Saturday, 17 February 2018

B+ for Drama!!

Well last Sunday we won third place for our Snow sculpture.  1st was emoji’s (very good), 2nd was some birds (meh) and we got third and won a monetary award that we haven’t received yet.

Poor snowmen have now melted

Smallest's week consisted of football gym and practice sessions, school dodgeball practices and piano lesson.  At the weekend he had a game on Saturday where he had to go back to defence because one of our players left which meant defence was lacking.  A shame for Smallest but he was coughing like a seal and it probably would have been too much for him running crazily about in midfield.  It was their last game and they won 2-0.  his cough sounds awful but he says it doesn't hurt.  He carries his inhaler just in case and we are keeping a close eye on him.  Damn smelly kids at school with their germs!

Smallest brought his school report home and had all 'excellents' and he was nearly a straight A student but for the B+ he got for drama.  Very proud.  Both boys are doing spectacularly well.

Small tried out weights in his gym class everyday this week and had a PA Day on Friday where he devised some new cards for Monopoly (cheat cards) which him and I tried out on Friday and all of us tried in a game on Saturday.  It makes it more interesting.  Small had a late game on Saturday also and despite him not being happy with the referee, they won 4-3.  We booked him on a Referee course for March and April so he can ref smaller games of 7v7.  Can't wait to watch some of those games.

I had my exercise classes, worked in the greenhouse and visited a few supermarkets (one where I did a spectacular move wth a bag falling off the back of my trolley, I jumped over it to stop from tripping and landed in said bag).  I spent forever looking for a chalk writer.  Our shopping list is a chalk board (but not a conventional chalkboard as it’s unusually shiny and not porous) and we have a number of chalk markers which either stain the board or are not wipeable.  We use the shopping list for everything we need from food to lightbulbs and clothes to door hinges.  Anyway I must have visited ten shops looking for a particular chalk writer but with no luck.  I may have to go online.

I am deaf in one ear at the moment and have been all week.  Its driving me crazy and I have been adding olive oil and squirting my ear with a babies nasal remover - NICE.  I thought it had cleared but it needs more work.

I went to my fifth Pottery lesson and had a really calming session making pinch pots.  Something I have done plenty of but it was nice to sit and chat while steadily working on four pots and a berry bowl for Huffle.
my new handmade stamps

pinch pots

We celebrated pancake day with a few crepes each as a pudding.  For Valentines Day I made a Valentines Heart cake (Victoria Sponge)and Smallest helped me to make and add the butter icing.  Also it was his idea for the top decoration.  Huffle bought me a travel plug, peppermint patties, a ball of wool and some 3D cutters for Christmas.  I crocheted him a glasses case for his night time driving glasses.  I tried to make a crocheted pair of glasses to adorn it but the boys said it looked like a bra.  He liked it and it was functional.  I bought him some cola bottles too.

We have all been enjoying watching the Winter Olympics.  We are quite lucky time wise here, we get to watch their morning in the evening and come down in the morning to watch their evening.  Then we can watch the highlights somewhere in between.  So pleased for GBR and our medals.

Today was Moo's birthday so we left her a recorded song and facetimed her while she opened her presents and cards.

Congratulations to HB for getting engaged.  Well done GP.  Looks like we are all potentially UK bound Summer 2019.  Wahoooo.

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Sarah Tomson said...

Happy birthday Moo 🎉
Sounds like another busy week in your house, well done for coming third in the contest, maybe you'll get millions in prize money!!

U.K. bound in 49 days! 😀 wahoo xx