Friday, 28 February 2014

Level 6 and 10 passed

About 4am Smallest came into our room complaining of being too warm. I turned the heating right down, opened his window and gave him some medicine to bring his temperature down (it was just over 37*). Small also woke up and I opened his window which is ridiculous because when we got up it -23*. I told Smallest he wasn't going to school tomorrow and when he got up he was full of beans saying he was going to school today but not tomorrow (someone got mighty confused). He had also had a nightmare where zombies had bitten off Small's head and when he woke up he went to check if Small was okay. Right, so the film about cartoon zombies we were watching right before bed was a no-no then. I told him zombies weren't real and he said "but they were a long time ago". NO REALLY THEY WEREN'T.

He looked and felt really warm this morning but his temperature was fine. He started to get ready for school and then told me he didn't want to go as his throat felt like it was closing up. I wasn't convinced he was poorly enough to stay off but I would rather he was 100% when we go to England so I wasn't overly concerned about him being off. However mid morning I remembered it would be his last swimming session and if he didn't go he possibly wouldn't get his next badge. When I mentioned about swimming he asked if he could go back to school as he felt better! Kids, how are we supposed to know what to do with them? I told him he wasnt going in and that if he rested plenty, and felt okay later, he could go to swimming.

He played in his room with his lego and then helped me to bake a Birthday Cake for Huffle. We made an almighty mess and ended up with mixture on my newly painted walls. Not so much Soft Linen now as Yellow Cake Mix ha!

Grandad made me put this many candles on, I was just going for a mere four but he said we needed more!!

MrBasement primed the walls and ceiling today. Everywhere pristine white which makes me think even more that we should paint the whole room white. When we wanted to paint the loft white, the painter suggested otherwise saying it would look too stark and hospital-like. They don't like white here, thats why they paint everything 'Canada'. I like white and I am sticking to my guns on this one. MrBasement said we could just paint the whole room with primer if we wanted and that it was on offer at the moment. Ummmmm maybe!

Day 10

Smallest played on the computer, skyped Moo and Grandma, played on his DS, helped me play on his DS, had a couple of games of Stack 'Em Up and Jenga and watched a bit of TV.

Huffle had a birthday meal out at work and another birthday cake.

This is Huffle waving away his Secretary

And blowing out his candles.

Small came home and we had a quick game of Dominoes falling down and then they got ready for swimming. Smallest wasn't going and had a quick lie down so I called Huffle to come home, then while Huffle was on his way, Smallest decided he did want to go. In the end Huffle came home and stayed and worked and the boys and I went to swimming. Smallest did swim for about half the lesson until he felt sick and had to come out. His teacher said he had passed last week so that was fine. Well done Smallest. Small carried on swimming with his new goggles. He said they helped a lot. He also passed and is now going into Swim Club which is a Non-competitive competitive club for swimming (yes that makes perfect sense! NOT!). Well done Small. The only problem is that Smallest's lesson will be 4:45pm till 5:30pm and thn Small's would be 5:30pm till 6:30pm and it takes about 20 minutes to get home. When do they eat? Smallest struggled this evening because it was about 6:30 when we finally started eating and because it was so late and he was so tired, he left most of it!

We came home and Huffle had our Jacket Potatoes ready. Small was supposed to go to Youth Club Games night tonight but he was too tired so we will look at going once we are back from our trip.

We lit the candles,

We sang Happy Birthday to you, we went to the zoo, we saw a big monkey and we thought it was you - lots of laughing from the boys as they sang


And Huffle blew out the candles. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUFFLE XXXXX

Smallest went to bed very early and was fast asleep by 7pm with all his clothes on and no teeth cleaned! Bless him.


