Sunday, 4 February 2018

Blanket of Snow?

Nice lie-ins, social engagements cancelled, nothing to do.

Smallest is better but is sneezing.  I have been sneezing all day and am tired and Huffle banged his head on the wooden pasta dryer!!

We decided we needed a list day which we started after breakfast, but before we did Smallest and I made a start on a baguette which we later made into garlic bread.

I can’t remeber how many years ago Aunty Miaow bought Prehistoric Park for Small, but it is still played and it’s not in bad condition.  Smallest chose it and won it which gave him extra points.   Small’s choice was Wizard which he too won.  Huffle chose Jenga and was very confident that he would win it.  Smallest lost the first game and I lost the second which left Small and Huffle fighting it out.  Huffle did indeed win.

We stopped for lunch and finished the DrStrange film.  Good film.

This afternoon we played Kingdomino which I chose but Huffle won.  Small chose MarioKart knowing full well he would win and we ended with a Five Crowns which Huffle interrupted to Facetime Grandma and Grandad.  Smallest won this one.  So basically the only things I won was making a baguette, watching a film and eating lunch!!!

Early evening we all made pasta from the dough Huffle made earlier.  We had it with a lovely
homemade tomato sauce, garlic bread (baguette was lovely) with mushroom and courgettes.   Very

nice.  The boys made us a Sunday Sundae and we watched Captain America.

The Snow continued all day but we didn’t have the forty centimetres we were forecast.

This evening I finished the blanket though I do still have an awful lot of sewing in of ends, plus a border to do but the main part is finished and right at the beginning, I found a mistake but there is no going back now!

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