Saturday, 31 October 2015


Another leaf fight

Smallest's first football game of the indoor season was today. Small stayed at home by himself with one job to do, empty the dishwasher, which he failed. However, he did play on the Wii and was dressed when we got home to take him out for dinner. Huffle and I took Smallest to his game, in which he forgot to take his water. I wanted to get some stuff from the pharmacy but ran off to get him some water on the way.

I got my stuff but had to leave so I could take some ibuprofen gel for Smallest's back as he was already complaining just ten minutes into the game. As well as his back, he also had a nosebleed when he was elbowed and had to come off for some mummy X 3 medical help. All the Mum's rushed to help him, plus some of the Grandads. We sorted him out and he went straight back on but not before the other team scored a goal. Smallest's team ended up winning 3-1. It was a very entertaining game.

We picked up some wine on the way back and got Small and then all went for dinner where we played Sorry Revenge whilst waiting. After dinner we popped to the Thrifty Store and picked up a couple of books and a golf ball collector.

At home, we put Smallest in the bath with Epsom salts to ease his back, while he watched Little House on the Prairie (he is learning all about the early settlers and is finding it all fascinating). Small carved out his pumpkin and we put it on the front porch (apparently a squirrel was found later eating the insides of the pumpkin) and then put our gummy worms in the jelly brain. Yuk.

After we all sorted out our costumes for the evenings trick or treating, we sat and watched the other half of the Hobbit film. We had a visit from MrsRoyal whose idea of trick or treating is to visit each house that she wishes to 'treat' and deposit her wares once she has seen the costumes and then her and MrRoyal go out for the evening somewhere.

We had a quick tea and Smallest started to feel sick and have tummy ache (after I painted his face green). As we all descended outside ready to take a walk to Garfunkels house as she had requested we pop down before our walk around the Hamlet. Smallest never made it off the drive as he had awful trapped wind (which we found out later as he burped and trumped his way from house to house). Small and I visited Grafunkel, had a drink of blue juice, a Rice Krispie square, a bag of goodies for later and a chat and then made our way back home. Smallest was feeling better so we took the car to the main part of the village and walked from there.

There were so many really well decorated houses (no alcohol this year) with plenty of people behind the doors dressed up too and some fabulously carved pumpkins. We moved the car a few times but also did plenty of walking. We collected far too much 'candy' but the kids really enjoyed it (the collecting, they didn't eat any of it ...........YET).



Friday, 30 October 2015

Doctor Vampire

Another terrible nights sleep last night for me at least. Huffle kept waking me up to tell me how bad the wind was outside. He said he only did it because he assumed I was awake like him as it was howling so bad! Bloody idiot I wasn't awake until he woke me. So annoying! When I did get back to sleep he woke me again by breathing very loudly or snoring. I was also extremely hot as despite the huge winds, there seemed to be no air coming through the open windows.

The boys went off to school, Smallest for only an hour until we picked him up and took him to doctors. This morning, Huffle, Smallest and I all had appointments at the same time. We all went in together and Smallest got to go first. Our Doctor was dressed as Clark Kent for Halloween (love how Halloween costumes here are never scary ones, just whatever you want to dress up as, one of the nurses was a Frozen girl and the other was Elmo). Smallest's immunisations were all up-to-date, his back was looked at because he fell off the sofa the other day and his back hurts when he runs - it was fine just bruised, and he is booked in for an allergy test.

Huffle went next with his sore back. I think Huffle was expecting some physio sessions but instead was sent for blood tests to check for Vitamin D (or the lack of), Rheumatoid Arthritis (poor old soul) and a number of other things. He was also sent off for X-rays to have a look what is going on in his back. As soon as the doctor mentioned blood tests, MrHuffle's face drained of all colour. Luckily his phone rang and he had to go to the waiting room, giving him time to collect his thoughts and steady his nerves (poor thing has never been very good with needles and blood but the nurses are really good and Elmo looked after him and gave him a lollipop).

I went next and was informed that the doctor didn't think I had the flu but was probably more likely to be a virus and I just need to wait it out and it will go. My 'hotness' could be part of the virus and could be pre-menopausal - oh joy - one good thing is that our Doctor is a Hormonal specialist and is very happy to sit and chat and help, but only when my virus has gone. I had a throat swab (which tested my gag reflex and revealed I had none) and a urine sample taken and various prescriptions renewed and went and sat in the waiting room with Smallest whilst Huffle had his blood taken. I made Smallest's face green for his Halloween parade back at school and then drove him back to school and back to the doctors again (20 minutes each way) to pick up my prescriptions and Huffle.

