Monday, 29 February 2016

Kitchen Enhancements

Up and ready early this morning due to MrBasement and Jim being here to finish the kitchen. They did a a lovely job on the kicker boards and managed to cross a few things off my never ending list. Our floor is very uneven (well the whole house is really) and so the kicker boards seem to create an optical illusion in some areas where the floor is lower one end than the other. Because Huffle painted it black, it merely looks like a shadow and I really like it. Smallest uses the kitchen to kick his small red soft ball around and has been consequently losing it under the cupboards. Not now, he has a perfect area to kick now (but not today as the boards were touched up and are still slightly wet). Smallest was also happy that they managed to retrieve his ball from the back of the kitchen before they put the boards in. The two men came at 8am ish and left at 3:45pm. Tomorrow they will start the tiles. Also tomorrow the granite people are here to fix some chips.

Kicker boards and a cover panel on the side

The weather today was cold, sunny, very windy and the wind was biting at times. The snow had completely melted again (though we had more tonight and due more tomorrow). The boys went to school in their trainers!

I did a food shop this morning and a post office visit. Washing was done and I spent a lot of time moving things in the kitchen in order for the men to get to where they needed to. I moved all the crockery off the dresser too and the books off the top. They took away the skirting and the rail at the back so the dresser can now sit against the wall which looks much better. In all the moving of things today, we broke two eggs, and picking up a broken egg off the floor is not a very easy task!

For our lunch, Huffle sat in his bunker and I sat in our bedroom. We didn't want to bother the workers. This afternoon I went for an hours walk in the Hamlet by myself just to get my steps done.

The boys came home, homework was started, piano lessons done. Smallest had his dinner before piano. Huffle and I had ours during piano and Small had his after. Smallest and I went to football practice and Huffle and Small went to The Escape Rooms with Scouts.

I chatted for most of the night with Seymour and we had a laugh. My here was a chat going on between the coaches and the Dad that complained and it got a bit heated but I'm not sure what the outcome was. Smallest worked very hard and played well. Small had a good time with the Scouts and the only bad thing as that he had to be in a room with Alan Fartridge. Huffle got to sit outside for an hour te ting me silly things!


Sunday, 28 February 2016

One wet foot and a new Italian

The boys and I made Huffle waffles for breakfast (birthday weekend) and late morning, Small and I went to Football Development Skills. It was a good session and Small worked hard. I chatted to one of the players Dad's who I know from Summer Football. He is considering applying for Assistant Coach for Huffles team. He is from Central America and very passionate about football so they could be a good pair together.

At home Smallest and Huffle were playing on the Wii. Small was very tired and achey after his football and I promised him lunch after his shower. While he was showering though we decided as it was such a lovely day (+12* and sunny) that we would go for a walk along the beach. We forgot to tell Small and made the mistake of sending Smallest up to ask Small what he wanted as a snack. Poor Small was very upset and we could hear him shouting "but I want my lunch, No I don't want a snack, I want lunch". Once we gave him half a sandwich and a piece of cake and explained where we were going, he was a little happier (well that's a lie really he thought we were all horrible and didn't care that he had worked hard and his legs hurt).

Still we drove to the beach and had a very slow and steady walk along the beach, picking up beach glass, throwing stones into the lake and playing with a bouncy ball we found until I trod on it and squashed it. Huffle also found a 1953 English made die cast Lesney Muir Hill Dump Truck (possibly worth $30 but ours is not in the best condition, we are going to keep it though). Small moaned about the walking but he was fine really. We were having a lovely time until Smallest decided to run towards the lake but forgot to stop and ended up with his foot fully in the water. That's when we decided to come away and find somewhere for dinner. We originally chose a Fish and Chip shop but it was closed so we went to an Italian place we have never been to before because it is normally closed. Today they saw us in the car park and beckoned us in. It was a huge place and we were the only ones there. However, the food was amazing and the service very good. We loved it and will definitely be going back.

The partly frozen lake
Sword fighting, tree climbing and selfies

At home later, Smallest played football outside and Small and Huffle played on the Wii.


Tonight's sunset

Tomorrow MrBasement and Jim are here to finish the kitchen. More upheaval!


