Thursday, 1 September 2011

Monkeys, Giraffes and Elegoos

Elegoos - That was how Small used to say 'elephant' - bless - so sweet.

'O - Lion', Small - Lemur,
Smallest - Orangutan, 'R' - Butterfly

Yesterday we went to the zoo with our lovely friends 'The Chaps'. We lost 'R' (properly lost her, tannoy message, frantic searching, shouting her name) - she was with her friends the Meerkats - well of course she was, silly us.

Watching the Elephants

'R' wanted to ride one

but Smallest had to go one better

'O' being eaten by one

A tantrum from Small because he couldn't get up from the ground and when you and your mummy are both stubborn - who should give in?

Miss Butterfly and Mr Orangutan

The monkeys watching the monkeys

Aren't they sweet

All in all though we had a great time.

Waving at the train

Ummm Ice-cream time

Estate agents

We have decided who to appoint as our Estate Agents and are awaiting a phone call from them.  Ooh - they have just rang and are coming round this afternoon to take pictures.

Huffle is in charge of sorting out banks etc. Yesterday he cut our huge hedge and mowed the grass and chopped the poor pear tree down - we have had so much fruit this year from it that the branches have snapped under all the weight. Anyone know of any good recipes using pears? The apple tree has some lovely apples on it too. So sweet and delicious.


But the biggest news of the day is SCHOOL starts today. HURRAH. Small's first day. Ahhhhhhhh.

I was up till silly o'clock ironing uniform and sticking in labels, and arrangning bags etc. Silly mummy, fancy leaving it till the night before! All done now.

The house is quiet, I have 3 hours to myself. I do have to get some shopping, do the washing, change the beds, dust the lounge, sweep the floors - I may get enough time to JUST have a cup of coffee.

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh peace at last.


Sarah Tomson said...

Loving the zoo pics, hope you didn't eat too much ice cream, poor Huffle getting all the jobs to do whilst you had a day out!

The picture of Small and Smallest in their school uniform is sooo cute


Mary Ann Tate said...

First day of school...the best day in the year for a mum of little boys. I can say that now as I look fondly back to those days of yore. I always recall the deafening silence on the first day....bliss:)