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Happy Birthday Pizza

It seems we have a new tradition in our house. This morning we were awoken by the boys coming in, marching around the bed making trumpeting sounds and throwing birthday cards at Huffle, then they crawled in with us, putting their little cold feet all over us while Huffle read his cards. He had some great ones this year. The boys and I had lovingly made ours, he had a British Bulldog one from Moo and from Grandma and Grandad a card that said it was from David and Samantha Cameron. Next Small went and got his presents and we watched him open them. He had new hair clippers, teas and a tea strainer ball, pyjamas (from Smallest who insisted he put them on immediately when he realised Huffle was completely nude!) and we framed a Doonbeg flag he got as a prize in golf a while ago (huffle edit - winning the Allianz national championship no less!)

Huffle worked from home today, the boys went to school, MrBasement came early and worked till late morning. Nothing much to show but hoping he has just the Primer to do now.

Day 9

We had a weather warning today which included Polar Vortex (ie very cold), 2-4cm snow and a white out with visibility of zero. Nice. I went to 'Suffolk's' house (it was on the way there that I heard the weather warning) where we chatted and sewed and crocheted. I helped her with her crocheted hairband and she taught me how to sew a bag step by step. We worked and chatted until nearly 2pm when we were so hungry we went off for lunch of soup, wrap and chocolate butter tart (ummm ummmmm) and then came back in time for the kids to come home. I drove home and just missed my boys getting off the bus.

Smallest wasn't feeling very well with a tummy ache, feeling sick and a headache so we decided we weren't going out for dinner as planned. He sat on the sofa under a blanket and we watched a bit of Robin Hood (animated Disney old style). He said he was feeling better so we got ready to go out only to notice he looked really poorly, plus Small was really tired. Huffle rang for a Pizza (no-one delivers out here in the sticks!) and I drove to pick it up. It was a very interesting journey. The temperature was about -14 and the wind was blowing the snow across the roads so it was really hard to see. The sun was out but starting to set and was really low in the sky. At the point where if it is in front you can see nothing at all except a very dirty windscreen. I stupidly put my windscreen washers on because I couldn't see a thing and it instantly froze. I had to pull over and try to clear it but as I drove off again, it froze up again. I opened the window (luckily I did, because there was a stupid old woman walking along the road and I couldn't see her and nearly ran her over, as did about three other cars!). My windscreen cleared, the sun went down and I arrived at the Pizza place just as the pizza was coming out of the oven. I attempted to drive home along the back road, thinking that if I needed to stop because of the snow blowing or the windscreen freezing, it would be safer. OH NO IT WASN'T! The roads were horrendous, not been ploughed, lots of snow and ice with more snow blowing across the road. This road is a very up and down one and on the down bits the surface was really slippy. I had various cars overtake me because I drove really slow (yes me!). I finally got home safely and we sat and ate a really nice pizza in front of the film Paranorman (the boys and I watched this at the cinema but it was good enough to watch again).

Smallest is feeling better but we gave him medicine and sent him to bed. Tomorrow is Pink day where the boys are supposed to wear pink - they say NO they will wear red instead. It is for anti bullying awareness.

Huffle hasn't had a great birthday but I'm sure we will make it up to him at the weekend. Tomorrow I will make him a Birthday cake - he has asked for a Victoria Sponge.



Wednesday, 26 February 2014

39 Tomorrow!!

More snow overnight, just a sprinkling though. Huffle went off to work and the boys off to school. MrBasement arrived and was here until mid afternoon.

We now have dimming lights (not the final light fittings yet)

Day 8

I went off to my exercise class. ExerciseNic's daughter was off ill today so the loft was kept warm for her. Phew it was tough! That was the last one now until April as she is off to Australia.

I came home, showered, tidied, put some washing on ..........

Huffle's favourite monkey (Gunkey) got a birthday wash

........and then went off to school to meet with Small's teachers. I wanted to find out why his report didn't reflect the work he bought home. I spoke at length to his morning teacher who teaches him Language and Maths. She said he was doing very well and was very happy with his work. She marked him down a couple of times for late or missing work (which I didn't know anything about!!!). She said sometimes he needs to keep on track and use his Rubric (a way of checking that all criteria is done). She said we, as parents, were doing a fabulous job and that at some point Small has to start pushing himself fully and not rely on us or her. She also said that we have two wonderful children and it was because of us that they were so lovely. Ahhhhhh. I briefly spoke to his afternoon teacher (Science and Social Studies, which he is actually doing so much better in and came home with A's) and she said her marks on his report definitely reflected his work. She was very happy with him and his work and says he just needs to be less 'social' and check his work thoroughly. Both teachers said we were to go away for our break and enjoy oursleves and not worry about school or homework.

