Saturday, 3 February 2018

Pass the Panzo

As we had cancelled Smallests football game today (should have been 8am start) it meant we could all have lie-ins.  When I got up Smallest had a big grin, put his thumbs up and said “I’m better!”  Hurrah.  The doctor was right then after all.  It’s nice to have our bright little fire cracker back, even though he’s noisier than ever.

Today we had sever weather warnings in effect, mainly snowfall.  It started snowing around 2pm and continued (supposed to go through to early hours of Monday morning now).

This morning we had breakfast and the boys watched the Stoke game while I crocheted and watched the Leicester game.  (Loss for Stoke and a draw for Leicester).    Seems wrong that I sat making a stoke blanket whilst watching Leicester!

For dinner we went to have Calzones at the ‘place that never closes’.  Our waitress ordered a Monster
Calzone for Smallest (the boy who eats like a mouse) by mistake so he now has enough dinner to

keep him fed for the rest of the week.  *when our food came, she gave me Small’s, she gave Smallest
mine and she gave Huffle Smallest’s.  We didn’t know until we each cut into them too.  They were very good.

On the way home we went to the supermarket for essentials but it was crazy packed.  The check out we selected broke at the end of the person in front of us shopping and she left our queue and went to another one.  She was still there as we were going to our car!  We never got any apologies for waiting so long,  luckily we weren’t in a hurry.

Back home we watched some of DrStrange before Small got ready for his football game and we all went with him to watch and cheer.

Small volunteered to go in goal for the first half and to be honest, that was the best half to watch.  He was quite a good goalie.  His team were against the GuidoAllStars and didn’t really have a chance but they fought well in the first half and played terribly in the second half.  They lost 5-0.

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