Monday, 30 June 2014

Too much junk in yer trunk!

Last night it was soooo hot and humid we had to give in and put the air conditioning on. We had a small storm and some heavy rain but not for long. We also watched a Cabbie Abroad, who was in Nunavut, a northern part of Canada. We are NOT moving there!!!!!

Today we went off on a mission to the doctors (not our doctors, that would be too easy) to get medicals done for the final part of our Permanent Residency Application. We had to drive to Scarborough (pronounced Scarbowrow) to a panel doctor. Huffle had made the appointment for 10:30 some time ago but yesterday someone from this office rang to say our appointment was 9:30. Huffle told them we could make 10am and they said that was fine. We got there at 9:40 (Moo came too in case we needed her). We sat and filled in forms for each of us and then signed some other forms and then waited for half an hour watching large bottoms enter and interestingly clothed ladies, though Huffle wondered if they were ladies!). Huffle then paid $600 (Huffle's company will be reimbursing us for all fees paid today thank goodness) and we were all (Moo excepted) called through to a small examining room.

We met the doctor who took our photographs and handed us each a sample bottle to wee in. Back to the examining room with our muti shades of piddle and several alphabet games later (not with the doctor but because we were bored) we all got weighed and measured and had an eyesight test (well we read a chart). Our piddles were tested okay and Huffle and I had our blood pressure taken. Now Huffle has a history of high blood pressure readings due to the fact that he panics before he has one (in the genes) but his reading today was perfect and he was very pleased. I have a history of normal blood pressure readings, however mine was higher today. It was taken again later and was still higher but within the boundaries.

Lots more waiting, boys getting bored and restless, we were finally seen by the doctor (the nurse did all the other procedures) who put me in another room to examine my boobs and check my chest and breathing. The boys were checked too and all was fine. This examination was in no way to replace any examinations by our family doctor (but one hopes if they found anything they would tell our doctors). After more lengthy waiting and more alphabet games and playing on phones and DS, we were finally sent away with forms to get x-rays and bloods done (just Huffle and I, though the doctor did tell me that parents threatened their kids with the blood tests just to keep them behaving - great!). Luckily, under 11's don't have to have x-rays. We had to drive 2 minutes away to another building where we got bloods taken. This was for Syphyllis and HIV. (Huffle said "wouldn't we know if we had either of those?" But I guess they don't know who we are or what we do). We had to pay $15 each for this. Now Huffle has a history of fainting or feeling ill at blood test (in the genes). In he went while Moo, me and the boys waited outside. Then we heard a bang and feared the worst but Huffle came out, smiling and said he had never had blood taken so quickly and easily and he was fine. Me next, fine. Then we had to go next door to another building for our x-rays. These cost $80 for us both and had to be paid in cash. The man was very nice and very quick. I had to strip off again and remove my necklace. The results of x-rays and bloods will be sent to the panel doctor. All done and it took three hours. Huffle was supposed to be back at work this afternoon but we persuaded him to take us to dinner first. The boys had behaved impeccably and Moo was fed-up of sitting around. It is outrageous to think that we had to pay $140 each for the boys to read an eye chart and be weighed and measured and have a urine sample. Crazy country. What do you have to do to live in England? I would love to know (so would Moo!).

Looking for a place to eat we found a 'Fat Bastard Burgers' (which Smallest read whilst at the lights) and 'Bollocks' pub. These were in the same Strip Mall! We ended up in a firkin pub called The Bear.

This is the result of our test today. Moo has now been accepted into the country, unfortunately we have to go for another test to get her out!

We came home and Huffle did his work and Moo, I and the boys went to the pool. The boys swam and Moo and I tried to get the mower going. It went and stopped. I filled it with petrol and it wouldn't start. I emptied the oil and it worked and then stopped. I bought more oil from the garage and filled it. It wouldn't start. We left it for a while and I played Chess with Smallest and Cluedo (it is called Clue here - I wonder why?) with Small and Moo.