I came home, sorted washing, had lunch and then did a bit more painting. Moo skyped and we chatted while I painted.

When the boys came home, Small went off to the local ice rink with his friend and they skated for about an hour. I felt a bit weird leaving him there without adult supervision but I guess he's getting older now and I have to let go a bit! Boooo Hoooo. His friend's Dad picked them up and brought them home. They had a good time and Small said he tried hockey and its not that bad. NOOOOOOOO!

Smallest and I played on his DS and then I made dinner. Small, Smallest and I went into the loft and made Birthday Cards for Huffle for tomorrow. He asked for a parade but we think parades should be saved for Fathers and Mothers Day.

Huffle and I played table tennis while the kids watched TV and then Smallest read to Huffle while Small and I did some more drawing.



Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Steven Hawkings for you

I looked out of the window this morning and said to Huffle "Ha, at least it hasn't snowed". Last night Huffle buggered up our internet on the Computer so worked from home, intermittently working on his laptop and phoning Bell (our internet provider) and Apple. When he walked to his car to move it (so MrBasement could park and I could leave for work) he noticed it had snowed, just a sprinkling. BOOOOO!

The boys went off to school, Small armed with his new skates and helmet for his school ice skating trip. He had a fabulous time and loved skating. Two of his friends helped him and now he can start skating, stop and turn. He is trying to arrange to go and skate at his friends house at the weekend. A lot of people here create small ice rinks in their gardens.

MrBasement arrived and started Mudding No2. I have taken a photo though it doesn't look any different to yesterday.

Day 7

At work I was with Pat, Jan, DM and Jeff. Today we transplanted many many many tiny lettuces. Names I have never heard of and when we had finished those we started on the Swiss Chard. We had a laugh and tried Jan's amazing Ginger biscuits with Lemon Drizzle (deeeelicious - I get the recipe next week).

I came home at 12:30 ish and Huffle and I had lunch together (Internet still not fixed). I started painting the ceiling in the kitchen. Yesterday I bought Pink paint that changed to white as it dried. There wasn't an awful lot of choice and I bought it more for the quality rather than the gimmick. The gimmick didn't work too well as it dried before I even got to the next part so couldn't see where I had painted anyway. Still it looks better though I may have missed a few spots. As the kitchen was covered in plastic sheeting, I started painting the cream walls too with a roller. Splatters everywhere, including my face and hair!

I managed to clear away, have a quick skype with Aunty A (before being disconnected by Huffle and Apple) and stop painting by the time the boys came home. Small told us all about his skating while doing his Maths homework. I have a meeting planned tomorrow to see Small's teacher to discuss his report. I made Omelette and Rice for dinner and Decadent Chocolate Muffins for pudding.

Ummmmm ummmmm. Huffle finally got the internet working and can now watch British TV and American netflix which might not sound much but they have everything on there. Time to sell the satelite dish!

The boys watched TV before bed.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Big Fat Frozen Sausage

Would you believe it? It snowed again. It wasn't forecast, that's not fair! We had about 5cm. I'm annoyed because last night I went out and put salt down on all the paths and drive and now the snow has covered it all up again. Well that was a waste of time and salt! Huffle went off to work and the boys off to school. MrBasement arrived early on his own with our lights and armfuls of Basement stuff. He worked hard today and all drywall is up and the first lot of mudding has been done. He also cut a piece out of the wall to see where the water was coming from. He is hoping that once the flashing is sorted it will stop the water but that we might have to do some landscaping outside to make sure the water doesn't run into the basement. We can't do that until Spring/Summer though.

Day 6

TL: stairs going down into basement (we never asked him to make this better so thats a bonus)

TR: windows have gone - hurrah (the view was under the sun room which was NOTHING!)

