Friday, 31 May 2013


It was a hot and sticky night, we were glad of the air conditioning and we had the added extra of the ceiling fan on too all night. Huffle went off to work. Small woke me up but Smallest slept on until past 8 O'Clock. Sleepy socks!

Small went off to school with his Taekwondo kit ready for his lunchtime lesson.

Smallest and I drew and coloured in a lovely picture of our front garden before breakfast. We had breakfast, Smallest played on the computer and then we went off to knitting for an hour. Smallest took his DS and I took my cardi and started on my second sleeve. I have been invited to a Knitters Retreat in November - I am thinking about it. We left there, Smallest ate some of his lunch on the way. MasterM was already there, sending pupils back who hadn't bothered with "Hello MasterM" as they walked in. Some got sent back several times. Today he talked about the sun and how important it was to wear sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and have regular drinks. He asked what should you have when it is hot and Smallest put his hand up 'Ice-cream'. MasterM had a sly look at me and said well that should be for a treat really! Oh dear! Everybody had to show MasterM what they knew. They were quite good, they remembered a lot.

We came home, finished lunch and then went and checked out the pool. It didn't look too bad so I said Smallest could go in. He was a bit hesitant so we dangled our legs in, but it wasn't long before he was jumping in, swimming and lying on the Lilo.

We tried to Skype Grandma from the pool but my phone overheated and we lost her.

Small came home and jumped in too. They only had about ten minutes before I had to get them out to go to their swimming lessons. Small didn't want to go, preferring to stay in our pool but it was the last one so we had to.

They both had half a lesson of swimming and then fun. Small got to play water polo with loads of others and Smallest got to play in a funny boat. They both got their badges and I am a very proud Mummy.

We came home, Huffle was already there with dinner ready for the boys and lots of lovely things for me to try from his works Hawaiian pot luck. Small went off to play with his friend. Huffle and I cleared everything away from the pool and shut it up for the night. There is a storm a-brewing! Smallest and Huffle played with the Knex.

The air conditioning has gone back on again as the house is stifling!

The forecast said there are storms tonight, tomorrow and Sunday and I promised the boys we could go in the pool this weekend, though we do need to go and buy chemicals.

Not long now till Moo arrives.


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Small had to wake me this morning. I was dreaming about being on my bike and having a puncture and I really didn't want to wake up because I knew I would have to blow my tyre up! Wonder what that means?

Phew it was a hot one today. 28* with humidity up high making it feel very very warm indeed. Once the boys had gone to school, I got ready for Yoga, jumped on my bike (no puncture) and entered the warm basement of the class. It was a full turnout today, which in a way was nice because there were new people but it also made it even hotter. Once we had finished I cycled back home via The Royals for a chat and sorted out a game of golf for Huffle. He has been desperate to play for ages. It will be Monday with Mr Royal, his son, Umbrella and Mr R's dentist. It is first thing so he can get back to work for the afternoon if he wants to. He was very pleased.

Once home I decided to get the mower out while I was hot and sticky. It wouldn't start. So I put petrol in it. It wouldn't start. So I put oil in it. It wouldn't start. So I came inside, looked at google, put my engineers hat on and found the battery, twiddled some wires and it started. Wahooo, look at me! The grass was still a bit wet so it clumped a bit but I managed to get the back done but as the sun wasn't properly on the front, I came in for a break. I skyped LizzieDotDot because I knew she would be going away on holiday in a couple of days. I chatted to Art, Bomberdill, Bernard, Mr W and LizzieDotDot. We had a good catch up and messed around with WhatsApp.

I went out and finished off the front and then swept up my mess on the drive and the paths. I was just wondering whether I had to sweep the road, as I had left a lot of grass on there, when I noticed the cars driving past were moving it for me. Result!

While I was still sticky, I planted the pansies I brought back from work and then came in and had a lovely refreshing shower. Huffle rang to say he had been invited to okay golf this evening which was fine by me as I had only planned on making Pizza and me and the boys could watch a movie as it was so hot outside. Shame we can't use the pool yet. I rang the pool people and told them I had tested the water and it said that everything was high which is unusual. They suggest I 'shocked' it tonight (I'll show it my bum ha ha) and then take in a sample tomorrow if it still isn't clear. I forgot how much trouble this bloomin' pool was!