Huffle got the mower working and whisked around at top speed cutting the grass. Then Moo took over and it slowed down like an old retired donkey (the mower not Moo). We stopped and looked at it and Huffle noticed the belt had come off so we prodded and poked and put it on. The mower worked but was still slow and jumpy. huffle noticed the tyre was flat and so Huffle and Moo pumped it up by hand while I read the boys writing for the day and handed out their chores. The mower went but was still very slow so we drove it to the front drive and plugged in the pump to the car and pumped up all the tyres. It went better but struggled up the hills so Huffle ran behind me pushing the bloody thing every time it slowed down. We put it away and will deal it with tomorrow maybe (or perhaps we will call Grandad and get some advice).

Huffle and I went shopping (Huffle said it was most unstressful) while Moo gave the boys some tea and then they played on IPads as they were desperate, which is why they did their chores. Small wrote in his journal that the doctors today was the most boring thing he has ever done! - fair enough.

When the boys went to bed Huffle and Smallest were talking about why the Permanent Residency was being done. Smallest was asking lots of questions about why we had come here, whether Huffle had any friends at work, how many friends did he have when he was in England and whether he preferred England or Canada. Huffle asked him the same last question and he said he preferred England but Canada was catching up.

Tomorrow is a day off for everyone as it is Canada Day.

Some beauties from our front garden

And some of the veggie garden


Sunday, 29 June 2014

In Hot Water

Phew it sure was hot today. When we got up at 8am this morning (yes 8am as son number 2 again decided he needed to wake us to tell us that him and Small were fighting!) the temperature outside was already a whopping 28* and rising. Because of their early fighting the boys were sent to their rooms to read and then they came down later to help with breakfast. My aim this Summer is to get the boys reading and writing everyday, as well as keeping their rooms tidy.

Most of the day was beside or in the pool (top temperature so far this season at 27*) jumping, dive bombing, grass-hopping.........

Some of the day was spent playing Mastermind, Chess (that little stinker Smallest, who is seven by the way, beat me. I wasn't so lenient on him the second time) and scrabble. Moo and I made a scrabble game last all day (or maybe it was the game from the day before). Moo made up a rule that if a scrabble piece falls through the deck and under the pool, the person who did it has to climb underneath and retrieve it. Well Moo dropped the first one and I dropped the second one but Moo picked them both up.

We had lots of silliness in and out of the pool and we stopped early afternoon for a BBQ lunch and a bit later for trifle made by Huffle and Moo. Yum yum.

Most of the afternoon and early evening was also spent in and around the pool. Huffle skyped Grandma and Grandad and I got a few minutes by myself just floating on a lilo - wonderful. Unfortunately Moo and I were found by the others and our peace was shattered.

Small read some more in his room and the boys had tea in front of the TV . Moo, Huffle and I started a new scrabble game after someone won but I'm not allowed to say it was me!


Saturday, 28 June 2014

Rainbow Pride Freebies

Two interruptions in the night. The first one at 3am ish from Smallest to tell us he had a very tiny accident but that it was stopping him from sleeping! We got up to look but it was very tiny and we left him to go back to bed. At 6:45am he came in again, almost in tears, saying that Small had got in the shower before him and how was his hair going to dry in time (for the Baseball game we were off to today).

It was early start today and Huffle said he wanted to be off by 10am at the latest. Smallest made us scrambled egg for breakfast. We were ready and on the road by 9:30pm and as most of the traffic was going the other way (off to their cottages) we had a really easy and quick journey in.

It was a very hot day and we walked along the waterfront making the most of the breeze off the lake. The boys noticed lots of rainbow coloured flags everywhere and Small asked Huffle what they were for. Huffle said he had to get money from the bank and told him to ask me. I said that it was for Women who liked Women and Men who liked Men. He pulled a face. Then I told him that some men marry other men like Elton John. He pulled an even funnier face. He thought that was mighty strange. Today is World Pride day and tomorrow is the big march. Huffle was asked if he would like to march (he he very funny, my friends always said......).

We stopped at the Gelato place where Smallest dropped his ice cream and they very kindly gave him another. Then he dropped it again but caught it. He got in a right mess!