BOTTOM: walls and ceiling - yay

I went off to do some shopping. I took Smallest's glasses back but unfortunately they didn't have anymore so he is still glassless. I did my shop and came home, put it all away, had lunch and then started sanding and painting. I painted all the cupboards again after I sanded the old drips away, filled in some holes and painted a bit more wall.

The boys came home and I made dinner. Small had homework so he got on with that and then they both played on the Ipads.

Tonight both boys went off to Cubs and Beavers. At Cubs, Small made a start on his design for his CubCar (we are planning to take it to England with us so Grandad can help with the Engineering side of it). Smallest got to pick up litter from around the Hamlet and was very happy because he found a big fat frozen sausage. Huffle and I spent our free hour playing table tennis and then sorting out the wifi problems (well he did).


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Can you wiggle your fingers?

Canada apparantly won the Olympics - that is what Small's friend Cog said. Well done Canada, to win the whole olympics was an amazing feat. Someone needs to tell them that Hockey is not the whole Olympics, there are other sports too!

After breakfast we went snowboarding. There were many cars in the car park but on our little slopes there weren't many people and at times we had the hills to ourselves.

The new helmets worked very well though Smallest could have done with the glasses I broke yesterday as it was very bright and sunny. Smallest managed to turn well and stop but despite his progress he spent a lot of the time in tears. He fell a few times and bumped his head. We had to ask him not to lay still for so long as when are at the top of the hill and he has fallen, just laying there not moving, we think he is properly hurt and rush to his assistance, only to find that he just can't be bothered to get up. While we were all at the top doing up our bindings, Smallest went down, fell, bumped his head, put up his thumb so we knew he was okay but stayed there, not moving. A Ski Patrol man came to his assistance and apparently asked him if he was alright, what had he hurt, did he know where he was and could he wiggle his fingers. When he got yes' to all the questions, he helped him up and went back to his station.

We stopped for lunch of homemade egg sandwiches which we ate outside as the smell may have offended, plus the sun was beautiful. It was reminiscent of Bulgaria again at the top of the mountain, the only thing missing was the packet of jaffas sitting in the snow.

We stopped for mid afternoon snack and drink too, but we didn't get an awful lot more out of Smallest. Too tired? Too much snowboarding for one so small? We have to constantly 'big him up' and remind him he is only six and that this Winter Sports is all very new to us all. He is doing brilliantly. They have both asked for lessons but we are very aware that we are running out of time, what with our trip in a couple of weeks, so we have decided that at the beginning of next Winter they will have a couple of lessons and then we can spend the rest of the season exploring the higher slopes, unless we can fit lessons in next weekend!

We all had a good time despite Smallest and his head! We ended up entertaining him when he sat on the bench in the sunshine and we kept boarding down towards him and trying to get closest to him without falling over. In the end we left about 3pm and came home. The boys were silly as ships all the way home (NOT tired!!!!??????), so we sent them in the garden to play. They wrestled one another in the snow and then came in to get warm. After all equipment was dried and put away they played on the IPad and DS while Huffle had a bath, I soaked my poorly foot in Epsom salts and knitted.

We had dinner in front of a film (Narnia Prince Caspian) but we didn't get to watch it all before it was bedtime. Smallest read a couple of chapters of his book to Huffle while Small and I drew and coloured.

Huffle and I have started to watched the series 24 so we watched another episode with our tea. We are both very tired and achey and weary. If we last till 10pm without snoozing I shall be very surprised.



Saturday, 22 February 2014

Girls don't taste nice!*

A nice easy slow morning with a visit from MrBasement to see what our water problem was. He is going to delay putting the flooring down until we have sorted the roof and got some flashing on it. Luckily his son is a roofer and will do it for us as soon as the snow has gone from the roof and it has warmed up just a little. MrBasement is also going to take out a piece of the drywall where we think the water is coming from and hopefully find the source of the problem. I am disappointed that the basement won't be finished sometime soon but also relieved that we are not going to England worrying about whether the basement will flood over the new floor! Hopefully Spring will be here soon and the roof and floor can be sorted.

