Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fireworks, Cycling, Swimming, Cricket and Badminton

Last night we travelled to Port Perry to see NoCustard and Umbrella who were putting on a dinner before the Canada Day fireworks at the lake. We were greeted by flags and music, the boys were given a frisbee, little windmills and stickers to stick on all the guests. Mr and Mrs Royal came with Drew and Tealady and MrTeaLady came too. Everyone was dressed in red or in Canada tops.

The boys played frisbee and rolling down the hill whilst eating nibbles outside. It was breezy but not cold.

Then we went inside and had a wonderful dinner and dessert and plenty of wine. It was just lovely.

We drove half way to the Lake and then walked the other half. We set up our seats and sat down to watch the fireworks over the lake. They were brilliant.

Not too many oooohs and ahhhhs but we weren't with the main crowds down on the lake front which was probably a good idea as there were many mosquitoes about. The boys loved it and said it was the best.

We walked back to the car, said our thanks and goodbyes and drove home. It was gone 11pm by the time we got home and everyone was tired and went to bed. It was a good night.


Today the boys got up later (they were warned not to get up too early). After breakfast and a hoover, dust and sweep by Moo and I, we all cycled to the boys Swimming Lesson. Today Smallest had his lesson by himself and he did some diving and some lovely front crawl and back crawl. He was asked to do a forward somersault but he did a backwards one instead. Small swam with two girls, one 12 and the other 13. He had to do many lengths of backstroke, front crawl and breast stroke with a few dives.

We cycled home, Smallest had a couple of bad tumbles and we ended up cycling along the road with Moo and I cycling along their side to help keep them at the side of the road. They did brilliantly.

After lunch we went up to the pool. The temperature in there is down to 22*. Too cold for Smallest who only dipped in and then came out again. Small stayed in for a while.

They both wrote their journals, got bored of the pool and so we decided to cycle to the library. Again we went on the road. I explained the rules of the road to Smallest as we went along and Moo did the same with Small.

At the library we joined the Summer Reading Challenge, got our books, chatted to a lady from the Hamlet, cycled to the park, played, chatted and cycled home on the road. Both very good (oh and Moo was too). The boys sat outside reading their books, Moo emailed and I made dinner which we ate outside when Huffle came home.

Huffle cycled with Small to Cubs - tonight they are at someone's pool. Smallest and Huffle played football and cricket and Moo and I played badminton. Then we all played cricket till we were sent inside by the hungry mossies.

Then Moo and I finished off with a couple of games of Table Tennis after she finished clearing it after our Harry Potter film. Don't tell anyone but she beat me!!!!


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