.....before his green face

Huffle had to get straight back to work and had various calls this afternoon so I had lunch by myself and then went off and walked in the forest with NoCustard. We had a lovely walk and a long chat. I love my walks with her.

The boys had had a good day at school. Smallest took part in the parade around the Hamlet but Small was too old to go. Most of Smallest's green face had worn off. He called his friend and we picked him up and they played fo a couple of hours outside with the football, on the tampoline and on the Wii, table tennis and table football.

Small and Huffe had an early dinner and then went off to football. Huffle coached again. Smallest and I had our dinner when his friend went home and then we watched part of Nanny McPhee's Return (in the UK this film was called the Big Bang but they changed the name for Canada and US - how silly).



Thursday, 29 October 2015

From Small to Tall

A lovely long sleep for most of us. I had to wake Small up but Smallest was up at 7am which is ridiculous seeing as he was so late in bed!! Smallest went off to school by himself as I took Small to the doctors. Our doctor was sent the X-rays of Small's finger and suddenly realised he had never ever seen Small before so asked for him to come for an appointment. They measured him (5'3 and a bit - that's just 1 inch less than me Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhh), they weighed him, checked his blood pressure and heartbeat and made sure all his immunisations were up to date. We discussed the 'incident' he had when he was a baby after an injection and he is happy for him to have the next available injection at school in the Spring. We took Small's full medical notes with us and our Doctor sat and read them, chuckled at some of the things and said "a tickly cough" in an English accent. He seemed to think that our notes were very antiquated though I did explain that our family doctor in England was a very old fashioned type of doctor. He is happy with Small and took a few photocopies to keep on his record. I made appointments for Smallest to get him an allergy test for his Springtime allergies and to check on his immunisations. I also made an appointment for Huffle to get his back checked out and an appointment for me to follow up on my 'flu'. We are all in tomorrow morning.

Small was dropped back at school and then I helped Huffle to 'winterise' the garden. We also put in our huge 'Euyonomous' (burning bush) which took some serious digging and meant moving some plants around. After lunch and some calls that Huffle had to make, we put in a few more plants and picked up some leaves.

This afternoon I finished the jigsaw and did some baking. When the boys came home, Small did his homework in his room with his music blaring and Smallest and I put some Halloween declarations up.

For dinner we ate homemade pizza and watched half of the last Hobbit film.


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wrestling Basketball

I had a bad night last night. Soooo hot, burning up, I had to move into the loft at 1am. Because of the Storm that came up from Mexico, the wind was ferocious and the rain torrential so all windows had to be closed. The loft was quite cool and once I got used to it, was a perfect temperature for me. I slept until 7am and then again until 8am when I got up in a panic as I thought everyone had overslept. Huffle was looking after things and had the boys breakfasted and lunched and ready for school. I went back to bed but I couldn't sleep after that so I got up in time to wave the boys off in the rain (still raining from last night - in fact it rained all today too and is still raining now (21:30).

I had an easy morning of making stews, watching TV and relaxing. Huffle took Small's tuba back to school for me and we had lunch together before I went off to pottery. It was really nice to get out and do something really calming and apart from the odd hot spell and complete lack of energy, I had a lovely time. I made a Hosta Leaf Cheese Plate with a little mouse whose tail should act as a knife holder. I forgot to take a photo.

I dropped by Suffolks house on the way home and she lent me a Jedi Cape for Smallest's Halloween costume. She also gave me a birthday present of some quilting gloves which I definitely need.

The journey home was horrible as it was really windy and very rainy with huge puddles all over the road. I got home just before the boys. Smallest and I played a game of table tennis and then I finished dinner by making some 'cobblers' - not sure how different they are to my normal dumplings as I don't use suet but they were nice. Small's most hated dinner is Stew and I give him my vegetable stew as he does not really like chicken or bits of meat. It took him ages to eat it but he did get through it eventually.

