Thursday, 19 April 2018


Moo and I had a nice slow start to the day.  She drove me to Grandma and Grandads late morning and we stayed for lunch.  Grandad then drove me to the hospital to see MrsElderflowerMeadow.  On the way he showed me a few sights of Leicester.
I stayed with MrsElderflowerMeadow for four hours.  It was extremely emotional but we had a really good chat.  She is really poorly and has had such a major operation and is still quite uncomfortable but we had some good quality time together before Grandad picked me up, gave me ten minutes to get ready and took me to TheVillage for a night out with my ChurchPlaygroup mums from when the kids were very little.  It was a good night, plenty of chat, good food and lots of giggles.

The Barman, when he found out where I used to live in TheVillage, asked if we rented our house to ‘that couple with the nice garden who moved abroad’. That was funny.  We are THAT couple.

Em drove me back to Thorpe and laughed a lot on the way home.   Aww miss these ladies.  In the morning she said hello to her girls from me and asked if they remembered me.  The eldest one said “yes she has dark hair and is really good at funny voices”. That’s hilarious.

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