Sunday, 10 June 2018

Sunday Jays

Huffle got us out of the house before 10:30am and drove us to the Train Station.  We got the 11am train which takes just over an hour and arrived in Toronto with plenty of time to walk the SkyWalk for the Rogers Centre.
On the train

SkyWalk and Roger Stadium

As it was Junior Jays Day, the outside was full of games and things to do and see.  Our boys now think they are too old for such things so once we had a quick look around, we came inside.  My knee was giving me trouble so we went up in the lift which made us very early.  Smallest played on the Plinko game and won himself a lunchbox.  Then he played Toss the Hoop and ball roll and won two water bottles.  We all had our photo taken in the ‘dug out’.   Next we signed up as designated drivers and got our two free drinks.  A coke for Huffle and a Sprite for Smallest (I’m the desnignated driver and he is the designated pop drinker).

It was a glorious day and the roof was open.  Our seats were up in the 500’s but right behind the Home Plate.  It was very hot and despite us piling on the sun cream and Small getting sprayed with someone else’s suncream, Huffle burned the top of his head and Small had red thighs.  Smallest escaped and I tried to stay in Smallest’s shadow.  Towards the end of the game we moved to the opposite end of the stadium where we were in the shade.

How many people does it take to hold a hose?

It was a great game and the Blue Jays beat the Baltimore Orioles 13-3.  We got at least four Home Runs and they got two.   Very exciting seeing six home runs as well as lots of balls in the crowd.  Only one close to us after we had moved.

We chose to eat pizza on the harbour and then came home.

Lovely day.  

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