Friday, 5 July 2013

No Chips, 2 Chips, Fish and Chips

It rained when I woke up. It stopped briefly. It started again mid morning and stopped. We changed our plans of going to the beachy splash pad and played UPSET instead. We went off to swimming and it was raining again.

Smallest got to sail a boat, very slowly, across the pool. Smallest has one arm and one leg that is stronger than the other, both the same side, which means when he swims he doesn't swim in a straight line.

He looks cute but he's not a natural sailor

Small did his endurance swim and did 16 lengths. It rained some more and we went home, had lunch and the boys had their showers. Moo did her emails and I blogged. It carried on raining. I had a message from Everett back home who said it was a lovely 21* with a great weekend forecast. She was thanking us for sending the sun but I never asked for the rain to swapped!!

We played UPSET again until Smalls friend rang to see if he wanted to go round and play, so I dropped him off and Moo, Smallest and I played Mousetrap instead. Moo jigsawed, Smallest played on the computer and I knitted.

Huffle came home early and we picked Small up and went off for fish and chips. While the boys watched TV, we played table tennis. The aircon is back on as it is sticky humid again! The storm never came though AGAIN!

I have a sore throat which probably means I am getting a cold. Arrrggghhhh. Who gave me that?



Aunt Pear said...

Sorry we pinched the sun, it's 7.55 and not a cloud in the sky. Went to Kilworth House open-air theatre last night with Grandma and Sylve. What a magical setting. My Fair Lady was fantastic, we all loved it. Only prob was we were on back row, seats booked before Grandma broke her ankle, but we did just fine, Grandma with her "boot", Sylve with her stick and me!

famfa said...

Huffle said it sounds like last of the summer wine!