Sunday, 4 March 2018

He is going to slingshot me


We had MrBasment round this week to get rid of our huge monstrosity of a light in the living room.  It was too big for the space (probably had a table underneath it before we moved in) and everyone hit their heads on it.  Now we have a nice new small Tiffany style shade and it makes the room look more spacious.  We chose a different colour to the one that came but we like it anyway.

MissHorse finished her Sheep this week and she made a better job of it than I did.  Mine was just stupidly big but hers was just nice.  She is very pleased with it.  We are making a start on a RosiePig
next week.

I missed my Monday exercise because I wasn’t feeling so well but was back to normal on Wednesday.  However I hurt my shoulder (old batting cage injury) but it’s okay now.  Huffle finished his antibiotics and is now back to fighting fit.  Smallest is still coughing and it occasionally hurts his chest!  We are filling him with Vitamins.  Small still has a cold but is okay.  He has been struggling with spots on his face and we took him to see the pharmacist yesterday who suggested something he uses himself (and he had lovely skin).  Day2  is an improvement.

Pottery was good this week.  I made two pots on the wheel and trimmed two pots.  Two of mine were fired and I bought them home.  Very happy with the colours.  Only two more sessions left so we will be trimming, hand building and glazing next week.

Smallest had a tryout for his football team this week.  He did well and there were about ten new players trying out but Huffle says there were only two that should get picked (unfortunately they were from our old club).   He has two more tryouts.

On Saturday Huffle stood in for Small’s coach.  They drew 3-3.  Small had an argument with the referee and the Ref said he would give Small a yellow card.  Small said “go on then!” But he didn’t.  Huffle made friends with Guido who was very happy to see Huffle Coach and was loving his English proper football accent!!

On Sunday we took full advantage of the positive figures in temperature (0* though it did get to 4*) and went for a walk and picnic along the waterfront.  We parked up and walked 10,000 steps along the water, on the rocks and on the beach, across the bridges and all the way back again.  Picnic was on the beach with our back to the wind with the bright sunshine beating down on us.  Almost a deckchair day.  Thank you Huffle for our picnic though we were disappointed we didn’t have any pudding.  We spied an awful lot of tripod carriers today and a group of them were talking about snowy owls!

We asked the boys what were they doing with the wood.  "he's going to slingshot me" says Smallest  "its ok he's done it before!"

Lovely day and walk.

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