who's who

I am often asked who is ......... are they the brother of the uncle who.............?
So here goes..........

Famfa - Me - The writer of this blog
Wife to Huffle
Mother to Small and Smallest
Daughter to Moo
My kind and loving husband
Who endures my ramblings and incessant photo taking
My eldest Son
Handsome, tall and clever
My youngest son. Funny, wild haired, wilful
Moo - My Mum

Grandma - Huffle's Mum

Grandad - Huffle's Dad

Uncle Grump - Huffle's Brother, Eldest son of Grandma and Grandad

Cousin E - Our Neice, Daughter of Uncle Grump

Cousin D - Our Nephew, Son of Uncle Grump

Aunt Pear (right) - Huffle's Aunty, Grandad's sister, HB and Cousin M's Mum

Unc Pear (right) - Aunt Pear's Partner, Dad of HB and Cousin Pest

Cousin Pest (left) - HB's older brother, Son of Aunt and Unc Pear

HB - Huffle's cousin, Sister of Cousin Pest, Daughter of Aunt and Unc Pear

Aunty Plant - Huffle's Aunty, Sister of Grandma, Mum of Mr Gator

Uncle Dermott - Huffle's Uncle, Husband of Aunty Plant, Dad of Mr Gator

Mr Gator - Huffle's cousin, Son of Aunty Plant & Uncle Dermott



Mrs Gator/Truly Scrumptious - Wife of Mr Gator

The Royals - Friends and Neighbours (English)
ClownRose - Friend and neighbour
BabyMo - Baby of ClownRose (Smallest's Best Friend)
inspector Cluseau - Dad of Baby Mo, Husband of ClownRose

Suffolk - Expat British friend

KP & A - Friends (Owned our first little house here)

Mr Burlington Bertie - Huffle's firend in UK then moved here 3 years agoMrs Burlngton Bertie - Partner of Mr BB (bringer of the beans and Lemon Curd)
Muffin - Daughter of Mr & Mrs BB
Small's friends - Mac, Cog, Log, bogie

Smallest's friends - Malcolm, Al, Ew

Pol and Pod - live in our first house next to KP&A
The colleagues - Huffle's Team (Gone and forgotten)
Rumbleskins - (mrs) half sister of famfa

UK Friends (please don't be offended if you are not on here - let me know)
Aunty A - small and Smallest's moral guardian
Aunty miaow - small and Smallest's moral guardian
Uncle Tuc - Aunty Miaow's husband
Aunty snow - small and Smallest's moral guardian
CogCog and Hairy - Old Next door neighbours who moved out before we did
Elderflower Meadows - Famfa's oldest friend and her three lovely kids
Everett - the best emailer a friend could ever have and her husband Lucky Shorts! Who does indeed have Lucky Shorts!
Jack, Jill, Belle & Cinders - bought our little wooden house

Yahoo - my Motivator

York....................................................... more coming soon




Mary Ann said...

Wonderful job...all sorted now...I think:)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Everett Xx

Brenda B said...

You know, I actually came over here to find out who Aunty A was!!! Sad or what!!!