I picked up an answer phone message today from school - it was Smallest. His teacher has been trying to get them to remember their address and phone number and as a treat allowed them to call home, shame I missed it. "Helooooooooooo I know my number" in the background someone said 'say goodbye then' "bbbbyyyyeeeeeeeeeee". Very funny. The other day when he was off school I decided it was time he learnt how to tell the time. With Small, I told him o'clock, quarter past, quarter to and Half past and the rest he got on his own. In fact I didn't really teach him, I just pointed them out, but that is how Small is, you tell him something and he knows it! Smallest, however, needs a bit more. I have been trying for ages but it just hasn't been sinking in. So I sat with him for about an hour while we were having lunch and I drew pictures and tested him and eventually he got it. Clever little man. We still have to work out 5, 10, 20 past and to etc but we said we would work on that tomorrow. He is very pleased with himself and I am very proud of him.

I sat on the porch (shaded) waiting for all my boys to come home and then got them sandwiches, ice poles, drinks etc. Still very warm. Would not want to be playing golf in this! I don't know if you remember the Winter Carnival here in February, but I entered one of my soups in the soup and chilli contest. I was most disappointed that I didn't win anything and vowed never to take part again (all the soups except mine were meaty). Well it turns out that I did win a prize after all. 3rd place (now I can't remember how many entered, I know it was more than 3 but possibly not more than 5).

All the boys arrived home pretty much the same time, Huffle grabbed his sandwich, drink, clubs and socks and ran out again.

He doesn't want me to show you that he was wearing socks with his sandals! Tut tut

The little boys grabbed their ice lollies and sat with me on the porch and then went inside (lovely and cool) to play on the computer. I sat on the porch and watched the birds and played on my phone. (And took photos of course).

I came in and we all made pizza, cooked it and sat in front of one of our favourite films, Up. Fabulous film. It rained very strangely. The sun was out and it was hot but it bucketed down and then just stopped. We watched the whole film and then I attempted to put the kids to bed. We sat in front of the fan and finished reading The Fir Tree which Aunty A bought us for Christmas. It's not often when it's just me and the kids and that is the only time we read it. Lovely story. We have decided we will read it every Christmas.

Once I got them settled I went and checked on the pool. This time all levels were OK. I 'shocked' it anyway in the hope that tomorrow it will be the sparkly loveliness that everyone else has in their pools! I watered the plants and got many many bites on my legs. It is still (9pm) really hot. All windows are open and all fans are on. I don't know how the aircon works so if it needs to go on, it will have to wait for Huffle. Talking of Huffle, this is what he found on his golf course this evening.....

The boys came down several times, tummy ache, too hot, Smallest was making a noise, Small couldn't sleep! Huffle came home, closed all the windows and put the air conditioning on. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We don't often put it on. I much prefer windows open and proper air flow but at the moment there is no air flow. It's stifling. Next week is supposed to go down to 9*. Freaky weather.




Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Chick chick chick chick chicken.............

We had a storm in the night. Huge thundering thunder and massive flashes of lightning that I could see through tightly closed eyes. I counted and it seemed about seven miles away (if that's true about counting between the thunder and lightning). Suffice to say, this morning I was bleary eyed and tired. Huffle went off to work once he had checked the basement wasn't flooded (just a small trickle in the corner - phew). The boys went off to school. Smallest went off on his zoo trip with his waterproofs but forgot his hat (it was supposed to get hot later) so I jumped in the car and dropped it off for him. When the school asked for volunteers for the zoo trip I asked Smallest if he wanted me to go and he said no, so I didn't put my name down. Today he said he wished I was going! Kids! I set the hose going and had a text from NoCustard to say she could walk if I was still wanting to go. I text Mrs Royal and she text TeaLady and we all met up in the forest at 10am. It rained for most of our walk but it was glorious. The colours, the smells. Just lovely. And just what I needed to blow the cobwebs away!

We got absolutely soaked to the skin but it was a good walk and we kept the pace going.

We said our goodbyes and came home and I vacuumed the pool (I was already wet and I thought I would rather do it before my shower). The pool was not clear but it was getting clearer (I'm sure I said that all last Summer).

It was still raining and I got a bit wetter. Once I had finished the pool, I came in, had a shower and sat and had my lunch, catching up on emails etc.

Then I made Ginger Muffins as this lot love 'em. I skyped Moo as I was clearing away because I suddenly realised I had no idea what time she was arriving, or her flight number or anything, so organised!