Huffle watched football, we skyped Grandma and the boys played on the IPad after their showers. By Midday we went out with a huge shopping list. Small is going on a school trip on Monday to an ice rink and needed skates and a hockey approved helmet. Smallest needed snowboarding boots and Huffle wanted a snowboarding helmet for his birthday.

A beautiful bright sunny day - these shots were taken through the car window so not the greatest.

So we headed to Whitby to a New and Used Sports shop where I bought my skates and Moo bought her ski boots. We managed to get Small a pair of good skates and a hockey helmet but without the cage as he informs us he does NOT want to play hockey. (Good Boy!). It is also adjustable so Smallest can also use it (useful). We got Smallest a new pair of skates and a pair of snowboarding boots. We went to a shop that was moving and had a massive sale. We got Huffle a very very nice helmet for his birthday (Thank you Moo), and Small and I got new helmets too for snowboarding. I didn't want one but I am setting a good example. We were starving so walked around looking for somewhere to eat and eventually went to a place where we had hot sandwiches. It was okay and did the job.

We booked the kids in online for haircuts and drove over to our local town. We had time to walk around one more shop where we bought the boys ski glasses and swimming goggles for Small. Then it was time for haircuts. Smallest went first and the lady asked me if he wanted his hair cut around his ears, I said yes. When I sat down and watched her cut his hair I suddenly realised he didn't have it cut round his ears but it was too late, I don't like his haircut (do I ever?) and he doesn't like it because it isn't straight and brown! Small likes his haircut though the front looks a little short to me, still it grows quickly. Their hair should look just right by the time we get to England.

Huffle went and bought a new broom while we were haircutting and then we all went home and tried on our new gear. Bobby Dazzlers.

Small's hat is yellow and mine is green but they look the same on here - at least we won't get lost!

Huffle and Smallest both trying on the Helmet Bag - sillies

I broke Smallest's new glasses whilst trying to put them around his helmet - whoops!

The kids played with their lego and K-nex for a while before having a bowl of pasta in front of the Olympics.

Tomorrow Canada play USA in the Hockey final and we thought we would take advantage of the fact that the whole of Canada will be watching the game and sneak onto the slopes to snowboard all by oursleves, however we have since found out that the game starts at 7am so it may not be as empty as we had hoped, still they might stay at home and celebrate or console themselves!

*we were talking about going to England and Smallest said "can we go to that big park where we walk or scoot and take our fishing nets?" Small guessed that he was talking about Market Harborough and the play park. He said "we went there with someone, who was it?". I said "well you should know, you kissed her under the table in Costas". After lots of laughing and giggling, he said "I didn't kiss her, I licked her - girls don't taste nice!".


Friday, 21 February 2014

Water water everywhere!

I was awoken by Huffle with a disasterous look in his eye. We had had very heavy rain overnight, and thunder and the kitchen door had water running down the inside. This water was coming from the roof where there is no flashing, down into the kitchen and then into the basement. The basement was awash with water, almost the entire floor was covered. Small and Huffle both had mops in hand and were squeezing away the water. Small then set about getting his own and Smallest's breakfast which they informed us they would be eating in front of the olympics. He made them toasted muffins and honey with Apple Juice.

Meanwhile, Huffle and I carried on mopping. Huffle at this point decided not to go in to work and worked from home again, missing out on a Chinese Eat All You can meal for $5 and dress in your 'team' shirt (Huffle was to wear our big Union Jack). We mopped and mopped and mopped. Unfortunately the flooring which was sat in the corner of the basement got all wet (we rang MrBasement who informed us it was okay and wouldn't be damaged). Huffle dried it off anyway and eventually we finished clearing the water.

The school bus was cancelled so I drove the kids to school and picked up Smallest's friend on the way. The roads appeared clear but when I put my brakes on they didn't work. I'm guessing there was black ice on the roads. That's when I made my decision not to go to knitting today. I dropped the three kids at the 'Peck and Squeal' and came home for breakfast.