I took the boys to basketball so Huffle could have a rest. The drive there was awful with thick fog and torrential rain. I hate driving in the dark at the best of times but with the fog and the rain it was worse. On Smallest's team tonight there were several stupid comments from other people. One of the boys asked 'and how do you run around around the gym again?', another replied Godzilla when the coach asked 'what is that game where you have a pole with a string and a ball attached'. On Small's team, he threatened to 'power bomb' one of the kids (a wrestling move) if he didn't listen. Now that I would like to see. It was two hours of relaxing for me but watching the kids obviously and I was cold in the gym. The boys took a Beano annual to read 1970 and I took my knitting. The drive home was equally horrendous with Pea Soup fog, bad rain and almost zero visibility.

After the kids went to bed it was Apprentice, Tea and a bit of comforting chocolate. Please let us all sleep well tonight. We need it.


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Leaf it out!

Huffle didn't sleep well, apparently I kept him awake! Small got up late and I had to wake Smallest up, he was very sleepy and cosy. I slept well until 3:33am - well that's a weird time.

The boys went to school, everyone on their bus wearing hats and scarves and my two just in fleeces. It was a cold start again but it got to around 11* and the sun shone brightly. I decided to go to work though none of us felt like doing much today. I was still hot and cold and energyless, Jan had had a traumatic tooth extraction and was stuffering, Wil had a nose operation and MrsM was tired. We managed to do some cuttings of the huge begonias and another plant I forgot the name of. After a very long coffee break, we cut down the plants in the wall garden, though had to give up due to the fact we ran out of steam and there were far too many things to cut.

Our lovely front garden tree, a tree in the wall garden at work and a lonely clematis in front of our barn

At home I had lunch with Huffle and we watched a bit of This is England (we've got to 1990 and the raves). I left Huffle and went food shopping. All the Halloween stuff is already on sale, that's ridiculous. I picked up some green paint for Smallest's face and some glow sticks so I can see them during Trick or Treating.

I FaceTimed Moo after I put the shopping away and we had a good laugh (at her expense really). I partly prepared dinner and then sat and jigsawed until the kids came home (I think I got about 15 minutes). The boys helped me and then went off and did homework, chores no then Small played on his tablet and Smallest and I played table tennis (we are getting our practice in so we can beat Moo).

I think he's telling us there a a lot of leaves

Dinner was meatballs and beetballs with pasta. Smallest and Huffle went off to football and Small and I stayed at home. We played FIFA and Disney Infinity on the Wii and then watched an Extreme Homes programme on the TV.

Smallest came home with new boots that the Coach sold to him for a bargain price. Huffle helped the coach with the formation.


Monday, 26 October 2015

There IS smoke without fire

Monday already? That was a quick weekend!

The boys went off to school wearing fleeces though it wasn't too cold and it got warmer and sunnier as the day went on. I stayed at home this morning and tidied the house - boy you can tell when this family stays home for the weekend. I got up-to-date with the washing and swept and dusted and cleaned the toilets and watched one of my programmes and did a bit of jigsaw (I apologised to the kids later for doing it all by myself but at least it is making me rest). I am still not right. Lots of hots and colds especially when I am 'doing'.

Huffle's back is giving him trouble so he had a relaxing bath during a break in work (though I think his laptop and phone still went with him - good job he didn't have any video calls). We had lunch together and then I went and walked in the forest with NoCustard. It was so beautiful. Most of the leaves on the trees are yellow now though the floor is still covered in multicoloured leaves. It was cool enough for gloves but we soon warmed up after an hours walking.

At home I made Butter Tart Squares which were lovely but I overcooked the shortbread a bit. Oh well I know for next time. The boys came home.........

Halloween treats

Small had a really good mark on his French Presentation. They both had their piano lessons, dinner and then I made Small look like a scary thing for his Scouts Halloween Scare off tonight. Because he is scaring the Cubs (which involves Smallest) we had to hide him away in his room so Smallest couldn't see what he was dressed as. Smallest wanted to know why he was upstairs and not eating with us and we told him that we had an argument and he had to think about things by himself. Smallest and Huffle went into the basement to play on the Wii while I sneaked Small out to Scouts. They were just starting to set the room up with the smoke machine and snakes and scary things. I came home and then a bit later took Smallest to Cubs.