We walked slowly to the Rogers Centre and then made our way into the stadium. Again it was Junior Jays day so lots of things going on for the kids. A nice canoe ride over the lake..........

Watching a chainsaw wood sculpter, juggler and then going inside to cool off for a while. The boys played on the 'baseball drop' again and both won more water bottles. We got tattoos and then walked up the slopes to the top of the stadium. At the top there was a spin the wheel game where Smallest won another water bottle and Small won a placemat (which he really wanted).

TL: Smallest's glass fell onto his tummy and he thought it would look funny if his belly button spoke!!

TR: Smallest's favourite player - Jannsen

Huffle, Moo and I signed ourselves up to be designated drivers and got a free drink each. I asked if it could be Beer but forgot I had pledged I was driving! Whoops. The drinks were very welcome as it was extremely warm. We found our seats and then moved into the shade, at which pint I spilt my huge free drink and we moved again to a less waterlogged and sticky place.

Today the Blue Jays were playing the Chicago White Sox and unfortunately we lost 4-3. We also got Blue Jay bags, glasses and activity books and crayons. In fact we ended up with seven bags. It was a long hot game and we had to have a few walk arounds inside to cool down.

BOTTOM: The boys and I walked all the way round to the other side and took a photo - Moo and Huffle are on there somewhere.

At the end of the game we walked back down to the waterfront and bought some sandwiches and salads and ate them in a shady spot watching the boats and people. Smallest's sandwich got bitten by a passing dog. Churros were also eaten next to the lake but a little bit different to the ones we first had in Spain. These were hollow and filled with chocolate instead of dipping them in. Still very nice though. Wandering around the market stalls and then along the lake we finally got back to the car.

Huffle took smallest into the toilets of the dog cafe. Huffle edit - I was personally disgusted / outraged at the stupid track suits for dogs in World Cup colours (see photo top right). The world has gone mad. The man in the bottom right photo was making a sculpture with balloons - we don't know what it was!

Another really easy trip back (everyone must have got to their cottages by now).


Friday, 27 June 2014

Schools out for Summer '14

Huffle went off very early to play golf and frighten away the resident heron that lives on the course. The boys went to school (though what for I have no idea as most of the kids finished after morning assembly). Apparently school is over once the report cards are issued, and that was yesterday! Some kids left early today to go to a theme park!

Moo and I dutifully attended the volunteer assembly. In past years my name has been called and I have had to embarrassingly trudged to the front to receive a gift for volunteering. Once a rose, and last year a school mug and a $5 Tim Hortons voucher. This year it was a thank you tea. However, Moo and I sat through speeches about the teachers who were leaving, a half an hour of photos of the whole year and all the students (Smallest appeared about seven times and Small about twice). There was some gift giving and after an hour and a half we should have 'clapped out' the grade 8's who were graduating to high school. We didn't though, we went to knitting instead.

Moo finished off casting my socks which look fabulous and very girly and then undid my collar on my cardi. I undid lots of rows and then did a lot of rows too. We had a nice coffee and a chat and then Moo and I went for lunch at the cafe where they heated up a soup that wasn't on the menu (because the proper one was beef!).

We walked to the bakery and bought some cakes and then popped to the charity shop where we bought nothing. We got a few groceries for the weekend and drove home. We sat by the pool playing scrabble but it was so hot up there. I went in the pool to cool off and then we took our game to the porch where it was much cooler.

We didn't have long before the kids came home full of the joys of end of school, full of thank you cards from the teachers and sweets and goodies from the bus lady and their own teachers. They had their angel delight ice cream with added things that they made yesterday and then we all went up to the pool.

There was plenty of squirting and pushing in and the lifeguards were very strict with the no kissing, wetting or being naughty rules. Huffle and the boys went off to get a pizza (as we don't trust the oven) and we ate in front of the Short Circuit 2 which is filmed in Toronto. We didn't know this until we watched it but recognised quite a few of the sets. It was filmed in 1988 though so it has changed a bit since then!

