Sunday, 9 September 2018

That’s a Full Pull at the Fall Fair

So I guess the Summer is officially over.  The boys are back at school.  Smallest is very happy with his teacher (English lady from Birmingham, well liked by us) and he has a new French teacher that he likes.  He will be starting instruments within a week or so and although he doesn’t know what he wants to play, he is very excited to get one and be in band.

Small has started well too and likes his new teachers (well mainly).  His form teacher and class is in
Grade 11 even though he is Grade 10, which is confusing but is because he has been moved up a
Grade in music and music is his first class of this semester.  His History teacher looks like a rapper, as he wears gold chains and weird clothes but is in fact nothing like that in real life.  Small likes him and finds him funny.  He starts in two different bands next week, Junior and Senior and has now decided not to join the Jazz band (not sure of the real reasons yet!).

This weekend we went to the local Fall Fair.  We have been before a few years ago but it seems a very popular thing to do this time of year.  Lots of vegetable shows and home craft and photography competitions.  We might try and enter next year.  We ended up sitting and watching a Tractor Pull competition which we knew a few people had entered.  It’s a different world, this farming community.  It was interesting once we realised what was happening.  Basically a small tractor pulls a bigger vehicle with a weight that slowly moves towards the front of the pulled vehicle, making it
harder and harder to pull.  “He certainly isn’t lacking in power” was said many times about many tractors.

We left Small with his girlfriend and came home for a couple of hours before going back later to watch the Demolition Derby which was a treat.  I don’t hink I’ve seen one in real life before.  It was crazy and quite ‘redneck’.  Smallest got to have a Toffee Apple (candy apple) which he has always wanted but never had.  Eleven years and it was a slight disappointment.  I got to have a Bag of candy floss (cotton candy) which I ask for (but don’t really want) every time we see any.  It was disgusting and flavoured (loosely) Strawberry, Banana and BLUE!  Yuk.

Mr sheep 

This couple were in charge of the vegetable tent!

 Putting blankets on the seats, equivalent of towels on sunbeds!!
Leaf  blower Football!!!
Demolition derby cars before they got smashed up

Being smashed up


I went to see my doctor this week who decided I needed to go for a stress test with a heart doctor just to rule out any heart issues that might occur as I am ‘of an age’ just in case my ‘episode’ was a warning.  I got an appointment almost straight away and went this Friday.  Crazy!  It was very intense. I had sticky pads with wires all over my chest, standing on a treadmill walking uphill while someone took blood from one arm and someone else took my blood pressure from the other, plus an ultrasound before and after the intense walking/running.  The whole test was bizarre.  Apparently I passed (thought they failed to tell me until I asked and then it was a mere “oh yeah you’re fine”)  until the doctor then decided I had Sleep Apnea.  How he came to that conclusion I don’t know, except that maybe I am overweight and I snore occasionally plus I have high blood pressure at the moment.  No wonder I have high blood pressure, I keep being poked and prodded!!  My left arm looks like I’m a junkie The amount of holes and bruises I have!  He now wants me to be fitted with a blood pressure monitor overnight to see what happens when I sleep.  To be honest, I think the whole thing is stressing me out.  Why can’t they just say oh yes you’re fine.  Perhaps lose some weight and we’ll see if that helps.  I have lost nearly a stone anyway and I am trying to be healthier!  I have decided I am going back to my family doctor on Monday to see if he thinks I should just say no to the next lots of tests!  How has this got anything to do with the ‘indigestion’ I had originally, I feel we are getting away from the original problem.

Bishop of Leicester Dahlia

Avocado grown from stone

Gorgeous dinner plate sized hibiscus flower 

Some veg harvested

Huge thoughts go to MrsElderflowerMeadow and her family this week.  She is not doing so well and is back in Loros trying to get pain relief.  Love you lots Meadows family xxxxx

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