All the Scouts, cubs and leaders were all outside. Apparently the smoke machine had set off the fire alarm and it was a very loud piercing noise. A werewolf came up to me and said "it's me K, Small is hiding from Smallest, I've come to get you". We kept Smallest away from Small until the fire brigade arrived. It's ridiculous, the community centre is right next door to the fire station and yet the trucks had to come from the nearest City. They managed to get the alarm to stop and they all went back inside. I distracted Smallest while Small sneaked back in. Meanwhile Huffle arrived with Smallest's coat as they thought they were going to have to stay outside and he wasn't appropriately dressed. Well that was exciting!

I came home and Huffle gave me lessons on how to play FIFA on the Wii. I was rubbish but I scored a few goals against his lower team. We used to play this many years ago before the kids arrived, but I can't remember it ever being my favourite. Huffle went off to get the kids. Smallest wouldn't admit that Small had scared him. Small had had a great time jumping out and scaring the smaller kids and Smallest had carved a fabulous pumpkin.

I think Smallest is making a pumpkin face!
Ooooh scary

................and it was a full moon. Ahhooooooooooooooooooooooo.


Sunday, 25 October 2015

This place is the wrong shape, it's too square

Huffle and I were rudely awakened this morning by two small boys fighting over a remote control, one punched the other and then fell off the sofa with a thud. We ran downstairs to Smallest crying but no one took any responsibility for starting it. We threatened to cancel football until someone told the truth and eventually went back to bed for half an hour. Bad boys!!!

After breakfast, Huffle took Small to the Scout Leaders house where they prepared for their Halloween evening tomorrow. Huffle and Smallest then went off to football for some technical training. We haven't actually signed Smallest up for this but he was offered a free place for today only (I'm guessing they want us to sign him up for the whole lot but we are not happy about him doing three sessions a week so are keeping it to the two for now. We'll see how it goes. I picked up Small and took him to football for his technical training and we got to watch the end of Smallest's session. Huffle, Smallest and I sat upstairs and watched Small whilst playing Sorry Revenge. Both boys were very red faced and tired by the end of their sessions and we took them for some dinner.

More leaves

Small didn't eat much and later said he had tummy ache. I knew he wasn't right as he lacked energy whilst playing football today too. We came home and did jigsaw, played on the Wii, carved a pumpkin and FaceTimed Grandma and Grandad.

My attempt at a blue jay - it was tricky

This evening we watched the last part of the second Hobbit film. When we tried to watch these last year, Smallest couldn't sit through them. Now he's loving them, though it's been a bit confusing for him because we watched The Lord of the Rings first and then the Hobbits so they are bit back to front.

When Smallest went to bed, we helped Small find some scary sound clips for tomorrow.



Saturday, 24 October 2015

All day pyjamas

Another good nights sleep. Weather-wise, it was rubbish. Rained all day, windy - loads of leaves fell down. Generally miserable outside. I thought I was feeling much better but by the afternoon I was all hot and cold again. This is a rubbish illness, why isn't it going away?

We all stayed in and didn't really get dressed. All the boys watched Stoke lose to Watford after breakfast. I sat and watched one of my programmes wrapped in a blanket. Smallest and I tried to play FIFA on the Wii but he gave up on me because I was terrible. Instead he played with Huffle while I looked for edges on the new puzzle. The boys came and helped me in between playing Wii, tablet, table tennis and table football.

We all played a board game - Space and then we had dinner. After dinner we watched Godzilla (not the 2014 one but the 90's one). It was very far fetched. I remember Huffle and I going to the cinema to see this but I can't remember it being this bad. It was also rated 14+ but we don't know why.

Early evening Smallest, Huffle and I played table tennis and then they played on Fifa again while Small played on his tablet and I did a bit more puzzle.

We sent the boys off to make our tea. Wielding a huge serrated knife, Smallest cut his bagel. Small cut mine and Huffles in a very interesting fashion. I got given a courgette instead of a cucumber and they forgot our drinks. It was a good start. After tea we played a couple of games of Sorry Revenge.

WHAT A LAZY DAY. Still, it gets a bit more energetic tomorrow, at least for the boys anyway.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Can we have a boutique hotel?

Everyone slept like babies (well babies that sleep all night long anyway). Huffle continued with his cream, I still felt ill but a bit better for the good sleep, Small's finger was looking a lot better though it needed lots of moisturiser because it was all dry and flaky and Smallest's sty is better (old wives tales do work then).

