Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Smiles, Shades and Signs

Yesterday I went to my old village playgroup (where I took Small and Smallest before school).  Although I didn't have any children with me it was nice to catch up.

This is them posing

What's the time Mr Wolf?
The Farmer's in the den

Last night Huffle and I went to see Adele in concert

OMG - She is wonderful.  The concert was fabulous.  Adele is Amazing.  She spoke loads, she sang brilliantly, she waved at people lots.  She laughed, she apologised for not dancing. 

This is my friends' light up ring with Adele in the background - squint and you can see her

It was the first concert she has done since being really poorly with Laringitis and a chest infection - you wouldn't have known - she sang better than her albums if that's possible.

She is a STAR.

And the back of her stage was filled with loads of lampshades. COOL.

Today I went to visit my dear friend Em.

This is what she bought me as a leaving present

Ahh bless her, I wonder what flower I would be?

Here is her darling gorgeous daughter

She has another one but she was at school - Sorry H!

When I came home this is what I saw

Solicitor just rang and asked when we were moving to Canada - She didn't know the house was sold - Oh dear - lack of communication there somewhere - she is ringing the Estate Agents now and will get back to me.


Jumbleberries said...

You went to see Adele and you didn't invite me - I'm officially sulking.

Not really, glad you had a fab time.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving catching up on all these posts, especially as it brings back so many memories for me! The excitement, the anticipation, the fear, remember it like it was yesterday, not over 17 years ago. I remember every little thing that was new to us, whether it was bad food (like Tim Hortons, lol) or the first trip to a new place like Chicago or Toronto. I can hear all those emotions coming across in your posts too, great stuff!

You should be able to find most of the food items and products you want in the bigger stores as the Canadians are still so British in many ways, very often you'll see the British flag flying right alongside the Canadian one, even on private homes. I seem to recall there was an M&S in the Eaton Center, but not sure if they still have a presence over there. I should probably stress that I'm not actually in Canada but America, in Michigan, and only about 30 miles from the Canadian border so we usually hop over a couple of times a year, although we haven't this year. One of the reasons we used to come to Canada in the early days was to stock up on British food!

I can't lie, hitting Canada in November is not going to be easy as you'll be very quickly heading into Winter.... and SNOW. Although as it will be your first Winter there it will still be fun as it will be different to what you're used to. The Detroit area and your part of Canada have very similar weather patterns, so you'll generally get a brilliant summer (lots of sunny days, but hot and at times humid), a lovely Autumn that will take your breath away and fairly bad Winters, that frankly, you just get used too. Spring is very hit and miss if the Winter lingers, some years it's great other years (this year) it's appalling!

I'm looking forward to reading more blog posts as the time draws nearer to leave and how you settle in, but for now, I better pop back over to WOYWW as that's what I came here for!!