Monday, 31 August 2015

Pele's Grapefruit

I had a terrible nights sleep. It was too hot and clammy. I don't remember any of my dreams (possibly because I wasn't asleep long enough). Huffle worked (no Bank Holiday here for us like in the UK) and the boys and I had a slow easy morning. Huffle siliconed the pool so hopefully we can fill it tomorrow and it won't leak (fingers crossed).

After lunch I took the kids to the Splash Pad. We didn't get there until 2:15pm and the weather was hot enough to be in the freezing cold water but not so hot that they could stay in there for hours. We walked along the lakeside and over the bridge with the football (we didn't lose it this time) and the boys went on the Splash Pad.

I sat and read and occasionally photographed them.

We stopped for a small snack and drink and a play on the park before walking back along the beach, throwing stones, walking and dribbling the ball over the bridge and Playing football along the waterfront.

The traffic (considering it was rush hour) wasn't too bad and we got home in time to make a pizza and eat it in front of a film about a young footballer being coached by Sir Matt Busby. We could see where Smallest's coach gets his training ideas from (he lent us the DVD).

Smallest went to bed comparatively early as he has been sensitive and tired all day.

Today I have been text chatting with Yahoo and she sent me this lovely photo of our kids when they were tiny. Ahhhh little ducks.



Sunday, 30 August 2015

So fresh they still had straw on them

Another dream last night where I won £5 (yes it appears I dream in English not Canadian) at a golf club. We also had a lodger who seemed to be sleeping in the same room as the boys and wasn't impressed by their noise so I suggested she sleep in the loft in future. I was taking a college course in sewing and I had a girl who came round to help me with my coursework though I kept forgetting she was there and went out about my business leaving her at home. Home was a terraced house too (in England??).

Huffle and I slept in again until 9:30am!!!! We had a very late breakfast of pancakes with organic freshly collected eggs via ExerciseNic (very nice). Everyone helped to get breakfast ready, Sous Chef Smallest who mixed the ingredients and checked the 'doneness' with his spatula, Huffle and Small prepared the table and the fruit and then we all ate.

Believe it or not this was a Hummingbird hovering over my head.

The boys showered and watched the football with Huffle (Stoke lost) while I sat upstairs and read my book. Midday we all went outside and did some gardening and the boys had a water fight with water balloons, buckets and the hose. Apparently they were throwing water down the slide, sliding down and into a slidey bit of grass at the bottom of the slide. To be fair they did clear up after themselves and after drying off they rewarded themselves by playing on the Wii.

We all had an ice cream (once again we appear to have skipped a meal - Small is getting worried that if we skip a meal tomorrow we will have lost a whole days meals - poor boy, he may just fade away). Huffle FaceTimed Grandma and Grandad and I mowed the grass at the side garden with the old push along mower - very hard work and Extremely good exercise (well I do need it despite the lack of meals lately). Huffle made dinner before he and Small took Smallest off to his football practice. I stayed at home, chilled, listened to music, knitted and read.



Saturday, 29 August 2015

Pardon my Reach*

Last night I dreamed that I tried to take the boys to the moon and another dream where we were in Harry Potter. I woke up during the night to very loud chickens next door. I thought they were being eaten alive!!!

This morning (we didn't get up until 9am eeeekkk), after breakfast, we decided to go into Toronto for an impromptu day out. We left the house around 10:30am and didn't get home until last 8pm. Once we had travelled into the city and parked, we walked up to St Lawrence Market and picked up a few pastries for later and then settled on a burger for lunch. A nice relaxing sit down lunch with not too many people.

Then we walked to the harbour and the ferry. We didn't have to wait too long and we chose to go across to Wards Island and walk to Centre Island. Wards Island has all the houses and Huffle hasn't seen them before. Instead of walking along the main path and trying to avoid the many bikes, we walked along the boardwalk right by the lake. It was a long walk and Smallest was struggling with his little legs. The weather was a perfect temperature though, not too hot and not too cool.

We sat in the shade of the trees in the main gardens and admired the lovely planting and many butterflies and then took Huffle to the Maze.

On the way to the beach, we happened upon Franklins Children's Garden which as far as I'm concerned is a brand new garden. It was beautiful and very peaceful despite the huge amount of people on the Islands. The sculpture work and planting was spectacular.

We climbed the Pollination Hill and went in search of the turtle pond. We are not sure if we found it or not but we didn't spy any turtles.

