Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The cake melted in the oven


Still a house full of ill people but we are coming through the other side.  Good job because I had a list of things to do today including driving four under 12’s to a dodgeball tournament.

Huffle was whistled downstairs this morning by Smallest wanting to go to school and wondering why Huffle was having a lie-in.  Well he is FORTY THREE now and he says he feels like it too.  Poor old fella.  No-one on Facebook (apart from a couple of family members) wished him a happy birthday and he was really disappointed.  Then we realised facebook didn't have his birthday on.  Silly Billy.  My fault too because I never posted anything on there because I put his birthday cake on Instagram.  Poor Huffle.

He only opened one card before the kids came home and that was from Grandma and Grandad who Facetimed and sang to him.  He went to the mailbox yesterday and found a letter from a Hearing Aid company.  Well that said it all really.  Today he excitedly hopped to the mailbox again to find another card, this time from AuntPear.

His other cards and presents were saved for later.

This morning I made an orange jelly and a Cake which looked very strange and I don’t know why
I put it in the oven because it looked very wrong.  It was wrong, it melted all over the bottom of the oven.  The house smelled burnt for the rest of the day but luckily it was a beautiful sunshiny day and we could have the windows and doors open (13*).  My second attempt was fine.  No idea what happened the first time.

I left Huffle working and took the school kids to the tournament with all intentions of leaving them there but it was too far away and would have meant two ours of driving for me back and forth.  Plus not one parent wanted to help me out even though I said I wasn't feeling that well.  PaddingtonsDad (teacher) told me I could lie down in my car.  oh thanks for that and one parent said she had plenty of spare seats in her car but felt it was out of her comfort zone to use them.  Well thank you kind ladyNOT!   So I stayed all afternoon with just a banana for food in a cramped gym with parents who don't understand personal space and kids who stunk of BO.  Smallest's team did really well and the two Hamlet school teams ended up playing each other for fourth place.

Back home I quickly made a start on dinner.  Huffle had requested Butter Chicken and in hindsight we should have done it tomorrow but the kids helped and we did it all with Lentil Dahl and homemade naan wraps and put together the cake and had a lovely dinner, jelly and ice cream and a slice of cake later.
Huffle has had three letters/emails this week calling him STURAT instead of Stuart, so we thought it would be funny to put STURAT on his cake.  very naughty. 

We watched Huffle open his cards and presents and although he didn't get much this year due to illness etc, he was pleased.

we'll get him more suff when we go out next.

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