I had breakfast and Skyped Moo. She helped me with my knitting and I watched bit of Call the Midwife.

Huffle and I then set about sorting the driveway. Where Huffle's car usually sits, and where we had cleared the snow and ice back to the original surface, there was a pool of water with nowhere for it to go. It was already starting to form a mini ice rink. We chopped away at the ice and made a small channel all the way to the road which the water started to flow down, except it all turned to ice. Huffle then started carving huge bits of ice off while I shovelled the water, snow and ice away. Eventually (and I am talking at least an hour later) we made a decent channel from the car to the road. Every now and then a car or truck would pass and spray us with water. NICE! We were absolutely done in! Our backs, legs, hands and feet hurt so we came in and had a cup of tea.

I didn't know Huffle took this of me chipping away at the ice!

Huffle got on with some work and I made some Strawberry Muffins. We both stopped for lunch and half an hour of 'Shameless'. While Huffle got on with his work, I started a bread (but stupidly forgot the salt), made a Carrot and Tomato Soup and a Banana Loaf (with the black bananas I already had).

I did a bit more knitting, some washing and drying and tidying whilst finishing making the bread and soup and then went and picked up the boys from school. I got snowballed as soon as Smallest came out and then again when Small came out. We had a quick chat with one of the mums and came home.

The boys playing on the school field

Then it was a mad rush to get snacks, swimming gear and make sure the bread had baked. We all went to swimming. Smallest mastered his Whip Kick, did his 75m and did a lovely dive. Small was very tired today and struggled but managed his 500m as well as perfecting his strokes including the Dolphin which I find very funny!

Once home, we all had warming soup and saltless bread. The boys liked the muffins and we served them with a small blob of cream and a strawberry - we think these will be nice in the Summer when we are watching the Tennis.

During dinner I waded through a pile of paperwork that came home with the kids today. They are putting in a new security system so that ten minutes after school starts, the school will be locked down and you can only get in via the buzzer system. Not a bad idea as at the moment just anyone can walk in to any of the classrooms. Smallest got his 'Story Necklace Homework' back and he got an A. His teacher loved his story, especially the part about coming from England. He also brought home two letters he received and replied to from a penpal. I asked him where the letters came from (thinking he would say the other side of Canada or another country) - Ajax - a town about half an hour from us. Small bought home his "Eco House project" - he also got an A. Clever boys.

The boys watched TV and Huffle and I cleared away and played table tennis (not in our wellies as it is all nearly dry, just the bits under the original vinyl left).

Very tired now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thursday, 20 February 2014

This is the best Pig Farm

Huffle worked from home today and the boys went to school. Today was Red and White day which meant that Canada was playing America at Ice Hockey in the Olympics so everyone wore Canada's colours. However, my two little munchkins decided to wear their England shirts (they were red and white!). Small said for half the day he got to watch Hockey and everyone went mad when Canada scored and won. Smallest said he played on the computer instead of watching. My little English boys.

MrBasement came early and stayed till mid afternoon, dry walling. Nearly all done now, he will not be back until Monday to do the 'mudding'.

Day 5

I went out for the day. I visited 'suffolk' and we went to FabricLand where I spent my birthday money on sewing supplies, an Art Shop where I finished soending my birthday money and a Bead shop where we just meandered and talked to the owner. Then we went and had a lovely bowl of Beet soup. I asked if it was vegetarian and the waiter said "oh yes, Beet is a root vegetable". YES I KNOW THAT, I GROW THEM, BUT DOES IT HAVE A MEAT STOCK? It didn't, it was delicious and one I will be making for myself. A quick cup if tea at her house and then back in time for the kids to get home.

We were due to have rain from 3pm, a lot of rain, possibly 5cm in a very short time instead at 5pm we got a snow storm. Huge big flakes that went on and on and then just stopped. I looked at the weather forecast just now (19:40) and it said we were getting heavy rain all through the evening, night and tomorrow. BOOOOO!

