Sunday, 31 July 2011

One man's rags......... another man's riches

We have done lots and lots and lots of sorting and de-cluttering recently. We have almost emptied our shed and today went off to the local car boot and sold our rubbish. It obviously wasn't rubbish because we sold most of it. So that's the shed sorted.

We have been in the loft and cleared alot of stuff from up there ready to do another car boot. This will be after our Canada trip because hopefully by then we will know whether we are definitely going or not.

The expat rang us the other evening and gave us lots of really good advice. He thinks as long as we "embrace the snow" it actually doesn't seem that cold.    He said he was in London this year and it felt colder here than there.  Something to do with the wet I think. 

He said that Canadians in general are very welcoming of newcomers, especially English ones (they love our accent) because there are so many new people coming to Canada at the moment.

Schools are being newly built and as such are state of the art.  It's quite hard thinking about schools at the moment because Smallest is due to start school in September and I desperately want to get him settled in. He's so excited about being in the same school as Small. I hate to think we will then be unsettling him by taking him out of the country and starting a whole new different set of schooling. Everyone tells me he will be fine as he is so young, I'm sure they're right.

Anyway our expat has given us lots to think about and it was really good to get his opinion. The weirdest thing was that the place he was brought up in England, is about 1 mile away from where we live now.

Small world.

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