Monday, 25 September 2017

Muskets and Biscuits

I had a terrible nightmare about a man in our house who needed a cheque writing and he came too close and was menacing so I kicked him where it hurt and ran away. I found refuge in a family round the corner who sheltered me and gave me a biscuit. I know the dream is because of writing a cheque for the washing machine man and the man being in our house was from watching SafeHouse(ITV). I don't know why I watch these things!

The boys went to school. Today Smallest got his new teacher MsBiscuit (was my dream a premonition). He says he likes her and she started off well by sending home a form for everyone's parents to fill in asking for information including phone numbers, emails and some info about our kids. I can't wait to meet her. Smallest also had a football practice in 29/30* heat. He is going to be playing up front. Small came home with lots of homework.

Huffle worked hard in the hot hot loft and I saw him at lunchtime and only briefly throughout the day.

I went to my one on one exercise class. Although we had air conditioning it was still very warm. ExerciseNic toned it down again but we worked hard, especially on our triceps! Back home I cleaned and dusted and swiffed and swept. Huffle came down briefly and hoovered up some cobwebs for me (I don't like cobwebs and spiders). I moved all my bathroom stuff into baskets ready to move into the family bathroom and sorted washing and drying. Oh it is good to have a washing machine back.

Huffle and I had lunch and then I made a start on dinner (fish cakes) plus I made a Courgette Chocolate cake which went wrong. I think I put too much Courgette in and it was too wet because it just wouldn't cook.

I had a bit of time to knit before the boys came home. Small went straight upstairs to do his homework and Smallest put his clothes away before MrsPiano came and gave the kids their lessons. Smallest is working on a Harry Potter theme and she is trying to get him to use his correct fingers as per the music sheet. Small is playing Moondance but I'm not allowed to sing it.

Huffle and I went out for a small walk (still very hot) and the sky was amazing.

Huffle showing show tall our cosmos are



Sunday, 24 September 2017


This morning the four of us sat and watched a CakeBoss(2009) before breakfast. Smallest was looking for something new to watch and had been watching HalloweenWars about a group of people who made cakes out of cake, obviously, pumpkins and sugar craft. Huffle made breakfast for us this morning.

We had two games of Yahtzee, one of which we had five different Yahtzee's (five dice same number) resulting in huge scores.

Late morning, Huffle and I completely cleaned our bedroom. Under the bed, under the drawers, everything was moved and vacuumed and dusted. It definitely needed it. We are planning on putting Grandma and Grandad in there and we are moving to Small's room and he is going up in the loft. Sounds a huge move but we were going to look for a new double bed today for the loft so that we could move up there for the duration but Huffle decided to lose his wallet just as we were leaving to take Smallest to his Football Banquet. All plans had to be changed as we let Huffle take Smallest to his event (more on that later) and Small and I drove to the supermarket where we last paid for things to see if his wallet was there.

We spoke to the Manager who said they didn't have it. Then we drove to the bank to see if we could cancel his cards but it was closed. It was sooo hot today we had a 'Heat Alert' to say temperatures could get to 40* plus a 'special air quality statement' from Environment Canada stating asthma and cardiovascular sufferers should stay out of the heat until Monday a.m. Wow. I asked Small if he wanted to go and stand in McDonalds to get out of the heat but even Small declined (that's how much we hate it there!). Small and I sat in Tim Hortons (for those of you that know me well - TimHortons is not a place I go unless I need an emergency bagel, donut, toilet, coolness or frozen escape. Small had a CreamyChocolateChill and I had an iced coffee (no syrup or milk) which was disgusting. Bearing in mind I don't like their coffee, chucking some ice in it and giving it to me cold, makes it no better. I guess it's water for me in there then for our next Emergency.

We booked a table at our local pub and sat in TH for half an hour waiting for Huffle to drive to us and then we had a nice dinner whilst still worrying about the wallet. Huffle went off to get Smallest, post a letter (we had to pay our washing machine NON service invoice) and get a new bulb for the car.

Small and I came home and looked for the wallet in the sun room, in the freezer (well he was carrying ice cream so you never know), and in the bedroom. Lo and behold it was under the quilt on the bed! Small and I had much pleasure in calling him and telling him what a Dufus he is! I watched a bit more of TheHandmaidsTale and knitted and Small watched the baseball and played on his tablet.