Saturday, 27 February 2016

Birthday Soup


We collectively made breakfast for the Birthday boy this morning. I made a cup of tea, Smallest brought him an Orange Juice and Small toasted some bread. Originally he asked for breakfast in bed but I think that always sounds much better than the reality, especially as Smallest was going to make him scrambled egg!

Huffle opened his presents, cards and was pleased with his slippers, tee-shirt, hat, money, canvas seat, wind Catcher, trousers and chocolate. I left all the boys at home watching the football (Stoke v Aston Villa) while I went off to my sewing group.

There were three of us there today and only one other person had done their square completely but it was also too big. I was given instruction how to make mine right (just sewing bigger seams) and then we examined the new square. It looks complicated as usual and I'm hoping I don't leave this one until the last minute again and panic. Suffolk and I went for a cup of tea and a chat before I headed home to find lunch prepared. The boys had jelly and ice cream too.

We all went off to Smallest's football where his team played against the Under 10's (the next year up). They were bigger, stronger and quicker but the boys did well and the final score was 7-6 to the U10's. Our Coach was in goal and took it all very seriously. There was no referee, no half time and the kids played for about 75 minutes. In the end, the only reason they stopped was because one boy got badly injured and another one got hit in the head. It was very lively and entertaining but just went on too long. We took Flapjack for the team and the parents which was well received by most. Huffle got an England shirt from the Coach for his birthday.

Small was marking the tallest boy on the other team!

Back home, Smallest showered and Small taught Huffle how to play Happy Birthday on the piano while I put the candles on his cake. We almost set the smoke alarm off and Huffle managed to blow wax all over the cake. We had a small slice with our cuppa and the boys played on the Wii while Huffle decided where he wanted to go for dinner. The boys were scheduled to go camping tonight (brrrrrrrr) but becuase the temperature was warmer than expected, it would be too muddy. So much for Huffle and I getting a night out together.

Grandma and Grandad Facetimed Huffle and sang a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday.

He decided on Joeys for dinner as Smallest hasn't been there before. We had to wait for a table so we popped into the Mall which was weird because all the shops were closed and yet there were lots of people in there. What were they doing?

The sky was amazing, all pink and orangey. In the Mall, Huffle found his favourite shop........

......and Smallest ate chicken bigger than his head. We had a lovely dinner.


Friday, 26 February 2016

Costyn and Arson visit

The temperature is getting a little warmer but it still snowed a bit. Unfortunately it wasn't quite warm enough and all the snow left on the drive has now formed into ice. Everywhere is really slippery. The boys went to school, Huffle worked in his bunker and I had a day of baking for Huffle's birthday tomorrow.

I started by vacuuming all the downstairs floors and antibax'ing the work surfaces. I always like to start with a clean slate (I told Huffle it was in case I dropped anything on the floor, then I could pick it up and it would be clean ha ha). My first bake was a Victoria Sponge which Huffle requested. I soon realised we were completely out of sugar so I had to go to the local shop (stand and deliver) to get a bag. The mixture went well and went into the oven. Next I made some flapjack which is for the football gang tomorrow. Then I made some Chocolate Orange Muffins (Huffles favourite out of all the muffins I have made).

By then it was lunchtime and we ate and watched another Gotham episode. I cleared the whole kitchen and cleaned it, emptied the dishwasher, filled it again and went out to buy wrapping paper which I used to wrap Huffles presents when I got back. Then I went for a half an hour walk in the Hamlet by myself as ClownRose was in Toronto.

I got back just before the boys and started making the buttercream for the Sponge Cake. It also had a thick layer of homemade strawberry jam. I icing sugared the top............

Smallest wanted his friends to come and play so I stopped briefly to pick them up and they all played in the basement on the Wii. I then made icing for the chocolate muffins which was Chocolate orange too.......

Once again I had to clear the whole kitchen and clean and empty the dishwasher and fill it again plus various bits of washing up. I made some dough in the bread machine earlier and made Small and Huffle a pizza which they ate early and went off to their football.

After Smallest's friends went home, we had our pizza and watched Honey we shrunk ourselves.