It was a cold start to the day but the sun did come out and the sky was a beautiful blue which looked amazing against the lovely tree foliage.

I stayed at home again and rested in between three loads of washing and the making of two chillis for dinner. I knitted and watched TV. After a quick lunch with Huffle, he decided we would get some fresh air and took us to the local Garden Centre where we took advantage of the 70% sale and bought some Wiegelas, a Burning Bush and a couple of Heucheras. We also spent our scarecrow winnings on a willow weaved Reindeer for the garden. The burning bush was huge and very very heavy. The lady in the garden centre had to help us load it into the car. They have a very antiquated way of selling their plants there. They very slowly write each olant and the price on an invoice and then they put it all in the cash register, minus any discounts and plus tax. It takes forever and Huffle was getting really annoyed (quietly). We left the plants in the car and got them in later when the kids helped us. Huffle finished mowing the grass and then put the mower to bed for the winter, running down the petrol, cleaning the blades and taking off the battery.

The garden centre is set in a wooded area which is beautiful

I had a visit from MrBasement briefly and we discussed the kitchen and then I went and picked up Small's Tuba from school as he is borrowing it for the weekend. I finished dinner and we all ate. Small and Huffle went off for Small's first indoor football session. This morning Huffle was sent an email sking if he could be assistant coach for tonight's game and that he would just be handing out pinnies and getting the kids organised. In actual fact he ended up coaching by himself as the main man left after the first minute. I think that is despicable behaviour but Huffle really enjoyed it. He made sure to tell all the boys that the game was called 'football' and not 'soccer'.

Par rum pa rum

Smallest and I stayed behind and watched Nanny McPhee.



Thursday, 22 October 2015

Not on sale

What a terrible nights sleep again. I felt sick with tummy ache and was really hot and we had a storm that was quite unexpected. Huffle ended up in the basement and when he finally came back, I moved upstairs to the loft because our heavily winterised bed was just too warm for me. Upstairs I grabbed a sheet, flung it on the bed and tried to sleep. When Aunty A was here last, I remember her saying she had to take the batteries out of the clocks because they were too loud. She was right, they sound awful. I slept on and off but still felt ill this morning.

Small slept with cast off and was surprised to find in the morning that he could straighten and bend his fingers without any pain. That's good. The boys went to school and Huffle and I went to the walk in doctors. I thought I had a water infection and Huffle thought he had an infection in his leg. What a pair. They actually called us together and asked if we wanted to be in the same room. (They obviously thought it was a shared infection!!). The doctor was lovely and talked to me first. He took my sample off to be tested which was normal and felt my tummy and asked me lots of questions. It seems I have the flu, which I guess looking back makes sense as I have had cold, cough, sore throats etc for about a month now on and off. Plenty of rest, liquid and paracetamol will do the job for me. Huffle does have an infection and has some cream. He needed some hyperallergenic soap so we popped to the Pharmacy after we picked up his prescription. The lady in the shop looked at our items, called out the price of each thing and then said "nothing is on sale you know this week?" Oh well I will postpone my headache and flu till next week then. Silly lady, I think she thought we'd won the lottery because we were buying things at full price.

We came home and I was installed on the sofa with a Hot Cranberry Juice, paracetamol and TV while Huffle went back to work. We need to slow down and make time for relaxing. Life is too hectic what with the boys after school activities and we have decided we will take it in turns taking them to their things rather than all going, giving the other person time to relax and recuperate. I also knitted a poppy for the wreath at the wool shop I go to on a Friday morning.

I stayed on the sofa most of the day until the boys came home. Small had managed well without his cast and played football (with it on) in gym. Most of his class was away today due to "flag football" being played. Smallest messed about with the new face paint we bought and and tried on his Yoda hat. Homework, showers, chore and Wii before dinner and then a Hobbit film until an early bedtime for us all. WE ARE TIRED AND WE NEED IT zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lovely I look!




Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Two more weeks?

My design for our pumpkin

Smallest has a sty that has appeared on his left eye. I rubbed my wedding ring on it (old wives tale but has always worked with me if I feel one coming on) and I bathed it with warm salty water. Nothing worked so I asked the pharmacist today and he said that they normally go by themselves but I could try a teabag (which is exactly what NoCustard told me to do today). Smallest sat at the dinner table tonight wearing his teabag eye patch. Hopefully it soothes it.

