Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Years Eve Party 2015

Moo made bumpy custard for our News Years Eve trifle. It wasn't lumpy, it was just thick and hard to cool and stir at the me time (well that's what Moo said anyway!). Moo and I escaped the house this morning to fetch a few bits for our party later. We left the boys of the house putting together a Pass the Parcel. Our errands were to post a letter, get Moo a book (unfortunately the thrifty shop was closed and we ended up taking advantage of Senior Day at Shoppers Drug Mart. We also needed to pick up some food for tonight and tomorrow.

It snowed again

At home we all had lunch and started a film. Today we chose The Avengers The Age of Ultron. We knew that the man was coming to fix the oven this afternoon and we named him 'Oven Man' (a superhero) and were going to hand him a cape and over-the-trousers-pants. We did tell him and he thought it was funny.

We watched a bit more film and then as we were all starting to fall asleep, we stopped it to prepare dinner and look for costumes as our party suddenly became a Fancy Dress Party. (We didn't invite anyone, it was just us five). We got our costumes on and after our photos, we played Pass the Parcel.

Of course, we had the obligatory forfeits. Put Smallest's pants on your head, shout out the door "I am the pickle King", gargle Old MacDonald, do the Bottom Dance....................

The boys played with the prize of a bouncy ball and the rest of us made dinner. Tonight we had Macaroni Cheese (the boys request), Salad, Garlic Bread and Chicken with Trifle for dessert. It was all very good.

We taught the boys how to play Charades and Manchester and played until their bedtimes. The grown ups drank and stayed up until.............. (Probably not until 12 but you never know, sometimes we make it, sometimes we don't).



Wednesday, 30 December 2015

All alone am I - hurrah

I slept terribly last night. I have injured my shoulder from too much shovelling and everytime I turned it woke me up. When I could get to sleep, I was woken by noises, being too warm, too cold, a snoring monster or my shoulder again. Arrrggggghhhhhhh. I'm tired.

Before breakfast we started a film called Get Santa which we interrupted in order to have breakfast. Smallest went outside to play and roll snow and add to the snow Fort. The rest of us played Catan adding seafarers and cities and knights. It looked very complicated but once we got into it, it was very good. Plus I won. Moo gave out the cards and tried to follow what was happening. The boys played briefly on the Wii and then we finished our morning film with lunch.

Smallest has been bugging us to get the Scalextric out for ages, so this afternoon we did. Unfortunately we only have one car working now so there could be no races but they had fun playing for a while. Meanwhile, Moo and I went out for a walk around the Hamlet. It wasn't cold enough for a coat despite the snow still on the ground but at times there was a chill in the air. We walked for about an hour.

When we got back the Scalextric was away and a nerf war was in progress. The boys were very silly. Smallest had his dinner early because he had football training early evening. Everyone but me went with him. I got to sit and watch TV all by myself and eat the odd chocolate coin (shhhhhhhh). I also made sure dinner was ready when they came home and I realised that by rocking myself on Huffle's reclining chair, that it clocked up steps on my Nabu fit band. Wahooo.

About a month ago, I contacted Disney to tell them that Smallest's precious Pluto, that he paid for all by himself and bought at Disney when we went in February, had started to fall apart. They emailed me and rang me and said they would send him a new one. They said it would take about three to four weeks. Well it came today. Out of the box came Goofy and we all thought they had sent the wrong one by mistake. Then Pluto came out of the box. Awwww Smallest was so happy. Good one Disney, well done, you've made a little boy's day.


Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Yoda's Orange Wife

View from our front window last night.

When we went to bed it was snowing and the road was white, it was coming down well but it was mainly windy and the snow was turning to sleet. We didn't get any power cuts or any problems with the ice or snow, thank goodness though it's always good to be prepared. This morning it was white everywhere but it hadn't snowed too hard. The 5am snow plough woke me this morning plus neighbours scraping their windscreens and clearing their drives to get their cars out.