Smallest's event: he had to sit down straight away in a particular seat. He had a water and a salad. After a while they had soup but Smallest didn't get one even th ugh he med for one. He asked for a drink but they said NO so he got his own from the trolley behind them. He had chicken fingers, they were really chewy and the skin was too thick and then he had stale ice cream which he had to use a knife and the cream was like a brick. No games, lots of photos, lots of speeches. It was very boring. We paid for this in our initial fee, luckily we didn't choose to go with him else we would have paid an extra $45 each. NO WAY!

This evening we sat and watched the end of PiratesOfTheCarribeanDeadMansChest with a nice ice cream. Then Smallest wanted to watch another CakeBoss and we finished with an XFactor before the little one went to bed. Phew it's been a hectic and hot day!


Saturday, 23 September 2017

Bags of Smells

I can't wait for the weekend. Oh it's here. It's so bl00min' hot. 32* (feels like 37*) with heat warnings. PHEW!

The boys (all three of them) watched Stoke v Chelsea lose (meh not a bad game says Huffle). I sat upstairs and knitted and watched two episodes of The Handmaids Tale (oh my goodness. What a series).

Leicester v Liverpool was on the TV (very good game but unfortunately they lost says Huffle though I think the unfortunately bit was my word not his). I had a quick sandwich and left all the boys still watching Leicester and playing on their tablets, while I walked in the sweltering heat to a ThirtyOne party in the Hamlet, hosted by 'Spider'. I hadn't heard of this before but it was a storage and bag party. Plus there was a lady selling handmade soaps and body butters.

I haven't, as yet, ordered anything, but I will. I have my eye on a nice slouchy bag for me as I owe myself a birthday present from last year. I could have bought lots and lots but I can't justify all that money at the moment. Suffolk should have gone too but she wasn't feeling too well. I bought a couple of soaps for Christmas. I stayed for about three hours and then walked home. It was hotter which is crazy.

The boys were waiting for me and wanted to go out. They had tidied and downloaded some ring tones for Small's phone and chosen some photos to update their frames in their bedrooms. Huffle and I started moving stuff ready for Grandma and Grandad. We have a different plan for this visit and it involves Small and us moving. A bit of a palaver but we think it will be worth it. Smallest was measured today and he was 140cm which is the same as Small when he was 8 1/2. At first I thought WOW he's going to be taller than Small!!!! Then I realised my mistake. I don't think anyone is going to be taller than Small. Thank goodness, we'd have to move to a house with raised ceilings!

We went out and printed the photos, bought Small some birthday presents and a new lunch bag and then went and got some dinner out. It wasn't very busy so we didn't manage a whole game of cards today. Supplies were picked up from the supermarket before coming home and doing our own thing for an hour before sitting down with an ice cream bar and watching XFactor. Grandad told us there was no-one rubbish on anymore. We beg to differ!

Bedtime for boys and Huffle and I watched KingArthur:LegendOfTheSword.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Happy Birthday Nellie

Small had to vote on a trip for Band today. There will be an overnight trip for all band members. Did they want to go to British Columbia at a cost of $2,000 each (eeeeeeeeek) or to Kingston Elementary Schools (nearly 3 hour coach ride) plus a stay in Quebec City (6 hours on from Kingston) for $1,000 each? Small said he chose the latter because although he wants to go to BC, he knows the cost is just much. What a sweetie. To be honest, I'm not sure how I am going to tell Huffle about the $1,000 either, plus there is no guarantee that it won't be the BC trip either. It depends on how the students voted. I'm guessing not too many students would think of their parents bank accounts like Small has. We are thinking it might be time to get Small a job.

Smallest played football at every recess and had a lunchtime practice. He was tired when he got home and then this evening he had another try-out for his rep team. Poor little Bear ended up wearing Small's old boots because at the last moment he realised he had left his football boots at school! Then he injured his ankle, possibly because of the poor fitting boots, possibly because he was so tired!! He is still so sensitive and looks constantly close to tears. We told him he needed to rest properly and put him in an Epsom Salt bath when we got home from tryouts. Huffle and I had to piggyback him to and from the car!

