Saturday, 17 September 2011

No Viewings me hearties

Open Weekend - what does that mean?  Why would that make people want to see your property more than normal?  Well Saturday is over as far as the Estate Agents are concerned so that's no viewings today - and none booked for tomorrow yet either.  Only half a day for the Estate Agents tomorrow so not looking good so far.

Today Smallest went to Bear's 3rd Party.  It was Pirates and Princesses.
Butter wouldn't melt

Where is everyone?

Here is Bear
Party Food and lots of it
Bear and his lovely Mummy
The Birthday Cake
Now these cakes were Guiness and Chocolate with Baileys Buttercream - WOW They were amazing

Little Pom-Pom eating a Marshmallow
Bear's Dad, the cake and Bear blowing out his candles

Smallest had a wonderful time.

Small went to a birthday tea party and played football, rounders, dancing, ate hot dogs, crisps, cake and sweets and also had a wonderful time.

Now its time to chill.

My boys watching TV before bed

NOTE:  The Tumble Dryer has a squeak! - Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh

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CherylD said...

that b*****y tumble dryer - glad small had a good time - stalker no 1 aka cheryld x