I don't have a lot of photos of me but Moo took some just as I was attempting I get on the lilo from the steps and I went straight under.

Huffle rang Samsung today and despite his protests that the cooker was not functioning, they are sending out an engineer next Friday. Well good luck Mr Engineer, hope you do better than the five other ones we have had in the past year and a bit!


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Groundhog Gardens

The kids each took a bag filled with 'Teacher Treats' today and stood waiting for their bus. Just as it pulled up I remembered Smallest's wellies and ran after him clutching them. Today he went on a Nature Walk with his class where the teacher thought they might encounter red ants so asked for them to wear long pants (long what? Pants that go down your leg? Oh trousers, right!) and rubber boots (wellies). Well yesterday when Small went Pond Studying, he ended up with more water in his wellies than in the pond!

Huffle went off miserably to work. Things are very bad now for him at work and he is very stressed.

Moo and I went to Toronto Botanical Gardens (or TBG for short). We had a good journey there with no incidents, parked and walked in.

This is the first time I have been here so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was probably not as big as I imagined and I am guessing it is maintained by volunteers. It wasn't the best kept place and as this time of year the flowers should be at their best, I was a little disappointed. Still, Moo and I had a good walk around, meandering rather than hiking. It was very hot and our hats were on and off and on and off as we encountered shady bits and hot bits alternatively.

After an hour of poddling around we stopped for a coffee and a shared scone from the only cafe there. It was quite expensive. Moo almost bought a bag of organic vegetable crisps but they cost double what the price tag said. We put them back, maybe we'll make some. We sat in the shade on a bench watching a lady walk round and round in circles, and then sometimes run really quickly. She didn't look like a walker/runner at all but it kept us entertained until we decided to try our scone but unfortunately it had a hair on it. Not just any hair, but a curly hair. Moo marched back and confronted them. They agreed it wasn't vey good and examined another one carefully to check it was okay. Moo said she could have made a real fuss but decided not to. The one we bought originally was a cranberry one and the one they replaced it with was a sultana one (yuk hate sultanas) so Moo took the sultanas out of my bit.

We carried on walking and found three different Groundhogs. One was happily eating the Coleus', another was hiding in the clover and the other one had just got out of the water. They are funny things. Moo thought they were a bit 'guinea piggy'.

We ventured past some baby Canada Geese guarded by their mum, who hissed at me when I got too close. We wandered through the vegetable gardens and found a good idea for growing beans which I might try next year.

We went over many bridges and climbed high to the Teaching Garden. Here we found a butterfly garden, another vegetable garden and a sensory garden. Another climb down and a few more bridges crossed and we ended up in another park. It seemed to go on forever and we decided to come away and find some lunch (not at the hairy cafe).

We got in the car and just drove. We had no idea which direction to go in because we didn't know where anything was so we just followed the majority of cars until we came across a street full of shops and restaurants. We did however pass the biggest houses we have seen here. Huge great billionaire mansions with tennis courts and pools. We parked the car, paid and walked along the street looking at menus until we found a lovely little cafe where we sat outside in the shade and had a small bite to eat. We seemed to be in an expensive area just outside of Toronto. However it was a lovely lunch and we spied some girls eating ice cream so had one of those too afterwards. At the TBG today there was an Organic Farmers Market but it didn't start until 2pm, we contemplated going back to the gardens but decided against it and drove home. It took just under an hour and the traffic wasn't too bad.

Once home, Scrabble and tea was taken on to the porch where we had a bit of peace (save for the frightening off the chipmunk who wanted to eat the bird seed) before the boys came home.

Peace shattered, bags left strewn, doors left open, ice poles dripped and messes left, the boys decided to go in the pool. Small practiced his handstands, underwater swimming and Smallest chilled on the rubber ring. Moo was lifeguard today.

We attempted to make a Roast Chicken Dinner (what a stupid idea in this blistering heat). Obviously the cooker thought it was too hot too as it decided to stop working 40 minutes into cooking and then wouldn't come on at all. Eventually when it reset itself we got it back on again but at a much lower temperature. Then it went off again. Much later we reset it again and it finally cooked after one more time of going off. Bloody thing!

