Monday, 5 February 2018


It snowed a lot and the wind was drifting it around so much and howling through the night.  We didn’t get 40cm but we got a fair amount.  It took Huffle (with a little help from me) several attempts to get it all cleared from the drive and paths.

Small went to School and had an interesting Geography lesson where they had to identify parts of Canada from the shape of the province or City and a fitness test in gym which he did okay at but didn’t really like.

Smallest went to School and came home with two test results , -4 and 4 (4 is the equivalent of a A) and did nothing in Science.  His teacher (the one who doesn’t like kids) said they would be doing something but spent the whole time writing in naughty peoples agendas (Smallest almost got a note Home but managed to avoid it by keeping his head down and saying nothing).

I left Huffle shovelling and went to my exercise class picking up MrsOrange on the way.  I wasn’t really in the mood for it today (or I was in a mood is probably more the problem) but it was a good session and I will hurt tomorrow.

Back home I helped to clear the drive, did some washing and made a beef stew and a veggie stew and then went out to do a small food shop.  The place was empty which was nice and I only had disagreements with one old lady and a man who blocked the aisle.  I did say I was in a mood!!!

Back home Huffle and I had lunch and we ate yesterday’s baguette that I made.  It was really yummy.  We watched a Gotham episode and then he went back to work.  I put the shopping away, organised the fridge, did some more washing and drying and had my shower.

This afternoon I mainly cleaned and finished off the stews.

The boys came home.  Small had some homework from BusinessTech and disappeared to do that.  MrsPiano did lessons.

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