Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It's colder there than here?

It snowed all last evening steadily and this is what it looked like outside before we went to bed.
This morning the snow was thick on my windscreen.

We skyped Moo and she told us it was really cold in the UK.  What?  Our temperature was 6* and it was 1* there.  But they were getting more and more cold with snow forecast for the weekend.  She couldn't believe that it was colder there than here.  Pah - that's not cold, silly.
My legs ache, my stomach aches, my arms ache, my feet ache - I've got that awful illness called "I forgot to stretch after my running yesterday!"  DOH!
Smallest and I went out this morning.  He got a much needed haircut.  I got a much needed new shovel (wide one), we took Small's age 10 jeans back and got some age 12 instead.  They fit in the waist and are a little bit long but better.
 "Smart smeller"

I also bought smallest a helmet for snowboarding, ice-skating and sledging (it's the law for his age).  He is very excited because the lady in the shop told him he had special ear bits so that when Mummy shouts him he can hear!!  We'll see!
We got a letter today....................

My wonderful friend Aunty Miaow is getting married this year back in Blighty.  What a lovely couple they are.
Smallest and I went out and shovelled the drive.  I didn't need a coat or gloves.  We shovelled and shovelled and I think we did a good job.
Smallest with his shovel
Smallest with our new shovel
We were still shovelling when Small got off the bus.  He helped us and told us the snow was just right for making a snowballs, snowmen and forts.  So..............
We had loads of fun.
  We made Bob the Snowman.  
Bob 'poggling'
Smallest said "I really want to cuddle him Mummy!". Go ahead then but let me get my camera first.
Small's snow fort.  He told me that I should have taken a photo later as it was much better than this photo!

.........and then had a sit down watching the sun go down drinking tea, hot choc and hot apple cider.  

Oh and a chocolate lollipop (think that was from Grandma at Christmas)
These photos are for you Aunt Pear especially, we know you like photos of the boys outside drinking.

I had to Skype Grandma and Grandad to tell them I was sitting on the verandah without a coat, hat or gloves watching the boys playing in the snow, while they were at home in the UK in the minus temperatures.  I got told off for laughing.

NOTE:  I keep being asked if we found the trap and caught the mouse.  Well, just to clarify, we found the mouse trap and there was a mouse in it.  He was caught and he was dead.  Maybe I wasn't clear enough.

P.s.  the cat did a whoopsy on the carpet ;)

Monday, 30 January 2012

5 Mouse - 1 Us (Pear nibbler)

Boys packed off to school on time with no problems.
I went off for a run, the first time since we moved here.  It was -4 and hurt my lungs when I breathed.  I ran for approximately 25 minutes (with lots of walking too).  Glad I did it but it was hard work dodging the ice and the snow and the cars passing by.  I had to wear a thinsulate hat and gloves and a thermal base layer.

When I got back I had a really hot shower, my legs were freezing!!  Then I had a lovely long breakfast whilst blogging and checking the news.  LOVELY.
I went into the Cold Room to check for mouse action.
The sneaky little !!?!??!!?  He's been at my pears.
I spent a couple of hours tidying the house because my angels (big and small) had left it in a tip! Then I went off to do some food shopping.  I bought Small a pair of Jeans for a ten year old (he is eight) and they don't fit him.  Length wise they are fine but round the waist they are too tight.  Now Small doesn't have a shred of fat on him.  He is a skinny thing.  And I can't say that they are all skinny and long here!  So I may have to find a new children's shop to visit.

I took a photo of this Tractor because as I came over the hill I saw it on my side of the road (and yes Moo, I was on the right side of the road this time) and I thought it was coming towards me.  As I got closed I realised it was either driving backwards or just looked like a back to front tractor.

As I waited for the boys to get off the school bus I clead the drive.  Well I attempted to clear it.  It was thick ice under the snow and I had trouble cracking it.  Small helped me as much as he could but we gave up in the end.  Then when we came in, it started snowing again.  The drive is completely covered again!  Apparantly its going to carry on snowing overnigbutane we are going to over an inch, but then its going to get warmer and we're not going to get any more snow till the weekend.
Smallest madeup his lego car from yesterday's party.  And I received an email from the Party girl's mum with a photo of Smallest.

The boys (big and small) had turkey meatballs and pasta (as I was writing this my spellchecker changed Pasta to Santa, don't know why I shared this but it was funny!) for dinner.  Thumbs up!  I had spinach and ricotta Manicotta (I think that's what it's called) - it was yummy.

Mary Ann (thank you) let me know that the Caterpillar from yesterday's post was called a Woolly Bear Caterpillar and changes to a Yellow Moth.  It is also out early - silly caterpillar, you'll freeze.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A restful Sunday (oh no I forgot about the party and the sledging!)

