Sunday, 31 August 2014

New balls please

A very hot and humid day beginning with a breakfast made by Small. After Skyping Grandad and some knitting (by me not Grandad) we all went out to the tennis courts and had a game. It was too hot to play really but we struggled on and had a few drinks breaks. We found another ball (that's three finds now). Small is getting better and better and Smallest is improving.

A brief stop for a little something.

When we came home we went straight up to the pool. Huffle did a little cleaning and we all jumped in. Ahhhh that felt better. After a long relax by the side of the pool and a bit of catching, we went in for a late lunch. The boys stayed inside and watched TV and Huflfe and I sat on the porch, eating and watching Frasier and watching the Hummingbirds searching for their nectar. Pure decadence!

Small's big sunflower with a bee covered in pollen

After an ice cream, we all played basketball and then jumped in the pool to cool off again. After much silliness we got out and played a couple of games of Monopoly Deal. The boys went back in the pool while I painted a bit more of my chair and Huffle cut down a vine. We left the kids playing and went in to start dinner. Huffle made meatballs for him and the boys and I picked veg and made Beetballs for me.

There was a bumped head and a banged leg and two little boys were nursing their injuries for a while before going off and playing the piano.


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Poolside Puppetry

A whole morning of us each doing our own things again (this is getting to be a habit). Huffle watched his beloved Stoke beat Man City (and he really didn't expect that and his was very pleased as he whooped around the room), I sewed lots of knitted squares together for my blanket whilst listening to Sam Smith and Kasabian in peace (well apart from a few interruptions - Smallest getting me to check his teeth, both boys getting me to read their journal entries and Huffle running up the stairs cheering loudly), and the kids played on the IPads.

Huffle skyped Grandma and then we all went out for dinner in Uxbridge. We took Monopoly Deal with us to entertain us while we waited for our food. After dinner we visited the Charity Shop and picked up some bargains. Huffle got a pair of Dockers Shorts (brand new with labels), Ralph Lauren shirt and a Tommy Hilfiger Shirt. I got a red coat (not designer but I like it) for just $4 and the boys bought a load of glassware which they are going to make into garden ornaments. After picking up a couple of cakes for tea from the bakery, we all had a gelato and sat in the park watching the silly squirrels chase each other.

The boys played hide and seek and then we drove home. Huffle and I cleaned the pool and went in to cool off and the boys practised a puppet show which they then performed (much later, though it wasn't clear they had practised at all!) to Huffle and I up at the pool. We had to pay 50c each for our tickets and we had to clap after each act (of which there were supposed to be fifteen). If we didn't clap, we were told that we would be fined $5. There didn't seem to be a lot of structure to the performance and we wondered if the puppet tent would fall into the pool many times.

In the end, the boys got bored and hot and went in the pool and the puppet show was abandoned. Then we realised it was late and it started to get dark and rainy looking so we all went in. This is not as easy as it sounds. There were many many many soft toys to collect (and one fell in the pool and is currently drying in the sun room) and the tent covering got wet too, plus there was the usual amount of squabbles and I stood on a piece of glass which stuck in my foot and then stuck in my hand. All good now.

We had our tea whilst watching the end of The Amazing Spider Man.



Friday, 29 August 2014

I'm a baked bean snob*

Another terrible nights sleep. No idea why but it's annoying........and it now seems I am allergic to Ragweed. Don't quite know what it is but it causes me to sneeze, have a sore throat and makes my eyes itchy. BOO!

The boys and I spent a lovely morning doing our own things again. I watched a DIY SOS and was in tears. Such a lovely family and a great team who did a beautiful job.

I got fed up after doing lots of tidying and demanded that we all go out. We dumped the bikes in the car, made a picnic and drove to the Waterfront Trail. The boys call this the 'Mushroom House' because there is a house that look a bit like a pixelated Toadstool. Anyway we started our bike ride there, along the paths by the lake which was sparkling in the brilliant sunshine (It was supposed to be cool but it was a scorcher today but with a breeze so no too bad). We passed the first park and ice creams and carried on to the beach where we stopped for lunch overlooking the lake.