After a Nerf Battle from the boys, they donned their snow gear and went outside to build a Snow Fort. Huffle FaceTimed Grandma and Grandad and I went out with the boys and tried out my new Snow Shoes (Small bought them for me for Christmas from the Thrifty Store with his own money). They were good and I walked down to the bottom of the garden and back and then Moo tried them out too. I will be interested to find out how good they are in thick deep snow. Today's snow was really heavy and wet. We all cleared the drive of snow which was really hard work. Small cleared the path at the front of the garden, Smallest cleared the path to our front door and Moo, Huffle and I cleared the rest of the drive. The boys also salted the paths.

We spent forever on the drive and the kids made us hot chocolates and tea (though the hot chocolate was cold, Moo's tea was too strong, my first one had sugar in it and my second one was too weak - need some more instruction I think, though we were very grateful). Moo, Huffle and I finished the drive up to the road part which was extremely hard because it was mainly the pile up from the Snow Plough. A truck came past with a plough on the front and moved the last bit for us. Our knight in shining armour. Very neighbourly of him. THANK YOU MR PLOUGH.

I had a dot to dot book for Christmas (from G&G - thank you) and I have been doing a few lately. They are very difficult but very effective - the numbers go up to about 400 and are very small (I have to wear my glasses and still it's difficult).

This afternoon we drove out to Whitby and had dinner. We all chose pizza which was cooked in a proper pizza oven. It was lovely. We played a game of Skip-Bo wile we waited and took some back with us (pizza) because we couldn't manage it all. Next we went to the foot place to pick up Huffle and the boys orthotics. We had to wait for ages (I don't understand why they aren't ready for us, I wonder if it's because they cost so much, they want to make sure you actually pick them up). It did give Huffle time to find a new pair of slippers though and get some quick inserts made for them. This was Huffles birthday present from Grandma and Grandad (Thank you).


We just had enough time to get to the cinema for the afternoon showing of Star Wars in 3D. The cinema was only 20% full (the ticket lady told us) so we had plenty of room and it wasn't too noisy. We took our own bag of Celebrations in with us. Small stretched out on two seats and had Moo's coat as a pillow. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. Princess Leia's surgery seemed extensive and I wondered how she was going to show any emotion with all that Botox. Poor Hans Solo struggled to run fast too. The funniest moment was the very end where Luke said nothing. It seems his acting was so bad in the original film (he didn't act I don't think afterwards) that they gave him nothing to say or do at all in this film, though it is obviously set up for another film where perhaps he will do a bit more (like maybe train up Rey who I am convinced is his daughter, Huffle and Small think she is Leia and Hans daughter though). Our favourite new characters were Maz Kanata, Yodas wife, as Smallest calls her, Fin and BB8.

By the time we got out of the cinema it was dark and foggy and the roads were full of muppets! Muhnuh muhnuh doo doo duh doo doo.............



Monday, 28 December 2015

Does the ice storm cometh?

The temperature dipped down to -5* today and the weather forecast predicted an ice storm. A mixture of ice pellets, freezing rain and snow. We are on a weather watch.

After breakfast all the boys huddled around the TV to watch Stoke play Everton (they won 4-3). Moo and I went to my bedroom and we watched the end halves of Downton Abbey and Call The Midwife. We locked the door so the silly billies couldn't rush in and rub our heads when their team scored.

Because we moved stuff around in the bedroom to accommodate us, we then had a general tidy and clean in there. All things were moved like bed and drawers and bedside tables, everything dusted and hoovered and put away. All spick and span in our bedroom. The boys played on the Wii.

We had lunch and then we all played the new Catan game. It took another two hours but this time we finished it. Small won. We sent the boys for showers and then we started clearing out Small's room. We managed to remove a shelf unit and he got rid of all of his wrestlers, a wrestlers ring (Smallest had these), a big box of bionicles and a few books. He now has room to swing a huge cushion that didn't really fit before. We also cleaned, dusted and hoovered in there too. All spick and span in Small's room.

The boys played on the Wii and the big 'uns got some dinner ready. Today we raided the freezer of all things we made and froze and had a big eat up, including the veg from Christmas Dinner.