There was a lovely little amphitheatre where story time was held. We took it in turns to tell stories but when it was my turn (and a family turned up to listen thinking it was real) I got pine cones thrown at me from my horrible family (Huffle edit - to be fair that was the warning if the story got boring, and smallest did hold off for longer than I thought he would)

There was a small garden with vegetables in and crafts for the kids which was lovely and various Franklin books you could read in their gardens.

Finally we got to the beach and despite the fact that Smallest wore trainers today and promised he would definitely not go in the water, both boys waded in up to the bottom of their shorts. I paddled a bit to get my feet cool as my feet were weary and then Huffle and I flopped on our blanket and watched the boys play. They decided they were going to bury my feet and make me new ones and it became a competition. Small made me a right dinosaur claw which was very good and Smallest got bored and uncovered me. It was very relaxing on the beach, plenty of people but not too close to us (apart from a family that stood right behind us, Huffle offered them a seat and some water but we don't think they understood or heard us).

After the beach we walked slowly back to the ferry which just happened to be boarding. A short walk along the harbour and we came to our favourite ice cream shop. Because we had missed out on a whole meal today (Small was not impressed) we decided to have one sitting on a harbour bench watching the world and their hand held dogs go by. (Huffle edit - grown men too, well I say men, clearly not real ones)

We think the men in weird suits were part of a Stag Do and we spotted Bobby Ball on the ferry.

We walked along the harbour towards the car park and came home.

A lovely day. Once the kids were in bed Huffle and I soaked our feet in Epsom Salts in front of the TV with a cup of tea. We still know how to rock on a Saturday night!


*our waiter for lunch leaned across to put a pot of mayonnaise down and said "oh pardon my reach". It was all Huffle and I could do not to laugh. It sounded very funny (to us).


Friday, 28 August 2015

Smelly returns

Our morning consisted of washing the bedding, hanging it on the line, watching TV, reading and I did a small shop where I had an argument with a lady who disagreed with the way I queued up. Honestly, doesn't she know the English invented queuing up! Then on my way home I had to put up with Canadian driving which drives me insane (until I realised that one of the people I was driving behind was actually British and then I felt really let down).

While I was eating lunch I heard the boys watching their 'brain' program and a question was asked "choose the lady you find most attractive" to which they answered "they are all ugly!". Funny!

This afternoon we met up with the Suffolk's and the kids swam in the indoor pool and Suffolk and I drank tea and watched. Only one small incident today where a person dived on top of Smallest and hurt his eye. I took him to the office but they couldn't do anything as it was his eyelid that hurt so he went back in the water and he was fine.

Everyone helped with dinner and we all played Catan later.

I am pleased to announce the finding of Smelly. Apparently he had hidden himself away in Smallest's shorts drawer and had 'made himself a laboratory where he made smelly Fabreze' (Smallest's words!?!?). It has since been decided that Cousin Smelly will be 'loved until his fur falls off and made as smelly as Smelly' just in case Smelly should go off 'lab'ing' again! Right, now we know!



Thursday, 27 August 2015

Not a seagull or an eagle

It has gone decidedly cooler. At times today it was only 18* and yet when I got into my car lTe afternoon it was 29* (I don't think that was right somehow) - I even put my jeans back on, though my shorts are still in grabbing distance as I know there is warmer weather on the horizon.

Huffle and I cleaned the pool first thing this morning (he actually got in despite the fact it was very cool in there as it is easier to clean in being in there). I did some work on the side garden adding another few rows of path but I have run out of Lime Screen now so I'm stuck. The boys decorated their gingerbread biscuits, I did some weeding and at lunchtime Huffle cut the hedge and cleared the thistles.

After lunch, the boys and I went to the library where we found none of the books we wanted so we have put them all on order. I picked up a book on ExerciseNic's recommendation and then we drove off towards the lake and the park. We stopped off to buy a ball (to replace the one I lost last time we were here) and the kids played on the park while I sat on a bench overlooking the lake and read my book. When the kids were bored we all went for a walk and kicked the ball along as we went. We walked for a while and the the boys played football and I read again.

On the walk back Smallest became grumpy with us and decided to walk a different way. Small and I had no idea if he was hiding or going around a huge lot of trees so we continued very slowly. Eventually he appeared back where we had left him. I had a good talking to him about disappearing without telling us where he was going. He was a little upset and I couldn't work out if it frightened him going off on his own or whether it was because I was mad at him.

