Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Bloomin’ Honey

Today we went off on the train all the way to the Exhibition Centre (past Downtown Toronto).

Canada Blooms and the Home Show is here at his time every year.  its not quite the NEC Birmingham but its the closest we have got.  MrsM and Jeff gave us tickets to get in (MrsM is there with the Scottish Shop she works in and Jeff was talking on stage) so Huffle took the day off work and we got there in time to wander the hall a little, say hello to MrsM and sit and wait for Jeff to do his talk on TheUrbainJungle.  It was mostly about using tropical plants during the Summer months, as the Centre were doing some balcony exhibits this year.  It was very good apart from people asking questions that we couldn’t hear and interrupting him during his talk.  At the end, our favourite question stared with “I have a climbing squirrel..........”.  The boys though it was very funny.

We wandered the show gardens and gave our opinions on each one.  Lots of water features, lots of outdoor cooking areas as usual.  The theme for this year was TheMovies so each garden had a different movie name.  StarTrek had a tiny garden area in the shape of the badge and some photos of the cast.  JungleBook was the most disappointing.  It had a lovely stream but with cardboard animals and a cardboard mowgli.  AliceInWinderland was the best one as far as we were concerned except that they got the words wrong grammatically.

Smallest wants this frog in his garden

After we saw all we could in the gardens, we walked around the food part.  Smallest and Huffle got to sample lots of salami and chat with the owners and the boys and I had a lesson and taste of various different honey.  Huffle and I sampled teas from Taylors and Twinings and came home with pockets full of tea bags.  Huffle had a tens machine put on his lower back and was offered the machine for $350 (special show price).  Huffle then found it for $26 on Wish and Amazon.  Good job Huffle doesn’t fall for such nonsense.  We had our shoes shined and bought some beeswax and jojoba to do the job ourselves and a jar of honey.

Smallest got to sample wheelchair basketball.  He said it was a lot harder than it looked.  

We arrived at 11:30am and finished at 3:30pm.  Instead of going back into Toronto to eat, we went to the other side of the railway and found a pub.  Huffle and Smallest had Chicken Tacos (which came with lots of shredded raw cabbage and Smallest didn't know what it was and ate the lot! GRANDMA!).  Small had a burger and I had fish tacos.  Very nice and just the job.  We missed the next train but didn’t have to wait long for the next one and came home with the workers at rush hour.

Nice break in the middle of March Break.  Thank you Huffle for taking time off work to entertain us and thank you MrsM and Jeff for our tickets.

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