Huffle worked hard as usual, in fact I only saw him at lunchtime. He is tired and just a little grumpy.

I had an opticians appointment this morning and told her all about my weepy right eye. She checked my tear ducts by putting a dye in my eye and watching where it went. My ducts are not blocked, well the bits she can see. She did say she would prescribe drops and it if they didn't sort it, I may have to see a lid specialist who will stick a syringe down the corner of my eye (under a local anaesthetic). OUCH that doesn't sound nice, no thank you! I now have drops that I have to put in my eyes four times a day for two weeks. My eyes are dry and they produce tears to try to relieve them which sounds crazy. I also need to drink more water. The optician also put in gunky yellow drops to check for other things. This made me blurry but wasn't supposed to and I looked jaundiced and a bit alien-like. So I popped into Walmart to see if I could scare some people while I picked up some milk and wool. Of course, this is the time I bump into someone I haven't seen for ages and have to stop and chat to, though I did explain.

I came home for lunch and then Suffolk came by and sewed her quilt while I knitted. We had a nice hour or so before she rushed off to get her kids and mine came home. Smallest and I FaceTimed Grandma and Grandad briefly and made pizza for dinner. Small did homework and stayed behind and cleared up while we took Smallest to his try-out.

Our cosmos has finally bloomed


Thursday, 21 September 2017

Love you to AlfieMoon and back

Another scorcher of a day. Air conditioning still on. Both boys went to school. Small should have had band practice but the air con isn't working in the music room so it was cancelled which meant that I didn't have to pick him up from school. Smallest is still being very sensitive which normally means either something is bothering him, he's going to be poorly or he's tired. I'm thinking it's the latter so will see if we can get him to bed earlier tonight.

Huffle worked in the loft. I realised I had NOTHING to do all day. Wahoooo. I had a lovely slow breakfast, did some washing and drying. Who would have thought having a washing machine in your own house would be so convenient! Changed Smallest's bedding and attempted to hang towels on the line. That's when I smelled the familiar 'pot' smell followed by a very smokey smell. Otto was using his 'smoker' and the lovely smoke was drifting our way as usual. I shouted "what the hell are you burning now?" and stood and watched him over the fence. He had no idea I was there and when I realised it was just his 'smoker', I relaxed a little and waited for the smoke to die down a bit. I am at the end of my patience with him. I think I will have to visit!!! Not looking forward to that. Last time I tried to reason with him I found out he burned his dog!!!

I did a bit of tidying and cleaning and some knitting and then I drove off to have lunch with Suffolk. We met at a restaurant and had a nice long lunch, lots of chat, some giggles and a couple of cups of tea. It was lovely and just what we both needed. I had left a key hidden for Small so he didn't have to bother Huffle. However, Huffle didn't know so he came down to unlock the door not knowing that Small was already inside hiding from him. He scared him by jumping out at him! More homework tonight, but just an hours worth today.

Smallest came home. No homework, no sign of new teacher. He FaceTimed Moo and read her a magazine about subscriptions for more magazines for a school fundraiser. He is supposed to sell them to raise money but I don't believe in it, so it went in the bin! He was trying to get Moo to buy wrapping paper too. He played piano to her and then I sent him to get the washing off the line and fold it as his chore.

After dinner, Huffle, Smallest and I went for a Hamlet walk. Checked out the building of the new cafe, car park and units, wandered round the streets and checked out the school rebuilding. I was told it would be finished by December 2018 and Smallest was told they would be in by next year so we'll see. Apparently they are interviewing for Smallest's class tomorrow.



Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The fact is I'm not drunk

That's it. Air-con's on. Too hot, going to get hotter. Ridiculous weather.

Small was told his Gym/Soccer Coach wanted to speak to him about quitting the team. Small said (to me) he'll have to find me then because I don't know where to find him. Apparently they now don't have enough players for the tournament so they have entered as a Senior Team and have merged the junior and senior teams together. Whoops. I had a text from Small while he was in his Science class to say "I thought science lab was going to be fun. It's not (grumpy emoji)". Then another that said "she said we would use fire. It was a candle. (Grumpy emoji)". Oh dear, poor Small. It's still early days! He had homework but not too much. Smallest got into the school football team and is very happy. He also had homework, just a bit of maths.