The boys and Moo made angel delight and angel delight ice cream and the kids had them after dinner. I sat on the porch knitting and spotted two hummingbirds who fed at our feeder and fluttered or buzzed around our flowers poking its little beak in for the pollen. They are so small. One of them had a really bright red spot on its belly. I think that's the closest I have seen one. I got the camera ready but it didn't come back. Moo and I played a bit more scrabble but had to go in because the mossies were biting.


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Eat your greens Moo!

It was a hot and sticky night with no air flowing whatsoever. Apparently a Tornado hit Ontario last night (about an hours drive away). No one was injured.

Small went to school wearing wellies and shorts as he had a trip out to do a pond and river study. He came back with one green hand (and we have no idea why!). Smallest has a similar trip tomorrow.

Moo stayed at home this morning and watched Andy Murray at Wimbledon. I went off on my bike to Aerobics which was difficult due to the humidity again. Still we did lots of weight and floor work. Today was our last week until after the Summer. I cycled home an hour later to find Moo had done washing and drying, stripped all the beds and started clearing our pantry (which desperately needed to be done). She found all sorts of curiosities and lots of nice things that need eating up - oh shame!

The rest of the morning was spent baking treats for the teachers. Banana and Chocolate Loaf, Chocolate and Orange Loaf and Muffins and Ginger Muffins. We had a quick lunch and watched a very brief ten minutes of 'Amber' when we were interrupted by the Fed Ex man bringing Huffle's new golf clubs (Huffle edit- new to me, but used) He ordered them from England as they were a 'deal'. Except we had to pay tax on them so it wasn't such a great deal after all, but the man who delivered them told me to check the contents as the packaging was slightly damaged. I took them out and looked at them but confessed I had no idea what I was looking at. Moo looked too and we asked MrFedEx who said "well they are shiny and straight so I guess that's fine". He didn't play golf.

I had to go to the dentist today, just for a Hygienist visit but the dentist is about 30 mins away. I popped to the doctors (who are in the same building as the dentist) to check if they had Smallest's results back from his swab. The receptionist couldn't tell me his results and said I would need to speak to the nurse. I explained I had an appointment elsewhere and said I would come back later. I had my dentist appointment which was fine and then went back to the doctors where I got to see a lovely nurse who explained that Smallest didn't have Strep, just a virus. She also gave me some samples of Tylenol and Advil (paracetamol and Iboprofen equivalent) which were chewable for kids. I have never been given samples at a doctors office before so I ended up with a goody bag including my dentist stuff too (every time I go I get a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, picks and mouthwash).

Once home, Moo was still sorting the pantry. She did a fabulous job (and cleaned it too) plus made all the beds and finished the washing. Poor Moo I haven't let her out of the house today (some holiday) so we sat on the porch and had a cup of tea and try of the cakes. Then we went to the Royals house as Moo had bought MrRoyal some Blancmange. MrsRoyal was having troubles with her IPad so we tried to help but ended up bringing it home as the charger wasn't working. We found out that Drew's house sale has fallen through which is a shame.

The field from MrsRoyals back door. This is the site where they want to build 70 houses.

The boys bus went past on the bus and Moo ran off to get them. They both got their reports today and did exceptionally well. Small got mainly 'Good' and an 'Excellent' for Initiative, as well as 4 A's, 2 A-'s, 4 B's and 6 B+'s. Smallest got all 'Excellent' and 1 'Good' for Organisation (apparently his desk is a mess and needs to keep his belongings in better order!), he also got 2 A+'s, 11 A's, 2 A-'s and 1 B+. We are very happy with both of their reports. They have done wonderfully.