Tonight (in about three minutes apparently) we are due snow which will turn to heavy snow, which could turn to ice pellets and freezing rain. Due to the fact this kind of weather caused huge disruptions two years ago, we are prepared. We have filled the bath with water (when our power goes out, our well stops working, therefore we get no water to the toilets), we filled a multitude of bottles with drinking water (the water stops coming to our taps too), we got candles ready, charged all phones, IPads, devices etc and got the hot water bottles ready. Hopefully it will not affect us this year but at least we are ready this time.


Sunday, 27 December 2015

Crazy Clown or Little Spud?

The weather has turned cold and wet, very wet and windy. Snow was due on Monday but then the weather report changed and now we have ice and rain due instead.

We had a lovely lie-in and a late breakfast. We tried out Smallest's new game Skip-Bo which turned out to be a very good card game though it took a while to figure it out. Afterwards, the boys mainly played on the Wii and Moo mainly did the jigsaw. Huffle and I snook out for a while and bought a new Hoover in the sale plus a few other bits including some lunch.

We had a later lunch and then tried to tackle our new Catan game which took us about two hours after reading the instructions, setting it all up and playing it. Smallest didn't want to play and instead played with his various new things (including some purple bubbles!). We couldn't finish the game because it got too late and we were all getting tired but it was very good (thank you Aunt Pear) and we look forward to playing it again now we know how it all works.

After dinner we were treated to a Magic Show by the kids. We had glow in the dark gloves and ball, a crazy clown and a multitude of tricks and a comedy sketch. Each different trick they did, they had to run up the stairs and run back down. It was very entertaining.

We sent them to bed early as they both looked really tired. Then they spent the next hour arguing over whether the landing light should be on or off. Silly boys.

Moo, Huffle and I finished a film we started yesterday (In the Loop) and then started a new one (Big Fish) whilst sampling some of our Christmas treats.



Saturday, 26 December 2015

Custard Powder, Milk and Icing Sugar

Huffle slept well on his new Bamboo Memory Foam pillow (thank you Grandma and Grandad). I tried to have a lie-in but the boys (big and small) decided to watch the football and as Huffle can't watch a sport without talking as loud as possible, they kept me awake and I had to get up. BOOOOOOO

Moo and I tried to counter the football and watch Call The Midwife Christmas special but they were too loud for that too so we abondoned it for breakfast. We finished off the few pancakes from Christmas Eve and the last couple of Pain au Chocolat from Christmas Day. The boys all played on the Wii while Moo and I watched half of the Downton Abbey Christmas Special while washing the boys bedding so they could have their new Duvet covers on. Huffle came up and did a bit of hoovering until the wheel broke off.

A spot of lunch and then we all played Go Fish with Small's 3D Star Wars cards, his Q-Bitz game (a visual dexterity game) and then his Simon Swipe game (a pattern card game). All very good and very different. The boys went back down to play on the Wii and the adults started the Family Jigsaw (well Huffle sat with us but was really trying to buy a new Hoover and check our Sears Points by going through a multitude of receipts).

We made dinner while the boys played football and nerf wars and then we ate.

We had a visit from ClownRose and BabyMo who delivered a lovely drawing to Smallest plus some homemade chocolate and a candy cane. I got some chocolate too and some Christmas hugs despite the fact they got in the middle of the boys nerf war!

Yesterday Huffle prepared us a treacle sponge but didn't mix it. Today we decided to have it. The butter was very cold as we kept it covered in the Sun Room which is very cold at the moment. We whisked it in a warm bath (well the sink) and he then cooked it. Then I wondered if he had put baking powder in it. Most of our recipe books are British and because we don't have Self Raising flour, we add baking powder. The pudding didn't really rise and because we were using the microwave for his Christmas Pud too, I decided to make custard on the stove. This didn't go well as it stuck to the bottom and didn't get thick. We kept adding more powder and ended up putting it in another bowl in the microwave. It was okay but we have had much better. Apparently as the maids were clearing up later (Moo and Huffle) they noticed the custard had got much thicker!!

The boys continued a Pokemon Battle from earlier before going to bed on their new bedding.