Huffle was busy today and had to catch up on yesterday's work from sorting the washer. I went to my group exercise class where it was even hotter than my Monday class. ExerciseNic toned it down a bit for us. Still tough, very funny. We had a discussion on Swede (Rutabega) and Turnip. Some people don't know the difference and swedes are called turnips and rutabagas and who knows what else. It's a bl00dy Swede!!!

I came home and FaceTimed Moo "how was Jamiroquai?" she asked. You mean Kasabian. Oh yes that's right. Silly Moo. After we put the world to rights, I went shopping where a man asked me about shopping for a month. I think he was saying I had a lot of shopping but I was getting extra stuff in for Grandma and Grandad and besides, what's it got to do with you, Man with one loaf of bread and a tin of beans?

Huffle and I put the shopping away and had lunch and he went back to work. I had a nice cooling shower and then sat outside on the porch and did some knitting until the boys came home. We chatted about school and they did their homework.

I made a start on dinner and had a knitting class with 'Horse'. It went well. I taught her how to purl and to do stocking stitch. She got it straight away. We had decided to make a dishcloth next time so I can explain how to follow a pattern. We think we are doing a horse as she rides. Her mum is going to get some cotton.

I finished dinner and we all ate. Smallest got a tummy ache and couldn't finish so went outside to sit in the cooler part of the garden whilst watching something on his tablet. Small and Huffle cleared the table and kitchen and made a playlist for Small's phone and I sat on the porch. How is outside cooler than our house? Crazy. Still, the air con will cool it all down soon. Better for sleeping in anyway.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

What's teletext, Fengshay and Mark&Spencer?*

The boys were absolutely fine by themselves last night and although ClownRose was on hand should they need or want anything, they didn't call her. They went to bed at a reasonable time and looked after each other. Awwwwww. I owe them a Kasabian T-shirt each.

OMG we are soooo tired. Got woken up by Oliver the dog woof woof woofing at 6:50am. Huffle threatened to cut his tongue out (only to me, not the owner). The boys went off to school. Small decided he was going to give up his football as it was interfering too much with his schoolwork and band. We are so very proud that he came to that decision by himself. He was also, unjustly, concerned about the monetary aspect (we had to buy him a Football shirt and pay a mandatory fee) and the amount of driving I had to do to ferry him backwards and forwards (I may have complained I had to move various things around to accommodate him but I never would blame him for that). Anyway, he couldn't find his gym teacher/coach today so he sent a message with Al his friend and teammate. Now Al is thinking he doesn't want to play anymore. Oh dear!

Smallest was told, at the end of the day, that he will be losing his teacher this year as Paddigntons Dad will be moving to the Grade 7's. He was quite upset about it and I don't blame him. They do this every single year at the beginning of each new school year. They place everyone in their class, mess around with their seating, wait for them to be settled and get used to the new surroundings and then change things around. I mean it's not like it's a huge school and 100's of new people join each year. They can't just turn up and any 'I want to come to this school'. They have to register. He is getting a new teacher ASAP and not one from the school already. We hope it's a nice one. Shame because we all like PaddingtonsDad.

I left Huffle patiently waiting for the washing machine and working and I went off to work. We didn't do much today. Jan didn't turn up until coffee break and we were worried about her as she drives a long way and she has no mobile phone. She did turn up in the end and had got stuck on the highway for an hour and a half. She was ready for coffee! She also brought some lovely chocolatey Courgette Cake. MrsM and I harvested beans, cut back flox and thalectrum and collected seeds. I filled the pond with water and watered all the pots and dug out some geraniums for Suffolks garden. We think we may have to get all the frogs out of the pond and we all thought of Smallest, the frogman!

I had lunch with Huffle and then I went and gardened at Suffolks. I put around 15 geraniums in under the cedar hedge, cut stuff back and did a bit of weeding. I came home, Small was doing his homework and Smallest came home five minutes after me.

