Friday, 30 November 2012

Ooooh yer Fighter

No alarm this morning (not that I hear it anyway, just the tiny flip flap of Huffle's flat feet echoing around the room). Today he had his Winter Tyres put on so didn't have to go to work early. When he did get up though he put the recycling out, and put stuff away in the barn, while he got his tyres out and put them in the car ready. Small nearly missed the bus because I'm not used to having Huffle at home at that time of day. (Can't blame Grandma this time!). Smallest and I cleaned the bathrooms, generally tidied and then while I got ready, Huffle and Smallest played on the Wii together. (While Huffle waited for his car to be ready).

Huffle went off to get his car and go back to work and Smallest and I did a puzzle together and waited for his little friend to come and play. I had no idea whether his Mum would stay or leave him. I think five is a difficult age. Can you leave them with someone you hardly know? Will they be happy to stay at someone else's house (probably yes!) is it fair on the parents to leave your child with them when they don't really know them?Anyway she did stay (and had her little girl with her too). We had a lovely chat. She is a very nice lady and her kids are great. Smallest and I made flapjacks (oaty things not pancakes) for them (they had never had them before and they liked them!). We had a great morning and I hope to do it again soon.

Smallest and I had lunch and then drove to the doctors. I needed to get my prescription stamped. I picked up another prescription and got my foot one stamped. Now I am just waiting for Huffle to contact the insurance company and tell us whether we can order the orthotics.

We went into the supermarket next door to the doctors and bought some strawberries. The lady who served us gave Smallest a special bag and put stickers on it for him. We popped into another supermarket and bought a few essentials for Christmas. Then we drove home, had a piece of flapjack, sat in front of the TV and tried not to fall asleep. We waited for Small to come home and then went off to swimming.

Small played his DS. I sat with a nice lady who is Small's friend's Mum and Smallest swam beautifully. He did so well he got the next badge. There is a break in lessons for a while till January now. I'm glad because it was -7 outside and that is too cold to be leaving the swimming pool wet!

We came home, made dinner, skyped Grandma. Huffle came home, we all had dinner. Smallest had a shower and Small helped me empty the dishwasher, and the boys sat with their feet soaking whilst watching Marmaduke.

Pair of old women!

Huffle and I rummaged around in all (and there are a lot!!) the boxes containing Christmas things until we found our advent calendar. We put it up ready for the boys tomorrow. This is one I painstakingly sewed by hand a couple of years ago. We have filled the pockets up to '6'. We'll do the rest tomorrow.

I smell Orange Smarties. (Ever since Small was a baby, I taught him that all Orange Smarties HAD to be given to Mummy's. He still gives them to me and now Smallest does it too.)Yum yum.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Excellent Hair Day

Huffle and I woke up at 5am to an owl hooting. It didn't bother me, it was quite nice. I also heard a trap go off somewhere. Eeeuuuugghhh.

It was icy cold this morning.

The boys went off to school.

I rushed about getting ready and then went to the assembly. I got to sit on the front row. Smallest got called up to collect a ribbon for reading 20 times in November and then again for Excellence and Improvement in Reading.

Small got up to receive an award for Excellence in French. I am very proud.

I rushed out of the assembly before it finished so I could meet Mrs Royal and get to the hairdressers. It was a long drive but we had a good chat on the way. We were actually early. We got to have a good chat with 'Smoothie'. We ate our pre-prepared sandwiches, jam tarts and coffee and then later after our hair was cut we tried her brownies. yum yum. We got ourselves some lovely haircuts.

We left there and drove home. I got back with about fifteen minutes to spare before picking the boys up. I grabbed their library books, and went off to pick them up. I went into the office so the secretary could let them know not to get on the bus. I stopped Small and told him to wait for me. I went to Smallest's class to get him but he wasn't there, his teacher said he had already been sent to the office. There was no way he could have got past me so I walked back to the office and they put a call out for him to come back to the office. I saw him walking from the opposite direction. Somehow, the teacher had let him out (but she didn't know!) and he was waiting for the bus. He said he was told to go to the bus. DOH.

We went in the school library and looked at the Book Fair. The books the kids wanted were ridiculous so I said No. Smallest wanted a Star Wars Origami book (oh I wonder who would have to fold those then?). We went off to the library in the Hamlet. Picked up some books and came home. The boys wanted to play on the Wii and emptied their bags and the dishwasher for me and then played together. I got their dinner, filled the dishwasher and Skyped LizzieDotDot.