I checked on the pool - still the same! I sat on the porch and waited for the boys. Then I cleaned and tidied the Sun Room. How many shoes does this family use?????

I put the dinner on. Small finished his homework and then they both went on their DS'. It is really hot outside but every now and then it kept raining. Huffle came home earlier than usual and we all had dinner. We all played football. It was very sticky and the bugs started to bother us so we sent the boys in for showers.

Huffle has had his chicken chest cut for the Summer!!!! Buk, buk, buk.

It was LittleElderflowerMeadows birthday this week. All ten years big in his Canada Day gear. Bless.

La la beach


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rain Power

Smallest slept in this morning and I had to get him up for school.

Sitting on the porch in ther rain macs

The boys and I were watching this little woodpecker whilst waiting for the bus (the boys were waiting, not the woodpecker)

I dispatched the boys off on the bus and then went off to work. It was raining but only finely so two of us worked in the vegetable garden planting peppers and strawberries, beans and tomatoes, cabbage and earthing up the potatoes. We stopped for coffee and oatmeal biscuits as it started raining quite heavily. We had a good chat and a laugh and then went out and dug up 100 white geraniums and over 200 pink geraniums for a lady who wanted to have a front lawn full of geraniums and was due to pick up her bare root plants this afternoon. Then we revived a path and dug up a load of Corydalis bulbs. By noon it has started raining again and we gave up and went home. I came back with a lettuce, three Bok Choi, green garlic, a big pot full of pansies and violas, a Virginian Bluebell plant and a couple of lettuce plants. Not bad for a morning's work. I did however, miss out on a trip to the Royal York yesterday but I guess it was someone else's turn. I did email them my photos from when I went before because they want to use them for their website.

My edible goodies

I made up a bouquet of them in a jug to keep them fresh

I came home briefly, put the hose on in the pool (not that I had heard whether they were coming or not!) and went off to the supermarket covered in mud with my wet trousers rolled up my leg - attractive). I got my shopping, came home, put it all away and had a late lunch. Just as I was finishing all the power went off. Huffle had rang the pool people and they were due any minute. The power came on and they turned up (they wouldn't have been able to do anything with no power).

They changed the filter, but couldn't vacuum the pool because there wasn't enough water in it. I have to do it now. He showed me how to do everything all over again. I left the hose filling and came in and made a Cottage Pie for the boys. I had just finished filling and emptying the dishwasher, got myself a cup of tea and sat down when the boys came home. We went to look at the pool but the water still wasn't at the desired level so we left it and came in. Small did some of his homework and Smallest played upstairs. I was just making my dinner and about to put the boys dinner in the oven when the power went off again.

I put lots of candles in glasses and put them on the table so Small could see what he was doing. The water went off because it is powered by a pump from our well. So no electricity, no water and no heating. Arrrrggghhhhhh.

What a funny face

Reading to me by candlelight

That was the cottage pie ended as I couldn't finish it off in the oven, my veggie cottage pie was only half done. I put some sausages on the BBQ for the boys as Small needed to go off to Cubs and had to eat pretty swiftish. I was grilling in the pouring rain and the sausages were nearly done when the power came back on. arrrgghhhhhh. I decided they would have to have the sausages as there was no time for the cottage pie to heat up so I boiled some spuds and gave them beans. I had risotto from a packet. Cottage pie tomorrow then!

Huffle came home and ate with the boys and then we vacuumed the pool. A lot of rubbish came out so that must be good. We got absolutely soaked and called it a night. Huffle took and fetched back Small from Cubs - tonight they made kites. Smallest and I read Tiddler and listened to the song.

Still raining, the forecast storm has disappeared and it is now foggy. Smallest is at the zoo tomorrow with the school so I have all day to myself and nothing planned. I will plant my freebies from today and sort out the pool and maybe clean the house. Wow - living the high life!



Monday, 27 May 2013


Smallest has kept me very busy today. In between me ringing the pool people and being on hold and being rung back, he has had me playing football, basketball, pushing him on the the swing, watching him scoot away up the road, making a soldier and gogo battle, playing Dinosaur Top Trumps, stick fighting, catching and throwing.

I did manage to wheel two incredibly heavy loads of soil from the bottom of the garden to one of the veg beds and then raked it and planted beetroot, Borlotti beans and French beans. I also hoed the front beds and dug some more of the new bit at the back. Busy lady.