I made Chilli for dinner. Small and Huffle loved it but wanted more spice next time and Smallest loved it for about five minutes and then decided he didn't like it after all! I made up a recipe for veggie Chilli which was lovely.

Smallest said one of his little friends told him today that he thought my cakes were really good and he told his Mum. His Mum said "why does she make so many cakes?". I said "why does she work with so many books?" (She's the school librarian). What a silly comment!

This evening we had computer and IPad time, TV and table tennis. We gave up after two games though because the lights are so bright!!! Can't wait for the dimmer switches.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Temperatures went right up to 5*. Not -5 but just 5! Wow. After Huffle went off to work and the boys just made their school bus, I went off to my exercise class. I didn't need gloves, hat or scarf today. The class was very funny today, lots of silliness and two planks of one minute OUCH! I am definitely going to be aching tomorrow as ExerciseNic was training us for the olympics. Her daughter (who is younger than Smallest) wants to do Mogul Jumping in the Olympics when she is older and ExerciseNic thinks we should all train with her.

I came home and did some washing, tidying, dishwashing and had a shower and then watched MrSelfridge whilst knitting for Aunty Kat's baby. (No she hasn't had it yet but I have to get it done before our trip).

After a spot of lunch, I headed off to do some shopping. Food, wool, toiletries and Maple Biscuits for England. I had to stop at another supermarket on the way home as I needed Apple Juice. Once home, I unpacked and put away the shopping, sorted washing, did a bit more knitting and then the boys came home armed with their reports.

Smallest had an excellent report. 14 A's, 2 B+'s and 1 B. Overall his Learning Skills and Work Habits got Excellent and Good with a satisfactory in Organisation. (Yes well just look at his bedroom!!! Huffle edit - even I think its messy, reminiscent of a forty squirrels scruffling up a room of nicely arranged leaves) We are very pleased with his report. His teacher wrote a Comment at the end of his report saying "I look forward to more of your jokes next term......".

Small's report was also very good. He got 7 A's, 7 B+'s, 3 B's and one C+ (for Media Literacy which we nor Small know what this is). For his Learning Skills and Work Habits he got mainly Good with one Excellent for Initiative. Huffle and I are going to ask to speak to his teacher about this report purely because all the work and tests that come home are mainly 4's (which is equivalent to an A) so we are confused as to how the report shows that. Still, we are very happy and it looks like he has worked hard. We know he needs pushing and we push him at home and with homework but who pushes him at school? We explained to him about putting in JUST enough effort and that sometimes you have to do just that little but more. He understands.

The boys skyped grandma and Grandad to see how many Wine Gums they could have for their good reports. I made meatballs and once the boys had done their chores they helped me to make Malteser Muffins.

Huffle came home and we all had dinner. The boys had muffins afterwards and they rate them No1 now in the Muffin chart. That puts them above the Chocolate Orange ones. Wow.

Smallest and Huffle played Table tennis while Small watched Wrestling and then Huffle and I played Table tennis.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Can I put my elbow in it?*

It snowed in the night. Bucket loads!!!! Huffle decided to work from home and went out to move his car so MrBasement could get on the drive. While he was out there he cleared the drive and paths. He worked really hard, shame he didn't realise it was going to snow for the rest of the day and cover up all his hard work.

The boys went off to school on the bus (can't believe it was running today as the road hadn't been ploughed). Poor Smallest went off with his swollen thumb. When he got home it was still a bit swollen but he said it felt much better and he could move it more. That's good, I thought we would have to get it X-rayed! I went off to work in Huffle's car, sliding all over the road. Once onto the main road it was fine though. Today we were potting up bare root Clematis from Holland. Canada are not allowed to receive any plants with any dirt on them whatsover so they have to be bare rooted and completely washed down and put in sterilised peat. Poor plants! Then we repotted lots of succulents and cactus. I worked with CousinRen and we had a good laugh and chat. The time went very quick and coffee was served with British Ginger Nuts (ummmm missed them!).

