Thursday, 22 September 2011

Presents & Presentations

It's always nice to receive presents.  So think how excited we were this morning to get a letter from the taxman requesting we pay them £205 because they overpaid us in 2010.

Well thank you Mr Taxman, we won't miss you when we go.

Huffle and I went to the school's achievement assembley today and unfortunately neither Small or Smallest won any achievements.  However, Smallest's class did win 'the lining up' cup.  I forgot to post a picture for last week when Smallest got a certificate for 'settling into school' - well to be fair, the whole class go it, but I was proud anyway.

Smallest looking proud with his certificate
Huffle was very busy today - (bless he stayed at home to look after me, take the boys to school and pick them up again because I was feeling lousy this morning, full of cold) - he got on with some jobs in the garden and I took some sneaky pics of him (shhhhhh he doesn't know).

Do you think he saw me?

Beautiful Straight lines!

...........................And we got to have lunch together again - ahhhhhhh. LOVELY.

NOTE: again I haven't got permission from everyone in this picture - should anyone wish me to take this picture off the blog, please let me know and I will happily do so.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely garden, will be a shame to leave that, but you'll get to practice "seasonal gardening" in Canada! Sorry to hear your house fell through. We rented ours for almost two years before selling, but that's because we were both in full time jobs and had very little time to organise everything and get out here, as we only knew for certain three weeks before we left the UK that it was on, that's when our work visa's came through. We'd had to take a huge chance and both of us resigned from work before we had the visa's due to the four weeks notice thing!!