Sunday, 31 December 2017


A day spent in the house all day due to the bitter coldness of outside. -30* real feel. Brrrrr. I wanted to go out for a walk but even I couldn't summon up the enthusiasm for that temperature.

Ice Patterns
Ice on the inside of our window

We spent the morning playing Kingdomino. I definitely won one game and didn't come last in the others. Normally Moo plays in a team with Smallest but today we made her play on her own. I think she does better with Smallest.

Huffle cut his hair whilst we played and made an interesting hair style before he chopped it all off!

Moo and I did a lot of jigsaw today and the boys played plenty of FIFA. We had our leftover pizza/calzones for lunch whilst watching TheGrandTour (that's us up to date for a week now).

This afternoon we all made fresh pasta, garlic bread, pasta sauce, grilled vegetables, cheese sauce and white and milk chocolate mousse. We decided the theme for our New Years Eve party (just us five again) was Italian, based on the food. Smallest wore Huffle's ACMilan top and had a moustache. I had a green and red top and white scarf with a sunflower in my hair. Moo wore green, red and white. Smallest wore his ACMilan top and a moustache and Huffle came as Mario.

More jigsaw and FIFA while dinner was cooking.

We had crackers, wine and all our Italian food with ErosRamazotti on the IPod. It was very delicious. We finished with our mousse which was very nice.

Some clearring up then we played FiveCrowns and Pictureka! The boys watched TV before bed. Both wanted to stay up until midnight but they both went to bed at 9:45pm which isn't bad. We had some sparklers but no-one wanted to go out into the cold to do them.

The rest of us played cards. Ace2Ace (Huffle won) and Skip-Bo (Moo won). We watched Jools Holland until he reached 12midnight but in reality it was 11:30pm and then we gave up and went to bed.



Saturday, 30 December 2017

Doodie Doodie Boob*

All the boys watched Stoke lose badly to Chelsea while Moo and I watched CallTheMidwife. (We kept one eye on the Leicester score too BOO). I did some more crochet - nearly finished my car blanket for my knees.

We all played Rubiks Battle. If you have the same card as another person you shout 'RubiksBattle'. When Moo saw one she shouted Doodie Doodie and when I saw one moments later, I shouted 'Boob'. Very silly.

We had lunch watching more of TheGrandTour and then played several games of Kingdomino (I may be getting better!) and then a full game of DisneyMonopoly. Huffle and Small jointly won.

We did some jigsaw, some FIFA and all went out for dinner this evening.

This morning the temperatue registerd as -24 (real feel -32*). It snowed lightly most of the day. We drove to the Chip shop but it was closed so we called ahead to the Pizza place and ordered our calzones and pizzas which meant they were nearly ready when we arrived.

We popped to supermarket on the way home to pick up supplies for tomorrow as it is going to be another cold cold day.

More jigsaw, some tv and bed.


Friday, 29 December 2017

How do you feel about that?

When I came down Smallest was getting annoyed with the TV because it wasn't doing what he wanted to and he had already finished building his butterfly which was very intricate and made of tiny tiny bricks.

Me and him played chess before 9am, before coffee and before I had even had my hot water! I lost but only just and only because he wouldn't let Stalemate happen.

Breakfast was eaten and then we played our new game called Kingdomino which was very good and not too long. We played two games.

The boys played on FIFA and Moo and I played several games of Skip-Bo. We had a visit from MrsChristmas. Yesterday we gave MrChristmas an English Chococlate bar. He didn't eat it and didn't take it home. I guessed he didn't really want it so didn't push it on him. She came to ask if he could have it which is very funny. He must have really wanted it! She is going to lend me a cushion to help with my coccyx pain as she has the same problem.

We had lunch whilst watching TheGrandTour and then we went out and braved the cold. We met up with Angels family and had a game of five pin bowling. Moo, Huffle, Small and Smallest played with Dan and Vic while Angel and I chatted and ran around after LittleAngel. Huffle won the first game and Smallest won the last game.

We came home and played two more games of Kingdomino. I am terrible at this game but I do like it.

Huffle and I went out and left the three kids (Moo included) at home and went out for an Indian. It was quite treacherous driving as it was snowing and a bit blizzardy but it was worth it (though I actually wasn't driving). We parked a small distance away and walked on as the town is very pretty in the dark with the Christmas lights on. It was sooooo very cold. We walked on the way out too and soon realised it was -21* which is just ridiculous. We had a gorgeous starter, main meal, naan and rice and I had a huge pint of beer. I felt like I had two stomachs by the time we came out though we did bring a fair portion of it all home (except the beer).

The car had a weird A symbol on it. A bit like a superman S

Smallest was just getting into bed when we got in. Small went soon after.


Thursday, 28 December 2017

7 Sugars MrsChristmas

Apparently yesterday we had record low temperatures for this time of year since 1962. I can't believe that yesterday was colder than today. It was bloomin' cold. We had an extreme weather alert and Huffle and I walked briefly to fetch milk and we were wrapped up like Scott of the Antarctic and we still felt it!!