We finished with the baking and the boys made little tags and wrapped the treats up for each teacher. We all ate dinner and then had Eaton Mess (with some of the things from the pantry we had to eat). Ummmm yum yum. We thought of you Aunty Miaow and Uncle Tuc when we ate it!. With our dinner we had lettuce leaves that Small lovingly picked from the garden. Moo was halfway through her dinner when she jumped up, waving her arms and pointing at her dinner. She had a plump juicy caterpillar on her lettuce (I did wash it but while I did I pointed out to Moo that something had been eating it, whoops it looks like it still was!), suffice to say she didn't eat the rest of her lettuce. Good protein though Moo! Huffle edit- I'm not reducing her rent, it clearly shows that our produce is very fresh



Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Moo plug your good ear!

Last night Huffle, Moo and I watched a BBC programme called Cabbie Abroad about a London cab driver who is trying out taxi driving in different countries. The one we watched was in Cambodia and it was really interesting, funny in some parts but very informative in others. Next week he is in Northern Canda - now that should be interesting too.

Moo and I were set to go to work today at the Garden centre but we got a text telling us not to go in as the weather was a bit dodgy. We probably could have done it as it didn't start raining until mid afternoon and the storm didn't start until late afternoon. Instead we went off shopping. Clothes shopping - where we bought a few things for Moo, a few more for me and a couple of things for Small. We had already decided where we were going for lunch and were very disappointed when we got there and it was closed. We had a magic mystery tour and ended up in another pub which was showing two World Cup games at the same time. We watched England and Italy lose.

We did some food shopping and came home just as the boys bus was pulling away from our drive. The rain started coming down heavily and then the thunder started. The temperature in the car got to 29* and the humidity was 65% (I'm not completely sure of what that means but it was sticky!). Huffle took himself off to the basement, Moo and I played Scrabble and made the dinner and the boys did a chore each before settling down on the IPad and computer.

After dinner we played Torontopoly but only managed a short introductory game before Smallest went to bed. He is now back to his silly chimpy self though he is still coughing and taking his medicine.


Monday, 23 June 2014

The one where we sat in a pub all day

Smallest was much better today and went off to school with Small who was tired. Huffle went to work. It was a cloudy nothingness sort of weathery day until early evening when it started to rain slightly and got a bit humid!

Moo and I had an easy morning till 11am (we even watched a bit of 'Amber' whilst eating our breakfast), then we drove to Al's house and she drove us to King City (the home of horses and wealthy people apparently). Today we went to say goodbye to MarthaDammit, one of my knitting friends who is moving to BC next month. There were seven of us and we had a nice meal and lots of chat. It wasn't a great place for Vegetarians but then where is? I had Grilled Salmon and Moo had a Pear and Arugula Salad with Parmesan shavings. More arugula (rocket) than pear though! El gave us each a Mason Jar filled with flowers from her daughters wedding and TK gave me a sleeping mat and a pillow for Small for camping.

On the way home we drove past a huge mansion reputed to have been built for Elton John (his husband is from Ontario).

Back home we played scrabble on the porch and waited for the boys to come home. Smallest's words as he got off the bus were "Malcolm's an idiot!". (Apparently Malcolm, his best friend-no more, sprayed him with a water hose and he got wet through. He then pushed Malcolm and hurt him. Oh dear). Small got off the bus and said "Can my friend come and play?". What happened to "hello Mummy, hello Moo, have you had a nice day?". Smallest sat with us and played on the IPad and Small played at his friends house.




Sunday, 22 June 2014

Don't fall in Moo!

Smallest got up and seemed a lot better, but we still decided to stay in and around the pool today. It was very very hot. Breakfast was pancakes al fresco with lashings of fresh fruit and maple syrup. Lovely.

After a small game of football, we spent the rest of the morning by and in the pool. Swimming, touring, squirting, splashing. Games of Jenga Truth and Dare (which proved difficult next to the pool), a Scrabble game that lasted almost all day and two games of UPSET.

Huffle painted some more trellis and we had a visit from Ottos chickens. I have been thinking about keeping chickens but our other neighbour told us you could only keep them in 5acres of land. Well that's that then!

The photo bottom left is a chicken looking at huffle's mushroom. Yesterday Huffle identified this as an 'Artists Conk' and not edible - shame, it's huge!

Middle Left : Moo's annual wash.