This absolute prat (above) pulled out on the roundabout in front of me (huge long honk of my horn) and then almost failed to leave the roundabout (more honking from me) because he was going too fast and not looking as he was too busy messing with something attached up high on his windscreen (more honking). He sped for up the road (no police Pah) and then when we got to the Hamlet, just in front of the schoo, he overtook a lorry and a car, almost hitting a car reversing out of their drive and going over the crossroads without stopping. I would like to report him. I wonder if I can. I made it very obvious I was taking a photo of his car!!!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Productive Day

Huffle was the first up this morning due to him going into Toronto for a meeting, catch up in the office and taking his car in for a service. Small got up next and had a shower and Smallest had to be woken up. Too many late nights recently. It was snowing as the boys left for school and it snowed on and off for the rest of the day. It wasn't too cold. -2* feels like -6*.

I was supposed to meet Suffolk for a shop later in the day but she had to go to school to talk to teachers so I shopped alone. I started in Solutions where I was looking for a basket for under the microwave shelf and a container for our Tupperware drawer. I found neither!

Next I went to Costco where I bought lots of meat to go in the freezer plus bread products and Small's favourite Brie and my favourite Canadian cheese Balderson. While I was there I happened to pick up two presents for Huffle. I was very pleased with my purchases (shhhh birthday........) and didn't expect to get either of them in there. I sampled two lots of Mini Eggs (not cadburys but quite good, might have to go back before Easter), some organic chocolate rice cereal and hemp seeds sprinkled on a banana!

Once I deposited my shopping in the car, I decided to walk (without a coat in the snow brrrrrrrr) to Pier 1 where I am convinced the lady in there thought I was shop lifting as she secretly followed me and got quite fidgety when I examined the tea-towels near the door (possibly because I kept setting the doorbell off). I really liked them but I refused to buy them because I didn't like her. My next stop was Homesense (TKMaxx) where I found three little wooden boxes that when put together almost measured the length I wanted. Then as I was walking to the checkout I found another box that was the correct(ish) length but had lots of compartments that I didn't really need, so I picked that up too. I also found a cute notice board and bought that along with all the boxes. Armed with three huge bags, I trudged through the snow back to my car, stopping at Indigo/Chapters on the way to get a card for Huffle and a present for another birthday. I was hungry by this point and decided to drive home, happy with my purchases for the day, but knowing some of the stuff would be coming back.

I had lunch by myself, watching Happy Valley and then started bagging the meat individually for the freezer. I hid my present purchases and started working out which baskets and boxes etc went where. I really wanted to keep them all. Yahoo helped via text and I decided to keep the little boxes for under the microwave and the compartment one is now being used for our medicines (though it's too nice to be in a cupboard, it does work very well). The basket I bought previously is now sitting on top of the fridge. Not 100% convinced about this one yet. I need to live with it for a while.

At 3pm I went for a quick walk in the Hamlet with ClownRose and Little Fin. It was still snowing and although it wasn't cold as such, when the wind blew, it was biting! When the boys came home I forgot we were supposed to be at the hairdressers but luckily they remembered. We drove there (five minutes down the road). Small went first and had a short spikey do, Smallest went next and had his usual not too much off (his choice) and I had my fringe cut. The boys played outside in the snow with the hairdressers kids and I had a cup of tea and a chat.

Huffle got home before me. His car had to have new brakes because his were rusting due to sitting for long periods. Oh dear. We made dinner, ate it and then Smallest and Huffle played on the Wii.



Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Grumpy Day

I didn't think I slept well last night but according to Huffle, I slept better than he did - whoops. Smallest is still being sensitive and left for school with a fleeting kiss but no look back, wave or an 'I love you'. Oh dear. They both contemplated wearing trainers for school until the horribly forecast storm came our way. Snow that looked like it was just tiny flakes, gathered with force and completely covered the drive and roads in minutes. Trainers discarded, snow pants gathered, and on the bus for a day of learning. Small's teacher was off with the flu (a lot of it going around considering that everyone you talk to has had the flu jab!). Today was Pink Shirt Day and dealt with the issue of bullying. How ironic then for Smallest's bully to get an award today for Respect. Well that's interesting, as he might not be bullying Smallest anymore, due to the fact that they have different play areas now, but that he is still a bully in the playground to others. I am disgusted!