The kids ate their dinner, Huffle came home (he had already eaten at lunchtime). I had my dinner. The boys played on the Wii. When they started arguing, we stopped the Wii and they brought a game up instead. We all played Ticket to Ride. Huffle won.

Small soaked his feet in Epsom Salts because he was complaining of sore heels again. They went to bed.

Huffle and I cycled, played on the Wii and then had a cup of tea in front of the TV while I soaked my feet.



Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Trousers off and hold breath

There was no I'm a Celebrity last night. We were really disappointed. I don't know if it just wasn't on or whether the person who puts it on YouTube didn't do it. BOOOOOOO!

Everyone slept well. Huffle went off to work. Small went off to school. No snow but cold. Ice on the inside of the Sun Room window.

Smallest and his 'from birth' teddy, Smelly, had a bath. It was very funny listening to him bathing his little friend. He put him in an upside down drum and floated him around, washed him and helped him 'swim'. The only problem is now we can't get him dry. He may have to sleep without him tonight!

He read to me and then we went shopping. First stop was the Post Office. We had two parcels to send to the same house in England. One was for Christmas and the other was just a treat. However, they both cost over $17 each. I didn't mind for the presents but for the treat, it was only some sweets and chocolate, so I changed my mind and only sent the presents. Moo will have to take the sweets back for me instead. Also found out today that if I am sending anything the the UK for Christmas, it has to be by the 30 November. Bloody Hell! We are going to have to completely change the way we shop I think. It will all have to be via Amazon and Internet - I have probably already said this but the postage is ridiculous. I received a gorgeous thing in the post today from the UK and the postage on that was £2.30. That doesn't compare to what we pay here for the other way, unless I'm missing something! As we came out of the Post Office, Smallest said "pooh it stinks, I'm going to take my trousers off and hold my breath!". (There was a smell similar to muck spreading) he looked at me and we fell about laughing. He didn't mean to say 'take his trousers off'. i think he was about to say something else and then forgot!

Anyway, next we went to the Furniture Consigment shop. My lovely Green Chair was still there. Now half price. I messaged Huffle to see if I could buy it but he ignored me (obviously a good tactic and one that worked because I left it!). He said later he was in a meeting and didn't see it till later! I also saw those lovely sofas in there again and realised they weren't as light coloured as I remembered. I am going to try and make Huffle go in there on Saturday and force him to look at them and my Green Chair!!

Next we went to the supermarket and bought a few supplies. Smallest was brilliant but tired and hungry. We rushed home, had lunch, quickly skyped LizzieDotDot (who was waiting for her delivery of fish and Chips - I was very jealous!). We played on the Wii after I put the shopping away and then played Pokemon Yahtzee - Smallest won!

We got ready for TaeKwonDo and drove to school. Small did his homework while I watched Smallest.

It was his last lesson and I asked the Master for his card to see if we could sign the kids up for lessons properly. He said that Smallest should go twice a week at this stage. Not sure how we will fit that in. Will speak to Huffle!

Small finished his homework and then he and Smallest played on the Wii. I made dinner. Huffle came home. We all had dinner together. We played a quick game of Pokeman Yahtzee and then Huffle and I worked through a pile of paperwork that had to be sorted. Bills that requested payment when we had already paid them, forms and waivers for Small for his rock climbing and and his snowboarding lessons, Claims forms for my foot, checking and signing of homework. Honestly, we get more paperwork to sort through than the boys get homework! that cant be right! One, or both of us, should have gone to a meeting tonight about the building on the field but there just is never enough time to do anything. We checked the time and place of the meeting and realised we had five minutes to get there, the kids were tired and wanted putting to bed, my foot was killing me, Huffle had had a hard week already and I was fed-up. We decided not to go.

Huffle put the boys to bed. I rang the Garden Centre to see when they needed me to go in, tidied up the paperwork and made some jam tarts. It was past 9pm by the time Huffle and I finished our 'to do lists'. He watched Stoke and I soaked my feet in Epsom Salts (my foot fixer said so!).

That is pottermus, Stoke's best player. Ha ha ha

Tomorrow is Assembly day at the school and both boys have 'achieved' something and will be getting 'recognised' so I have to be at the school for 9:05am. Clever Boys.



Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Feet, Forest and Flora

Last night we watched the new series of 'Cake boss, the next Great Baker'. We love it.

Huffle went off to work this morning as quiet as a mouse. He is taking an American visitor out for dinner tonight so will be home late. The boys went off to school.

It didn't snow in the night. There is still a little bit around, and ice. I was supposed to meet the ladies for a walk in the forest this morning but NoCustard had a late night and couldn't make it. So I had a leisurely breakfast, got ready and went out. I had a foot appointment at 11:30 and wasn't too sure where it was. I left in plenty of time with the intention of doing some Christmas shopping on the way.

This was the icicle hanging beneath my car.

On the way. The glinting in the distance is Lake Ontario.

I found the foot clinic and had about 3/4 hour spare so I turned around and headed for the Mall. By the time I had walked around (without even buying anything), it was nearly time to go. I drove back to the clinic and got in there early. They saw me immediately. Give me a lovely coffee to warm me up and started the consultation.

I have plantar fasciitis (which is what I knew already), I have slight knock knees (ie my knees face one way, my shins the other) I don't have varicose veins but I could get them, I have the beginnings of a bunion but it isn't bad (thanks to my Mum and Grandma for that!!), I have good circulation in my feet, I have one Achilles which is very tight and one that is not too bad. Wow all that for $25 (which I didn't have to pay because I was referred). If I wanted to come out feeling young, sprightly and fit, that wasn't the place to go to. However, I now have a prescription for some orthotics and some compression socks (the socks will help with restless leg, veins and leg fatigue). I now have to go back to the Doctor, get him to stamp the prescription, ring the foot man and he will make some orthotics for me. I felt he was a bit of a 'salesman' but he knew I would go through the Insurance Company so probably wanted to get as much as he could. As long as they help me! I have some exercises to do with a cold coke can and I need to get some Epsom Salts and soak my foot in them. I have to give up walking on hard surfaces. Forest walking is good as it is spongy underneath. I need to do more resistance training and not the stuff that bump bumps my foot. I also need massage on it but I can do it myself if I don't want to go to a masseur. Yoga will also help as it will stretch my foot, legs, etc.

I went to the Mall and tried to do some shopping. I bought Christmas Cards, some presents for the boys and a few bits and bobs. I was going to have something to eat there but Mrs Royal told me she was going to the Forest in the afternoon so I rushed back, had a quick sandwich and then met Mrs Royal, Drew and Garfunkel. We went to a different forest today. It was gorgeous. The sun shone, but there was still snow on the ground and in places was icy.

We passed this iced pond

Garfunkel, Mrs Royal and Drew

Beautiful trees

A sculpture in the middle

More trees - I can't help it, I love them
This tree had suckers coming out of the branch. Drew told me, if it was in your garden, you would chop this off.
I don't think it matters how many times I go into the forest, I always find amazing things to take a photo of. I love it. I love the trees, the paths, the sky, the leaves (if there are any), and I love seedheads - I just love it all. Thank goodness my foot man said I could still walk in the forest! (And luckily for you reading, I only go once a week!).

We got home just in time to see the bus pull up, two smalls climb out, giggling along the drive. A soon as they realised the door was locked and I wasn't there, they turned around. I was walking up the drive behind them. We came in, emptied school bags and talked about the day. Small did some homework and then we all had dinner. We played on the Wii until it was time to take Small to Cubs. It was cold. We bundled up even though we were only in the car.

Smallest and I came home, played on the Wii, read a book and then he went to bed. Huffle came home, got changed and fetched Small from Cubs.

Wii sports - Bowling, Boxing and Baseball.
Small went to bed. We finished watching the 'Next Great Baker' and 'Cake Boss' and then went to bed and watched 'I'm a Celebrity'. Where does the time go?


Monday, 26 November 2012

Flood, Farm and Fun

The UK are having horrific weather at the moment and in some parts, flooding. I found this picture in the Telegraph - it is in the County where we lived before coming here.

For the third day in a row, it had snowed. Again, not a lot, just enough to cover the drive, however it soon melted. It is still pretty much covering the grass at the back.

We packed Small off to school wearing his snow boots "do I need my coat Mummy?" ER YES I THINK SO, HAVE YOU LOOKED OUTSIDE? He didn't want to wear his snow pants as it takes too long to get them on and off but if it does snow considerably then he won't be allowed out without them.

