Sunday, 30 June 2013

"We got no pudding!"

Last night whilst we were trying to find something to watch on TV we were searching across all of the rubbish channels and came across a programme called 'Big T**ty Librarians". We didn't watch it but the title did make us laugh. (I hope I don't get the wrong type of readers now - who knows what some people type in their search engines!!!). We gave up and played cards in the end.

Today was a beautiful day. After playing our new game UPSET (but not finishing it) we stayed by the pool all day.

We had lunch there. We swam, messed and played many many games including, Scrabble, Hangman, Stack 'em Up, and twelvty games of Mastermind. We taught Smallest how to play Mastermind - he was really good, surprisingly good. Smallest also coloured in his 'competition entry' from the festival yesterday and Small wrote in his journal.

We had an al fresco dinner and then did some gardening. Moo mowed until the cutters got all jammed with clumpy wet grass. Small cut back the lilac and then we took cuttings and planted them.

Smallest and Huffle cut the hedges and cedars back. I raked and weeded the veggie garden until I was bitten to shreds. Moo and Huffle swept, carried and cleared the cuttings. GOOD JOB EVERYONE.

Showers were had, games of table tennis were played until I slipped and fell. No injuries but it was dramatic. Moo put the boys to bed and read their stories. Small has a very very wobbly tooth but it still hasn't come out despite the fact we gave him corn on the cob (though I had to take the corn off for him).

Huffle, Moo and I played cards again. Huffle won last night. I'm sure it must be my turn to win though Moo would probably argue it was her turn.

Moo did her emails - sorry of she hasn't been replying, we are keeping her too busy. (Well that's what she asked me to say ha !).


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