I went off to aerobics carefully in the car, with the snow collecting at an alarming rate, only to realise I had forgotten my inserts for my trainers and had to drive back home where Huffle greeted me on the drive with them to save me being late. Aerobics is about 1.5km away so it doesn't take me long but my tracks on their drive had been covered over by the time I got back. It carried on snowing for the next couple of hours at least and I decided to stay in while the weather sorted itself out. The forecast at that point said we could get freezing rain or heavy rainfall. Huffle and I had lunch and watched a bit of Gotham (loving this series) and then I went out in the very heavy rain to take back the tiles and get some more. My shoulder was hurting again so Huffle loaded them into the car but I had to get them out the other end and they were really heavy. I grabbed a frozen trolley and loaded the tiles - everything got absolutely wet through. At the Returns, I got my money back for the tiles and left them with a thawing out trolley that left a huge puddle on their floor. The tiles I wanted were on a display board but they weren't the correct colour in the box. One of the assistants tried to help me and we wandered the whole shop looking for something that would be right. We found nothing. I was very wet and grumpy at this point and called Huffle who told me to come home. I knew I had to get them before Monday as MrBasement was coming (plus he is bringing Jim to help which hasn't pleased Huffle because that will mean we have to pay more). I drove about 30 minutes away in the ridiculously heavy rain with huge puddles meaning lots of aqua planing, stupid driving and wipers going ten to the dozen. This made me more grumpy but I found the tile place I was looking for and looked at every single tile they had while the owner was on the phone. When he attempted to help me, he showed me everything I didn't ask for and said what I wanted didn't exist. I left feeling even more grumpy.

I should have been walking with ClownRose but she wanted to cancel because of the weather and I was probably too late and grumpy anyway, so I came home. Huffle and I spent some time looking online and we decided to just buy white subway tiles which he bought tonight whilst the boys were at basketball. If they are no good, we will have to take them back and start again. Grumpy face emoji!!!!!!

I made dinner, the boys came home and did homework. Small had maths and sat in his room with his loud music and Smallest wrote on a school blog about a book he was reading. After dinner Huffle took the boys to basketball, left them and went tile shopping.

I was supposed to be at home sewing but my icicle was too big for my square so I couldn't do anymore. I'm hoping they have given us the wrong measurements otherwise I've done a terrible job.


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Another telling off!

When the kids came in to wake me this morning I was convinced it was the weekend. What? Only Tuesday? No way! Smallest's finger was okay today, though he told his teacher he couldn't do gym in case he fell! Ahhhhhh but he can play football though. Naughty!

I went off and did a really quick shop after the boys went and I was back home putting stuff away by 10:30pm. While I was out, I passed by the Nursery I work at and noticed some cars there so I stopped for a chat. I am starting back there next Tuesday morning HURRAH. As Suffolk was coming over for lunch and to sew, and she eats next to nothing because of her various food allergies, I attempted to do something different. I made a salad as a back up in case the new thing was awful. I baked a Spaghetti Squash and added a yolky poached egg to the top. (It w supposed to taste like spaghetti carbonara!!!). Sounds disgusting but it was really nice and super healthy. Of course, by 3pm I was looking for something sweet to eat.

Lunch was a success though we couldn't persuade Huffle to eat it, he sat in his bunker and ate his lunch whilst watching Allo Allo. We ate and then sewed our $10 quilt samples. This month was a tricky one. It was an icicle with many many pieces. Very complicated but we made a good start. We also had a good discussion about school, kids and homework plus we looked at our kitchen and found some solutions.

As she had to go home to collect her kids at 3pm, I decided to go for a walk. I walked for about 40 minutes. No coat, a big scarf and gloves and my Autumnal boots. It was very bright but still quite cold.

I did a bit more sewing interspersed with making dinner. The boys came home, Smallest was a little upset that his teacher asked him to do homework on the subject he missed yesterday by coming home with his finger. He has to draw a picture of Canada and name all the provinces. Small said he would help him. See they can be nice! However, the homework wasn't posted online yet so he can't start it. They went on the Wii until they had an argument and read in their rooms.

After dinner, Huffle and Smallest practised football tricks in the garden but Smallest got upset (very sensitive at the moment) so Huffle and Small played table tennis.

