Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Springtime Smart Smeller

Tonight was the Spring Concert at Smallest’s School.  Huffle and I have been to enough now to know that we do not wish to sit in the overheated hall filled with germ ridden parents waving at their little lovelies and the kids howling siblings.  We dropped Smallest off half an hour before the start and already the streets were full of cars (funny as they all live in the tiny Hamlet and not one of them walked).  Huffle and I then walked for half an hour enjoying the last of the sunshine before going to the school and hanging around by the door and in the foyer.

We could hear everything from where we stood and it was even hot there.  When there was something worth watching, we stepped inside the door.  I had several people ask me if I wanted a seat but I declined.

We got stopped by the Springfest crew and we agreed to do our normal game now called theCandyPong.  It means we are all there but we don’t have to do anything else as we will be there for the whole evening.  Small can also claim some community hours for school.

Smallest’s performance was TheMuppetShow on the piano.  We thought he did really well and were very proud but he was upset because he made a few mistakes.  Huffle told him it was a difficult thing to sit in front of lots of people and play.  He is so hard on himself.

These were taken at home as I knew I would get no chance of taking a photo at the concert.

The rest of the piano players were also good and there was a hula hooper that the audience liked a lot.   The kindergartens were sweet as usual and Smallest ended the concert with his class playing the ukuleles.  

We were home by 8pm.  

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