Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Breakfast and Pants in the Sunshine

Had a lovely lovely breakfast this morning with my wonderful friend 'Yahoo'

sorry if you read my other blog - I stole the picture from there!

..............and then we walked around the village chatting and looking at the houses - our favourite thing to do.  It was a beautiful day and the first time we have been able to do it without the kids running after us.  We miss the kids obviously but it was nice.

'Yahoo' - She's a bit shy

I picked apples from the tree (and the fallen ones).......................

These are called 'Red Devil' and they are the sweetest reddist (a word?!) apples I have ever eaten

Worked my way through a pile of ironing whilst watching the Great British Bake Off - did I do that last Wednesday?  Maybe its a new Wednesday type of thing to do.

Huffle is off playing golf today - well he can can't he?  Might as well make the most of it while he can - the weather is so nice here today - wonder what its like in Canada?Aunty A flies off today - hope she has a wonderful trip.

The sun does funny things to people doesn't it?  On my way home from shopping today, I spotted a man in his pants sunbathing next to his car by a field, a couple laying on their bonnet sunbathing and two old women sitting at a picnic table next to their car looking out at the fields.  he, he, he.  It made me smile.

The boys now know we are going away for the weekend and they are very excited.

No news from the people who put in an offer - from now on I will call them "The Bargain Hunters"  then we will know who I am talking about.  I think they will be back in about a weeks time with another offer - hopefully the one we wanted, but who knows.


Yahoo said...

Wonderful.... Let me think.... Yep, wonderful is good!! X

Squirrel said...

well, seeing a man in his pants eh! whatever next x

Jammie Annie said...

I am really enjoying your posts Famfa, keep up the good work !!!