A small bike ride further along and we hit the second park. This time we stopped and played for a while.

We carried on our bikes until we hit a steep upwards hill and decided to turn around. A brief play on the beach and the rocks and then we cycled towards the other park. The boys asked for an ice cream but as it was CASH ONLY and I only had $5 I could only afford two kiddie ice creams (I had an apple instead which is much more healthy but oh so boring!).

The park has a new splash pad so the boys went through it and played on the park and enticed me up the climbing frame, through a tunnel and down the wiggly slide.

More cycling, another park with swings and a smelly beach and then we cycled up the big hill back to the car and the mushroom house.

We drove home and the boys played on the Wii while I did some gardening. Huffle came home and attached the battery to the mower but it still wouldn't work. The man who fixed it before has been notified and he is picking it up Tuesday afternoon. BAG OF NAILS!

There was plenty of piano practice while dinner was being made.



*so says Huffle of me because I will only eat English Baked Beans!


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Teachers, Teeth and Haircuts

Another morning of doing our own thing. The boys had a really long breakfast in front of the TV and I had my breakfast whilst knitting and watching Don't tell the Bride. Why do these ladies give up all rights to plan their own wedding and leave it to the men (men who have no idea what their women want)?.

Late morning the boys went to the dentist. Neither of them are cleaning their teeth correctly so tonight there will be a cleaning lesson this evening. Smallest's teeth have a chalky enamel so his teeth have to be painted with a preventative sealant. Small has two wobbly teeth that at hanging on by threads and NEED to come out ASAP to prevent infection.

After the dentist we drove to White Feather Country Store for lunch and a play on the tractors. Smallest managed to find a hole in the middle of three haystacks and disappeared into it!

A quick trip to the farm shop where we bought some Wild Blueberries (OMG these are so small and sweet) and some raspberries. The girl who served me asked me if I had a Nickel. Which ones that I asked (doh - if I think about it I know but in that situation with a queue behind me, I struggle). She looked at me and said "where are you visiting from?" OH I LIVE HERE NOW SORRY, BUT I HAVENT BEEN HERE THAT LONG. oh dear, how embarrassing!

We came home and the boys had showers before we drove off again to school to check the teachers list. Apparently this is something that happens every year at this time. A list is issued and put in the school reception and it lists who is in which class. Smallest has a new teacher who he had Gym with last year. He really likes her. Quite a few of the boys have been put on another class except for two who are not disruptive. There are other older boys as his class is split between Grade 2 and 3 (Smallest is Grade2).

Small is with another new teacher who has been a substitute teacher and is not only English, but also a Midlands Lady (West Midlands but we can't hold that against her). I like her a lot and so does Small. I don't know if he likes her because she is not strict but we will see.

We then drove to the hairdressers house and the boys had their hair cut (she wanted to cut mine but I said I needed more time and no boys so I could relax - I want my hair cut to shoulder length which is drastic as it is now half way down my back). She has two boys and the four of them played on MarioKart while we talked about school and teachers etc.

when we got home, Huffle was already there but working. I got the boys some dinner, Huffle partly mended the mower and it doesn't blast out lots of smoke now (I had put too much oil in) and then it cut out again. Bloomin' thing. We left it and went to the tennis courts and had a game.

We stayed there for nearly two hours. The temperature was perfect even though it started at 30* as the sun started to burn out and go down it was much cooler. The boys are certainly improving and loving it. Maybe we need to start lessons again.

Back home we attempted to get he mower started again. This time it went and I mowed a couple of times around the grass and then it cut out again. We tightened some more screws and Huffle put the battery on charge overnight as it seems like the same problem from the start of the Summer.




Wednesday, 27 August 2014

On top of old smokey

Most of this morning was spent doing our own things which was good because it meant no-one annoyed anyone else and it was a calm and peaceful household. Shame it couldn't have lasted.....

