Friday, 16 September 2011

Double booked

Well this is a good day eh?

Last week I rang my local village hall and asked if I could book a party for Small's 8th birthday. "Oh yes" they said, "of course as long as it is after 1pm". Fantastic I thought and promptly booked a bouncy castle and a bouncy slide. Small and I set about making invitations for all his friends. We told our family and friends and organised what food we were going to have.

Today I handed out some invitations to Small's school friends (well their mum's), and was told by one of the mum's that they had the hall booked for the same time. WHOOPS.

I have just received a phone call from the person who is in charge of keeping the diary for the village hall. Oh dear. She said "I'm sorry, but it's not my fault" even though I told her I had booked inflatables and sent out the invitations. "I can't do anything about it" she said. ooh I was a little cross with her. "Who am I talking to?" she said. 

It is I - Famfa of the Village - don't you know who I am?

I obviously didn't say that - but i wanted to!!

It appears that the person I spoke to was only looking after the diary and didn't really understand what the diary said blah blah blah. No-one wants to take responsibility for the mistake.

Anyway I have now rebooked the party, rebooked the inflatables and attempted to contact the invitees.

The party is now on my birthday - "Happy birthday to me" - I will be spending the day making jam sandwiches and baking cakes.


The house now has it's for sale sign up again and the open house weekend is now back on.  FINGERS CROSSED


CherylD said...

oh, what a week you've had. Surely a diary is for looking in and making sure no one else has booked for the same day - durrr!

As for the tumble dryer man - what cheeky so and so and he doesn't seem to think there was anything wrong with what they have done! What is wrong with people.

CherylD :-)

famfa said...

They are all plunkers - that's what's wrong with them he he x