Almost a perfect handstand Huffle - please point your toes next time

We had a 'cobbled together' dinner at lunchtime and came inside to eat and also to cool down. Moo then made us a Gruffalo Crumble (Rhubarb and Strawberry). Huffle and Smallest skyped Grandma and Grandad on the porch and had a good chat.

The rest of the afternoon was at the pool. More swimming and splashing and a very funny incident when Moo was trying to squirt me in the water and fell in. She toppled in at slow motion and dunked herself in completely, glasses, and all, fully clothed. Aww we did laugh a lot. She cooled down though.

A bit later Moo threw Smallest in the pool but he wasn't very happy about it. Oh dear, never mind! There have been plenty of times when we have thrown Small in but Smallest informed us that he cried too!

Our resident Cardinal. Not at all angry!

Small came home from camp about 5:30pm, tired and hungry. He told us all about his weekend. Two hours waiting for a hot dog that was awful on the way there of Friday. Fishing (he caught two bass), swimming, boating, kayaking, hiking, being car sick, being in a car with a driver who was falling asleep!!!! He is happy to be home again with a flushing toilet, nice food and his loving family (he didn't say that but I think it's true).

Plants were watered, everyone had showers, the boys had tea in front of TV and the adults had tea while they watched TV.

Some beautifulness from our garden





Saturday, 21 June 2014

Glass of Bob Creek anyone?

Last night Smallest had a temperature of over 38* and had really poorly looking eyes. He took himself off to bed after having painkiller to reduce his temperature and the fan on in his room. This morning he was still asleep at 7:30am (which is almost unheard of). Moo was waiting for him to wake her up as she woke him when she went to bed last night!

We had a text message from the Cubs Leader 'Baden Powell' to say that camp was set up and they were thinking about bed (about 10pm).

This morning Smallest looked very unwell and was complaining of being cold even though he was very hot, however his temperature was normal. His breath smelt bad (like Small's does when he gets Strep), he started shivering and he didn't have an appetite. Moo and I went off to Oshawa to my quilting class and Huffle and Smallest went off to the doctors. The doctor checked his throat (and nothing else!) and said he had possible strep, sent off a swab and gave him antibiotics. Moo and I met up with Suffolk only to find we had the wrong week. The place was closed so we went for coffee and waited for it to open. Once it did open the lady who opens the shop was very nice, though she was still taking out the curlers from her wet hair, and gave Suffolk and I instructions for the next quilt sampler and our pieces of fabric. She gave me some tips on appliqué for next time but said I had done well with my robins.

We left Suffolk and came home. Huffle and Smallest came home too with medicine and we dosed Smallest up and went up to the pool. We had Music, Mastermind, Guess Who and Scabs and Scruffles (or whatever it's called).

There was some swimming, some lilo banter, pool tours (Moo Island, Weird Monkey Painting the fence, but don't look him in the eyes, Whirlpool and Choppy Waters) and more gaming. In between all this we had lunch served from the Cool Box.

Moo did some seed planting, feeding and watering of the vegetables and Huffle painted the pool trellis. Moo and I also made a shade covering for the deck with help from Huffle and his 'too close to the barn' ladder!

Petunia Planter all in pink, planting in the potagé

We haven't heard anything else from Small but hope he is having a fabulous time.

Poor Smallest was in and out of poorlyness today. One minutes he was fine the next he looked ill again. He has had his antibiotics and Iboprofen and gone to bed early with a little story and some Vicks on his chest.


Friday, 20 June 2014

Where's Moo?

A very early golf game for Huffle where he managed to lose the end of his driver in the water. Whoops. He then worked from home for the rest of the day. Car bit fell of yesterday, golf club today. Oooh Huffle be careful tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Smallest complained of a sore throat but after a salt gargle he felt better and went off to school. Small was still complaining of a twisted ankle but after I said I could cancel his Cubs Camp, felt much better and went off to school too.

Moo and I watched the men next door cut the tops of our trees (they weren't particularly worth watching but we knew they would be coming onto our garden to finish the job and were just interested how much they take off).