I got lots of knitting done and made a Banana Loaf. The boys and I cycled to the tennis courts again, this time the weather was breezy and cooler and we managed to spend over an hour there.

We had some good hits and once again shared the courts with another couple.

We cycled home and had lunch and the boys had an ice cream while I attempted to cut the grass.

This was a thankless task as the mower started and stopped and started and cut and then conked out halfway down the garden. I tried again but it wouldn't start. A quick call with Huffle and an oil fill up and it still wouldn't start so I heaved it all the way back into the barn (I have now hurt my back but it was really heavy and I thought it was going to rain).

After a Skype chat with Grandad I finally got it going but it cut out as soon as I was down the hill (typical). I came in and played Disney Monopoly with the boys until their bickering at each other made me go and sit on the mower again. This time I managed to cut some of the grass but then it started to smoke really badly and when the garden was full of white stinky smoke I gave up. The stupid thing is still sitting in the middle of the garden and Smallest told me not to turn it on again when he came out to say sorry. He said it was going to set on fire so I stopped!

I came in and finished the Monopoly game and then made dinner. More squabbling, more bickering and then they played nicely together on the trampoline and played basketball when Huffle came home.

After dinner, Huffle did his Ice Bucket Challenge...

And then Smallest did his own challenge because he didn't want to be left out.

See Grandad, if they can do it - you can! Smallest's wasn't a proper one but if it was he wanted to challenge CousinD and CousinE.






Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ice Ice Baby

That damn Ice Bucket Challenge kept me up all night. No idea why, because I wasn't worried about it but it was obviously on my mind.

Huffle went to work and the boys and I had breakfast, did some shopping and then we gave away Small to his friend Cog for the rest of the day. Smallest and I put away the shopping, had lunch and then cycled to the Tennis Courts.

It was in really hot today. The temperature was 30 but the humidity was high. We managed about 20 minutes and then gave in and cycled home. After a cooling ice cream on the porch, we went up to the pool. We both went in and the water was cold but very welcoming. We had many many games of Monopoly Deal in between cooling off in the pool.

We had a lovely afternoon and there was no arguing (now who was missing?). When Huffle came home, he filmed my ice bucket challenge while Smallest threw it over me. Small came home just as it was finished. He was disappointed. Maybe he will get to throw it over Huffle if he gets nominated. I nominated Grandad, Mrs ElderflowerMeadow and the lovely EmG.

We didn't plant any sunflowers this year - FORGOT - however they have grown on their own. That's a first. Small has claimed this one that is taller than him and he decided that the smaller one belonged to Smallest. It's a very fair system HONESTLY

I had a call to say my glasses were ready so after our BBQ dinner, Smallest and I drove to fetch them. THEY WORK - HURRAH I CAN SEE AGAIN!

Today both Small and I wore our new inserts in our shoes and they were fine so that's all good!


Monday, 25 August 2014

When I grow up I want to be a Taco!

Huffle went to work and I stayed snoozing lightly until I finally had my shower and got up. Two boys greeted me with "can we have breakfast? We're starving!" Why do they have to wait for me? Both can get their own breakfasts, silly sausages.

After a morning of piano playing, emptying bookshelves and moving shelves up a floor and then moving the same shelves back down and filling them back up with books - (phew that was exhausting) lunch and a searching for various footwear, we made our way to Oshawa. Here, Small and I had a foot appointment to have our orthotics fitted. Small got to choose the colour of his and he went for a funky green blue cover. It took an hour and we were left with a spare hour before we could pick up the keyboard Huffle bought yesterday. It takes us 30 minutes to drive home and 30 mins back so it certainly wasn't worth coming home and we couldn't do any shopping because it was too hot to leave in the car for so long! Luckily a phone call with Huffle sorted us out and we ended up at Lakeview Park.

Ice cream on a rock looking out at the lake with the beach beneath us. It was a fabulously hot day and the boys wanted to go in the lake but it was full of sea weed (lake weed?) and they didn't have towels or swim shorts.