I came home and had lunch with Huffle and when he got back on with work I went up to the loft and sewed and mended with my music on. Brrrrr it was cold up there today.

I made Fish Cakes for dinner when the boys came home and MrBasement came back with a load of Dry Wall which he put in the basement ready for Thursday.

Day 4

After dinner Small watched the Olympics while Huffle, Smallest and I played Table Tennis amid the dry wall. Small said "oooh my tooth nearly fell out". Smallest said "can I put my elbow in it?". NICE!


Monday, 17 February 2014

Ouch my thumb!


Today it is Family Day, which is just an excuse for everyone to be off school and work. YAY! Another stay in day. A beautiful sunny day but cold one. This morning we enjoyed watching the Olympics Freestyle Skiing and Bobsleigh. Smallest and I drew and coloured a picture for his room of aliens in Space. I got to do some knitting.

We have played Table Tennis (Huffle won), Disney Monopoly (mall and I got knocked out early, Huffle won) and Ticket To Ride Europe (Small won). The boys had their showers. We skyped Moo and sang Happy Birthday to her. We lit a candle on top of a muffin and then ate it for her. She was very pleased. She had just been out for Coffee and Cake with her friends and she opened her cards and presents while we were watching.

Dinner was a Roast which the boys helped to prepare. The kids were a bit hyper so we sent them outside to play. 20 minutes to get all their stuff on, five minutes later Smallest, after sledging down the 2metre downhill into a wall of ice, hurt his thumb and came in. Small played for just five minutes more, got cold hands, and came in too. We iced Smallest's hand and although he can bend his thumb it is very swollen.

I think we have more snow for tomorrow and Wednesday and then the temperatures start to go up into the positives! Hurrah meltage!

No basement pictures today as no basement men work on Family Day.




Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mummy you have Elephant Eyes!*

A nice slow morning of table tennis, knitting, playing and polyfillering. After lunch we donned our Winter gear and went off for an afternoon of snowboarding at Dagmar. This is the place that Small and Huffle tried out the other evening. The car park had a lot of cars in it but it is a much bigger place with lots more slopes so the people were more spread out.

We started on the nursery slope with the Magic Carpet. Two different slopes, one either side. Both steeper than the ones we normally go on and a much wider so less likely to hit anyone. Believe me, there were plenty of stupid people not looking who we could quite easily have hit, and some we would have been happy to hit!! This resort very much reminded us of Borovets Bulgaria (a place Huffle and I snowboarded in twice).

The temperature was around -10 with an icy wind but beautifully sunny and the main slope we were on was nicely sheltered from the wind. I fell over more times than I have in the whole time I have been here. Huffle changed my bindings so maybe I was just getting usd to it. I have sore knees and a bumped bum. Huffle fell on his bum too quite hard. Small and Small had plenty of falls and bumps.

Smallest snowboarded beautifully and managed a few edges and turns. Small is very confident of turning and slowing now, in fact we said we wanted to see more fast paced boarding.

We popped inside for a Hot Chocolate and a warm and tried the other nursery slope but it was too busy and lots of people were annoying us so after one go, we came back to the original one. I have now learnt to go up the magic carpet with one binding done up though my legs are that tensed that it cripples me. I have got to learn to relax but its sooooo hard.

I need to tell you that TR Huffle smiling - he has just wiped a drip off the end of his nose!

As people started to drift away we went back to the other slope which was much steeper, wider and less busy. By 5:30pm we were done, tuckered out, finished and went off for a Fish and Chip Dinner in Whitby.

left: thats me! I was waving my hat in the air because Small was "cow belling" me.

We saw the sky/tree on our drive away from the slopes. Beautiful sky!

Everyone had red glowing cheeks and as it was bedtime, the boys went to bed. Huffle and I had warming baths. I drew with Small instead of reading and Smallest laughed a lot when he walked in on me in the bath and saw my "huge boobies". Silly Bear! After my bath, my mascara all under my eyes, Small said "Oooh Mummy you have elephant eyes, or do I mean panda?

Huffle and I settled down wearily with a pot of tea in front of the TV.