Tuesday, 20 September 2011


We had a visit today from the Shipping Company. They came to assess how big a container we would need. He explained to us what would happen and timescales etc. It was very interesting. Huffle and I almost agreed on what was being shipped and what wasn't. Not bad eh?  They decided we would need a 40foot one - WOW that's big!

Huffle had the whole day off, so when Mr. Shipping left we went for a lovely walk and a lunch.

Little did we know that we would find this place on our walk........

Huffle doing 'wings'

Approximately 13 years ago, when we were "going out", we stumbled across this little village looking for a maze (we spotted it on the map and thought it might be a nice thing to do - however when we got there we realised it was only as big as a small garage - no getting lost in there then! Funny how we should just happen upon it again as we are planning to leave the country.

The very tiny grass maze

The History of the Wing Maze

Beautiful countryside

Nice memories.

We had a lovely lunch of beer battered haddock.

This gorgeous car was parked in the car park next to mine.  It  had raced in the Mille Miglia (an open-road endurance race which took place in Italy twenty-four times from 1927 to 1957) - AMAZING.   I thought about swapping it for mine but thought they might notice.


Smallest came home from school and got himself out of his uniform and dressed again all by himself - now you may not think this is a BIG achievement but look what he dressed himself in?

Top inside out and back to front, tucked into joggers pulled too high - Ummm nice - needed to be recorded for future I think.

Yesterday he came home with Lucky the Lion - the children get this if they have been particularly good, helpful, well behaved etc etc.  Now in this house - this Lion IS NOT LUCKY.  The first time Smallest bought him home, Small hit him round the head with a cricket bat and split his head open.  This time, Smallest had the biggest tantrum in the world that lasted far too long and was about nothing. 

How about we change his name to UNLucky?

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CherylD said...

Love smallest's choice of clothes - think he looks a cool dude!

Huffle looks like he would like to have Wings and how romantic to find that place again after all those years.

And... he was running away from the cows on the previous blog - I swear I could see the skid marks!.

Hope you get some viewings soon

CherylD x