They had a play and a wander along the rocks and then we drove to the keyboard place and then headed home. We were just setting up the keyboard when Huffle came home.

Dinner was a 'wocka mola" of frozen delights and then more piano, basketball, fighting, arguing and TV before bed (those boys need to get back to school).

At bedtime with Smallest, this evening, we were doing a World Puzzle and I was asking him some questions about the places. When it came to Peru, I said "who do we know that lived here? He kept marmalade sandwiches under his hat". GRANDAD? Was his reply. "He lived with the Brown Family and was found on Paddington Station". GRANDAD? Really? Grandad do you keep marmalade sandwiches under your hat?

Some of you may already be aware that I have been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (Thanks friend Aunty Miaow). Huffle and I have deliberating over this and we both decided we weren't going to do it. However, now it has happened it seems in poor taste to not accept. I haven't done it today because I only washed my hair this morning and the boys want to help me to do it (ie throw it over me). So I guess it will be tomorrow then! Look out anyone who is friends with me on Facebook - I'm gonna get ya!


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Half time oranges

This morning was a lovely Sunday slow morning of Huffle watching Stoke draw against Hull, the boys ticking off their list of things to do and finally playing on the IPads and me knitting whilst finishing the Honourable Woman on BBC. WOW what a drama, if you have BBC and you haven't seen it yet, DO! It is brilliant if not a little squeamish and violent at times. I am guessing it was the end, I can't imagine anymore episodes.

Very late morning we all cycled to the Tennis Courts, in the Hamlet, which have been resurfaced recently. Smallest has never played before though he does play Swingball a lot and he is quite good at table tennis. Basically he has good hand eye coordination so I didn't think he would have too much problem. Small used to have lessons in England and so did I for a while and Huffle and I used to play occasionally when the kids stayed overnight at Moo's or Grandmas. Anyway we had a lot of fun although it was very hot and at times airless. We went with two balls and an orange and came back with three balls (work that one out!). The boys did really well and we were thoroughly worn out after over an hour of playing. Whenever anyone hit out of the courts they had to fetch the ball, hoping to stop wild mad hits!

Cycling home was tough when we were all so tired and hot but we got there in the end and had lunch and ice cream on the porch. Then it was up to the pool and we all went in despite the water temperature only being 23*. We made a whirlpool, had a lazy river and a bit of a swim and then came out and read and played Monopoly Deal and 'throw the noodle at the doughnut'.

We made our own dough, made it into pizza and watched The Amazing Spider Man which we didn't finish as it was Smallest's bedtime. While Huffle read to him, I moved a bookshelf upstairs on order to make way for a keyboard that Huffle has bought us from Kijiji (Canada's EBay) as he is so impressed by our skills and enthusiasm.



Saturday, 23 August 2014

BooBoo Valencia*

A nice slow morning followed by a drive to Downtown Toronto.

No stopping for ice creams today as we headed straight for the Rogers Centre for the Blue Jays baseball game against the Stinky Tampa Bay Rays, we only call them stinky because Huffle's cousin Mr Gator and TrulyScrumptious live there (and we don't know anyone else in America). Today was another Junior Jays game so there was plenty for the kids to do. Outside we picked up a poster to make inside, the boys threw baseballs and Smallest got to throw and catch with a stilted man.

When we first arrived in Toronto this morning it was very cloudy and quite cool though it soon warmed up.

We all got tattoos, though some of us put them on better than others (Huffle's was upside down and inside out). The boys got to do their usual spin the wheel and won a Water bottle (think that might be on the way to CousinD) and a puzzle. Today Huffle had purchased us seats high up in the clouds. In fact there was only one row behind us today, but we were in line with the Blue Jays dug out. We took some nibbles which kept Smallest happily nibbling ALL the way through the game.

Huffle and I signed up as Designated Drivers and got ourselves two free HUGE soft drinks (not beer - that would be wrong as a designated driver). Smallest and I sat and made our poster which we held up for the cameras to see but we never got on the big screen.