Friday, 25 December 2015

Bob, Smelly and Fred

Small woke us up at just after 7am, bounding into our room, declaring that Christmas was here. Huffle and I turned over and tried to ignore him, it was too early for us. We heard Smallest get up, shortly followed by Moo and eventually we got up too. It hadn't snowed and was a very mild, sunny day.

We started with our Santa Stockings. We all got a Christmas Plate, a satsuma and chocolate coins. The boys got Pokemon cards, car stickers and a minion (the boys give me the minions to hide over the house and when they find them, I have to hide them somewhere else - I don't know why but they love it). Moo got some fake snow (well she did ask for snow!).

Once the stockings were emptied, we made a start on breakfast. We had pancakes from yesterday, waffles and pain au chocolat with fruit, chocolate spread and maple syrup (we didn't have all of this, just a selection to choose from).

My breakfast waffle only new plate

The kids got under and behind the tree and started to sort all the presents out into piles for each person. We slowly took it in turns to open our presents. We were very lucky and all got plenty of treats. One of our presents to Moo was a necklace which she actually chose. I decided to do a 'Love Actually' moment on her and wrap something else up in the box her necklace came in. She knew the shape and when she opened it and found a stone (a lovely hand zentangled stone I will say) instead, she dutifully played the part and had a small tear and walked out of the room to compose herself (just like in the film). It was very funny and we then let her have her real present.

Small, this year, slowly unwrapped his presents, then the unwrapping got quicker and quicker, and then he ran around the house looking for the presents we hid until it dawned on him there was one present he was expecting but hadn't had yet. This is when we had to help him find the ones we had hidden and when he found it, we could see he was happy and he then wanted to play on the Wii (it was a new game and a few Disney infinity characters).

Smallest took his time and enjoyed handing presents to everyone else. He too suddenly got the frenzy of unwrapping stage and then happily joined Small on the Wii leaving a few presents for later. I skyped Aunty A for a Christmas chat and she reminded Huffle to put the turkey in the oven (it took four hours and it was about 1pm - whoops). We decided to have a spot of lunch to keep us going and pulled our Christmas Crackers then instead of later. We opened a few more presents and then all went into the garden for a game of football. Smallest got a football trainer that attached to his waist and the football and it was fun to watch him kick the ball so hard and it rebound back to him. Moo was our Coventry Ball Girl who fetched it when we kicked it over the net, and the rest of us took it in turns to be in goal.

More Wii for the boys while we concentrated on dinner and opening the rest of our presents. Basically our presents took all day to open completely especially because Moo kept finding ones from upstairs. We ended the day with tubs of Quality Street and Celebrations, a box of After Eights, shortbread and a Terry's Choclate Orange. Yum yum. We did very well.

Huffle FaceTimed Grandma, Grandad, Aunt Pear and HB and we had a good long chat.

We attempted to tidy up the living room by organising presents and opening boxes before sitting down and watching a bit of TV. Smallest went to bed with Bob (huge elephant) and Moo read to him. There wasn't a lot of room in the bed. Grandma bought the kids a huge soft toy each and although Small is way past soft toys these days, he loved his 'charlie' and cuddled him on the sofa, used him as a book holder and knee warmer and took him to bed. Smallest said that 'Bob' was his new favourite. I don't know what Smelly or Pluto will say about that.

The old and the new. He says Bob is Smelly's long lost Dad


Thursday, 24 December 2015

Toast burns on 4!

Huffle and I slept really well but Moo slept terribly, though she was feeling better today. We had a pancake breakfast which everyone helped to prepare. Because it was such a beautiful day with temperatures of +13* and sunshine which was only marred by the quite strong winds. We went out for a long walk around the Hamlet to blow away the cobwebs. It was a good walk and we stopped at ClownRose's for Smallest to give his present to BabyMo. It was a very lovely moment where neither of them would look at each other and BabyMo hugged me so I Could hug Smallest for her. Very sweet. On the way home we popped to see The Royals to say Merry Christmas.

At home the boys and Huffle played football in the sunny garden while Moo and I set about putting the roof on the gingerbread house. Somehow it all went very smoothly this year. Smallest came in to help with the decorating of the roof and a few other bits.

