Monday, 14 May 2018

When I went to CanadianTire....*

Wow what a busy week.

Small went off to Vancouver for his Band Trip on Tuesday.  His alarm didn’t go off but luckily Huffle’s did.  With only 15 minutes to spare at 3am, I made his breakfast and packaged it up for him to eat on the way, Huffle put his bags in the car and we sent him on his way.

He was away for five days and I had regular texts from him (which I am grateful for as I know he is a teenager) plus various photos which he posted on Snapchat.  One of his teachers posted a daily itinerary and a couple of photos of them all.  They had a fabulous time and he got back late Saturday night.  Sunday morning we had a slideshow of his photos.  He took a lot.  Where would he get that from?

I can’t say I really missed him while he was away.  It was obvious he wasn’t here but it was nice to spend some quality time with Smallest and there was no arguing.  We could tell Smallest missed him though he wouldn’t say obviously.  Once he was back they played outside together for a while before they got on each other’s nerves!

On Sunday it was Mother’s Day here and I had pancakes made by Smallest with accompaniments, fruit and table prepared by Small and Huffle.  Afterwards I had cards and presents brought to me.  Smallest had painted me a picture using his thumb prints.  Small printed off a Vancouver photo and made it into a card.  I had a French card also from Smallest.  They bought me a Magnolia bush, a yoga mat, some lovely poppy plants (with names relating to the Royal Wedding, of course), they had made a photo cube for me, wool and a hummingbird feeder.

For this year’s performance, Huffle and Smallest had recorded my very own version of TheGreatBritishBakeOff.  It was very funny, they both ad a plastercine nose and a wig for NoelFielding.  When they were PaulHollywood, Small sounded Indian and Huffle got quite high.  I was thoroughly spoilt.

We went for a nice walk along the lake and took a picnic.  We got to sit on a rock all by ourselves until two Chinese ladies joined us.  Of course they did!

Lovely day.  Nice to have my big bear back again despite his huge pile of stinky washing.

We ate out last night at our new local restaurant.   It’s only been open a week or so and we’ve already been there three times.  It’s just too convenient.

Today I had a lovely walk in the forest and got to see the fabulous trilliums that come out this time of
year.  I have several on the garden that are flowering but nothing quite beats the forest floor full of them.

There was plenty of “when I was in Vancouver......”, so I started to say “well when I was in England....”.  Huffle and Smallest were jealous and they would say “when we were in CanadianTire.........”. It’s not quite the same.  ;)

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