A before and after shot of the cedar hedge. Not too much then - glad we are not paying for it!

Small's huge rucksack was dropped off at the camp leaders house where we had a chat and paid the fees. We then popped to the supermarket and bumped into Mr Royal and had a brief chat and then bumped into Drew and had an even briefer chat. We went off to knitting and Moo managed to re-cast off my sock and then cast off again. I did well with my knitting until I realised I had missed a very important row. Arrrggghhh.

Last year everyone got knitted socks. This year El has this amazing wool that shows up when lit up - very safe for kids walking in Winter in the dark or skiing or snowboarding at night. Guess what everyone is getting this year?). Does anyone think moo looks a bit like Where's Wally?

Suffolk, Moo and I went for lunch at the cafe and had Curried Sweet potato soup and a bagel and then indulged in a small bit of cake. Yum yum.

Okay, so Moo's cake wasn't quite so small!

We left Suffolk and drove to a new hairdresser someone had recommended for Moo. Moo had her hair cut and the lady was lovely. I think I might take the boys there soon for their hair cuts. She is the mum of someone in Small's class.

We drove home where we were greeted with a very warm poorly boy - Smallest had rang home as he felt ill and Huffle had picked him up. I took his temperature but then he told me he had been lying under the heavy blanket!!! He was fine. Moo and I played a game of scrabble win him on the porch and he soon cooled down.

I picked up Small from school and he came home to have a quick biscuit and say goodbye to everyone before I took him to the Leaders house where he was to start his weekend's adventure. They are going to be stopping for something to eat on the way (the journey will be about two and a half hours), setting up camp and having a campfire. Tomorrow they will be swimming, canoeing, fishing, tubing, sailing and night hiking. Sunday will be swimming, hiking and possibly exploring some caves on the way home. The Leaders wife did ask me if I was sure I didn't want to go. Sounds like fun but the camping - oh no!!!!

Smallest built some Lego that Moo brought with her and helped me to test the cakes I made. Maltesers Muffins.

Moo and I made pizza for dinner and I cleaned the kitchen while Moo swept the house. Huffle and Smallest played on the trampoline and played football. Talking of football, that's it then! England are out! BOOOOOO. Better take the bunting down.



Thursday, 19 June 2014

Moo's Bungee.

This morning no-one wanted to get up. Huffle went to work but came back at 2pm ish as his phones were still down from the storm the other day. The boys went to school and nearly missed their bus as the driver was very early today. Moo and I went off to the Faraway Garden and worked hard for a couple of hours but also got served coffee and cake as a reward. I came home with another fruit bush (that's four now) and a big low growing pine which we secured to the roof of my car using bungee cords. We managed to get home on one piece plus the tree and had a much needed lunch on the porch.

Faraway Garden Frog

Faraway Garden Dog

After lunch (and a part game of scrabble in which Moo would like me to mention she won - we won't say anything about it being the first time in seven games), Moo mowed the grass in the back and I dug some garden at the front. Huffle came home (with a small incident on the way home when a piece fell off his car, thankful it's not an important part and his car doesn't make a rattling sound anymore) and did his telephone call in front of the muted TV (surprise surprise, the football was on - shame we didn't win.

At least she has both legs on the tractor this time!

Moo and I had a sneaky ice cream (well we had worked hard) and then I mowed the front garden and Then we planted the big pine tree. It is huge but looks like it was always there which is good.

Small came home home with a twisted ankle (actually he twisted it yesterday getting out of the shower and was wearing a support on it all day, though his shoes didn't fit over it!), soaked his foot in Epsom salts and then I took him to a Start of Summer Swimming Party at his friends house. Smallest didn't come home as he went straight to his friend's house from school where they played and swam and had a nice dinner. I had a quick dip in our pool (24*) had a shower and went to pick up Small who didn't want to come home yet and had had pizza at the party. Huffle sneaked a swim too. I came home and Moo, Huffle and I ate dinner and then Huffle picked up Smallest and then Small.

They were both very very tired and went to bed not long after.