I took Smallest to football practice tonight and for once we were early. I still got told off though becuase I wasn't watching when Smallest was passing the ball without looking up. I should have been watching so I could tell him off later. I spent most of the game chatting to one of the Mum's (and watching of course). At the end I went to hug Smallest and the coach told me off again, saying I shouldn't hug him when he can't look up to pass the ball. I told him that Smallest was going camping at the weekend with Cubs and he advised him against it. He doesn't want him to get ill when there are only a few games of the season left. I think, Mr Coach, that Smallest gives enough of his time to you and that you can jolly well let him do what he likes on a Saturday evening! Cheeky devil!

Small and Huffle played on the Wii playing Smash Bros. Huffle had won and he didn't know how (just like me).


Monday, 22 February 2016

Star gazing

After the boys went to school (the bus was early again), I went off to sort out mine and Smallest's Health Cards. I had to drive to a place called Aurora which was about 40 minutes away but on a very long straight road so a very easy route. When I arrived I stood in the queue (I was at the front) and eventually I was called. I got everything out of my bag and then a woman came in and said "I have an appointment at 10:15" (it was 10:15), no apology from anyone but I was sent back to the queue at which point there were many people and I don't think they liked me going in front of them. Once the appointment lady was finished, I was allowed to empty my bag of all things Health Card related. I managed to change our status from Work Permit to Permanent Resident which means Smallest and I can now go to any office (there are much closer ones available) to get our renewals. I couldn't get Small's or Huffles because I didn't have their Permanent Residency cards and Huffle has to go in person because he is over 16. She took my photo again because my old one was horrible, I think I was ill when it was taken and I think we had only just arrived (I was probably grumpy too). I got it all done within half an hour and then drove 30 minutes to another town so I could post a letter, buy some envelopes and post mine and Small's passport. I asked if I could get it tracked seeing as there were passports on there but it would have cost me $75. I got it registered and tracked but without it being quick and maybe not getting a signature at customs for just under $30. That's better. What a busy morning of administration.

Back home I Facetimed Moo and we had a catch up chat before I had to go to have lunch as I was meeting NoCustard in the forest. It was very sunny but a little chilly. I didn't need a coat (just a fleece) but I wore gloves and a scarf. When I got to the car park it was so slippy I struggled to get out of the car and walk to NoCustards car. Neither of us had our YakTraks on (spiky things that attach to the bottom of your boots to help with snow and ice) and we half skated across the car park but soon realised the tracks were just too icy. Obviously the sun doesn't quite get through the canopy of trees to melt it. We decided to go home as it was too dangerous. We may have to leave our walks for a couple of weeks.

At home I decided to walk in the Hamlet. I had a very long walk and had easily done my 10,000 steps by the time I got home. Just as I arrived home, my phone rang. It was Smallest who had hurt his finger and wanted me to come and get him. I drove to school. His little finger had been bent backwards by a football during gym and had swelled up despite ice being on it. The secretary said she wasn't going to bother me but Smallest wanted to let me know. His teacher told him to call me too as it hurt him to write. Personally I think he was worried because Small broke his little finger when a ball landed on it. He sat in front of the TV with ice on it and managed to play the piano (not using his left hand). Funnily enough it seemed to heal pretty well when I told him he wouldn't able to play football if it was bad.

Piano lessons were done while I made a Banana Loaf. Smallest wants to enter the school talent contest and play Indiana Jones which is quite tricky. We tried to persuade Small to do it too but he wouldn't. We also tried to get him to duet with Smallest, perhaps wearing a costume so no one would know it was him but he is not convinced!

Dinner this evening was tricky. I made omelette and normally boys share one with ham and cheese and Huffle and I share a big veggie filled one but because it was a football night, I had to make four individual ones, two with rice and two with cous cous. Of course the cous cous and rice were not shared by the two eating at the same time so I had to make four different sides too! Smallest and Huffle ate first and then went off to football. Today the parents were told they could not sit or stand on the field and that it didn't belong to the club but to the town. I wonder what has gone on there then?

Small and I ate together and then I took him to Scouts where it was held at one of the leaders houses who lives surrounded by fields. Tonight there was a presentation by an astronomer with some star gazing through a telescope - hence the fields location. It was a very clear night and the moon was very big and full. When I went to pick him up I got to look through two telescopes. I saw Jupiter with its four moons and two stripes indicating storms, a nebula and the moon. Very cool. It was too cold to stand in the middle of a field for too long but Small said it was very interesting despite the fact that one of his Scout friends were there. Too many little squealy boys!!!!! I also learnt that the little cluster of stars I always see is called Plades (not sure of the pronunciation because a Canadian told me). Also the stars in the shape of a W is called Cassia pae (again the pronunciation could be wrong).

