Sunday, 11 February 2018


Well I have to say it’s been quite liberating not having to blog everyday.  Not having to worry about what we have done.  Not having to think how to reword the same old, same old everyday.

To catch up......

DonNoQuoteys house appears to have been taken off the market.  The sign came down Friday.  Huffle speculates that it’s because the market is slow and it might go back on once it ‘warms up’ a little.  I think that he has probably had a falling out and the realtor has washed his hands of him.  Ha ha we’ll see.

Pottery was good this week.  Demonstrations on how to make a bowl, how to make a plate, how to glaze.  I trimmed some and attempted a bowl and it kind of worked but it became a 'rainbow' when it got too thin.  I will be glazing next week.  I won’t be having a go at a plate just yet though!

At Smallest’s School this week, a boy in his class got suspended for strangling another boy.  Wow!  All over a pencil poke too.  Both boys involved are quite disruptive so it’s no loss to Smallest, except the one that is left does cry a lot and Smallest made him cry by picking up a ball in Dodgeball!  Oh dear.

Small came home with his first semester report which looks very good.  We are very proud of his hard work.  83% English.  91% French (his teacher said he was a pleasure to teach),  92% Maths.  93% Science.

Football news:  Small was selected to play in both Saturday and Sunday teams this weekend, meaning a slot on the top team.   At his Saturday game (9am), he played in Midfield and they won 4-2.  At the Sunday game (11am) he played in midfield again and very nearly scored a lovely goal.  They lost 2-1.  It seems the referee was to blame.

favourite player in game before Smallest's

Sunday game

We also had a football meeting on Thursday to tell us the teams could play in a tournament in Jersey which is a mere ten hours drive away or a plane trip to Philadelphia and then another two hour car journey.  This is all happening around USA’s Memorial Day which will make the roads very busy.  To say we don’t want to go is an understatement and some of the parents pressed me about it in the week and I told them we had too much to pay for recently (Small’s trip to Vancouver, my trip to England....) plus it was too far for us to drive and I would be sick on a Coach.  One of the parents has been fundraising for a night out for the team but has now said she will use the money for the trip instead.  $700 has been raised but divide that between 24 boys and their parents and possible siblings and it’s not much really.  We have already told the club we are not going.

Small also had a football game this weekend.  Smallest and I stayed at home and watched part of a film and made some dinner for when the others got back.  Small was not very happy with the 1-0 loss.  The opposition coach was unprofessionally time wasting to the detriment of the kids playing on his own team.  Neither team enjoyed the game and one even apologised to Small.

Saturday we had the Winter Carnival and everyone but me missed the parade (just back from
Football, Smallest in Bath, Stoke on TV) and I had to rush behind it all to get to the front.  I nearly
managed it.  Huffle and I submitted our three photos for the photo contest, went on a horse and cart ride, ate soup from the soup/chilli contest and voted on my favourite (bearing in mind there was only one vegetarian one), went to the fire station with ClownRose, MissMoll and LittleFin and chatted and poddled round.

these were my entries for the photo contest (they didn't win)

It was very very snowy and once the rest of my family joined me, we had a wintry walk home.

We took part in this year’s Snow Sculture contest and we spent Saturday afternoon sculpting out a drunk couple on a bench with a dog in our front garden.  We had a lot of fun and we were very happy with our work.  At the time of writing we hadn't heard about the results though we have seen people stopping and photographing.

 spot the difference

Thank you for all your kind messages.  hope this has been a nice surprise!  BOO. x


Aunt Pear said...

Good blog. Lovely surprise this morning 😊👏 hope you enjoyed doing this one. x

Spanish Chica said...

Fabulous! Lovely surprise x

famfa said...

Thank you. Yes it was nice to just catch up. I’ll have to try not to do a weekly one though just to keep you on your toes xx

famfa said...

Thanks xxx

Wonder Woman said...

Great blog! Xx

Sarah Tomson said...

Yay fab surprise...I keep looking and have to admit I am gutted when there's nothing there! but plenty to read about today so I'll let you off 😂 Looks like you've had another busy snowy week, it's cold here but girls want snow, I'll send them over! xx

famfa said...

I’ll pick them up from the airport 😉xx