After breakfast everyone got tidying up after the debris of Christmas Day. Presents were tidied or put away, clothes were hung up, floors swiffed or vacuumed and bathrooms cleaned. Moo made us baked potatoes for lunch, showers or baths were had and the boys eventually got to play FIFA.

Mid afternoon Mr&MrsChristmas came round for snacks, chat and a few games of cards. We introduced them to Newmarket - Small won. Then we taught them Stop The Bus which Smallest won. MrsChristmas and the boys ate some of their winnings (choc coins). They ended up staying until 8pm - we had a good time chatting and we sent the boys off to play on FIFA again after they played cards.

The boys went to bed and we watched a GreatChristmasBakeOff. "Do you like him yet Grandad?".

Love this card we got today



Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Fish and Chips one piece

We booked my flight last night and now it's definite. Planning begins.

A nice lie in for me and when I came downstairs all the clearing of the dishwasher and kitchen had begun and a load of washing put on by Huffle. I think he's trying to prove he can cope without me. The temperature today has been -19* (real feel -29*) with frost bite warnings.

This morning we ate breakfast, FaceTimed Grandma, the boys played on FIFA and we went out late morning to go and watch StarWars in the IMAX cinema. All singing and dancing without the 3D. Very loud and reverberated but still I nearly dozed off a couple times. Not because it didn't hold my attention, more because the seats were ultra comfy, though it was a little cool in there and the air conditioning set off my weeping eye! I thought the film was very good though I had forgotten that DarthVader was dead and I kept expecting him to turn up. I didn't like MarkHamils acting, he looked like a hobbit and CarrieFisher was awful. We took our own Christmas snacks but three hours later when we came out, we were hungry.

Huffle took us a for nice dinner. I had a wild mushroom risotto and some truffle fries. Delicious. We came home briefly and went out again for an evening at Taffs.

Taff is a Welsh lady I met about four/five years ago who introduced me to Suffolk at a British Expats party. We meet up occasionally for coffee or a walk. Her husband works in Vienna, her son is at Uni in Ottawa and her daughter is at uni in Wales. Taff travels all over to see them all. We had a nice night of drinks, food, chat and laughs. The boys played on the PlayStation in the basement and came up occasionally for food or drink. Suffolk was also there and her kids joined ours in the basement. We didn't get home until 10:30pm.


Tuesday, 26 December 2017


Happy Boxing Day.

A bit of a lie in. Normal breakfast. All the boys watched Stoke (drew 1-1). All the girls watched Leicester (lost 2-1) until the Stoke game wasn't working so we forfeited our game and played three games of skip-bo whilst watching for the updates. I have to say that Moo won else she will be mardy. (Good old Leicester word there. I am getting ready for my visit by re-learning my local dialect).

Moo had a bath, Smallest built his BrickHeadz Capt.JackSparrow with a little assistance from me and Small built some more of his NanoBlock Eater Island Statues.

Small got a sandwich toaster for Christmas from Moo so we all had a toasted cheese sandwich from it (except for Huffle who is scarred for life with cheese sandwiches isn't he Grandma?). They were very nice and now Small has learnt how to make them which is a very good skill.

This afternoon we all played Blink which is a very quick card game for two people. We also played Rubiks Battle and Stinky Pig. Small read one of his new books while the rest of us played Newmarket using Chocolate coins. I won hurrah (eventually, the winnings were getting higher and higher). We opened the quality Street and shortbread YUMYUM while we were playing too.

Later on we all went out and cleared and salted the drive and paths. Hard work. The temperature today is -12* (real feel -22*). We also threw Smallest in the snow and covered him up!

While Huffle went for a shower, the boys played on FIFA and we all had leftover dinner. This evening we spent forever trying to sort out Smallest's helicopter. It suddenly wouldn't fly very well. We searched the Internet and took it apart and it is charging. Hopefully it isn't broken.

The boys went to bed and we watched the film Snatched. Very silly.


Monday, 25 December 2017

It's snowing from the landing window

Merry Christmas. We did have a White Christmas. Not only did we have a ton of snow fall during the night, it was still falling when we got up.

The boys woke us up at 7:45am. First they went and woke Moo up and then Smallest climbed in between us and Small sat on top of the bed until we got up.

We sat and opened our Stockings from Santa. We all got bath puffs, chocolate coins, pencils and some other little things. The boys sorted the presents into piles while we made breakfast of Croissants, juices, coffee and tea. The rest of the morning we spent opening all of our many presents.

Selection boxes and pants on head with new glass

Instead of hiding them this year (though a few were hidden and one has not been found yet because Ican't remember where I put it) I wrapped several smaller items in one bigger box and wrapped that up. It made it look like there weren't so many.

We had lots of lovely things - to read, to play, to make, to use and to eat. We were all very happy with everything we got. Huffle put the turkey on as it needed four hours. I tried to tell Smallest he needed to say when he would be hungry in four hours time but he just couldn't so we left it to Huffle to decide. I think we finally ate around 3:30pm. Small, Moo and I had leek, cheese and breadcrumbs in puff pastry which was tasty but not puffy. We had a multitude of vegetables, roasted potatoes, beetroots, parsnips and onion. It was very nice and there is far too much leftover. We didn't have pudding until 6ish when I made a treacle pudding and Moo made custard. Smallest came and hugged me and whispered "I just love Treacle Pudding Mummy, thank you".

