bottled water for our tea - how decadent were we? 

The water started to run much clearer but we went out for a lovely walk to Pitsford Reservoir.  Aunty A had not been there before.

We followed the Gnome Trail

Three grumpy gnomes

Watched the boats racing


Moo, Small and Aunty A

Played on the park


What are you doing up there Aunty A?

She's saying "They only make this for little hands!"

Found interesting sculptures

Huffle, Smallest, Aunty A, Moo and Small

Toowit toowooo

Three wise monkeys

Ahh My Angel

Marvelled at the lovely colours

Are these Quince?

Took silly photos

Then we all went home for Dinner of a Sunday Roast and Apple Crumble and Custard.  YUM!

Aunty A bought and removed the Bureau

Well half of it!  She's got to come back in a couple of weks to take me out and get the other half - he he he

I'm off to drink some lovely tap water now (it's okay now - we've had the all clear from the water company).

Oh and I also sold my Food Processor, Kettle and Toaster.  FAB!