Thursday, 29 September 2011

Shopping list

Had a shopping spree today with my MIL (Dragon), she spoilt me (for my forthcoming birthday - not just because!). I can't tell you what I got because she took them away until the day so I get a surprise.

I also bought something for myself from the Boys - aren't they kind?

I have been rushing around cleaning, tidying, emptying bins for the house viewing tomorrow morning.

Made a cake for Small's birthday - he is excited he will be spending his birthday on the beach. We are taking the cake with us so it's got to be solid enough to make the journey. It's chocolate and he wants as many sweets on the top as we can get. Might make one like we made for Huffle's birthday.

Smallest got a certificate today for "writing a good shopping list for Kipper". Unfortunately I wasn't there to see him collect it as I was shopping - I go nearly every week and the one time I miss it, one of the boys gets something. TYPICAL.

Got a message from Aunty A to say that Canadians are lovely people and Vancouver was 'Awesome Buddy!'

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Squirrel said...

I hope you have a lovely time on the beech, make sure the cake doesn't get sand on it!