Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Friends, Cars and Bicycles

Yesterday we visited some friends. The weather was good and they played and scuffled in the garden.

Today we went to the Cinema to see Cars2. It was the safe option for me because I wasn't feeling too well and I didn't want to run around, plus it was a sticky hot day.

This is not a brilliant photo as we were in the cinema - I had just given them a packet of Maltesers and told them they couldn't eat them till the film started.  They were giggling and smelling them.  Smallest HAD to have one but Small managed to wait.  Nice one Small.

It was an okay film, I thought the first one was much better, but the Smalls enjoyed it.

Then the Smalls had their hair cut and played with their friends (who happened to be the hairdressers children).

Small decided he would climb the tree, swing from the branch 'like a monkey' and grab hold of a rope............

......... and then fall off - whoops (oh yes whilst wearing roller skates) - EXTREME!!!

Then the boys went for a bike ride

I am waiting for the storm that has been forecast and I don't mean the boys fighting again, although that's happening right now. I asked smallest why they can't just get on and play nicely together. His reply was "I think it's because we are not girls!"

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