Monday, 1 July 2013



Small has a new helmet which he put on back to front by mistake!

Today was the start of the boy's summer swimming lessons. After breakfast and the finish of UPSET, we cycled and walked to the other end of the Hamlet.

We watched Smallest first. He was very good and confident. Small went next, again very good - in fact they both swim like little fishes (well Small is a long fish!).

The Swimming Lady's dog stole Small's croc.

We walked and cycled back, had lunch outside and then the boys journaled and played on the IPad.

I made two lots of flapjacks (the first one was left in too long and we have to eat it, the second one is for NoCustard later).

As the weather wasn't great today (warm but threatening to to rain) we came in and watched Harry Potter 4 (goblet of fire). We all sat in the basement. Moo and I nearly fell asleep. We got ourselves ready and went off to NoCustard's for an evening of food and fireworks over the Lake.

Will report on the festivities tomorrow.


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