Pizza was made and we all sat in front of Nativity2 to eat.

Later this afternoon we all set about preparing veg for tomorrow's dinner, even the boys were peeling today in order to earn them a chance on the Wii which they took full advantage of. I finished wrapping and Moo and I started to watch Love Actually (our Christmas Eve ritual) while Huffle showered. It just got to the part where Martin Freeman and Stacey (Gavin and Stacey) were semi naked and Huffle shouted "time to stop now maybe" and I paused it. Smallest came in and said ooh can I watch? Oh no! There is too much kissing for you young man. The kids opened a present each (another tradition we created). Smallest opened an 'everyone' present which was a Santa Jigsaw puzzle and Small opened a present from Smallest which was a book.

We had tea of Porck Batches a la Nuneaton for Huffle and Smallest, Moo and Small had Cinamon Raisin Toast and I had a Brie Triangle. Happy Christmas Eve.

The Christmas cake was cut into which is unusual for us before Christmas Day but Small had the first piece and Smallest tucked into the first piece of Chocolate Log.

Smallest decided to go to bed early, I think he was quite excited. We hid some of the kids presents as it makes the opening last longer tomorrow and finally we all got to sit down in front of the TV, with a glass of Baileys and a game of scrabble on the side. Happy days.




Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Moo was a bit better this morning and no food has disappeared down the toilet. After breakfast, Huffle and I decided to go for our Christmas food shop. We left the boys playing Pokemon and Moo supervising. The supermarket wasn't too bad but it did seem that there were an awful lot of men in there who were not used to shopping. I heard a lot of British accents, more than normal. I asked a very tall gentleman (Canadian eh) if he could please pass me some cocoa powder. Hearing my accent he said "cheerio". I didn't know if that meant go away now or it was a strange greeting but then I realised he was trying to do an English accent and then proceeded to tell me the weather at the moment was just like my weather where I came from. That's when I decided to "cheerio" him. I also bumped into one of the knitting ladies and we had a quick chat about our trip to Ottawa and the fact I am lucky enough to be seeing Adele. Huffle went into the Tire while I started our shop. Our shop went really well and got almost everything. The check outs were quick and we bagged everything fairly well. We visited three more shops on the way home and then came back and put everything away.

We al had lunch and then we decided to start decorating the gingerbread biscuits, ice the cake and chocolate log and put together the gingerbread house. It was a mammoth job. Moo started on the icing for the Christmas cake and house but unfortunately didn't read the recipe so we ended up with 1.5lb of sloppy icing which I didn't think we could use. Huffle and Small went out to get some more, plus several things we forgot to get before, and Smallest started to decorate his gingerbread. I whisked up the icing and we decided it could be recovered and then we started to ice the cake and the stick together the gingerbread house. No egg cups were hurt or used during the sticking together but we did use a couple of Sundae Glasses to keep the roof gable end on while I decorated the edges of the house. Huffle and Small came home with extra icing sugar and Moo then made some chocolate icing for the log. Smallest made lots of marzipan and icing things to decorate the cakes and we ended up with a Santa, Snowmen, Robins and a sleigh. We ran out of room and the house was too warm so everything ended up inboxes in the Sun Room which is the coolest place. Hopefully the raccoons don't visit during the night for a cake party.

In case you can't tell - that's Elf in the middle and three robins on the left.

Moo, Smallest and I went for a walk to the Beer Store where we purchased Beer, Baileys and Wine.

Dinner was put in the oven and we started to watch Polar Express which was interrupted by us eating dinner and clearing away. The other day while we were chatting about Christmas, Smallest was talking about me putting things in his stocking. I said I didn't put things in his stocking, Santa did. Both boys looked at each other, rolled their eyes and giggled. Neither really said anything but it's obvious they have been talking. Small will never say anything because if he says he doesn't believe he'll think he won't get presents. That's why we decided to watch Polar Express which we watched later.

After the film finished and we all 'believed' again, we finished wrapping presents which took FOREVER!

Moo, Huffle and I played cards after the kids went to bed.


