Friday, 23 February 2018

Big shooters don’t win cinema tickets

Last week Smallest had a Valentine Dance which he had to go to and the minimum donation was $5 (we later found out it was $1) and for every $5 you were given a ballot to enter for prizes.  Smallest came home today with a prize of two $15 giftcatds for cineplex.  He was particularly pleased because one boy raised over $100 and got nothing.  That might sound a bit mean but he was trying to raise the most money so he could win a pizza party for his class.  Little did he realise that he could have bought a pizza for cheaper!!!  Yay cinema time.

Smallest also has got through to the final of the Multiplication Tournament.  He beat a girl yesterday, another today and has one more to beat on Monday (though she is REALLY good).  Yay clever boy.

Small’s Band got a Silver in a festival on Thursday evening (though it wasn’t a competition) and he bought home a very battered and old Tuba for him to practice on for the rest of the Semester (his teacher very kindly recognised that he does not live near the school and therefore it would be difficult for him to bring his normal tuba home and back again regularly.  For that I thank you Q for being thoughtful to me!

At the end of last week Smallest was ill with a sore throat and cough but is now fine apart from a cold.  Small got a sore throat this week and also has a cold but is managing it.  Huffle’s tonsils grew and grew and finally he went to the walk in doctors today and found out he has strep throat but now has antibiotics.  I got a sore throat yesterday and now feel terrible with a cold too and legs that don’t feel like they should hold me up!  Although Huffle carried on working, I did have a day of sitting and knitting and watching TV, lucky me.  (Well I say a day, I still made dinner).

The weather has been mainly raining and windy.  No Snow and lots has melted.  No ridiculously cold temperatures, mainly positive temps.

Nothing much has happened this week, partly due to illness.  We have nothing planned for the weekend except a football game for Small on Saturday evening and trying to get everyone back to fighting fit.

Chocolate Chip Cookies made by me.  Chocolate Genoise made by Small.    Rye and Spelt Bread  that refused to rise (awaiting a response from PaulHollywood).   Foggy walk.  Rain and Fog.  Power Cut.  A morning in the greenhouse.  GBR beating Canada in Curling (not smug).  Small and his beaten up Tuba.

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