My valentines solar dog all lit up
The moon. Looked bigger to me!



Sunday, 21 February 2016

Is that it's bum or neck?*

I was greeted, this morning, with "can we have pancakes mummy?". Cheeky bums. We did have some but they were much smaller than usual (yummy though). After breakfast, Huffle took Small to his Football Development session. Here, Huffle learned that one of the Dads had complained to Smallest's Coach that he was not happy that his son (who only joined the team 4 months ago) got less game playing time than Smallest. Apparantly there was a 30 minute discussion on the subject in which it got quite aggressive. The Coach denied that this was happening but to be fair, I think he should earn his place, not just expect to play just because!. Yesterday there was a comment from the Coach to the same Dad's son about not turning up for practice and using the excuse that 'the slow cooker wasn't ready' and not even messaging to say he wasn't going to be there. Tut tut. I think the complaint today was sparked by the Coach's comment which really shouldn't have been said in front of other people but it was a bad excuse! The other parents and the Coach were furious and Huffle is interested to see what the atmosphere is like at tomorrow's practice.

Small and I stayed at home and he persuaded me to play their new Wii game (Smash Bros). Apparantly I was very good and kept winning but I have no idea what I was doing. I stopped to make dinner and Huffle and Small came home. There was more Smash Bros while dinner was finished and then we all ate far too much.

More Smash Bros while Huffle Facetimed Grandma and Grandad and then we all sat down and finished off the film we started yesterday. Tomorrowland. It wasn't rated very good but it had a good message.

We had tea at the table much to Small's annoyance at not being in front of the TV again and then the boys had a fight and disappeared into their own rooms when we refused to step in and sort it. Ahhhhhh peace. They actually sorted it themselves and then played really nicely for a while.

There has been so much washing, drying and folding done today. I don't know why I do it on the weekend but there was so much. Also the dishwasher has been on all day, emptying, filling, dishwashing, emptying, filling.............

Netflix has been playing up again so Huffle and I spent ages trying to write down all the error messages, checking all the settings and sending off an email to our provider. Hope it gets sorted soon as it's very annoying.

*i was referring to the roast chicken we had for dinner.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Iron Horse*

Everyone was up early this morning due to Smallest playing football at 10am, needing to be there 30 minutes before and us having to drive 20 minutes away. Small decided to stay at home by himself and ate breakfast while he watched TV, played on his tablet and finally got dressed and clean about five minutes before we came home. Smallest's game was very exciting and entertaining. They won 6-0 with Smallest playing really well. He organised his team mates and communicated lots. We had the Chinese referee who was so bad last time, making the players stand in a line when they were subbed but this time was slightly inconsistent with his rules. The other side were one of the ones we had problems with in the Summer and Huffle quickly identified the boy who had serious anger issues last time. He hadn't changed much. He fell down like a 'sack of spuds' as Huffle shouted everytime the game wasn't going his way and he kicked out at a few of our players but luckily missed.

After the game we came home briefly in order for Smallest to get his shower and get chaged and then we drove 40 minutes to get to a place where the team were being kitted out for their Spring/Summer season. We were told to be there at 12:30 and we got there for 12:25. Everyone else but one was already there (oh these parents love to get to everything so early, like they are going to get brownie points from the Coach). Having said that, when the Coach came out of the back when getting his own child kitted out, he said to no-one in particular but I guess it was aimed at us, all you who came first get to go in first, if you came later, you'll have to wait. Like we cared! It meant that we didn't have to wait so long becuase most of the others had already been done. Smallest and one other boy were the last ones to be fitted. They took their new kits into the changing rooms, got changed, then put their own clothes back on and came out. They misunderstood that they should have shown us what they were wearing so we could decide what size they needed. Smallest ended up with Medium which was way too big but at least it gives him growth room and allows for washing shrinkage. The man fitting him was English and friendly and I asked him where he was from. Clacton-on-Sea. That's funny becuase that's a place we always say when the kids ask where are we going? We always say Timbuctoo or Clacton-on-Sea. He was quite embarrassed that he came from there. Smallest will be getting a pair of shorts, two shirts, a track suit and a hoodie (I did wonder why they were getting the last two items for the Summer but Huffle thinks they are hoping they will last into Winter too). *we joked about getting their nick names put on their shirts and found out they call Smallest The Iron Horse. I'm not sure we really needed to make the trip there today considering they didn't get measured, just handed a kit and told to put it on. I think we could have told them what size we needed but Huffle thinks it was to make the team feel extra special.