The washing machine people called Huffle and said they would be here between 11am and 2pm but when didn't arrive, he called them and they said they were on the way, they turned up around 3:30pm. Huffle said they were smelly, they wouldn't plumb the machine in and they left our old one on our grass instead of putting at the curb. Over here, if you place things at the curb, someone will always collect it. With electrical items, it is normally a scrap metal collector. It took Huffle a while to get the machine in place and hooked up but we got a load of washing on before we started dinner which Smallest helped me to make.

Note: my overseas friend, SpanishChica, suggested using the pesto we made on Salmon with breadcrumbs on top. It was delicious, especially as we used our breadcrumbs from the Courgette bread we made too. Very tasty and everyone liked it even Small who doesn't really like Salmon. Thank you SC, that's another one of your meals we will be having.

Smallest had his first Football Try Out this evening for his current team. OldCoach turned up too so his son could tryout as they don't like their current club and chatted with Huffle through the whole thing. We also chatted to Angel and Ju. Smallest worked very hard.

This evening we watched TheGreatBritishBakeOff while sorting washing. Arrrgggghhhh. It's lovely to ave a washing machine to wash when you want but it's a pain in the neck when you have a backlog!!!!

* so many blog titles today, I had to put them all in one.

TELETEXT: Small said he was checking the Stoke score by watching updates on the website. It reminded me of when you only had teletext and we had to explain to the boys what it was. We used to take the Mickey out of Grandad for watching teletext in the pub!!! BTW Stoke lost their game 2-0 and Leicester won their game 2-0. Just saying!

FENHSHAY: At the tryout today, a woman was walking round the path backwards. Actually walking backwards, facing the wrong way. We laughed and OldCoach asked what she was doing twice. She ignored him and gave him a mean look when she walked past again. Angel said she wondered if it was 'Fengshay'. She meant FengShui but we told her that was furniture moving. We're not quite sure what she was thinking of though and we have no idea why you would walk backwards.

MARK&SPENCER: another one of Angel's quotes when she asked us if UK had a Mark and Spencer. We sat and giggled and then had to tell her what it was really called.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Lestah friend and a drunk Scotsman

Woken up at 7am by a man yawping at another man on an ATV! I hate being woken up like that so I yawped back "WHY DONT YOU SHOUT LOUDER NEXT TIME?" I thought I was grumpy but later Huffle was stomping around the house calling Otto all the names under the sun. He had, once again, lit a fire. A very smokey stinky fire. I had JUST opened all the windows as it was another boiling hot day and the house felt airless and stuffy. Huffle yawped (word of the day?) out of the window and then I sent him round to talk to him. "C'mon Otto, you're killing us. We can't open windows or put washing on the line. Put the fire out!" OH YEAH MAN IM JUST CLEARING UP SOME BRUSH. 20 minutes later and it was still puthering but not as much. Our house stinks!!! I keep asking Huffle why we don't live in the middle of nowhere, away from noise and idiots and he always says I wouldn't like it because I would feel isolated. WELL GUESS WHAT? I'M READY TO BE ISOLATED.

I had to wake Small up after Smallest woke him. The boys went to school, Huffle worked from the kitchen table and cleared the laundry room/bathroom ready for our new washing machine (honestly I can't even get excited about that now, I feel so sceptical that it will happen when it says it will despite them calling today to check on the address for tomorrow). I went to my one on one exercise class. So hot in there today, so difficult but fun as usual. At least we laugh!

When I got home, the fire debacle started, and I didn't know if I was walking in the forest with NoCustard or not so instead of having a shower, I put away toilet rolls and clothes and had a general tidy up whilst listening to Kasabian in preparation for our concert later today.

Huffle and I had lunch together and then I did go for my walk in the forest with NoCustard. It was very hot and humid and we were both tired and weary so we did the shorter trail today (4.2km). Still an hours walk and quite uphill but very nice, especially under the shelter of the trees. Every time we stopped though we got attacked by bugs!

At home I had a cooling shower and sat on the porch with a cuppa. Small came home with lots of homework and got on with that after a quick snack and then not long after Smallest came home. He had his Football try out and hurt his ankle a bit.