This morning, Smallest went to school by himself as Small and I went to the hospital for what we hoped was his last appointment. On the way, Smallest was texting Moo to see if she wanted to go and see the new Star Wars film (we watched the trailer this morning). We were early for our appointment and sat and waited in the wrong X-Ray waiting room (because the person who registered us gave us the wrong map). Small was X-rayed and then we waited in another waiting room before being moved into a cubicle where we waited for the doctor. Small was worried that they had forgotten us so he made me stick my foot out of the curtain and wiggle it about so we would be seen. When the doctor came, her first question was 'have you had an X-ray?' she disappeared to look at it. Then she said "how long have you had the cast on?" and went off to answer her pager. At that point I knew that it wasn't completely healed. She wants him to keep his cast for another two weeks but to only wear it when he is playing sports or doing something where he thinks he might get hurt. When he is watching TV or working at school, he needs to take the cast off and exercise his hand. It was disappointing but not a too bad result I suppose. Small has been away from the piano for so long now and has a recital in just five weeks and his football starts at the end of this week too! He has a hospital appointment again for in two weeks time.

I took him back to school and explained to the Secretary and then came home. After a FaceTime with Moo and lunch with Huffle, I went to the forest and walked with NoCustard. We did the same trail as Monday and it was just as beautiful if not a little cool. When we arrived there were loads of police cars and a paramedic. We don't know if someone was being rescued or they were just practising as all the vehicles had bike racks but all the bikes were gone. We didn't see them in the forest.

After our walk I went shopping for food. The boys were just home when I got back and they helped to put the shopping away before emptying their bags and going on the Wii.

Huffle had a call from the school again today, while I was walking, from the Principal. Young Smallest had been hit again by the Bully. Apparently Smallest and his friends were playing football and the Bully came up and grabbed Smallest's friend and punched him. Smallest said he shouldn't have done it and he then grabbed Smallest, swung him around and punched him. The Principal said the reason he hit out was because the boys were calling him 'Stevie'. They call him this because he steals! (That's from the boys mouths, not the principal). Huffle kept her on the phone for a long time and told her that he wasn't happy with the situation and he would happily talk to the parents if she got them to the school. When Smallest came home we talked to him and Small (who was also there at the time). The stories from the Principal and the boys didn't quite match so Huffle left a message for her so he could tell her the boys updated story.

We had dinner, watched a bit of the baseball and then all went off to Basketball. Smallest played for the first hour and Small the second hour. They both use up a lot of energy and played well. This is such a great course for the kids, they are learning so much. I finished crocheting but need to sew it up.



Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lost the Blue Jays did!

A beautifully sunny day today that started out cool and ended with rain. Weird weather!!! Boys went to school, Huffle worked here and I went to work. Today we dug up all the Cannas and put them in buckets and crates ready to send them to their Wintery beds. It was quite hard work as they were all well stuck in their containers. We tidied up the veggie garden and cut down loads of Flox and Persicaria. Coffee time brought a Pumpkin Square with Cinamon, Nutmeg, Cloves and all spice (all my most hated things), but at least it's good for my diet! Because I didn't eat much though I felt a bit wibbly and had zero energy. I came home with some Persicaria, Fall Alliums, parsley and a lovely plant that begins with an S and has to be inside for the winter.

The work cat sitting on top of the tomato support

Huffle and I had lunch and watched part of This is England '88. Did I say this was funny before? I really like it but some of it is really quite hard hitting - we have to watch it in the day now and not at night. Pair of wusses!

This afternoon I went into the garden and put in some bulbs, took out the dahlias and other bulbs that won't over-winter, cut back a lot of dead stuff and raked all the leaves off the drive and onto the garden as a mulch. I was shattered and came in for a shower before I made dinner.

The boys came home and did homework and watched the Blue Jays (they lost BOOOOO) played a bit on the Wii and then we all had dinner. We tried to work out what Smallest could wear for Halloween. He has decided on Yoda and now I have the task of crocheting him a Yoda hat.

Smallest and Huffle went off to Smallest's first football training tonight. It started at 7pm but they wanted them there 15 minutes earlier for a meeting. A late night for Smallest.

Small and I stayed behind. Small watched a bit of the baseball and played on the Wii and I crocheted and cleared the kitchen and the washing whilst watching Downton Abbey.