We carried on our walk back with the ball and they went on the park again. We all went on the swings. I realised it was 5pm and it would take us ages to get home because the trafic would be bad so I called Huffle to see if he wanted to meet us somewhere for dinner.

This was the picture Smallest drew of Huffle and family - oh dear!

We chose a place we have been to many times and had a nice relaxing dinner and a chat about what we had done. Back home the boys watched TV (they are fascinated at the moment with a program about the brain. There are lots of interesting facts and tests and they love it - Huffle says it is much better than the normal canned laughter rubbish they normally watch).

Tonight we lost the beloved soft toy that Smallest has had since before he was born (well that's not quite true as we lost it when he was six months old on a beach in Devon but then bought another one to replace it before he realised) called Smelly. Poor Smelly, where could he be? He has been temporarily replaced by Cousin Smelly (he obviously does not smell the same as he is not AS loved but hopefully the real one will turn up soon).


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

School of gingerbread

A better nights sleep (though I was worried about my impending dentist visit so it took a while to get to sleep initially) and a not too early rise. I sat and watched The School of Rock with the boys. I had forgotten what a good film that was. Smallest asked if I would buy him a guitar so he could smash it up! After breakfast, the boys and I cycled to the tennis courts and had a few games.

It was quite hot at times but there was a nice breeze. We stayed until lunchtime and then cycled home.

They were inspired by SCHOOL OF ROCK

This afternoon I left the boys dusting and tidying the Living Room, Huffle worked and I went to the dentist. Here in Canada they freeze your mouth with a disgusting tasting (supposed to be some kind of fruit flavour) thing and then you don't feel the injection (which is good for me because I normally have to have so much of it). I was almost upside down because I had to have my very back tooth filled. I think he almost had his whole arm in there! He was all done on half an hour without any trouble and I drove home.

The boys were playing on their tablets after their chores and I sat and had a cup of tea with Huffle, a FaceTime with Grandma and Grandad and then I made a start on dinner.

The kids helped me again. Smallest made a cheese sauce from scratch and poured it over the cauliflower and Small made gingerbread for later and the rest of the week. I had to help a bit but they did really well and said they enjoyed it. I rolled out their dough and they cut out lots of shapes which we baked after dinner.

Huffle did lots a of tidying up of edges in the garden and cleared the weeds off the patio. Looking good. After dinner Smallest played in the garden and the rest of us played Catan.


Some photos of Coach Huffle's team


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Squashed Boys

I had a terrible nights sleep last night. I had restless legs (which is THE most annoying thing in the world when you are trying to sleep), I was too hot (we shut the windows because it was really windy and the blinds were clanging), and I had toothache (no toothache before I went to the dentist and they uncovered a cavity - I told Moo that the hole most probably had bread stuffed in it so it wasn't a problem). When I HAD to get up this morning for work, I was extremely tired and felt just a little bit 'off'.

The boys came with me today and we started by checking out their Squash Garden. Wow, it has grown and there are lots of little squash's of various size and colour forming. I think the boys were impressed.

Our instructions today were to pull out all the Scabious from the Rock Garden - it was full of it. We worked tirelessly at it for over an hour and finally we could see a huge difference. They boys emptied many wheelbarrows full and while we were waiting for our coffee, we meandered through the veggie garden to see what was harvestable.

With coffee we had a delicious Peach Cake with a Streusel topping again. Then we picked veg, watered and did some general weeding and tidying. We picked cucumber, beans, tomatoes, kale, courgette and marrow. MrsM comes back tomorrow so we left a few things for her.

Back home we had lunch (the boys in front of the TV making the most of their time before they go back to school) and Huffle and I on the porch in the cool. It has been a much cooler day today though when the sun did come out, it was still hot!

I spent an hour doing some serious weeding on the side garden and the kids emptied the dishwasher and tidied the Sun Room before going on their tablets and then playing 'Battles' in Smallest's room. I made a Carrot and Tomato soup with Garlic Croutons and roasted Pumpkin Seeds. I forgot to mention yesterday that when I sent Smallest to harvest carrots in our garden, I told him to chop the green bits off and put them in the compost bin. I should have been clearer in my instructions. He chopped the green off the carrots before he dug them up and then pulled them out of the ground. He didn't pull them all, there is still a substantial amount in the ground with no carrot tops. Poor carrots. I wondered why he was so long. I also didn't tell him how many I wanted, I just thought he would bring a handful. Silly Mummy.

