Saturday, 24 March 2018


It’s been a busy week.  Mainly football for Smallest, totalling three practices on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  On the Tuesday he did a TorontoFCAcademy session.  Smallest said it was really bad and he was given a pair of too big shorts and promised a shirt for future sessions.  He was not impressed with it at all.  Smallest was given two pairs of boots this week by OldCoach.  It seems OldCoach’s son was being talked about by the boys in the first team saying he wasn’t good enough.  OldCoach heard apparently.  Whoops!

I spent a lot of my week driving backwards and forwards to Pottery to see if my pieces were ready.  Each day I would come back with a few more.  The first time I was really disappointed and by Saturday I was feeling better.  I have far too many pots that are exactly the same size and similar shape.  I’m thinking of taking them with me to England and leaving them as gifts with the various people I am staying with.  Ha ha, there’s a treat!

Small had his last referee pre-course before his big day of referee learning in about two weeks.  His last game was Saturday before the play-offs.  It was quite entertaining as usual.  His team won 3-0.

Huffle has had trouble with his back and went to the doctors.  He had an XRay the next morning with Canada’s answer to JoBrand (same hair, same shape and similar comedic humour) and has a follow up appointment with our doctor in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime he is to keep exercising and not lifting anything too heavy.  Damn, I was going to enter us in the husband and wife piggy back races!!!

This week we went to meet Small’s teachers.  Two were absent so we met his Geography teacher who did not know that Small was English (arrrgggghhhh he puts on such a good accent at school). I pointed out that his first test, scoring just a 60%, may have had something to do with the fact we have only been here six years.  He understood completely and said he would bear it in mind in future geographical quizzes.  He seemed very nice and talked to us a little about his grandparents who were British.  Small said he isn’t quite that nice in lessons but he is still a good teacher.  We also saw his Music Teacher who said he was an excellent Tuba player, in fact so good that she would like him to move up a year next year and do music Grade 11 (and miss Grade 10). Wow!  I knew he was good at music (MrsPiano says he’s a natural) but I didn’t know he was that good.  We are so very proud.  It will be tougher and he will have to study theory more but she is willing to help and MrsPiano is going to teach him some theory too.  Fabulous.

I had to go to the Walk-in doctors this week too as I had a swollen elbow that was painful to touch and was red hot!  It turns out I had Bursitis and had anti-inflammatories but it seems to have gone now.  They drew a circle around the swelling and said I had to go straight to emergency if it got any bigger, but it didn’t so all is well.  Weird thing is, I didn’t fall or hit it, it just appeared.  I still managed my two exercise classes with some things changed due to coccyx (which does seem much better) and elbow.

Saturday we painted pots as Smallest got to paint a tile for free for his birthday (next week) and he painted an egg cup while I painted something else (secret shhhhhh).  Huffle and Small watched and passed paint as they didn’t want to do any.  We had a meal lakeside which wasn’t very good and then a wander along the beach which was cold in the wind but beautiful sat on the rocks in the sunshine.

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