The boys had the new FIFA game and so disappeared for periods of the day to play it. We played 'stinky pig' which Smallest had from Huffle and I. Very funny. You press his tummy and he sings 'de de duh duh de dee......' to the tune of pop goes the weasel. You roll a dice which tells you which way to pass the pig and dice and if it trumps (farts) while you hold it you get a coin. First person to reach three coins is out and the player with the least wins! Can't play it for too long though! We also played a card game called Rubiks Battle which was hard but good.

Smallest got glow in the dark stars and eyes, a moon torch, a star projector and glow sticks. Huffle got an Aroma Diffuser which changes colour and mists out essential oil smells. He also got two solar lights for the garden and I got a lava lamp. Bit of a theme there. The house is alight with wonderful colours and smells.

We had several books, bread making, recipe books, tea cosy knitting, beano, dandy, a few fiction, facts on cricket, bodies, world records and Ripleys. Remote control helicopter, card games, blanket, hats, scarves, pj's, pants, socks, gloves, puzzles, chocolates, biscuits, bags, coffee, mugs, tea, pictures, magnets. A soldering kit and an engraving tool plus bulbs, candle and a much wanted glass bowl full of baubles (broke one years ago and always missed it). I have a telescope for my phone which is tremendous. Small got a sandwich toaster and Huffle a shaver. There was a lot more but too much to name everything.

At the end of all the present opening I was handed an envelope with some clues on. Each clue found me a letter which I had to rearrange to make a word...............

I asked Huffle if I had to go to Pearson Airport Toronto to get my next clue and he shouted from another room "I'm sending you to England". When I realised he wasn't joking, I burst into tears. He is sending me to England for (he says two weeks but....well we are discussing it), all by myself. He feels I need it and I need time to be with friends. It means Grandma and Grandad have to forgo their Spring trip here and for that I am very grateful. Eeeeek I can't believe it. I need to start planning and teaching the boys how to cook so they can help out Huffle who will still have to work. Thank you Huffle for my very special lovely surprise present.

One of the funniest things of the day was when I opened a present to find a lip balm (I always lose my lip balms or the lip balm fairy takes them with the odd socks and hair Bands!) which was half used. I didn't say anything at the time because it was supposed to be from Santa and although I am pretty sure Smallest doesn't believe anymore, I am trying to keep the Magic alive. Anyway it seems that while Moo was wrapping Huffle's presents, my lip balm, that I was using, was also on the table and she just wrapped it up. Huffle did say he was surprised the scissors or cellotape weren't wrapped.

We had a FaceTime with HB and Grandma's house full of family and then later with Grandma and the few who were left. Looked like they had a good day too. Grandad is in Oz right now at the cricket. Huffle watched it much later but we didn't see him there.

The boys have built several Lego sets/nano blocks, smallest set up his light show and moon torch (looks very cool) and Small got his gadgets for his phone working and set up. I had a quick go at wood engraving and books have been leafed through.

Lovely lovely day.


Sunday, 24 December 2017

I got prizes for attendance

What a busy Christmas Eve! I'm sure it's not normally this crazy.

We had a pancake breakfast which was interrupted by MrBasement who came to pick up a SoupKoosie I made for his Mum as a present from MrsBasement. Once we cleared up from breakfast, we made a start on making the Royal Icing to stick the Gingerbread house together and ice the Christmas cake. Small rolled out the marzipan for the cake and Smallest decorated the Christmas tree gingerbread for the house. The house got stuck together and only fell down once and then it was put in the 3season room to harden.

The Christmas cake was marzipanned, iced and decorations added.

The chocolate log was iced and decorated....

The gingerbread house was decorated and had a little problem with subsidence but as of writing this, it was still standing.....just.
Moo finished the jigsaw just in case we got a new one tomorrow ;). The boys had a relax watching Polar Express and we finished watching Elf later after Pork Rolls (Smallest and Huffle) and pizza (Moo, me and Small)

Big snow started falling around 6pm. We now have 20cm due through the night. Oh, now we will have to stay in all day tomorrow :)

It is a tradition in our house that we always open one present each on Chstms eve. Moo opened a present from Small and it was a Mug Cake which she said was really thoughtful though she did think it was fake and tried to get in the box. That's because Moo always hides all her garden gifts to us in other boxes. Huffle got a StarWars mug full of bubble gum from the boys and I. Small got a pair of boxers from me and Huffle (though the tag said from M&D and although this is supposed to be Mum and Dad, he always says it's Margaret&Don across the road).

I got a pair of lovely warm mukluk slippers from Moo and Smallest's got some glow in the dark eyes for his room from me and Huffle.

The kids went to bed. Smallest was just a bit excited and Small is still just a big kid asking for his presents to be hidden. What he doesn't know is that his presents are hidden inside other presents this year so it looks like he only has a few. A ha! The grown ups stayed up and played cards.