I have been bitten many times today by mosquitoes and I have caught many if them them doing it. They are not itchy yet but I guess by tomorrow I will know about it!

Small came home and the boys had an ice lolly and then played in the garden together. It has been hot today. Though the temperature says 21*, when in the sun it has been baking, hot enough to use the pool. Ahhh the pool saga........

I rang just after 9:30am and spoke to the lady that should have rang me Wednesday and then again on Sunday when I left two messages for her to ring. I never mentioned the fact that she didn't ring, I didn't see the point (not like me at all). She said she didn't know about someone coming back to sort the pool so said she would speak to the person who came and then ring me straight back. She rang back about an hour and a half later whilst I was in the shower. She said someone would be out today and I told her we now had a different problem in that the water was disappearing by itself. She said she would need to speak to the person who came out before and would ring me back. She didn't ever ring back and by 4:30pm I rang and asked if anyone WOULD be coming out, they said they would and they work until 7pm. They turned up just after 5pm. The same two men. One with really bad attitude who accused us of moving the extension cable and winding it up and leaving under a pile of bikes. We argued a bit and then he told me that the electrics didn't work and that I had to bring out an extension from the house. When I asked how we were going to solve the problem as I didn't want it powered via the house, he started yelling about not wanting to be working at 5pm on a Monday evening. The other man was very nice and apologised for the other's attitude and thanked me when I brought out a cable from the house. I told him my husband would be home soon and he could deal with him as I didn't need this S**t either! They got things working and Huffle came home. The electric tripped and then the filter was broken. More expense. I left Huffle to discuss things with him. Huffle rang the shop and asked that the Manager ring me tomorrow on my mobile so we could get it all sorted ASAP.

Earlier the boys played catch outside with me until Smallest had a tantrum (not had one of those for a while - I think he's tired). He stomped off to his room, barricaded himself in so no-one could get in and sat there playing with his soldiers and go-Go's. Small and I played outside for a while and then Small played on the computer while I checked on Smallest. I couldn't get in his room. I asked him if he wanted to talk about it and he said no. I shut his door and left him to it while I stripped and made our bed. Then he came in and said sorry. We cuddled and I think we are fine now but I said he would have an early night.

Because I couldn't get out to do any shopping I had to use stuff I had previously frozen. We had Rainbow Trout (I think I bought it thinking it was salmon), cod, jacket potatoes, Cauli and peas. It seemed a strange combination but it worked really well. I think I like Rainbow Trout better than Salmon, it seemed less fishy.

The boys played outside with Huffle on Daddy's Driving Range.

We put the boys to bed and then Huffle tried to sort out the electrical problem. I read Harry Potter to Small and we laughed about the HouseElf called Winky whose Master couldn't do without his Winky. (The boys call their Willies 'Winky'. Since we have been here in Canada, we have found that a house Elf is called Winky, one of Smallest's letter sounds is called Winky Walrus and the people in Wizard of Oz are called Winkies. The kids think it's hilarious.


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Forest Foraging

Huffle again jumped out of bed this morning. We didn't wake till 8:30am and Smallest had to be at a party at 10am, so we all got up (Smallest was already up), got him his breakfast and sent him off to get ready. He came down in a very interesting outfit which we didn't think was appropriate so we sent him back up. It took a while to get the outfit just right. Meanwhile we had a text and email from Small's friend's dad saying they had had a good time, they slept in the tents without getting cold, had breakfast and could we collect them.......... Huffle ran off to get Small while I tried to tame Smallest's hair. I drove him to his party, left him and drove home.

The party girl's cake

Small had had a fabulous time. Laser Tag, BBQ, Campfire, Camping overnight and a huge breakfast. He was tired as he had woken at 5:30am!

Huffle went off to a DIY place to get some trellis so we could mend the pool fence. While we were measuring we realised the pool water had gone down considerably from when I filled mid week. I rang the pool place and left a message for them to ring me. They didn't. I rang again and they said they would ring me. They didn't. I wasn't happy! Small and I cycled down to the party and picked up Smallest and we all scooted and biked home. Smallest had had a great time too. An obstacle course, a mud garden made of choc cake, sauce, jelly worms a ladybird biscuit which they made, a coloured in magnet and a goody bag. He had eaten a hotdog and cake was very full. We all played in the garden waiting for Huffle to come home. He got home eventually with the trellis tied to the roof. He had to drive extra slow because it was flapping in the wind!

