Thursday, 4 July 2013

No Monkies in Ikea

Everyday, for I don't know how long, we have had storms of 30% forecast. We have laughed in the face of the weather forecasters as each day goes past and still no storms. We did say though, that we thought we would probably get an almighty-send-us-in-the-basement-type storm soon. Last night/ early morning a small one came. Lashings of rain, a couple of loud rumbles and a few strikes of lightning and that was it!

Still it was piddling a bit when we got up, enough to think it wasn't a beach or a pool day. The boys suggested, (yes the boys suggested) that we went to Ikea. So after a morning of showers and writing up of library stuff, we went off in the car to swimming lessons.

After swimming we went to the library and from there drove to Ikea. The boys were troublesome, at first just being silly trying all the chairs and sitting on the fake toilets, and then they got sillier and sillier until we had to keep them apart. Silly to take them there I suppose.

Small standing in front of a huge photo - I thought it looked quite real!

Everyone decided we wanted this sofa - very comfy!

Moo and I used to love walking round Ikea, dreaming of rooms and picking up a multitude of things for the house. This time all we bought was a cup of coffee. Huffle couldn't believe it! We have decided we will only go there in the future if we have something specific we are looking for.

We drove home. It was hot, humid and sticky and the boys decided to go straight into the pool. I went to the Royals to get Mr Royal to countersign Smallest's photo for his passport and then came home and sat around the pool with Moo. Smallest sat in his room chilling out as he was too tired and sensitive to do anything. Small went in the pool.

Moo doesn't need lessons anymore (she wasn't crying just cleaning her glasses)

I made dinner and when Huffle came home we had a roast/BBQ outside. Once finished we all went back in the pool again. It ended in a massive water fight. The boys went to bed very tired. We played table tennis and I beat Huffle. YAY!

We watched the Apprentice.


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Aunt Pear said...

We very nearly bought that settee last year!