We had a late start this morning.  The boys didn't get up till after 7:30 and Huffle and I didn't get up until 9am (whaaatttttt?).
Huffle skyped Grandad and Uncle Dermott and caught up with all the sporting news.  Small skyped his friend, MissK back home.
We all went out to get Small new snow boots as he had a hole in his (they've only lasted him two months!).  Huffle and I bought ourselves balaclavas.  We also managed to get Smallest a new pair of boots which we hope will fit him next year too. (they cost $9 - that's about £6 for a sturdy pair of snow boots.  Amazing!).
I saw this caterpillar on the drive crawling to safety as it heard the thunderous feet of Small and Smallest.
(I put the key next to it to give it some perspective)

We had dinner out and then all rushed back home as Smallest had a party to go to and Small and Huffle went sledging.
Smallest had lots of fun at his party.  It was in a soft play gymnasium.  He trampolined, went on the balance bar, swung like a monkey and played in the play area.  Then they stopped for pizza and cake.  They all watched while the party girl opened her presents.  Then armed with his Lego truck (gift bag) we went home.  I was a bit worried because apparently this is how parties are here.  At the age of five they have the whole class, with entertainment, and food and fabulous gift bags.  Oh No - Smallest is going to be five soon. Arrgghhhh.
Climbing in the cage
He kept getting tangled 
Swinging like a monkey
balancing like a balancer!
Great concentration
Bouncing on the biggest trampoline I have ever seen
Time for food.

I met some Mum's there and found out about some things to do in the summer holidays.  I also met a Dad who works for the same company as Huffle.  We said we would all get together for a cup of tea sometime (he was English).
Small and Huffle went to a local farm for sledging which was part of the Winter Festival here in the Hamlet.  They had free hot chocolate and lots of fun sledging.  It was fast and furious.
Stopping briefly for a hot chocolate break

Small on his tray sledge


Huffle sledging

We all arrived home at the same time.  The boys had a bit of tea.  Then we had to play a game ............................................................
Not even going to say the words!  But Small won!

 Please can we play something else?

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mouse 4 - 1 Us (the comeback) & Beef at the Burlingtons (although it was really lamb!)

Last night Huffle went into the cold room to fetch something.  This is a room we have in the basement that's very cold.  We store veggies, fruit, spare juice, spare cornflakes etc and also where we set the mouse traps.    When he came back he said that he thought we may have caught a mouse as one of the four traps was missing.  I noticed that it was missing a few days ago but said nothing because I thought Huffle had just moved it.  Oh no. Mr Mouse moved it.  Well he's for it now!  Gone, Kerput, No More!  Huffle gave a chorus of "you're not chewing anymore, you're not chew-ew-ewing anymoooooooore"  However, if he got trapped a few days ago, who ate the Magic Powder label!  Oh Maaaaaan!  
Today we went to the "Burlingtons" for the day.  It started off horizontally rainy and grey.
401 Highway of Heroes
Huffle mentioned something about the lovely way the rain dances on the road!!!! Eh?

2 magnificent buildings on the 401

We got to the Burlingtons just before 12 (sorry Mr B, we were a little tardy!).  I had a present from Mrs B - a jar of Lemon Curd, not just any lemon curd though.  GALES LEMON CURD?  Wahooooooo. Big thank you.
The kids played, the adults chatted, we had a lovely lunch and then we went out to Crack Pots.......
We passed Trafalgar Square on the way (not quite as spectacular as the one back home!)

Crack Pots is a lovely shop.  You choose your pot, you paint it, they kiln it and you get a lovely piece of work mostly created by you.  We all had a wonderful time.

Small, Muffin, Mr B, Mrs B concentrating hard on their masterpieces
Smallest working hard on a Monster Moneybox
Small and his dragon, Muffin and her Penguin and Smallest and his Monster
Mr B and his frog - he was so very pleased with his frog.  He really enjoyed painting.  I think he may come back again, and again, and again.
Mrs B's bowl - for her paper clips and work stuff
Huffle's light switch cover

My milk jug

We had such a nice time in there.  Very calming and a perfect thing to do on a cold, wet, rainy day.
 A glimpse of Lake Ontario
When we finished we walked to the Lake and had a quick look around.  
Apparently just 2 minutes before I took the photo you could Toronto Skyline - yeah yeah 
Muffin, Mrs B, Smallest, Mr B and Huffle - it was cold
It had started snowing hard and we didn't have the appropriate clothing for heavy snow, so we headed back to the Burlington's house.
On went the wii and we played Just Dance 2.......
Muffin and Smallest danced to Benni Benassi
Small and Muffin dancing to Fat Boy Slim

 Mr B was in the kitchen making our dinner
The boys snuggled on the sofa and watched............
The girls (Mrs B and Muffin) dance to Ra Ra Rasputin - Boney M
Sorry Mrs B, I know you said I couldn't take a photo or blog it but.........

Then the boys played sword fighting.  Then Huffle and I played sword fighting (well chopping fruit with a wii remote!!).  I have to say I beat Huffle only just.  So Mr B hurried in from the kitchen and decided to challenge me - me being a mere novice and my first go ever and him being a quick witted ninja warrior.  Whoops sorry Mr B, I think I beat you easily.
We stopped for a fantastic dinner.  I had salmon and everyone else had Roast Lamb.  We had all the trimmings including Yorkshire pud, 4 veg, roast potatoes, stuffing.  It was lovely.
By the time we had our Apple Blossum and ice cream it was way past the boys bedtime and we set off on our way home.  It was very busy.

Two tired little boys

(but sorry about the spelling mistakes should there be any - I've had a tiring day)