Friday, 12 August 2011

Summer Shorts


We have had a lot of conversations about shorts this week.  We have been invited to a BBQ in Canada next week and the invite was "Casual", dress - shorts) .  Now my Huffle has drawers full of shorts.  Short ones, long ones, big ones, small ones, baggy ones - but suitable for a BBQ with execs, from the company we are hoping will offer him a job, and change our life forever?  Probably not.  Looks like a shopping trip is needed.


Larry is Small's favourite night time toy.  He has had him since he was a little baby and I gave him a wash this week.


We have had visits from friends this week and we have been to several parks and had a couple of picnics.  (I'll be needing new shorts myself soon if I go on anymore picnics.

Smallest has been picking and eating blackberries.

ooh that looks a good one

yes - just the right sort of blackberry

perhaps a little sharp maybe

And pretending he is Humpty Dumpty

Smallest, Small and Bear - we'll save you
Small, O, Smallest and Smallests' girlfriend R

Small rolling - ouch that hurts!

Smallest rolling, Small & Bear watching

Small & Mrs Chap - who's higher?

Be careful smallest

..but I can climb up here
Smallest and R

Bear, Smallest and Small eating ice lollies

up to no good in the trees

Little Pompom
And this is lovely Boo who put up with four noisy children and hardly got any fuss at all.


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