We had a quick sandwich in the sunshine for lunch and then the boys played on the computer while Huffle and I put the trellis up. It looks quite good. Shame the pool is not up and running.

Everyone was tired and tempers were a little frayed today so I decided we would go out for a walk. We went back to Whitevale, grabbed an ice cream and took the boys into the forest. They loved it. They climbed trees...........

.....Found sticks, ran around, jumped,

argued a bit, got separated.............

.........were friends again, jumped, ran, fell over. It is a lovely place and Huffle and I found a few things we liked and brought them home. SSSHhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This forest was full of different trilliums. Colours we haven't noticed before.

We walked quite a way and then turned around and walked back.

The boys played on the park for a while and then we went to find somewhere to eat. I remembered a lovely Italian where Grandma and I had a girly lunch whilst shopping, so we ate there. Lovely proper Italian wood fired pizza.

We were fairly close to the lake so we decided to go to the beach. We parked up and had a lovely walk along the lakes edge.

The boys scooted perilously. Then we had another play on another park before heading off home,

What was supposed to be a quiet day at home has turned into a busy activity filled day. It's been great.

They boys went straight to bed. Huffle and I drank tea and watched The Voice.



Saturday, 25 May 2013


It was an early start to the weekend. 7:30am Huffle jumped out of bed. Smallest had to be ready for 8:15am to be picked up by Beaver Bear (MrJacksonFive) to go off for the day to his Beaveree. Smallest had to be woken as he was still in a deep sleep. He had got his money from the fairy so he was happy. He had a quick breakfast and put his uniform on ready. He went off with his little friend EwFive for a fun day.

Small, Huffle and I had breakfast and then off we went to the Hamlet's Garden Club Plant Sale where we bought a box full of plants for $14 - a bargain! Then we went off to the supermarket to buy a present for the party Small was at today.

Lizard boy in the toy aisle

We had a bit of lunch before dispatching Small at his party and then Huffle and I had a few hours all to ourselves. We spent the time going to a local village Spring Fair. We went last year and we really liked it. We parked at one end of the road and meandered down the bunting laden street, with yard sale, tea garden, bake sale (where we bought some cakes for the boys), book sale, plant sale (where we bought two ferns), wooden carvings, wool spinning and an old fashioned chip and ice cream van where we partaked in a cheeky ice cream.

Huffle had to walk back up the intensive incline back to the car to put the plants in and then I had to walk back up the hill to put the cakes in the car. While we ate our ice creams we wandered through the animal petting farm, past the musicians, the beer tent and the burgers and walked along the trail into the forest.

The forest was lovely. It was full of ferns and we followed the babbling river.

We spotted many lovely things in there and could have walked for ages but we wanted to get back to the fair. The floor of the forest was full of tree roots which I kept tripping over. We said that if Smallest had been with us, he would have been over many times.

We walked back towards the music, checked out what goodies the crochet lady made and then went to say hello to the sheep. There was a silly woman with a dog and she kept saying to the dog "oooh you haven't seen sheep before have you?".

We don't see sheep here on the fields. Ahhh I miss them baaaaaaa

We walked back up the hill and sat in the church gardens in the sunshine with a cup of tea in a china cup and saucer with a scone and jam. Lovely.

Next we drove home but on the way we stumbled across some bee hives on a road that went nowhere.........

and started putting the new plants in their new homes. Smallest, EwFive and BeaverBear came home. We chatted about the Beaveree and they went home and left us with Smallest. He got changed, played on the swing, had a quick go on his DS and then went on the computer. He looked tired.

He has been telling us about his day. There were all the beavers there and they were split into groups. It was a superhero day and they did some drawing and colouring, obstacle course, ate hot dogs and watermelon, made a musical shaker, croquet and sponge throwing at the leaders. He had a fabulous time.

Huffle and I carried on planting and finished off two more veg beds. We put in beans, onions, courgettes and lettuce. It is looking a picture.

I rang the party to see if Small wanted anything or needed to come home and he asked for a sleeping bag and pj's and wanted to stay. I took him some essentials - who knows when he will be home!

Huffle and I had dinner, Smallest had tea and we listened to him telling us about the Beaveree before he had a quick shower (dirty knees) and went off to bed.

Last night Huffle and I watched 'so you think you can dance'. Love it. Some very talented people out there.