MrsPiano came and gave the kids their lessons while I set about making dinner. She brought us a jar of her homemade salsa. Huffle and I decided to stay and eat with the boys tonight before the concert because the support act was a punk band and we weren't that bothered about seeing them. Online it said the club didn't allow shorts (you kidding me, have you felt the outside temperature?) so we wore them anyway and took some extra clothes just in case.

ClownRose came by with a bunch of flowers for me for giving her our rocker that we no longer wanted. We got it from 'curly' from across the road anyway and we didn't like it and we knew she did. We gave her the jar of pesto too.

After dinner with the boys, Huffle drove us to Toronto, to the Rebel Club to see Kasabian. It opened at 7pm and we got there in under 50 minutes which at that time of night was good going. We were hoping to miss the support act but in fact we were in plenty of time. We were allowed in with our shorts thank goodness because although it was air conditioned, it was very hot in there at times. Huffle and I sat outside and enjoyed the view because the 'slaves' were a big horrible noise. Apparently they were very entertaining but they were just too noisy for us.

We went to the bar for a drink and met two very Scottish men (who noticed my Leicester City scarf). We chatted to them for a while, they were very funny. We then placed ourselves in the middle of the 'throng' and prepared for the band coming on. We met a man from Leicester wearing the same tee-shirt as Huffle. We learned all about him. We chatted to an American girl who was going out with a Manchester boy. She had a great time and loved it. We also bumped into MrBurlington who incidentally has a new MrsBirlington, thank goodness because the old one was truly a Grumpy Goat!!!!

Kasabian came on at 9pm and finished at 10:45 including an encore. They were absolutely fantastic. I had two extremely big and tall men in front of me which made me crane my neck but as Huffle said later, they formed a barrier between us and lots of silly people who could have caused us trouble. I did a lot of very loud singing and waved my scarf. The band had a shout out to Leicester people as there were a few there. We saw several Leicester shirts, plus Huffle's Les-tah friend and a couple of Tigers rugby shirts.

I also did a lot of jumping and dancing and it seems I jumped for 4km. WOW? I had a proper workout today; an hour of hot exercise, an hours walking in the forest and and hour and 3/4 jumping. Oh yeah!

Love this scooter
Rock bus?
Goodnight Toronto

I had a truly fabulous evening. Thank you Huffle. In just over a year we have seen Florence, Adele, ColdPlay and Kasabian. Who's next?



Sunday, 17 September 2017

Karma ha!

Another beautifully scorching hot day (perhaps a bit too hot if I'm being honest). We had a pancake breakfast followed by two games of Pokemon Yahtzee and two games of proper Yahtzee.

Smallest and I harvested some of our homegrown basil leaves and set about making pesto. We haven't made it before and I added salt too early and plenty of it (the big rock salt too) and it ended up being too salty (surprise surprise) so we added rocket and spinach leaves and more pine nuts and more oil until it tasted much better. We had far too much for one jar though and so filled a jar for ClownRose too.

Garfunkel (our local artist and friend) was having a gallery opening today so we walked down to have a look. She wasn't around and it was too hot to stay so Huffle bought my birthday card from there (paintings are around the $2000 mark so a card is about all we can afford right now).

Not long after, we packed a bag full of things for the beach and headed off for dinner. Our first place was only doing a brunch buffet so we opted for another place, ate our dinner and went straight to the beach where we sat yesterday.

Unfortunately a family was there (just a lady and small boy at first) but the family grew and grew and ended up being three jet skis and a BBQ (though later the men cooking asked Huffle for a light because they couldn't get the BBQ going - we considered this as karma as they had forced us to move out of the shade of the only big tree on the beach and blasted us with petrol fumes from the jet skis).

Smallest wanted to swim but there was lake weed which put him off, so me and him paddled and then Huffle and him skimmed stones. We all sat and read and tried to enjoy the beach but in the end we moved away and further up where it was breezy but the other side of the noise and fumes. I had noticed a speed boat and made sure we were far enough not to have that park where we were sat. There was also no lake weed there so Smallest went in for a quick swim though it was too cold for me to go in further than my thighs.