We drove to another town for dinner and ended up in a pub which was very funky. I had their Craft Beer which was lovely and Huffle had a Cherry Coke (he misses those) and a Vanilla Coke. The boys had really nice Apple Juices. My dinner was a Roasted Cauliflower Three Cheese Grilled Sandwich with Curried Ketchup which actually sounded much better than it was. It was good though. Smallest had a Mac n Cheese and the other two had pizza. Nice place.

Don't know why I took this but I liked it

On the way home we decided to get our passport photos sorted again as last time they printed them out too big. Apparantly the sizes are different here for their passports but to be fair the girl should have asked us. I mean we have definite British Accents! It was really busy in there. There was a girl having a multitude of photos done, lying on a 70's shag pile rug, sitting on a step, jumping etc. She ended up leaving because they ran out of time (and they were in there much longer than us). Five other people were having their passports done at the same time as us, all needed powder on their cheeks because their faces were too shiny including mine and Small's. We were sent off for fifteen minutes while she printed them and dealt with the next lot of people who came in. We wandered around the shop, bought a few things and went back. Another fifteen minutes of waiting and she half handed me the photos, then took them back and started measuring and cutting them again. After an hour (in all) she finally gave me them back and asked how I wanted to pay (I don't want to pay, I have already paid remember!). As I walked away to look for the est of my family I realised they were wrong and she had printed them square. Huffle took them back in and handed him her phone so she could see the correct sizes etc. This took another five or ten minutes in which time the boys decided they wanted to buy a Wii game and I let them (it's their money). Finally we came out with photos fit for a British Passport. Hurrah!

The photo place was also a build your own bear shop (or Canadian equivalent) and this sign made me chuckle
Proving that they are still little boys
My next car please (it had lots of beer in the back too)

We came home, the boys played on their new game and Huffle and I had a well earned cup of tea while he sorted our passport renewals out. One more job ticked off the list.


Yesterday Huffle and I watched a programme which mentioned how much petrol prices were in Britain in the 1970's, around 50p. Unbelievably that is a similar price to what the petrol is here right now (in fact it's still cheaper than that, possibly 45p). That's incredible. I fill my tank up now for about $45 which is around £22 (RAV4, its not small).


It's been a while since I posted any number plates (probably becuase this time of year they are so dirty or snowed up that you can't see them). This one caused Smallest to ask me what Menopause meant. That was an interesting conversation.




Friday, 19 February 2016

Frenchy get clattered

The snow that melted yesterday in the long sunshine of the day, collected in a long puddle down the drive and then froze into an ice rink. Not good when Huffle and I are trying to take the recycling and bins out first thing. There were huge icicles hanging from the roof so no doubt they will melt soon too.

We didn't have anymore snow today but it started of quite cold. Enough for the kids to have to wear snow pants. The bus was on time and there was no arguing whilst waiting for it today. Huffle had many calls today and a visit from DHL to pick up my birth and marriage certificates for our new pension thingymagiggy.

I went off to Suffolks house where our intention was to sew all day and finish our quilt sample for next Saturday's session. However, because we haven't seen each for ages, we had much to talk about so in actual fact we had a really good day of therapy for each other. We had a lovely lunch of Parsnip and Pear soup and we fit in a bit of sewing (well cutting really) in the last hour.

I came home just before the boys got back (in fact the school bus followed me home). Smallest did a presentation to the Superintendant today (the boss of all the Principals on our region). He said he liked him a lot and enjoyed it but he let his friend do most of the speaking.

I made dinner while the boys played on their tablets (after a chore). Small and Huffle went to football practice and Huffle played too. He took it easy and didn't get injured YAY! Smallest watched TV and played on his tablet and I cut out all my material and tried to interpret what I was supposed to do next but I couldn't. I finished a slipper I was knitting by which time Huffle and Small came home.

Showers, TV, cup of tea, bed!