Thursday, 4 August 2011

Storms, Spiders and Sand

Various emails have been sent from Canada to us this week.

Huffle has a two hour meeting with the execs. A friend of his would like to meet up with us and maybe take us sightseeing. Huffle's boss-to-be has invited us to his house for a barbecue, and two other people who work at the office would like to meet up with us for an afternoon drink.

We're only there for four days. Can we fit all this in?

Are we supposed to be looking at areas where we might want to live? Or at schools for the boys?

I got another book from the library all about Canada and have just read that they have poisonous spiders. Ahhhhhhhhhh I hate spiders. I'm terrified of them. "That's it" I told Huffle, "I can't go, they have spiders and ticks and snakes". He just laughed at me and showed me how you hit a spider with the bottom of your shoe. Oh no, I can't. HELP!!

Had a lovely day yesterday. We went to the library and then had a picnic by the stream.

On the way back we noticed the beach had been set up in our local Market town. The boys took part in a sandcastle competition. Small was very annoyed because the judges didn't even look at their magnificent sandcastle. Never mind, they had fun making it.

Then it rained and then that storm happened that was forecast, and boy did it rain!!!!! 

However we had a bit of time to meet up with some more friends and a quick coffee.

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