Smallest went off to his football practice with Huffle wearing his big bear fleece - really cool evening. Feels like autumn. Small and I stayed at home and played two games of Catan. We won one each.


These are from the festival on Saturday




Monday, 24 August 2015

All hands in the dinner

Monday morning already, where did the weekend go?

Huffle worked hard and during his breaks did a spot of painting in the bathroom. It looks fabulous. A nice bit of injected colour instead of the insipid colour that was there before. One more coat and it will be done.

The boys and I lazed for the first part of the morning and then we went to get their hair cut. Smallest went first while Small played with the hairdressers kids outside. Small decided he wanted it spiked a bit at the front which is not easy with such big thick hair. He looked cool though. Small had his done next and had his normal short cut with gelled front. Too grown up for my liking. The kids all played hide and seek together and found a bayb rabbit while the hairdresser and I chatted with a cup of coffee. She is such a nice lady, so caring.

We came home for lunch and I facetimed Moo. We chatted and laughed a lot. Late afternoon I went shopping for food (I wanted fish to make fish cakes but bought everything but fish DOH!) and left the boys at home playing on the Wii.

Back home, I made dinner (cottage pie and veggie cottage pie). Small peeled and chopped the potatoes, Smallest picked carrots, washed them, chopped them, mashed the potatoes and spread them on top of the meat and veggies. What a little chef. Huffle came and helped with gravy and clearing away. A proper family made meal tonight. The boys played on the trampoline waiting for dinner to be cooked.

Sous Chef

It was delicious. After dinner we all played Lego Creator.

Small's trophy from the weekend (forgot to post it).
Mr Bean's daughter?



Sunday, 23 August 2015

Do they have big squash in Sicily?

While the boys played on their tablets, Huffle and I went into the garden. He mowed and I tackled the vegetable patch. After watching Monty on Gardeners World, I decided to get the tomatoes in order. I had brought home some tomato seedlings from work earlier in the year and wasn't sure what type they were (bearing in mind Smallest is the only tomato eater in our house, normally, not counting visitors or guests) so just planted them. They appear to be humongous plants with pear shaped fruits. The least I can do is make a tomato sauce and soup with them. They were in a huge tangle having grown crazily while we were on holiday and I started by taking away the parts where no fruits were and working my way down the plants. They are looking a bit bare now but at least the sun can ripen the tomatoes. There is plenty of fruit on there. The boys came out to help and raked the grass, empitied the wheelbarrow and harvested for us. We found the biggest Sicillian Zuccini, a handful of carrots, loads of spring onions (which are so big we should rename them Winter Onions), and a couple of beans. The beds are so much clearer, we can actually see what is in them.

After a bit more tidying and weeding, we went in for lunch. We had all the leftovers on the fridge, which was an 'interesting' meal but satisfying. Everyone then went in the pool. Today it was green but clear. It tested perfectly but we cleaned it anyway and had a good swim and play.

Huffle Facetimed Grandma and Grandad and we had a visit from ExerciseNic and her girls. They had brought us some eggs from the chickens they were looking after and we also got two aubergines. We gave her some carrots which they had for their dinner and they said they were yummy.

What a lovely blue sky

After showers, we took Smallest to his football practice and the rest of us went to Huffle's 'Coach Appreciation Evening'. As soon as we entered there was a lot of people standing around looking lost. They were serving hot food (not right then but a bit later) with cake and fruit and the kids were allowed to play on the indoor pitches. We got a bit of food and then watched while Small attempted to play. There were too many kids playing and the older ones took over quite a bit. We knew there were awards being given out but when it got to 7pm and nothing had really happened, we decided to leave and collect Smallest instead. Small had had enough anyway. I am so proud of how he can just enter a room by himself, stick his boots on and just play. He has no qualms about whether he knows anyone and is certainly not shy. We talked about him having a pocket full of stickers that he could use when he tackles people. One tackle from him and a Sticker on their shirt saying YOU HAVE BEEN TACKLED BY SMALL, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Smallest was still practising so Small and I walked around the football pitches and onto the cricket pitch and pretended to play cricket on the fake wicket which was a coir mat pegged down with tent pegs. NICE! They had a really small boundary too. Smallest received his 'England Cap' for his games on Saturday and a promise that they would be practising again on Tuesday. The coach told Huffle that he wanted to give Smallest a replica football shirt for his hard work (shhhh we haven't told him yet) and asked him which one he would prefer. The choices were Arsenal (spit), Toronto FC (who?) or AC Milan. I wonder if you can guess which one he chose?