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Smashy and Nicey's charity shop raid

Huffle finished his tablets whilst we were away and all seems well with his back. Phew. Though he also thinks the good quality pillow from the B&B helped. Hopefully Santa will bring him a new one for Christmas (or maybe even before if he's very good). Moo slept (or at least stayed in bed) for fourteen hours. Still headachey, no energy and feeling rubbish, she got up and moved to the sofa with a small biscuit and water.

A dreary wet damp day

After breakfast the rest of us left Moo in front of The Apprentice final and went off Thrifty Shopping. The boys had their bag of money each and went off buying things for each other and the rest of us. It was an interesting time in there. Smallest picking up some very random things and then some thoughtful things, how knows what we will get. Small did better and picked up some good stuff (though I wasn't allowed watch and Huffle said I nearly got a straw cowboy hat). Huffle cut his finger in the changing room and a volunteer in there rushed to get me a plaster and cotton wool which I had to pass under the door as he had no trousers on!! I felt a bit ill in the shop with a headache (we are wondering if the pressure has changed) and then a bit wobbly of tummy and very warm. It got better when I got home though. Weird! My phone decided to stop working too and Siri was asking me things even though the screen was off, I couldn't turn it on or off but I could take screen shots. Huffle sorted it when we got home. Then the weighing scales started wibbling and constantly changing their weight. Peculiar. Is there a Luna eclipse or something? A full moon? There was a police car parked randomly in the Hamlet on our way out today and then when we got back there was one parked in the middle of the road at the crossroads. Moo said Otto next door had a ten minute visit from them too. What is going on?

After lunch we had a visit from the cooker man. He tested the temperature of the oven and it was correct but our door lock wasn't working so he has ordered us a new one. He explained how the gas oven worked with its ups and downs in temperature and it seems I have been baking all wrong (how dare he). He thinks we need new baking trays as shiny ones are best (a ours Ae rally old and quite black). We shouldn't be opening and closing the door during baking (which is not easy when you have many trays of things) so today we got the oven up to perfect temperature and made sure it stayed like that and then I made a double lot of gingerbread and cut out a whole house complete with candy cane windows (which Huffle bashed up for me). Tomorrow or Christmas Eve, the boys will help me construct and decorate. Plus the Christmas Cake will need decorating too. We then made a batch of Mince Pies and a batch of Jam Tarts (plus Small came to help with the making of the small mince pies and tarts later).

Smallest played on his tablet with Moo watching and Small's friend Log came round and they played on the Wii. Huffle FaceTimed Grandma and Grandad. They have a new slow closing toilet seat for lady men (whatever they are - not sure who visits them since we left).

The boys have spent the afternoon mainly playing on the Wii (it is Christmas), or playing table tennis with Huffle, Moo has mainly been laying on the sofa and I feel like I have mainly been in the kitchen. We had soup for dinner but Moo decided to throw hers down the loo (poor Moo is not well).

We all (not Moo) played Disney monopoly and despite Huffle handing me wads of money unnoticed by Small, Small still won.

Smallest had a nosebleed at bedtime and made a bloody mess but he is fine now.

Tomorrow my lovely gorgeous friend Mrs ElderflowerMeadow is going for an operation. We wish her all the best and hope she doesn't have to stay in too long. We are visiting in spirit, just wish we could be there for her. Love you lots xxxxxxx

One of her friends on Facebook has decided everyone she knows should change their profile picture to one of their favourite of her for one day to show her how much we love and support her. Huffle and I searched for ages trying to find a decent photo of her. We have plenty of the kids growing up but not so many of her. This one was taken when we went back to England last year. She bought us all cream cakes. Sorry Em, but it is a good one.


Monday, 21 December 2015

A Lompn Poopy seed

Oh what a difference a firm mattress, a cool room and a quiet bed makes. We slept like babies all the way through until just before 8am. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Our host had prepared fluffy Apple pancakes with a fruit cup of fresh strawberries and blueberries. He had mended our previous bed and slept in it to make sure it was better. He is definitely not the average B&B owner. He was so attentive, remembered I liked several coffees and Huffle liked a chamomile tea too and packed us up with some Strudel his Mum made to take home. Excellent stay in a lovely place.