Smallest played on the computer, came and had breakfast with me and went back onto the computer afterwards while I cleaned a bathroom, swiffed and had a shower. Then he read to me and we played on the Wii (and cycled). We skyped Moo and he read to her too. Not long before she is here! We stopped for lunch and Smallest watched something on TV that hurt my ears. Just sounded like a lot of noise, so I read a Chocolate recipe magazine instead. Ummmm, lots of lovely things to make but I resisted. Smallest wrote his letter to Santa (well he called him Satna but it's close enough!).

After lunch we played Lego Creationary. We made a microwave, Big Ben, sink, house and a maze. Then we played Junior Monopoly - Smallest won. We went upstairs to the loft and did some decorating and sewing. Smallest sat on the pedal for me while I manoeuvred the material. He made a lovely gift which we will send out soon. We tidied and wrapped and then built a train track. Small came home and he joined us for a while before we had to have half an hour on the Wii. Small got on with his homework, Smallest did a puzzle and I made dinner.

Huffle came home and we had Many Bean Paella - yum. Smallest got ready for Beavers and I drove him there, picked up Drew on the way, intending to walk for the hour he was there. However, beavers was not in the normal place, or the place that it is when it isn't in the normal place. I rang one of the numbers of the helpers, no reply. Went round to their house. Their husband called her. They were on a hike at a farm about ten minutes down the road. We turned round, found the farm dropped him off, he had to have my gloves as he wasn't really dressed for outside walking. Drew and I came back, picked up a pair of gloves for me and then we walked for about twenty minutes until I had to pick Smallest up again.

He had had a great time. They picked a chickens egg (he thought we would now have chickens!), had a hunt where he had to find pine cones and played some games. Shame he missed the first bit but he enjoyed it anyway. We were missed off the email list!!

We came home. The boys went to bed. Huffle and I watched the Hunger Games last night. Thoroughly enjoyed the book and the film was okay but there was so much missed out I had to explain a lot to Huffle. I guess you can't put it all in. It all ended very suddenly which I dont remember it doing in the book but I suppose film number two will be out shortly. When we went to bed we watched I'm a celebrity. We love Rosemary Shrager's oohs and ahhhhs, very funny.




Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pyjama Day

It snowed again last night, but only a small sprinkling. It covered the drive and roof but not the roads. Smallest came in at 7:30 to ask if he could get up, but as he didn't go to bed until 10pm, we sent him back to bed. The boys ended up getting up properly at 8 ish. They were very noisy and we only managed to stay in bed till just before 9. Luxury.

We all had breakfast and the boys wrote a list of what they wanted to play today. It was a long list and as we decided to stay in our pyjamas all day we got on with the list straight away. We started with Wii and played Super Mario Brothers. Our remotes ran out of charge after about half an hour so we left them charging and went and played Disney Monopoly. Small won that and Huffle was bankrupt. My choice was next. On my list was cutting the boys toe nails and trying on snow gear to make sure they fit. - hey, I know how to party.

Huffle's choice was table football next. Smallest and I got a quick practice in first, then Smallest and I played against Huffle and Small. They won (only just). We stopped for lunch and finished off our film from yesterday. Then we played Monopoly Deal, Pig goes Pop and Carcassonne. We sent the kids off for showers and Huffle and I started making pastry. Once the kids were clean they helped make Mince Pies (I know it's early but I found some mincemeat and I wanted Huffle to see if it was any good). We also made a few jam tarts as well. We have extra pastry left for Smallest and I to make more tomorrow if we want.

The boys thought they were the best ever! Huffle said it was different mincemeat to what we would have had in England but he likes it.

Huffle 'fed' the Christmas Cake

We made dinner, abandoned the playing list as the boys were starting to fight. They played in their own rooms for a bit while we sorted dinner and then we all ate together. Huffle and I had a couple of games of table tennis and he beat me easily. The more he beat me, the more I got annoyed, and the more I lost, the more I wanted to play. In the end we got interrupted by Smallest who wanted to play too. After three games, Smallest played with Huffle and then with me.

Apart from a brief moment where we all danced to the Bear Cha Cha Cha, the boys watched some TV and had an early night.


Mr & Mrs Royal are proud new Grandparents and went to pick him up from the airport yesterday. Little cutie.

Doesn't she look proud?