Sunday, 4 November 2018

Allan’s treats

A while ago, Huffle purchased a set of tyres for his car for $50.  This week he took his car, and tyres, new and old, to be fittted for Winter.   The new set he bought didn’t quite fit so he sold them on Kijiji and made a profit of $150.

Today he decided to take us all out.  After a morning of playing board games, we went to the Zoo.  It was cold but sunny.  The car park was full and there were a lot of people but it’s so big that you can easily escape the crowds.

I really wanted to see the new Pigmy Hippo and the Polar Bears, Smallest wanted to see the Giraffe, Monkies and Camels and Huffle just said he wanted to see some ‘animals’.  Small said he wanted to see the Samaritan Tiger (you know the kind helpful one, ha ha).  I think he meant the Sumatran Tiger.

So we had four hours there and we started with the Rhino which was huge.  He didn’t do much.    In one of the indoor pavilions we saw turtles, fish, stick insects, snakes and orangutans.

The Sumatran Tiger sat outside and stared intently at something on the horizon but we weren’t sure what.  We watched the warthogs and one of them poo’d right in front of Huffle almost as if to say “here, take a photo of this!”.  Giraffes were next.  I love giraffes but I’m never happy with where they are kept.  I guess it was too cold outside but their inside room was tiny!  Another inside pavilion again and this time we saw a Soft Shell turtle.  He was really funny and Huffle said he looked like me in the mornings!!!

In here we also got to see penelope, the Pygmy hippo.  Unfortunately she didn’t do anything, just sat
in the water.  We saw birds and lizards and more fish plus frogs and gorillas.  One of the gorillas had a tiny baby that she carried on her back.  They were very entertaining.

We found the penguins but they stood waiting by a door probably for food.  Too cold to swim.
Yaks, Birds, Owls, Snakes and Golden Tamarind and Lion Tamarinds were next.  Smallest was eating
Almonds and they were transfixed by him.  If they could have got through the glass, they would have
had a feast.  It was very funny watching them.

The Polar bears were lovely as usual, not swimming but eating and wandering close by to the windows and outside fence.  The baby we saw last time is now fully grown.

The Snow Wolves  sat on the hillside and posed for us too.  We saw a snowy Owl and reindeers before going inside another pavilion to see the Australian Animals.  Kookaburra, kangaroos, peacocks and wallabies.

In the reptile house we saw more snakes, turtles and an amazing wall of fish.  The lights were dimmed and there was ultra violet lighting which made the fish really stand out.  They were mesmerizing.  There was also our favourite, the jelly fish.

The Amur Tiger was pacing back and forth and came right up to the window I was standing at which got me a great photo.

The Red Panda was really high up in a tree trying to get warm and the Eagles were massive.  We stood around trying to catch a photo of the Snow Leopards and we watched the mountain goats getting fruity with each other.

It was a great afternoon at the zoo.  We finished our day out by going to our favourite Italian restaurant.  Small had a pizza, Huffle had a Calzone, Smallest had Gnocci and I had a risotto.  It was very yummy.

Back home, Huffle purchased a MarioKart expansion pack so we could race more levels.  While it Downloaded, Small helped Smallest play the baritone ad then we all played MrioKart.

A lovely day.  Thank you Allan for buying Huffle’s tyres and thank you Huffle for treating us all.

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Good to hear about your day out. x