After stuffing ourselves (well it seemed rude to leave a fabulous breakfast) to the brim, we donned our cold outerwear and headed for the Peace Tower. We didn't realise you could get tickets to go up yesterday when it was bright and clear but took full advantage today, unfortunately it was wet, sleety, slippery underfoot and very cloudy. We were the first ones up there and we decided upon the lift today as we had done plenty of walking yesterday. The view was amazing despite the low cloud coverage. We saw the huge bells (which were hooked up to a keyboard so could be played easily. Apparently there was a bell concert there this afternoon, shame it wasn't yesterday) and the city all around. It was an enclosed view so Huffle didn't get weirded out by the height. We had to go through two lots of security, including an airport type scanner. My elbow and hip beeped but I have no idea why. The security guard was about to tell me when he decided to go off duty.

We made our way slowly back to the B&B to check out and our host let us keep our car parked while we walked on to find the famous 'scone witch' who boasted amazing looking scones with freshly made jams and Devon cream. We had to go. It took a while on the rainy slippy paths and when we got there all tables were full. We patiently waited for a table to free up before ordering as we wanted to sit down. After a good long wait, a Frenchy couple came in, wandered around the tables and persuaded a couple to move from their four seat table onto the bar seating that we didn't even realise was free because people's coats were flung on them! We got annoyed and moved over to them to see if they were going to take up all four seats. Of course they were, they were French and ignorant, old and disabled (or at least she waved her stick at me). Despite the fact we told them we were waiting for a table before they came in, they didn't budge and promptly sat down. We left in a huff and stood outside contemplating what to do. Never will we become as ignorant or self centred as so many people are over here. They burst in with their loudness and get exactly what they want. I hate it but we refuse to be like it even if it means we have to get annoyed constantly. SO ANNOYING.

As if that wasn't enough of an annoyance, we went back in and saw a lady waiting where we had been waiting previously. Huffle asked her is she was waiting for a table and she said she was. We decided we were going to wait all day if we continued in this manner so queued for our scones and tea and prepared to loiter until a table was free. The woman followed us and queued behind (well kind of stalked us slightly) and then said "I should have been before you, I was waiting'. She was also French! We said "well we asked if you were waiting". The waitress kept our scones back until we found a table and finally we did get one with three seats. As soon as we sat down (incidentally next to the original French couple who DIDNT need all four seats) she came over again and inferred she should sit down before us. Huffle pointed to three other seats that had come free at the same time at the bar. She asked if we could swap as she had two friends and Huffle said "No, there are three seats there, we've had enough trouble". She grumpily sat down and stared at us. We didn't care though because we had our seats, our scones and our tea. Huffle had a Currant and Ginger scone with Raspberry Jam and I had a Lemon Poppyseed scone with homemade lemon curd and Devon cream. Ummmm ummmmmm. The tea was a houseblend black tea which was funky and much better without milk. So good, we took some home (just a small sampling for Christmas). French woman moved tables and complained about her scone - there's no pleasing some people.

We walked back through a Chippewa park, looked at the statues and wandered through the Mall and back to the car. The rain got much heavier and all signs of sleety snow disappeared. We started our long haul home around 1pm. When we reached Perth, Huffle made the executive decision to make us eat there rather than chance the few places we passed later on in the day so even though we weren't particularly hungry we had dinner in a pub next to a fire. It was lovely and once again we were stuffed to the gullets. We continued on our journey home through the heavy rain, ever changing landscape which at times reminded us of Lord of the rings and interesting drivers. Later on in our journey we hit horrendous rain, terrible drivers that insisted on sticking to our tail lights but refused to pass us when we slowed right down. Then when we came off the main duel carriageway, we hit pea soup fog, so bad that the roads kept disappearing completely. It was awful and once again we had those lovely drivers behind who drove far too close but wouldn't go past.

We got home eventually around 6:30pm. The boys were happy to see us but Moo wasn't feeling too well and went straight to bed after making us a pot of tea.

We received this t-shirt but don't know who it is from as the packaging gives nothing away.