Sunday, 29 April 2018

This time last year.....

Well I had a fabulous trip to England and spent some lovely time with friends and family.  I am now in contact with two Aunties, two cousins and my best friend from school.  I came back to a lovely welcome from Smallest and Huffle with a welcome sign.  Small was at a football game and when I arrived there he half waved at me.  I marched onto the field and made him hug me (they were only warming up).  Now I have been back a whole week and I’m full of cold and barking like a growling dog!

His team came third

We are now all back in our normal routine and my trip is just a lovely memory.   I started my new Pottery class course which went well.  I got straight back on the wheel and made three pots, bigger and higher than before.  One I made into a jug, just because I could.

Huffle spent three days in the office, one of them in Toronto, just the day after the horrific mowing down of pedestrians.  Scary!  Friday was a PA day and the boys and I went to work and moved pallets, picked up rubbish from the ditch and cleared a load of cut down plants.  We collected a lot of things for the new Bug House they are going to build in the Summer.  They are calling it Bugginham


Today we all drove to the train station and went to Toronto to watch The Blue Jays play baseball against the Texas Rangers.  We got there early so I didn’t have to walk too fast.  So wheezy and weary at the moment.  Smallest played on the games and won two snap bracelets.  Huffle and I signed ourselves up to be designated drivers which enters us into a chance of winning a prize plus we

get a big free soft drink.  I am on a diet so I gave mine to Smallest who loves fizzy drinks but isn’t allowed them very often.  Huffle spilled his down his trousers!

The blue Jays won and had three home runs.  It was a good entertaining game and we weren’t bothered by any silly or drunken people.

Afterwards we walked to a place we haven’t eaten in before and all had pasta.  It was nice.

As we were all tired, we came home.  The boys played football and basdminton in the garden and Huffle and I sat and relaxed.

Nice day and a daffodil came out which is a bonus but weirdly on exactly the same day as it did last year.  Plus we went to the Blue Jays this time exactly last year too.  Weirdly peculiar!

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