What a silly billy I am. Of course the boaters parked their boat where we were, in fact almost where Smallest was swimming and they anchored it to the left of us slightly but it moved and ended up right in front of us and then slowly started to move away towards the pier. I don't know where they went but we happily watched it sail away by itself!

It was misty

We played Jackers and Whitby Rocks (a bit like Canada's got Stones and Whitby got Noses) and we settled upon a lovely stone that looked like a happy fish. Huffle Skyped Grandma and then we drove off to get ourselves an ice cream milkshake. We all had a vanilla one and sat in the air conditioned place to drink them before coming home and waiting for Small to get back from his adventure.

The lake where Small stayed

The first thing Smallest did when he got home was to make sure Small's bed was back to how it was, scruffily and messy but no sign of Smallest or his menagerie, then he and Smelly (his tiny elephant) had a bath. Huffle and I sat on the porch and listened to all the mowers mowing!

Eeugghh what is that?

Small came home. He had had a fabulous time and his friends' Mum said "can you train mine please?" He finished his homework, tried and liked Caesar salad and learned how to stay up on his fourth attempt at knee boarding. I think he chose the best weekend to go.

Knee boarding
More tubing
More knee boarding



Saturday, 16 September 2017

Are they singing in Phillipino?

Smallest had to sleep in Small's room and bed last night due to the fact that Otto had a party. A proper party this time. Lots of people, lots of beer, load talking and shouting. Smallest loved the fact that he had a big bed and when I went to check on him later, he was wrapped up like a sausage in a sheet. Luckily Huffle and I went to bed late and although it was still going on, we were too tired to let it bother us too much. We should have known he was up to something when MrsOtto and the two kids disappeared early evening.

DonNoQuotey had an Antique and Collectable Sale today which means he is bored and lonely and wants people to stop and talk to him, plus he probably needs some money as his house isn't sold yet. He sat on the porch for the majority of the day with his guitar friend and they 'jammed' together.

The boys watched the Stoke game and I went out and weeded the veggie garden. I worked very hard and my legs and back are screaming at me now but the raised beds are looking good (all but one is done). All ready for some of our homegrown (thanks to Grandad) compost and some mulch. Smallest and Huffle came out to help me when their game was finished and we filled and emptied the wheelbarrow several times. Smallest harvested carrots and some beets, some courgettes and tomatoes and a Swede. We still have tomatoes, Courgette, onions, beetroot, cabbage and beans growing. Huffle replanted the strawberry runners and we dug out a huge comfrey and added it to our comfrey tea bucket.

We came in for some lunch and watched Xfactor. We decided to go in the pool this afternoon and sent Huffle to check the temperature but he dropped it in the pool. Smallest netted it out and said it was 24/25 so we all prepared to go in, however it wasn't that temperature at all, it was a freezing, take your breath away 22 at the most. Although it has been really hot for quite a few days, the evenings have been cooler (well not last night, it was baking!) so the pool isn't really getting warm consistently anymore. Smallest stayed in for the longest. I went in, swam and came straight back out. Too cold. Huffle stayed in long enough to get some leaves out and we all just gave up and came in for showers.

We didn't know what to do with ourselves because it was really hot and we were wanting dinner out too. We chose to go to the fish and chip shop and eat in and then sit on the beach for the rest of the afternoon/early evening. It was lovely. We chose a nice bit where not many people were and skimmed stones, watched the lake, played sand and collected stones for Whitby'sGotNoses. A bit like Canadas got stones but we chose stones that looked like noses. Actually the one that won wasn't a nose at all but some rather nice carved out (naturally) steps. We also played Monopoly Deal a couple of times.

We finished our evening on the beach by walking along the pier to the lighthouse. Smallest was in a very silly mood. Huffle needed some stuff so we went to The Tire on the way home.

Small has been texting us today. He fished this morning and caught two Rock Bass, did tubing and bike riding and is going Knee Boarding tomorrow. It sounds like he is having fun.

Smallest slept in Small's bed again. Not sure if it is the bigness of the bed or if he's missing his brother but I know Small will not be happy when he finds out. Smallest said not to tell him but I know that Smallest can not keep a secret and will end up telling him and then we will all be in trouble. I think Huffle and I will plead ignorance!