Black and white photo of pitcher is Smallest's favourite - Janssen.

It was a good game and we finally won 5-4 (it went to ten innings). At the end one of the players got a pie in his face. Think this might be tradition because he made the winning run.

TL: the blue jays win. TR: our scarecrows

BL: Boys and Bikes. BR: Smallest with his jug of Apple Juice

As we had eaten at lunchtime ish, we weren't starving and didn't get our usual pizza by the harbour. Instead we walked around the South Asian Festival and the boys and I made tiny scarecrows. Then we walked into Toronto more until we were hungry and had dinner on the rooftop patio of The Works (a burger place).

Like a Flat Iron and THE Flat Iron

LEFT: The Flat Iron.

We were seated right next to the Flat Iron and it was a good place to people watch. Someone eating there gave us a voucher for a free 8oz Shake so we had a Caramel one which we all shared. YUM YUM! I had a fabulous Portobella Mushroom Burger with Brie, Pear and Caramelised Onions.

TR: Steely Dan was playing at the Sony Performing Arts Centre.

All full and tired we made our way back to the car and drove home. Apart from a small accident, the traffic wasn't too bad. We got home and Smallest went straight to bed, complaining of being very hot and asking "can I have that thing you stick under your arm?" I thought he meant deodorant at first but then realised he meant a thermometer. He was fine. He fell almost instantly asleep.

It was a GOOD DAY. Whenever the boys write in their journals, they always end it with, "it was a fun day".

*one of the Blue Jays players fell down today after what Huffle and I thought was a tiny knock. It looked as if he couldn't play on but he did. From thereon in we called him BooBoo (the word for scratch or bruise here). We are so mean!

This is one of my Instagram photos and it was chosen as Capture of The Day. Wahooooo. Love taking photos - can you tell?


Friday, 22 August 2014

That cinnamon bun is as big as my head!

We managed to tick another one of 'those' jobs off the list today. Smallest and I took Small to the walk-in doctors and got his referral letter signed so we can both pick up our orthotics on Monday. The doctor was lovely and the one I saw when I I first had problems with my foot. He had referred me to a person I didn't like and I told him. He was surprised but said it I was very difficult referring feet people as he didn't know any good ones. However when he saw Small's form he was very impressed and said "these people obviously care about feet and people, not just the money. Tell them from me they are doing a good job". He also looked at Small's feet and asked him to walk about. He agreed with the assessment. We grabbed some bits for lunch and took them home and had lunch with Huffle (who was working from home).

After lunch we grabbed the kids swimming kit and my quilting stuff and headed off to Oshawa. I took the boys swimming again. Funny, the same people were in there. It was a very humid day so swimming was probably good for them. I sat in the overly heated overly chlorinated spectator area and knitted.

On the way home we popped to the quilting shop, showed my work and picked up the next pattern for Suffolk and I to do next month. We got stuck in seriously heavy traffic. We saw a helicopter, many fire engines and several ambulances. One road was completely blocked by police, an accident maybe?

After dinner we played a couple of games of Monopoly Deal.

Tomorrow we are off to watch the Blue Jays. Huffle edit 'let's go bluejays!'

Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Frog and the Umbrella

It was a horribly hot humid night last night with no air and then lots of really noisy rain.

The boys and I walked to the other end of the Hamlet to the library, dodging a few rain storms. Who sorted our books, the boys had ice creams and we walked home.

On the way home, Smallest found a caterpillar which he picked up to bring home. Then he found a a very small frog and the caterpillar was discarded for the frog which he took home and put in the pond. Of course it tried to jump straight out with a little help from the end of my umbrella. Smallest desperately wants a pet!

After lunch we played Disney Monopoly and Monopoly Deal and skyped Moo. The boys showed her their piano playing skills. We have new books from the library on piano playing so we will see how that goes. They are doing really well. I wondered if they would be bored of it by now but they play many times a day.